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What Types Of Whiskey Are There

The Three Types Of Whiskey Order

Whiskey for beginners. An explanation of different types of whiskey

So thats a lot of pretty technical jargon. Theres a lot that goes into the process of making whiskey, but at the end of the day, its the taste that matters. When you sit down with a glass of your favourite whiskey, ready to relax and enjoy the evening, the last thing youre concerned with is where the grain was sourced. So lets break down one more list of important whiskey types: the different whiskey orders.

When you ask for a whiskey at a bar or distillery, theyre going to ask you how you want it. Basically, this just comes down to your feelings on the ice and whether or not you want the whiskey to be mixed with anything. But if youd like to sound like a real whiskey connoisseur, use one of these three terms:

This refers to straight bourbon. You get the glass, you get the whiskey and nothing else to get in the way of the whiskeys taste.

  • On the rocks
  • The rockier cousin of the neat order. Asking for your whiskey on the rocks just means youre getting a handful of ice cubes in your glass. This provides a nice chill to the drink, but some people avoid ice because of the potential for watering down the drink as the ice melts, and the fact that less whiskey will fit in the glass, to begin with.

  • In a mixed drink
  • Which Type Should You Try First

    The fun part of drinking whiskey is discovering what types and flavors you like. We recommend starting with something a little smoother and easier to drink, like a bourbon or a wheated whiskey. If the whiskey you choose is still a bit too strong, you can soften it with a small splash of water or an ice rock. Be sure not to use too much water, though, because it can dilute the flavors too much. Not sure exactly how to drink it? Weve covered some of the basics in our post How to Drink Whiskey. Cheers!

    How To Drink Whiskey

    Neat Most whiskey connoisseurs will recommend at least taking your first sip neat, meaning served alone, unmixed and not chilled.

    On the rocks Since whiskey is a potent, high alcohol content liquor, many prefer to dilute it a bit to lower the alcohol by volume . Those drinkers order on the rocks, meaning over ice.

    Experts recommend enjoying whiskey at room temperature as cooling it numbs the flavors slightly. To avoid taking too much of the edge off, try whiskey stones to get to the preferred drinking temperature without diluting.

    Wondering what your whiskey is worth? to have it appraised by specialists in wines and spirits.

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    Flavours And Colouring From Additives

    Depending on the local regulations, additional flavourings and colouring compounds may be added to the whisky. Canadian whisky may contain caramel and flavouring in addition to the distilled mash spirits. Scotch whisky may contain added caramel colouring, but no other additives. The addition of flavourings is not allowed in American “straight” whiskey, but is allowed in American blends.

    What Defines The Taste Of Whiskey

    Six Types of Whiskeys Every Whiskey Drinker Should Know

    The variation in tastes and characteristics between different types of whiskies can be broken down into these variables:

    • types and amounts of grains used
    • distillation process
    • aging duration
    • type of barrel used

    These different aspects of the creation of whiskey provide infinite possibilities for different types of whiskies that you can see stocked on the shelves of your local liquor store.

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    How Whiskey Is Made

    In 2,000 BC the Babylonians were needing to make better perfumes, they figured out a rudimentary version of what we know as distillation. Distillation is essentially heating liquid to evaporation, then collecting the condensed, cooled liquid thats left.

    Once the Babylonians figured this out, the process hopped around Europe and Asia until the 13th century, when Italians finally figured out how to utilize this process for distilling wine.

    It wasnt until the 15th century in Scotland and Ireland that things started to get interesting, with the Europeans making a distilled alcohol for medicinal purposes.

    But this was still nowhere near what we would call modern whiskey. It was incredibly potent and brutal, mainly because they hadnt yet figured out the secret to whiskey.

    Nowadays distilleries use modern equipment to eliminate bacteria and to help standardize the process. The stills are typically made from copper, since copper properties remove sulfur from the alcohol, making it taste less like rotten eggs.

    This is a variation of the column still is used by most distillers in Europe and America. It features two columns that allow the mash to flow continuously through the columns.

    When it comes to American grain whiskies like bourbon, the most popular type of still is the column still. The first column allows for the steam and wash descend, and the second column carries the alcohol from the wash. Here the alcohol can swirl and condense until it reaches the desired strength.

    Irish Single Pot Still

    Sometimes, cutting corners to save a few bucks isn’t a bad thing. Such was the case with Irish distillers of the 19th century, who were paying exorbitant taxes on the malt they used to make their whiskeys . Looking for a way to cut costs, they began throwing unmalted barley into their creations. And lo and behold, rather than a cheaper, watered-down product, they created a whiskey that some now prefer: Irish Single Pot Still.

    This is Ireland’s most unique whiskey, a form of single malt that can only be produced in that country. The main differentiator between Irish single pot still whiskey and regular Irish single malt is that it is made from unmalted, or “green” barley, which gives it a grittier, grainier, almost earthy flavor, according to The Alcohol Professor. The special-to-Ireland style is also made in a pot still a copper still with a craned neck, as opposed to a column still, the type used for clearer spirits like tequila and rum. It’s not abundantly common, especially in the U.S. market, but some brands to look out for are Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength and Green Spot.

