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Where Can I Buy Don Julio Tequila

A Bespoke Growing Process

What To Know Before Taking Another Sip Of Don Julio Tequila

Rather than buying land, Don Julio decided to lease it, allowing him to pick and choose exactly which plants to use on a year by year basis. His chosen agave hearts would then be taken to his distillery, La Primavera where they would be carefully cut, steamed, crushed and eventually mixed with water and yeast. Each bottles seal of authenticity details exactly which agave hearts were used while the microclimate and mineral-rich soil ensures a high standard of plants to begin with.

And the super-premium nature of Don Julio tequila boils down to more than just reputation. This is a brand whose name has never gone off the table of trending spirits and for a very good reason. Combining hand-harvested blue agave with a master distiller whose previous engineering experience features everything from explosives to perfume and liquids has resulted in a distinctive drink of the utmost quality.

This quality hasnt gone amiss: Don Julio is the largest valued brand of tequila all over the world and its counted among the eight largest produced liqueurs by volume at an international level. Its sweet aromas, traditional flavours and blue agave mouthful make every one of Don Julios tequilas a genuine treat to sample.

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Where To Find Don Julio 1942 In

Find Costco Don Julio 1942 with the other high end liquor, booze and champagne. This item is not locked up behind plexiglass at my store, however it is locked at other stores .

Celebrated in exclusive cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the iconic Don Julio 1942® Tequila is the choice of connoisseurs around the globe. Produced in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years, Don Julio 1942® Tequila is handcrafted in tribute to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey.

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His Namesake Tequila Transformed The Industry

To celebrate Don Julios 45th year as a tequilero, his family threw a special party to honor him. At this legendary affair, González offered guests the tequila he had been aging in his office. It was the best he had, and he wanted to share it with his loved ones. After the party, people whod been there began calling him and asking to buy the tequila theyd tasted. But Don Julio said it wasnt for sale. Eventually, though, he relented, and decided he would make this tequila for sale after all, thereby introducing what would become one of the first true, luxury tequilas. It transformed the industry, creating an entirely new category of tequila.

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Its A Brand Thats Won Multiple Awards For Its Delicious Bottles

and it keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to premium quality. Before Don Julio took to the scene, tequila was generally either considered Blanco, Reposado or Añejo. The arrival of Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila took to the stage as the worlds first Añejo Claro tequila, while the brands Real Tequila broke the ceiling of ageing the spirit and helped to create the Extra Añejo category. With its velvety smooth Blanco qualities and honeyed vanilla and toasted oak flavours, its a one-of-a-kind sipper thats among the best of the best.

Part of the reason as to why this premium tequila is so good can be attributed to its growing region. Intellectual property laws ensure that tequila can only be made in one place: Mexico. And Don Julio is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, one of the countrys most fertile agave-growing regions.

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Does It Give You A Hangover

Home Shop Spirits Tequila Don Julio Reposado Tequila 75cl

I have good new for you: agave spirits give minimal hangovers.

While drinks like whisky or rum turn into monosaccharide sugars that our liver must process and eliminate, producing that horrible hangover agave spirits morph into a polysaccharide sugar, which as soon as it comes into contact with the mouth begins to disintegrate, making its transformation in the body much faster and with fewer side effects.

Make sure not to mix it with soda or use beer as a chaser. The mixture of sugars will make the agave magic fade giving you the hangover you want to avoid.

Please dont overdo it! Don Julio 1942 will still get you drunk if you abuse it.

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The Don Julio 1942 Tequila

Don Julio 1942 exclusive. Its served in lounges, cocktail bars, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. 1942 is the year don julio Gonzalez opened his distillery in Jalisco. don julio is aged for 2.5 years. The anejo is smooth, and it has smooth oak flavors, with vanilla, and agave flavors.

don julio is unique because Don Julio Gonzalez invented a new way that have others have SINCE THEN copied. Don Julio is an AMAZING GIFT for tequila lovers. Its great for birthdays, or anniversary gifts.

don julio stands out, because of its warm oak pepper and cinnamon flavor.

The smooth taste is best enjoyed neat.

It has amazing depth and character.

It has a silky, smooth, character, which coats the palate with roasted agave, vanilla, topical fruits, and spicy undertones. Its got a beautiful finish, with hints of oak and vanilla.

It has scents of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. After you take a sip of this tequila, youre greeted with roasted agave, vanilla, fruits, and spices. Its AMAZING served on its own. You can not go wrong with this tequila.

How is it produced

Its oven cooked, slow roasted, for over 70 hours. The shredder/roller extraction method is used. Distillation is done in stainless steel pots to 40% abv. Its usually made in small batches. They also use bourbon balls for aging.

