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What To Mix With Anejo Tequila

What Drinks Do You Mix With Tequila

Patrón Añejo Tequila | The Making Of

The most well known of all tequila cocktails is the classic Margarita which is a simple mix of tequila, orange liqueur and lemon. Other cocktails with tequila that have become popular include the Salty Dog and the Tequila Sunrise. Cocktails with tequila often use certain ingredients to neutralize the strong bite of the tequila.

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Añejo translates to aged or matured tequila, and aging is done in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, which imparts a lot of flavors to the spirit, says Suyash Pande, head bartender at New Yorks Baar Baar. Pande finds that añejo tequilas tend to be smoother than their counterparts, thanks to their one to three years of barrel aging.

Steve Reynolds, co-founder of Penta Tequila, agrees. An añejo, for me, needs to have spice, mouthfeel and layers of character you can only get with time and age in a barrel, he says. There is a balance to the wood and toast for me that makes all things sing. Craving something to sip? Here are some of the best añejo tequilas available today.

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What You Need To Know When Choose Your Next Tequila Bottle

Tequila enjoys widespread popularity, and it is a nightlife mainstay whether in shots, margaritas, or other summery classic tequila-based cocktails. Most of us have had at least a few cocktails including it. Sadly, at certain establishments, some patrons may have been duped with gold tequila shots which in reality arent truly tequila at all but use a high-sugar mixto possibly resulting in some nasty hangovers. Since Aldez is all about purity and enjoyment of lifes fine and simple pleasures, well focus this article on authentic, genuine 100% blue agave tequila. And the key to deeply enjoying your tequila purchase is knowing a few key details to help guide your purchase.

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Meet Mezcal: Tequilas Bff

Like tequila, mezcal is an agave-based liquor. While tequila specifically uses blue agave, mezcal may be made with other agave varieties.

Theres also a big difference in the fermentation process. Unlike tequila, the agave is heated in pits lined with lava rocks and filled with wood and charcoal.

Then, the spirit is distilled in clay pots not the steel ones often used to preserve the agave sweetness in tequila. This process gives mezcal the smoky flavor its famous for. When selecting tequila cocktail recipes, why not give mezcal a try instead?

  • Hibiscus and Cilantro Mezcal Cocktail: Dried hibiscus flowers and mezcal mix smoky and sweet flavors.
  • Gingers Lost Island: Infused with Mexican, Asian, and Indian flavors, this ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom cocktail rivals most profiles found in traditional tequila cocktail recipes.
  • Esplanade Mezcal Swizzle: Mezcal and sherry come together in a splendid swizzler.
  • Tequila Gold Rush Ingredients

    • Tequila: I used an aged Anejo Tequila in this recipe. I strongly encourage using a good quality Tequila, hangovers from cheap Tequila are a killer. Better to spend a little extra upfront.
    • Orange Liqueur: I like the combination of orange and Tequila, its a very classic combo. The Grand Marnier is a great compliment to the Meyer Lemon in this cocktail.
    • Meyer Lemon: Meyer Lemon is a hybrid of lemon and Mandarin orange. When in season, I use it all the time and love its slightly sweet and sour flavors. Not only does it make a great Tequila sour, like this gold rush recipe. But the Meyer lemon Margarita is pretty spectacular as well.
    • Honey: The trick to adding honey to any cocktail is to place all of the room temperature ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice. Give it a good shake to dissolve the honey completely, then add ice to chill. If you add honey to cold ingredients, it will never dissolve.

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    Bonus: Crme De Violette

    Admittedly not a particularly common or versatile ingredient, anyone whos ever bought an entire bottle of crème de violette to make the classic Aviation cocktail can understand the desire to find something anything! to mix with this fragrant purple liqueur. Luckily, a tequila like Milagro Silver offers the right level of floral character to pair remarkably well with crème de violette, while an older tequilas typical vanilla and baking spice notes can ease the liqueurs otherwise cloying sweetness. Just remember: A little bit goes a long way, unless you want your drink to taste like the perfume counter at Bloomingdales.