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    Single Malt Irish Whiskey

    Single Malt Irish Whiskey is one of the most popular whiskey categories other than Blended Whiskey. Malt Irish Whiskey differs from a blend in that it must be made with only malted barley , water and yeast. This whiskey can also only be distilled in a copper pot still. Some of our more popular Single Malts from Ireland include Teeling 32 YO Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

    What Is Scotch Whisky

    What types of Irish Whiskey are there?
    • Primarily malted barley, along with other grains, corn, wheat
    • Heres the main characterizations of Scotch:
    • Single-malt whisky often considered top dog amongst aficionados
    • 100% Malted barley in small pot stills, at least 2 distillation runs
    • Product of single distillery
    • Aged at least 3 years in oak casks
    • The pot still ancient distilling tool virtually unchanged for millennia, produces rich and complex character
    • Often is categorized further by region of origin
  • Blended malt whisky
  • blend of 100% malted barley whiskies from two or more distilleries
  • Blended whisky
  • Combining single-malt whisky with corn or wheat whisky
  • Single-grain whisky
  • 100% corn or wheat
  • Lighter body, produced in column still, not the small pot stills
  • Other notes: personal preferences are also often determined by the peatiness of the Scotch, whether it being mild to having a more aggressive peaty flavor. That smoky flavor comes from early in the distillation process. The barley is first soaked and then dried over burning peat. An example of that heavier, distinctive peaty flavor can often be found in Scotch from Islay, an Isle just off the coast in western Scotland.
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    What Is Japanese Whisky

    Japans distilleries were first modeled after the Scotch whiskies, and are produced much in the same way. There arent a ton of Japanese distilleries, but the ones they have are quite good.

    • Distillation nearly identical to Scotch.
    • Commercially produced in Japan since the 1920s, and after nearly a century, youll frequently find a Japanese whisky listed on Best of the Best lists.
    • Japanese distilleries will often vary from Scotch distilleries in their use of more still shapes and sizes. Scotland distilleries will usually have just one or two house still sizes, creating a specific style. Japanese distilleries will often have an array of sizes, allowing the Japanese whisky makers to craft a range of styles and tastes according to their individual desires.

    A List Of The Different Types Of Whiskey

    During the last 500 years whiskey has been the favorite drink of nearly a dozen different cultures in the West and near East where it has evolved into many different types. Originating in Scotland the infamous liquor has spread to every corner of the glob where distillers have had develop their own recipes. The only similarity that all of these different whiskey types have in common is that they are made of grains. In fact because of their use of grains whiskey has more in common with beer than it does most other liquors like brandy or gin.

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    The 7 Different Types Of Whisky You Need To Know About

    Samantha PillingFood and Drink

    Whisky, loved and enjoyed by many, is essentially a hop-less beer made from either corn, rye, wheat, barley or oats. But did you know, there are essentially 7 different types of whisky? Each of those different grains used to produce it has a different sugar content and, the higher the sugar content, the sweeter the whisky will taste. No matter which grain is used, whisky will always be at least 40% alcohol.

    So what are the 7 different types? The different types of whisky are categorised by how theyre distilled, the grains used to create them, and where in the world they are produced. The 7 different types are as follows:

    Scotch Whisky

    Scotch whisky is aged in oak casks for at least 3 years. It is usually made from 100% malted barley, but can also use other grains including corn and wheat. Scotch whisky goes through two distillations, in traditional small pot stills. It has a complex taste, often referred to as earthy and smokey, but this can vary depending on whereabouts in the region it was produced. It is also subdivided into 5 categories single malt, single grain, blended malt, blended grain, blended scotch with single malt being seen as the most desirable.

    Irish Whiskey



    Another American whiskey, made from between 51-79% corn. Tennessee whiskey must be steeped in maple charcoal chunks before its placed inside the wooden casks . It tastes sweeter, smokier , compared to bourbon.


    Canadian Whisky

    Japanese Whisky

    What Defines A Whiskey Type

    11 Best Irish Whiskey Brands of 2016

    There are five basic whiskey types: Single malt, blended malt, blended whiskey, barrel proof, or single cask. Most countries produce some or all of these whiskeys, though some are more common in certain areas than others.

  • Single malt whiskey
  • Single malt whiskey uses only one type of grain and comes from a single distillery. You may be surprised to know that whiskey often moves around a bit while it distils. If it is transferred from one distillery to another before its finished, then it technically cant be called single malt whiskey .

    Single malt whiskey is often hailed as the preferred whiskey type for some whiskey fans because the limitations on movement make the drink very regional. Every distillery will have a distinct taste, and keeping things single malt makes those regional flavours come out strong.

  • Blended malt whiskey
  • This whiskey is actually a combination of several single malt whiskeys made in separate distilleries. Sometimes the mixing of two delicious malts yields even more amazing results.

