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What Soda Goes Good With Tito’s Vodka

Half & Half Spindrift

How to Make the Tito’s Hammock | Vodka Cocktail Recipe |

The bubbly Arnold Palmer from sparkling water purveyor Spindrift is an excellent complement to vodka, especially if you pour it over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge. The results are bright and breezy, the perfect late-afternoon or happy-hour sipper. The only thing keeping this from ranking higher on our list is availability Half & Half is sold on and in chains like Target, but its a pretty specific item, and you might not have it lying around when the mood for a vodka cocktail strikes.

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Titos As A Top Shelf Vodka

Vodka is primarily comprised of ethanol and water. There are also certain makers that include traces of flavorings. The traditional way of drinking vodka is straight or neat. It is not mixed with mixers, such as ice and water. It is also used to come up with concoctions to make the drinking experience more pleasurable.

Top shelf means of high quality, and that is exactly what Tito has to offer. Titos Vodka was originally craft-distilled at the first legal distillery in Texas using copper pot stills. What used to be a micro-distillery expanded in 2001 after surpassing the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States 40,000 cases industry standard for a craft distillery.

Titos Vodka is now included in many sites and experts lists of high-quality vodka brands and considered a top-shelf. A lot of people enjoy Titos for the following reasons:

  • It has a tinge of sweetness, but it doesnt overpower its top-notch finish.
  • It is one of the few vodkas that mixes well with other flavors.
  • It is gluten-free, and it doesnt only taste smooth but also luscious and rich.

Ranking The Big Vodka Brands From Worst To Best

Weve all been cooped up inside forever, but as coronavirus restrictions ease, the idea of getting together with friends for a night of cocktails and conversation is finally feasible. A lot of us spent our days in quarantine just eyeing the clock for 5 p.m. when we could make a margarita or have a glass of wine after a long day of sitting on the couch, working, or just watching everything on Netflix. Now that the possibility of actually getting together with other people is turning into a reality, dont you want to impress your friends with your innate knowledge of good versus bad alcohol?

When it comes to spirits, there are so many options that it can be difficult to even know where to start. A lot of people may go for the visual method whatever bottle has the coolest label gets chosen but is that really the best way to find the good liquor? After all, some of the best brands when it comes to quality may not have the best marketing. Maybe the bottle that is at your eye level in the liquor store is distracting you from a really good find.

When it comes to vodka, the possibilities are endless, so weve put together a list ranking the best and worst big vodka brands. Youre welcome.

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Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Synthahol

No Rating

Titos is now the go-to for shots and mixers in the Synthahol household. Weve made believers out of countless followers as well. This is simply smoother and cleaner than vodkas at twice the price. Its extremely difficult to get people out of this grey goose or nothing mindset, but Titos is the weapon of choice for that discussion. At around $21 for 750 mL here in Honolulu, its pretty reasonable. Sometimes we catch it on sale, but $21 is well worth it.


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If you make too many substitutions then this turns into a completely different cocktail.

However, if you cannot find Orange Curacao, then Triple Sec or Cointreau will work.

Also, feel free to make your own simple syrup . It is easy to do and stores nicely. If you cannot find the almond syrup vanilla syrup would be fine.

This Vanilla Sky cocktail was the perfect cocktail to enjoy while sitting on the deck watching the ocean around us. I ordered it often using my OceanNow app, which is the BEST way to Cruise The Caribbean!

The sunny, fresh, sweet flavors in this cocktail make it THE cocktail to enjoy this summer!

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Belvedere Vs Grey Goose Vs Titos Vodka Comparison

Its a vodka showdown: Belvedere vs. Grey Goose vs. Titos. In this episode of The Tasting Room, we sit down and put three of the most popular vodka brands to the test.

We offer your average alcohol consumers perspective and an experienced bartenders thoughts to decide which of the three like best. Will Grey Goose win Alchemixs favor? Or will one of the others emerge victorious ?

Sometimes, going to liquor stores can be overwhelming. Especially if you want to try something new. Our favorite liquor store is the size of a small warehouse, so it can be hard to choose what bottle to grab.

This is especially true when youre trying to decide if paying extra for a popular brand is worth it.

Before filming this episode, I struggled with choosing vodka the most. By definition, vodka is supposed to be neutral and mostly flavorless, right?

So why am I choosing from brands that cost $7 to hundreds of dollars? We decided to try offering some help by choosing 3 of the most popular brands available in the US: Titos Handmade, Belvedere, and Grey Goose.

Once Carl decided which vodkas to sample, I put together tasting notes from books, reviews, and the liquor brands own marketing materials. I didnt expect to find as much variation as I did.

In my experience, flavor differences came from what is mixed with the vodka instead of the spirit itself. But, I didnt take into account exactly how much variation in base elements there can be.

The Savannah Banana Martini

Named for the Georgia baseball team, the Savannah Bananas, this sweet concoction is a rich, decadent way to cool off a sweltering Lowcountry night.