    How To Drink Aejo Tequila

    Just like bourbon, you can drink añejo tequila any way you like, but we prefer it neat.

    Know what youre drinking:

    • Puro tequilas are 100% agave tequilas
    • Mixto tequilas are 51% agave with 49% sugar

    Were going to talk about puro tequilas because they are best for sipping and savoring. No lime or salt is necessary as you dont want to mask the flavor. Ideally, you want to use a copita glass which focuses the aromas up to the nose.

    We recommend the following method for drinking finer tequilas:

  • Pour 2 ounces of tequila into a copita.
  • After every sip or two, dip a wedge of lime into a little salt and suck on it.
  • Thats it!
  • Thats the Mexican method for drinking tequila.

    And that brings us to our next section

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    What Is A Good Mixer For Tequila

  • Tequila and lime go well together, whether you use it to juice a Margarita or consume it after a shot.
  • The fruit of the grapefruit tree.
  • Is Club Soda your cup of tea?
  • A little bit of Jalapeo.
  • A glass of tomato juice.
  • It is a known fact that Aloe Vera has healing properties
  • A source of coconut water.
  • As a bonus, we have Violet Cream.
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    What Is The Best To Mix With Tequila Anejo

    10 Mixers That Go Perfect With Tequila! | 2 Ingredient Tequila Drinks
  • Tequila and lime go well together, whether you use it to juice a Margarita or consume it after a shot.
  • The fruit of the grapefruit tree.
  • Is Club Soda your cup of tea?
  • A little bit of Jalapeo.
  • A glass of tomato juice.
  • It is a known fact that Aloe Vera has healing properties
  • A source of coconut water.
  • As a bonus, we have Violet Cream.
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    How To Drink It

    I enjoy añejo tequila neat or straight. On warm days I add large ice cubes as I dont like water to dilute my precious drink. Scots splash a bit of water to whisky to make it more floral but that trick doesnt work with tequila agave doesnt like water.

    Of course you can mix añejo tequila in cocktails but I find reposados better suited for those affairs.

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    The History Of Aejo Tequila

    The history of añejo tequila is the history of tequila. Back in 1000 B.C., the Olmecs started fermenting agave and transforming it into a milky beverage called pulque. Eventually, the Aztecs adapted this into pulque. When the Spanish invaded the Aztecs, they appropriated pulque and started distilling tequila during a brandy shortage. This tequila is one of North Americas first indigenous distilled spirits. The first mass production tequila distillery was headed by the Marquis of Altamira, Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle, and was located in what is now modern-day Jalisco.

    In 1758, King Carlos IV of Spain granted the first commercial tequila license to the Cuervo family, specifically to Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo. His family founded the Taberno de Cuervo and began using the agave tequilana species to distill tequila, because it retains water. The first Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo was made in 1795, and thus, the tequila industry was born. The official Cuervo distillery was founded in 1812 and passed down through the Cuervo family.

    Quickly following in the footsteps of the Cuervo family, the Sauza family made their own mark in the tequila industry. Don Cenobio Sauza realized that the blue agave was the best species of agave plant for tequila production.

    Then, during the Prohibition period, tequila became the popular drink for desperate Americans needing alcohol. Bathtub gin wasnt their cup of tea-quila, so tequila became their drink of choice.

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    What To Mix With Patrn Tequila

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    Discover the best Patrón tequila cocktail, mixer, and shot recipes

    Have you ever wondered what to mix with Patrón tequila? This is a list of the best tasting cocktails, mixers, and shots to pair with Patrón. Any of the drink recipes would be perfect to serve at parties or enjoy on a Saturday night. These cocktail ideas include suggestions to drink with Patrón silver, reposado, and añejo. These are some of the best recipes for tequila lovers to try!

    From one tequila lover to another, I love using Patrón in my mixed drinks! My personal favorite, Patrón Silver has a fresh, smooth taste to it. You can tell it’s a high-quality liquor that’s going to make amazing cocktails and drinks!

    This article will teach you about how to find a good bottle of tequila, and inspire you to create delicious tasting cocktails. You’ll learn the best recipes and mixers to pair with Patrón.