  • Blended whiskey
  • Here is truly the wild card of whiskeys. Almost any whiskeys can be mixed together during the creation of a blended whiskey, very little is off the table. To some people, blended whiskey is synonymous with cheap, but its here that youll get some truly unique flavour combinations impossible to achieve with a single malt.

  • Single barrel
  • Cask Strength
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    Types Of Whiskey Explained

    In every corner of the world and state across the country, whiskey producers ferment and distill cereal grains with water, turning them into buttery smooth, caramel-colored liquor, telling a hometown story with every sip. From earthy, smoky, peat-filled scotch from Islay, Scotland, to sweet, honey-filled bourbon from Kentucky, these oaky brown spirits are enjoyable on their own or as a base for the best drinks to mix with a whiskey producing an old-fashioned, Manhattan, Boulevardier, Sazerac.

    When deciding if you should drink whiskey or whisky, it comes down to who makes your favorite selection. The location defines how you will spell the liquor. Scotch from Scotland does not use the “e,” nor does Canada, Japan, or India. Ireland and America both include the “e” in their whiskey.

    Whatever the spelling, we like it all. But why? Let’s dig into the story of these delicious brown spirits and what makes each unique.

    Best For Manhattan: Pendleton Whisky

    Pendletons Canadian whisky is sourced and bottled by an American company: Hood River Distillers in Oregon. Its a blended whisky that is distilled and aged in Canada, then brought to the U.S. and cut with spring water from Mt. Hood before bottling. The palate is slightly sweet and mild with a bit of spice, making this an excellent Canadian whisky to use in a Manhattan. The pepper and fruit notes will also complement any sweet vermouth you go with.

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    The Major Types Of Whiskey You Should Know

    There is a whole lot of options in the whiskey world. It is essential to know the category your favorite dram belongs to. Every whisky in the world will fit in one or more of the categories listed here. We have all the best types of whiskey in Kenya at our online liquor shop. Read through and learn of the major whiskey types, pick your favorite, and order for delivery. We offer free whisky delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

    Best For Old Fashioned: Gooderham & Worts Four Grain Whisky

    Different types of Scotch whisky

    This expression from Gooderham & Worts is produced by the Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery in Ontario. The whisky is made from a mash bill of four grains , giving it a depth of flavor and complexity that makes it a great Old Fashioned component. Even more, this spirit is bottled at 44.4% ABV, which is a bit higher than other Canadian whiskies, elevating it when combined with bitters and sugar.

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    Other Fun Whisky Facts:

    • What is malted barley?
    • Raw barley that has been soaked, germinated, and then dried to halt the germination process. In Scotch, the drying process often happens using burning peat, imparting in varying degrees Scotchs classic smoky, peaty flavor.
  • Brand new oak barrels are required in making Bourbon. Scotch and Irish whiskey commonly age in the used bourbon barrels. Occasionally Scotch will age in used wine barrels, but is fairly rare due to the scarcity of the wine barrels and the availability of the bourbon barrels. The barrel age and type will impart significant flavor profiles to the whisky.
  • Irish pot stills are much larger than those used for Scotch, yielding a slightly milder flavor.
  • There are over 20 countries producing their own whiskey. India, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, and New Zealand are just a few of the many.
  • Heres a cool interactive visual guide to whiskey.
  • We hope this helps unlock a few of the mysteries between the different types of whiskeys. Of course the only thing to really do that is to go out there and taste them. Find what you like and enjoy it!

    Favorite Barware

    Canadian Rye Vs American Rye

    America isnt the only country with a love for rye whiskey. Rye is also produced in Canada, but it differs from American rye whiskey. Instead of using a mash made primarily from rye, Canadian rye whiskey is made from other grains with just a small amount of rye added for flavor.

    • What Does Rye Whiskey Taste Like? Assertive, dry, earthy, spicy
    • Rye Whiskey Brands: Whistlepig, Pikesville Rye, Wild Turkey
    • Rye Whiskey Cocktails: Rye Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Manhattan

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    The 6 Types Of Whiskey You Should Know About: A Beginner’s Guide

    American-born whiskey, Bourbon is ultra popular in the US. If you were to define it as music, bourbon is jazz it is comfortable, soothing and hits the right notes. But, just like jazz, you also must be a lover of finer things to like bourbons. Bourbon is made from at least 51% corn and aged new oak vessels that have been charred. The result is bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV. Bourbon is generally a fuller, sometimes sweeter style of whiskey.

    Rye comes closest to bourbon, if you wish to draw similarities between different types of whiskey. You could almost call it bourbons close cousin. Rye whiskey is usually aged for a minimum of 2 years and not blended with any other whiskies while bottling. Giving the old ones a break, this one is aged in new, charred barrels and is almost the same as bourbon with around 40% ABV. However, the main distinction between bourbon and rye is the taste. While bourbon is mostly sweet, rye is spicy or peppery on the palate.

    No points for guessing that Irish whiskey originates from Ireland. But, theres also more flexibility with the grains used for Irish whiskies. While this could be an unpopular opinion, Irish whiskey is usually smoother than scotch whiskey. Irish is also the eldest, dating back to the 1100s.


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