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What To Do With Rum

How To Make A Great Rum And Coke


Learn what rum to use, how much coke to add, and everything else you need to know to make your best rum and coke

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What makes the rum and coke so popular is how the smooth, slightly sweet flavors come together to create a simple, refreshing cocktail you can drink all night.

There are lots of rum and coke recipes scattered across the internet telling you great they are. What weâre going to try to do is help you figure out how to make your best rum and coke.

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  • Rum and Coke
  • One of the nice things about simple cocktails is that with so few moving parts itâs relatively easy to figure out the right combination of ingredients and techniques that fits your taste. For this one, the variations involve types of rum, types of coke, and mixing ratios.

    A rum & coke is a highball, which is a type of cocktail made with a spirit and a larger amount of nonalcoholic mixer. Highballs are usually served over ice in large straight-sided glasses that hold between 8 to 12 ounces.

    Before getting too far into this we should clear up a popular misconception a rum and coke is not a Cuba Libré, thatâs an altogether different cocktail that involves doing more than garnishing a rum and coke with a slice of lime. Curious, read . We also have a great .

    Dark And Stormy Cocktail

    Just 3 ingredients make up this classic cocktail: the Dark and Stormy! This refreshing highball drink has quite the reputationbecause its just that good. Each ingredient has lots of personality: the rich, earthy dark rum, with vanilla and brown sugar notes. Add to that spicy ginger beer, fruity and filled with effervescent bubbles. Top it off with a squeeze of tangy lime, and theres not much better for sipping…any time and any season.

    Ingredients: Dark rum, ginger beer, lime wedge

    What Is Rum Punch

    I recently did a little research on the origin of rum punch. Apparently, the word punch comes from a Sanskrit word that means five, as the drinks were originally made with five ingredients alcohol, sugar, lemon juice, water, and tea or spices.

    The drink eventually made its way from England to the West Indies where it took on the more tropical notes that we know today. Native island fruits lent themselves perfectly to rum punch their natural sweetness has always been a perfect match for most kinds of rum.

    When it comes to making rum punch, keep this rhyme in mind: One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, Four of Weak. This means punch is made with: one part lime juice, two parts sweetener, three parts rum, and four parts water.

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    What Drinks Are Good Mixers For Rum

    Rum is one of those drinks that never goes out of fashion. Its something you can drink all year round, but perhaps its at its best during a heat wave through the summer months. Mix it with light ingredients and youve got a wonderfully smooth, refreshing drink.

    Rum is a very diverse beverage too – you can be as creative as you like using your own ingredients to mix with your favourite brand of rum for a rousing recipe that will never get old. So, lets discuss good mixers for rum

    A Classically Styled Rum Runner

    The Lada Rum Cocktail, with White rum, mint, lime, coconut ...

    Dale DeGroff’s “The Craft of the Cocktail” is a book filled with amazing recipes like this rum runner. It’s entirely different than all others, and that’s what makes it great.

    This drink has a lighter profile because it skips the heaviness of orange juice and opts for refreshing pineapple instead. It also features two rums and introduces the rich texture of an egg white. All of these elements give DeGroff’s rum runner a classic style that’s lost in most modern renditions of the cocktail.

    To make this drink, muddle a piece of lime in the bottom of a cocktail shaker until lightly bruised. Add 1 ounce each of light and medium rums, pineapple juice, and simple syrup, as well as 1/2 ounce of lime juice and an egg white. Shake vigorously and strain into a tall glass with ice. Garnish with tropical fruit.

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    How Is Rum Made

    Rum is made using one of three methods:

    Directly fermenting sugar cane juice

    Creating a concentrated syrup from sugar cane juice and then fermenting

    Processing the juice into molasses followed by fermenting

    The most important step is properly harvesting the sugar with the cane cut close to the ground. Then while the sugar content is high it must be milled quickly, boiled, rendered down, and the juice squeezed out.

    Distillation typically happens in pot stills. Depending on the type of rum it may go through the distillation process twice, raising the alcohol content. Ageing can be from a few weeks up to thirty years!

    What Kind Of Rum Goes In Rum Punch

    Thats right, 4 kinds of rum! However, if you dont have that many kinds of rum in your liquor cabinet, you can substitute easily.

    • White Rum
    • Coconut Rum
    • Flavored rum

    If you dont have flavored rum, you can skip it and just add double one of the other rums, etc.

    This is such an easy drink: just rum, pineapple, and a little grenadine for color. This might not be your traditional rum punch, but its delicious.

    Beware rum punch packs a punch, if you get my drift. With 4 types of alcoholits strong. Add more pineapple juice to make it smoother to taste.

    Whether youre craving Caribbean rum punch or Jamaican rum punch, this recipe is good for all three. Its the perfect punch recipe for a party!

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    A Rum Runner Heavy On The Oj

    If you enjoy orange juice cocktails, this is a great rum runner recipe. It requires fewer ingredients, so it’s super easy to make. The rum, blackberry brandy, and banana liqueur complement the fresh orange nicely, and their combined sweetness offsets the tart citrus. Try it in the blender as well it makes a fantastic frozen cocktail.