    Some Popular Cocktails Containing Aejo Tequila

    Boost your Brunch with a âBreakfast in Jaliscoâ? Añejo Tequila Cocktail ...
    • Cash In Hand Añejo tequila, Amargo-Vallet, Mezcal, Honey syrup, Salt
    • Mexican Sunrise Blanco tequila, Añejo tequila, Cinnamon Schnapps liqueur, Bitters, Coffee, Simple syrup, Vanilla extract, Cinnamon
    • Smoke Signals Amaro, Mezcal, Scotch, Añejo tequila, Lemon peel
    • Banana Manifesto Añejo tequila, Crème de Banane, Coconut liqueur, Amaro Nardini, Coffee Pecan Bitters, Orange peel
    • Dance into the Fire Mezcal, Añejo tequila, Amaro Abano, Amargo de Chile, Grapefruit peel
    • Ends of the Earth Añejo tequila, Crème de Banane, Amaro Nardini, Orange peel
    • Importer Añejo tequila, Amaro Montenegro, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Amontillado Sherry, Bitters, Orange peel
    • Pasado de Moda Añejo tequila, Vanilla liqueur, Bitters, Maguey sweet sap, Orange peel
    • Strawberry Confusa Añejo tequila, Strawberry, Agave syrup, Lemon juice, Soda water, Basil

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    What Is The Difference Between Aejo Reposado And Blanco Tequilas

    The biggest differences in these styles comes down to oak aging. Blanco is not aged in oak and will have more agave flavor than the others. Reposado tequila spends two months to a year in oak. Añejo spends one to three years in oak, and if you see a bottle marked “extra añejo,” that spent more than three years in the barrel.

    Raspberry Mint Tequila Smash

    This breezy booze tastes like summer in a glass.

    And not just any summer. The kind of summers that are drenched in sunshine, full of good times, and seem to last forever.

    This magical blend of fresh berries and leafy mint is gorgeously refreshing.

    Its spiked with tequila and sharpened with a dash of zesty lime to really kick things into high gear.

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    Tasters Pick El Afan Extra Aejo Tequila

    El Afan Extra Añejo tequila is a must-try high-quality sipper. Well-balanced and deeply rich in flavor and color, it tastes of roasted agave mixed with blackberries and smokey oak overtones. This isnt a tequila to mix into a cocktail as we highly recommend tasting it neat. It perfectly complements chocolate desserts and coffee.

    About the distillery: El Afan distillery was co-founded by Chris Anderson and Onie Castaneda. Its headquartered in El Paso, Texas. El Afan literally means desire and is an El Paso bar scene staple. All tequilas are crafted in the heart of El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico. They offer four high-quality tequilas including a blanco, reposado, añego, and extra añejo. Their rich and smooth tequilas are consistent gold medalists in various spirit competitions.

    What Can I Mix With Tequila

    How to Make РThe A̱ejo Honey Sour РFeaturing Vida Tequila

    Maybe its easier to answer, what cant I mix with tequila? If youre into sipping tequila cocktails and looking for new ideas on what to mix with tequila, here is a comprehensive list of great mixers and tequila cocktail ideas to get you inspired:

    Tequila + Grapefruit SodaAKA the Paloma, this is a popular choice of what to mix with tequila. If you like bright, citrusy, and slightly bitter, youll love this combo. Depending on your preference, you can use silver or reposado tequila for the base of the cocktail. A silver tequila keeps the drink light and crisp, while a reposado tequila makes it richer and more decadent. There are far too many variations of the Paloma to list, and you are sure to find a different house variation of this drink at any bar or restaurant where you might find yourself. The most popular version of the Paloma you make with fresh grapefruit juice, club soda, and silver tequila. Garnish and squeeze in a fat wedge of lime and a pinch of sea salt. This drink will help you survive the hot summer months!

    Tequila + Pineapple juiceThey go together better than mac and cheese. Fresh pineapple juice is more ideal than canned, but either way, youll end up with a cocktail that is tropical, fruit-forward, and downright peppery. Best of all, literally any tequila be it silver, reposado, or añejo works as the base of this drink.