He Pioneered Agricultural Techniques That Set His Brand Apart

The mineral-rich, red clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco is ideal for growing agave plants. The area is also a microclimate where nighttime temperatures dip, slowing the maturation process. González studied ancient methods from the region and was well versed in the areas conditions and their effect on the agave. He surmised that spacing his plants farther apart would allow them to absorb more nutrients, and grow bigger and sweeter. Theyd also have a longer path to full maturity in these conditions, so he let his plants age between seven and 10 years, longer than the industry norm at the time. These measures were hardly driven by profit-motive: wider spacing meant fewer plants, and longer grow times meant slower tequila production. This is the part where the Don Julio biopic would show stodgy business-school professors shaking their heads in disapproval.

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Is Don Julio Made From Blue Agave

100% pure Blue Weber Agave plants are used in the production of our tequila. Each plant is chosen from the mountains of Jalisco, which is considered one of the countrys most prolific agave-growing regions. After seven to ten years of development, Don Julio® Tequila is harvested, resulting in a mellow, fully matured agave taste that has been synonymous with the brand.

The Brand Sold After The Death Of Don Julio


Unlike many legends in the world of food and drink, Don Julio Gonzalez was fortunate enough to witness his hope and dreams come to fruition while he was still alive. His journey even led him to partner up with now-defunct Seagram Company which landed the once hardworking farmer tens of millions of dollars, per the New York Times. But, in 2012, the tequila innovator died of natural causes at the age of 87. Following his death, British beverage company Diageo acquired the brand, intending to build upon the exceedingly well-regarded foundation that Gonzalez had established.

As part of the deal, Diageo also acquired full rights for use of the La Primavera distillery, the sole agave supplier to the Don Julio brand. The company didnt hold back and immediately invested US$400 million in the company, according to The Spirits Business. In addition to putting some serious funds towards agave farming and distilling operations, they also have contributed significantly to the brands marketing efforts.

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Where Can I Buy Don Julio Tequila In Pv

I will be spending two weeks in PV over Christmas time and have to buy a couple of bottles of Don Julio tequila while I am there. Does anyone know where I can get this and what the cost is? Thanks.

hey ben,

i was in PV Nov and will be back again in Dec. i brought Tequila back home from PV and got good deals at the local Wal Mart. the 1921 tequila cream i bought cost me $ 17.00 and it was pricing out at $ 28 the last time i saw it in Cancun airport

i decided i will bring a couple more bottles again but will get it in Wal Mart. i did see a few selections of Don Julio unless u are looking for a special edition or something. there’s a lot to chose from…. hope this helps you a bit

You can buy Don Julio tequila just about anywhere….grocery stores, liquor stores, many shops. etc. It runs between say $25-$40, depending on type…anejo or reposado….so know which one you want and then price compare.

You have this on NV forum, so are you going to buy in PV or NV? I would say Mega Commercial in NV…..or if in PV, Walmart, Costco, Soriana , etc. I am sure someone will post the best place for price…Wish I could help more but I generally do not buy tequila in PV or NV….

P.S. Know what the price is in Alberta, also.


How To Serve Don Julio 1942

A reviewer from Liquor.com advises first serving Don Julio 1942 neat in a Glencairn or horn glass, but any whiskey glass will do. If you prefer to enjoy it chilled, try serving with ice from a whiskey ice mold instead of with a handful of ice cubes to ensure it doesnt become too diluted and at $140 per bottle, theres no need to waste any of it. As noted, this tequila was created for sipping and trying it neat or on the rocks first is an excellent way to get acquainted with its aromas, flavors, and finish, even if you consider yourself to be a cocktail connoisseur.

Once youve gotten a taste for it, Don Julio 1942 is also fantastic for experimenting with a variety of cocktails, although not the best choice for parties due to its high price. Like with most añejo tequilas, Don Julio 1942 is an excellent substitute in whiskey-based libations. VinePair says that the Old-Fashioned is one of the best ways to enjoy this tequila in a cocktail and it would also be a nice pairing in a Manhattan, Boulevardier, Hot Toddy, or Godfather.

Just about any umami-influenced libation will do, but Drinkhacker recommends serving up Don Julio 1942 in a celebratory chocolate-chili martini, so the possibilities are endless.

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It All Started With Don Julio Gonzalez

The life of Don Julio Gonzalez is filled with as many twists and turns as a night out while drinking tequila. Born in 1925, Gonzalez started in the tequila biz the year he entered double digits when he was hired to work at his uncles tequila distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, according to Thrillist. Ambitious to say the least, he grabbed hold of this opportunity and began soaking in all the knowledge about the production of tequila that he possibly could.