    To make this drink, combine 1 1/2 ounces of rum with 1/2 ounce each of blackberry brandy and crème de banana, and 3 ounces of orange juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Add a dash of falernum, shake, and strain into a chilled hurricane glass.

    A Complete History Of Dominican Rum

    How to make Spiced Rum

    Who doesnt like some good ol rum? Coming in various colors, rum usually has an ABV of about 40% and contains notes of caramel, spice, and gingerbread. Though some versions are fairly dark in hue, it starts out clear like all distilled spirits.

    Today, were going to be discussing Dominican rum. In the Dominican Republic, rum is more than just a drink its a culture.

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    Minute Tropical Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

    • Christa Jimenez

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    Rum punch is the perfect cocktail recipe for parties- luaus, New Years Eve, summer patio gatherings, game day and more. This easy recipe has instructions for both single-serve and pitcher.

    If you only know one thing about me, know that I love to sip cocktails at sunset on the beach. Any beach, any cocktail, any sunset. Its my happy place.

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    But living in landlocked Colorado, I dont get to my happy place as often as I would like.

    Solution? Bring beach vibes to Casa Pura Vida. In this post, Ill give you a little overview of the history of rum punch and share with you the perfect rum punch recipe for one or a crowd!

    Looking for more rum recipes? I have a favorite milk based rum cocktail right here.

    Rum Marinade By Roque

    The ingredients in this marinade draw out the spice, caramel and citrus notes in an aged or dark rum. Even scaled down, this still makes a rather large batch feel free to mix the dry ingredients separately and keep them in a container in your spice cabinet until ready to mix with the jalapeño and garlic. Or make the entire recipe and freeze it in plastic bags or containers so its ready for you to fire up the grill.

    • 1/3 cups kosher salt

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    How Strong Are The Rum Runner Cocktails

    Rum-filled tropical cocktails are generally not light drinks, though they can be as strong as you want to make them. If you pour stronger rum or use less juice, you will naturally get a stronger drink.

    To estimate the alcohol content of these rum runner recipes, let’s assume you pour 80-proof rums, a 60-proof banana liqueur, and a 50-proof blackberry liqueur. The first recipe includes two rums and two liqueurs, so it comes in at a rather potent 25 percent ABV , or similar to a fruity martini. The other recipes include more juice per volume and are a more relaxing 14 percent ABV . That’s more like drinking a glass of wine.

    What’s The Origin Of The Phrase ‘a Rum Do’

    What to do with rum

    The ‘rum’ in ‘rum do’ is an adjective meaning ‘odd’ or ‘strange’, and nothing to do with the drink rum. The rum has reached us by a tortuous route. In the 16th century the adjectival meaning was almost precisely the opposite of the current sense – it then meant ‘excellent’ or ‘great’. In A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, Eric Partridge lists no fewer than 93 ‘rum’ phrases, many using this earlier meaning for example:

    rum buffer – an excellent dogrum chant – a good songrum clout – a fine handkerchiefrum kicks – breeches of gold brocade

    These terms have now entirely disappeared from everyday language. What is unusual is that phrase with these phrase with the opposite meaning were all in use at the same time as the above:

    rum customer – a dangerous fellowrum do – a strange eventrum phiz – an odd face or countenancerum gagger – a teller of tall talesrum touch – an odd or eccentric fellow

    There must be many more than those on Partridge’s list as ‘rum’ could be used to precede almost anything, but the only ones to survive have the ‘odd, perplexing’ meaning for example, ‘rum do’ and ‘rum customer’.

    Why the meaning of ‘rum’ altered isn’t clear. It may be that many of the phrases that employed the earlier ‘good’ meaning applied to people that were good at lawbreaking or disreputable behaviour for example:

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    Lime Juice With A Slice Of Lemon

    If you want to shake things up a bit, adding lime juice, mint and sugar to rum will definitely help you achieve this. Put the lime juice, mint and sugar all into a cocktail shaker and pound together until roughly crushed. Its at this point you should add in about 180ml of light rum to the shaker and shake well until fully combined. Strain the mixture into a glass and finish it off with 2 lime wedges and 2 mint leaves. If you want something a little less intense, you can add in soda water to complete the drink.

    Pia Colada Jello Shots

    Jello shots are a fun variation on cocktails, and coconut rum makes fantastic jell-shots because it blends so well with the various flavors of gelatin. Blending it with pineapple gelatin and pineapple juice makes a tasty Piña Colada flavored version. This makes 12 shots.


    • 1 box pineapple flavored gelatin
    • 1 cup coconut rum

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    What Mixes With Pineapple Rum


    what’s a good mix with spiced rum?