The owner of the minor league team, Jesse Cole, allowed Josephs Restaurant and Lounge in Savannah to use the name for the drink. The restaurant sells it as a way to raise money for local charity Backpack Buddies, which provides nutritional meals for children.

Makes 1 cocktail

1.5 ounces New Amsterdam Vodka.75 ounces Combier Creme de Banana1.5 ounces heavy cream

How to Make ItAdd all ingredients into a shaker cup and shake vigorously for 30 seconds this allows the heavy cream to fluff. Strain all ingredients into a martini glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings over the top of the cocktail.

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How To Make A Sex On The Beach Slushies

You guys know how much we love our Vitamix. If you havent invested in a high-speed blender, we recommend doing so! It makes life so much easier and slushies so much creamier!

  • Place the vodka, peach Schnapps, orange juice, frozen sliced peaches, and ice into your blender.
  • Then, blend on high until smooth.
  • Depending on how you like your slushies, you can add a handful or two more ice to get that perfect consistency.
  • Youll notice that these slushies have an ombré look to them and thats because we blended everything but the cranberry juice. We placed about 1.5 oz. cranberry juice on the bottom of each glass and then poured the slushy in on top to get this look!

    Our Favorite

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    How Do You Make Hot Tea Sweeter

    How to make a Blueberry Vodka Infusion | Vodka Soda | Vodka Tonic | Tito’s | ALCOHELLO

    10 Additives to Make Your Tea Taste Better Citrus. PIN IT. Berries. PIN IT. Cinnamon. During crisp, fall afternoons or winter, snowy nights cinnamon in your tea will create a spice to the drink. Honey or Honeysuckle PIN IT. Lemon Verbena, Lemon Basil or Lemon Thyme. Mint or Peppermint. Ginger. Maple Syrup.

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    Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Emannuk

    No Rating

    I adore titos. initially, it was for how special it was then for the taste, now because I realize i will never find another, better vodka for taste and value combined their website is awesome for anyone just starting drinking this.

    The thick velvety holiday bag was a nice touch, too.


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    The Man Who Started It All

    Who would have thought that the genius behind Titos Vodka was once known as the mortgage guy?

    The name is Bert Butler Tito Beveridge II. He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, graduated with degrees in geophysics and geology, and had several businesses before finding a goldmine in what he used to consider as a hobby. While in the mortgage business, he started concocting habanero-flavored vodka and gave them as gifts to friends. At the time, people started calling him the vodka guy.

    He never knew the moniker would become a reality until the mortgage rates soared a couple of points. In the mid-90s, he began researching the tools and ingredients needed to come up with something that would be embraced by vodka lovers.

    It wasnt an easy process. He had to experiment a lot, which meant several failures before hitting the jackpot. He borrowed money from 19 credit cards to start the company in 1997. He had to sleep in couches and floors as the business began to take its form.

    It was in 2001 when Titos Vodka hit it big after emerging as a winner among 72 vodkas from around the globe in the 2001 World Spirits Competition. Titos sold an estimated 63 million vodka bottles in 2017, which boosts to 88 million the following year. It is now included in the list of the fastest-growing spirits brands in the US. According to Forbes, the owner of Titos Vodka is acknowledged as one of Americas richest people with a net worth of $4.6 billion.

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    Chopin Potato Vodka Isnt As Bad As It Sounds

    Its safe to say that the potato is one of the most versatile vegetables out there. From French fries to vodka, the simple potato has proved itself time and time again. But still, it does sound a little weird to have the label potato vodka on your spirit of choice, but thats how the Chopin Potato Vodka is marketed. Named after the famous composer, the Chopin Potato Vodka is hitting just below the middle of the pack, and its a fairly decent option.

    According to GearMoose, Chopin Potato Vodka is one of the better under $30 vodkas out there, as it is four times distilled and has a creamy finish, and its great when making a dirty martini . So what do the reviews say for the brand? Smells like vodka, tastes like vodka. Very neutral, a reviewer wrote on Flaviar. A little of lemon and pepper with an oily texture. Overall, not bad. Different. Creamier than what Im used to. Give it a try. Another echoed that sentiment, saying that it was surprisingly inoffensive for vodka. So maybe give it a whirl you might like it.

    Grapefruit Juice And A Splash Of Soda

    Titos Watermelon Soda

    As with pretty much every item you consume, the caliber of your ingredients matters here. Pour a few ounces of good-quality grapefruit juice over a shot of vodka on ice, give it a stir, and top with soda water and a lime wedge. Its a light, bright, slightly effervescent version of a Greyhound cocktail.

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    Best Vodka Mixers For Your Cocktails

    Next time you find yourself in the supermarket drinks aisle, challenge yourself to find a more versatile spirit than vodka. You can pretty much add any mixer you want to the drink Russians call the water of life.

    There are too many good mixed drinks with vodka to list them all here. Instead weve handpicked a few of the best, but also a few of the healthiest.

    How To Make Penne Alla Vodka

    Start by boiling your penne in a pot of well-salted boiling water. Once al-dente, drain the water from your pasta, being sure to save a small amount. Add the cooked pasta to your creamy vodka sauce and stir.