Tragedy struck when he was 15 and faced with the daunting challenge of becoming his familys sole breadwinner when his father died. With a mother and seven siblings to look after, he struggled to make ends meet, earning a pittance of only 9 pesos a week as a farmhand. In order to up his earnings, the teenage Gonzalez then took a grueling job distributing tequila all across Mexico on horseback, according to the Master of Malt. Armed with two 25-liter barrels of the good stuff, he was then making nearly 10 pesos a day, far outstripping his previous earnings.

How Don Julio Created Two Of The Worlds Finest Tequilas

Don Julio Real Tequila Buy Online  Big K Market Liquor

Most of the world knows tequila best as a party spirit, with Don Julio being the center of attention. Its the essential ingredient in a margarita and makes an excellent one-shot-wonder, to be consumed with a pinch of salt and a wedge of lime. So pervasive was this reputation that when some spirits drinkers were presented with the idea of a luxury tequila, they had trouble imagining a tequila drinker would want to sip instead of shoot.

Of course, Don Julio wasnt the first truly fine tequila in the worldbut it was the worlds first luxury tequila. Here, well explore tequila production, which makes Don Julio so special, and present two genuinely outstanding examples of fine tequila.

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Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila 750ml


Celebrated in selective cocktail bars, eateries and dance club, the notorious Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the selection of specialists around the world. Delivered in small batches and aged for at least over two years.

In stock

Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila

Celebrated in selective cocktail bars, eateries and dance club, the notorious Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the selection of specialists around the world. Delivered in small batches and aged for at least over two years, Don Julio 1942 Tequila is carefully assembled in tribute to the year that Don Julio González started his tequila-production journey.

Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila Tasting Notes

Aging | 2.5 yearsNose | Rich caramel and chocolateTaste | Warm oak, vanilla and roasted agaveFinish | Lingering oak and rich vanillaBest Served | In a snifter

How Does Don Julio 1942 Tequila Smell

It has a cognac smell, with some butterscotch, and vanilla scent, with some caramel.

How does the Don Julio 1942 Tequila taste?

Its smooth and silky. Theres a clean caramel taste to it, with a creamy toffee/nougat type taste. Its also got vanilla, spice, and cotton candy. Its not a complicated, or bold, taste.


Its fruity, caramel, spicy creamy.


Its smooth like butter, its simply amazing. Theres a beautiful presentation, and the tequila is like candy. Its like sipping sweet tequila, without being overly sweet. Lots of caramel and butterscotch is notable among readers on Reddit! Some people claim its like a gateway tequila to learning about fine tequila. The 1942 is aged 24-38 months. The second distillation of 1942 don julio is done in a small pot. Anejo is aged anywher efrom 1-3 years. As part of the 1942 aging process, it goes through several barrels. It means that the complexity of the tequila is super complex.

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Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila


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Watch Don Julio Holiday Spirit and Crafted Cheer by Don Julio:

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Is Don Julio Reposado Better Than Aejo

Tasting Don Julio Blanco Tequila with Master Distiller, Enrique de Colsa

Reposado is a different pour as it belongs to a different category and serves a different purpose. Reposado was aged for 8 months making it a short maturation process while Añejo was matured for 18 months. The extended aging period adds more oaky notes making it an excellent option for whisky lovers looking to join the tequila bandwagon.

If you want to know more about the differences between these tequilas read my post: Don Julio Reposado vs Don Julio Añejo: Which is Better for You?

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Don Julios Bestdon Julio 1942 And Don Julio Real

While each of Don Julios tequilas is something special, experts agree that two stand out above the others in this fine collection:

  • Don Julio 1942. Crafted as an homage to Don Julio himself, this añejo is aged 2 ½ years in bourbon oak barrels. Then, its distilled a second time in a stainless-steel pot still, producing a rich, sweet tequila. Tasters note that 1942 has a full, creamy palate with hints of caramel and spice and a long, spicy finish.
  • Don Julio Real. The crown jewel of the Don Julio selection. This tequila is worth the purchase based on the crystal and silver leaf decanter alone. However, the real treasure is found inside, with one of the worlds first extra-añejo tequilas, aged 3 to 5 years in American oak barrels. With tasting notes of coffee, vanilla, and wood, this supremely smooth tequila is one of the best in the world to sip neat.

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Don Julio Reposado Double Cask

If you want to experience tasting scotch in your tequila shots, then the Double Cask should be your next item to drink. You will not see any component of scotch in this bottle, but the finish will remind you of that taste along with the vanilla cream, toffee, and some citrusy taste. Take this item neat or in a shot glass. These are already available for shipping to the United States.

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