    Pineapple Juice Anything tropical is a natural fit for spiced rum. If you really want to get fancy, shake the juice and rum together with ice and get it nice and frothy.

    what kind of alcohol goes good with pineapple juice?Drinks Made With Pineapple Rum

    What Type Of Coca

    Spiced Rum Mixers – What to Mix with Spiced Rum

    This is one of those small things that most people donât think about when theyâre mixing up a rum and coke. There are two different types of Coca-cola available in the States that have fairly different flavor profiles.

    Thereâs the everyday Coke that is available everywhere and Mexican Coke that comes in tall glass bottles and is becoming more available in grocery stores and bodegas. The major difference between them is that everyday Coke is made with high fruticose corn syrup and the Mexican Coke, named because thatâs where its bottled, is made with sugar cane.

    When you taste the two side by side their differences are easy to spot. The Coke made in the States is very flavor forward, with a hint of bitterness, especially at the beginning. While the Mexican Coke is smoother with less of an aftertaste.

    What is particularly interesting about the Mexican Coke is that it tastes more like what I remember Coke tasting like then the stuff I drink all the time.

    Two final tips, donât make this recipe with Pepsi unless you like them cloying like sweet and always use lots of ice. Both the rum and the Coke in this recipe are better when theyâre cold. And, if youâre looking for a variation that is a little more off the beaten path try our recipe.

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    Blue Hawaiian Drink Recipe With Coconut Rum

    A traditional blue Hawaiian cocktail gets its vivid blue color from blue curaçao and its tiki drink status from white rum, but you can also make a delicious blue Hawaiian mixed drink using coconut rum.


    • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 1½ ounces coconut rum
    • ¾ ounce blue curaçao
    • Pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish


  • In a cocktail shaker, combine the pineapple juice, lemon juice, coconut rum, and blue curaçao.
  • Add ice and shake to chill.
  • Strain into a tiki glass or Collins glass filled with ice.
  • Garnish with the pineapple wedge and cherry.
  • Rum In The Dominican Republic

    It is unknown where the word rum originates from. Some say its taken from the last syllable of Saccharum, which means sugar in Latin. Others argue that its a derivative of a phrase in British slang, having a rum time.

    With how prevalent this spirit is in the Dominican Republic, you would think the name came from there. Not only will you find this drink at nearly every resort on the island, but you will also find it littered throughout the local bars and restaurants.

    There are few drinks as revered as rum in this country, and for a good reason. Dominican rum is special because it is made almost entirely in oak barrels.

    The sugar cane is harvested in an oak barrel. Then, its fermented, distilled, and aged in the same vessel. It is aged for a minimum of a year. In the Dominican Republic, these are the requirements of all rum producers.

    Another rule regarding Dominican rum is that it must be completely produced within the countrys borders. Through this process, the authenticity of the rum is fully preserved.

    If you can visit the Dominican Republic, it is practically mandatory to enjoy a glass of rum. Before you visit this island, though, its crucial to get situated with some customs. Learn more about Dominican rum below with Saucey,

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    Top 18 Rum Mixers That Make Rum Taste Simply Amazing

    May 17, 2020

    • Pin

    Rums link to pirates and sailors hasnt given the spirit a particularly refined history or reputation. Still, all of this seems to be changing. Rum can now be seen in many cocktails, ranging from the simple to the complex, the fun to the refined. At the same time, there are many rum mixers to choose from.

    Rum mixers allow you to enjoy all the delicious flavors that rum has to offer, without creating complex cocktails. Instead, youll just need the rum itself and one other ingredient. A squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice often helps too, but even this isnt essential.

    As with other spirits , the best mixer is going to partly depend on the rum that you choose. This choice is especially important for rum, as there can be major differences between different rums.

    The variation is partly because rum is just defined as a spirit created from sugar. Most rum is made from molasses, but cane sugar can be used instead and is in some cases.

    There are three main types of rum light, dark, and spiced. Dark rum has been aged, which gives it a more complex flavor profile, while light rum hasnt been through much aging. Spiced rum, as the name suggests, has spices added in.

    Youll also find variations in other areas. For example, Jamaican rum is likely to be dark or golden, with fairly intense flavors, while Cuban rum is often lighter. There isnt a single best type of rum, but the rum that you choose will influence the taste of your drink.

    • Ice Cream

    Get Beaten By The Kraken

    What to do with free #GummyWorms? Soak them in #RUM!! How ...

    Kraken is Caribbean Rum, enriched with 13 different spices and famous for its beautiful illustration of the fatal sea beast.In true Kraken spirit, why not go for a Squid Bite?Its a warm cocktail, made from one part Kraken Rum and three parts warm cider, garnished with a cinnamon stick and thin apple slices.

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    Best Rum For A Rum And Coke

    One of the things that sets this cocktail apart is that it is one of the few drinks people order using the name of their preferred rum, ordering it as a Bacardi Coke or Captain Coke. This is due in part to effective marketing campaigns by Bacardi and Captain Morgan and to how much the drink changes based on the rum being used.

    There are four main types of rum white, gold, aged, and spiced. Each of them brings something different to the party.

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