    Garnish any of these with a wedge of lime that you can squeeze into the drink, and youre done!

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    How Do You Drink Extra Anejo Tequila

    You cant even drink it when your nose is in contact with the glass because its so high in alcohol. make sure the beverage is at body temperature before swallowing it. You might get a little bit of agave taste, she adds, as well as the richness of the barrel, perhaps buttery rich flavors, vanilla, sometimes caramelized pear.

    Gold Rush Cocktail Made With Tequila

    I used a Meyer lemon in this recipe, but regular lemons are a great substitute. Lemons are the normal ingredient in a whiskey gold rush, so they are fine in the Tequila gold rush as well. The traditional gold rush cocktail does not have orange liqueur in the recipe. I added the Grand Marnier to the cocktail as a nod to the top-shelf Margarita. Tequila and orange are a great combo, and this Tequila sour definitely benefits from the addition. If you dont have Grand Marnier or Triple Sec, you can omit it from the recipe, however, I personally like it in the cocktail.

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    More About Tonic Water

    Tonic water is a carbonated water that also contains quinine and is lightly sweetened. Its flavor is bubbly, bitter, sweet and sour. Quinine was historically prescribed as a medicine to fight malaria, and mixing it with carbonated water and sugar helped to mask its bitter flavor. It was first sold in the 1850s. Today, the level of quinine is much lower than historical tonic water and is safe to consume.

    Whats the best tonic water brand? There are lots out there! Our favorite brand is Q Tonic: it has great flavor and is sold in small cans, just enough for a few drinks.

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    Tequila With Grapefruit Juice

    1800 Anejo Tequila

    Grapefruit juice has been used for Tequila mix since the 1960s when it was popularized by Hollywood actors. Tequila with Grapefruit Juice is also known as a Paloma. Grapefruit juice adds a tart sweetness that helps balance out the smoky flavor of Tequila. Tequila can be made with grapefruit juice by mixing Tequila and grapefruit soda in equal parts then adding salt around the rim of a glass before serving.

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    Tequila With Tomato Juice

    Combining Tequila with tomato juice is another way to create a healthier Tequila mixture. You can make Tequila with Tomato Juice by mixing Tequila and tomato juice in equal parts then adding ice cubes. A popular version of this drink is known as the Bloody Maria, which includes lime wedges, celery sticks, pepper slices, or hot sauce for an added kick.

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    Whats Good To Mix With Tequila:

    Good tequilas taste smooth and slightly herbaceous, with the distinctive taste of agave. Cold white tequila or golden reposado tequila mixes well with a variety of fruit juices, sodas and citrus.

    • Citrus: Orange juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice and grapefruit.
    • Fruit juices: Pineapple juice, tomato juice, mango and passionfruit nectar, strawberry and blackberry fruit puree.
    • Other mix-ins: Simple syrup or agave nectar adds sweetness. Grapefruit soda, lemon-lime soda, ginger beer, coconut water or sparkling water add a layer of refreshment. Grenadine and a few dashes of orange bitters balance out all the flavors.

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    Is Patrn A Good Tequila To Drink

    When looking through the shelves at the liquor store, you’ll notice Patrón definitely isn’t the cheapest option or coolest looking bottle available. So, why purchase Patrón over other brands on the shelf?

    First, and most importantly, the best type of tequila is a very personal preference. The alcohol you drink should taste good to you regardless of the price, quality ratings, or look of the bottle. This means, if you like the taste, it’s a good bottle of tequila for you.

    However, not all tequila is created equal. One of the biggest factors of the final taste of tequila is the ingredients it’s made with. Quality bottles of tequila use 100% agave. Since alcohol is created from sugar, better bottles of tequila use 100% of the sugar from the blue agave plant .

    Patrón tequila is made with 100%agave and zero additives, which is part of the reason many people love the flavor! They take great care in growing the agave, distilling, and packaging each bottle of Patrón. To learn more about the process of how tequila is made, check out this video.

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