    If your sauce is on the thicker side, stir in a small amount of the reserved pasta water to thin it out. The starch in the water should also help the sauce stick to your pasta.

    To serve, spoon the creamy vodka pasta into bowls and top with fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Dig in and enjoy!

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    More Vodka Mixed Drinks

    If you love vodka drinks, I have a few other recipes you might like to try, too!

    • For another refreshing drink, you have to try a Moscow Mule! Its a simple cocktail with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice.
    • You only need two ingredients to make Black Russian. If you love coffee, its the drink for you!
    • Vodka Strawberry Lemonade is a super simple drink thats perfect for parties, too!
    • If you want a delicious after-dinner drink, you cant go wrong with a classic White Russian. Its creamy, boozy, and easy to make.
    • A Bay Breeze is an easy three ingredient drink that is really refreshing!

    Where Did The Vodka And Coke Come From

    Tito’s Homemade Vodka Review ( With Soda )

    The Vodka and Coke is a variation on the Rum and Coke, which itself is essentially a Cuba Libre. This 3-ingredient cocktail with lime, cola and rum originated in Cuba in the early 1900s after Coca Cola was introduced. It went on to become very popular in Cuba, America and around the world.

    There are many variations on this concept with lots of different alcohol types . A Vodka and Coke considered pretty low-brow in the cocktail world, but its very popular and a great way to cover bad alcohol. Or in this case, it makes the alcohol almost imperceptible! But try the tips we mentioned, and it becomes a drink in its own right.

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    Vodka Cranberry Drink Recipe

    You might think the Vodka Cranberry drink is simply vodka and cranberry juice, especially since thats how some bars serve it. Well, some bars are lazy and shameful.

    This drink actually has four ingredients, and the last two are very important to the flavor. That means this drink recipe is actually a little more complicated than its name might lead you to believe.

    Titos Handmade Vodka Drink Recipes By Bar None Drinks

    7 Great Mixers for Vodka That Arent Soda. Grapefruit Juice. If youre looking to add a little sweetness to your vodka libation but dont want a sugar overload, freshly-squeezed grapefruit Ginger Beer. Lemonade. Cranberry Juice. Pineapple Juice.

    Vodka, a clear spirit distilled from grains, is known for having no distinctive flavor of its own. Its not sweet, sour or bitter, and it doesnt possess the character of any particular ingredient, but vodka does pack a powerful alcoholic punch that makes its presence unmistakable in any mixed drink.

    One can also try the following mix with vodka. 1. Orange Juice : classic vodka mixers that everyone has been using for years at weddings, clubs, parties and more. Orange juice is an acidic juice and works well to help offset the burning sensation you get from alcohol. The most popular drink with orange juice and vodka is the screwdriver.

    Here is a recipe for Titos Greyhound taken from Titos. The ingredients you need are 1 ½ oz.Titos vodka and 4 oz. grapefruit juice. To make the drink just add the vodka and juice into a rock glass with ice, stir then garnish with rosemary springs if you fancy.

    Grey Goose, grey goose essences, their trade dresses and the geese device are trademarks. Grey Goose Importing Company, Coral Gables, FL. Vodka and flavored vodkas 40% Alc./Vol. Distilled from French wheat. Content for 21+. Only share with those of legal drinking age.

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    Why Is Vodka Measured In Proof

    The term proof comes from 16th century England when liquor was taxed at different rates depending on its alcohol content. So testing was developed to determine the alcohol content of a specific liquor, to offer proof that the correct taxation rate was being applied. The King wants his money! However, early methods used to determine alcohol content werent very reliable. There were several ways this was done.

    Lets Make Festive Cocktails


    We were looking for another festive holiday cocktail to add to our arsenal this year as were approaching #alltheholidayparties, so we tapped our resident expert: my brother, David, who is a bartender by trade. We asked him what types of drinks have been popular this holiday season, and ROSEMARY kept coming up.

    And because weve already got a few warm and toasty holiday cocktails , we knew we wanted something refreshing. So, ta-da! Introducing our new fave holiday cocktail: the rosemary vodka collins. We think it will quickly become one of your faves as well

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    Top Reasons I Like Titos Vodka

    1. Its American Made in Austin, Texas yes! We love to support American products when we can. Titos is made in Texas oldest distillery. Its made from corn so its gluten-free. They still taste-test every batch. Whether youre a connoisseur or a casual vodka drinker youll appreciate their hand-crafted style.

    2. Started by entrepreneur Tito Beveridge. Were entrepreneurs. We love to support other entrepreneurs whenever we can. Tito had been a geologist, worked in the mortgage business and started making his own flavored vodkas for friends. They loved it! He did his research, did the work and created the brand we love today.

    3. It Tastes Great! All this wouldnt mean a darn thing if the vodka didnt taste great.

    Bonus Points: They Support Animals! Their program Vodka for Dog Lovers brings their fans together with many pet shelters and pet-helping organizations. Selling branded pet products and donating the proceeds to their charity pet-friendly partners is just one of the ways Titos helps.

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