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What Mixes With Grapefruit Vodka

Not Recommended Grapefruit Vodkas:

3 Grapefruit Vodka Cocktails | Absolut Grapefruit | Absolut Drinks With Rico
  • Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka This brand is sweetened with cane sugar, so I find it too syrupy with the ginger ale. For a simpler drink, pair this with soda water to cut the sweetness.
  • Belvedere Pink Grapefruit Although this is great tasting, I dont think the price is worth it for this recipe. It would make a fantastic grapefruit martini, though!
  • Pinnacle Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Fresca Cocktail Recipes That Prove This Retro Trend Is Hipster Chic

    Fresca is back, and its absolutely NOT just your grandmas drink anymore. Fresca was *the* diet soda before there were diet sodas. In ads of the 1960s, the light, fizzy grapefruit soft drink was the zero-calorie drink for the sophisticated lady who was watching her figure. Think Mad Mens Betty Draper. But like Don Draper, Fresca had a racier side. A popular mixer in a whiskey highball, it was light and effervescent with a citrusy zing, but packed a boozy punch. Well, low-cal mixers are trending again. First we had Kombucha cocktails, then La Croix cocktails, and now Fresca drinks are taking off. Here are 13 Fresca cocktails that will go great with those chic granny heels.

    1. Skinny DragonBerry Rum Twist: Fun cocktails that clock in under 100 calories just make life better. In this case, citrusy Fresca pairs *so* well with berry-infused vodka, you could drink it all night long.

    2. The Paloma: This two-ingredient cocktail is the drink for a busy gal. You get all the intensely layered flavors of a much more complicated bitters cocktail thanks to the grapefruit essence in Fresca.

    3. Watermelon Mojito: If you like mojitos but dont want all that sugar, this is the drink for you! Fresca, watermelon, mint and rum make for an unforgettable cocktail. Mix this one up for friends and youll be the life of the party.

    What Can You Make With Grapefruit Vodka

    Grapefruit vodka has a great flavor and works well with so many different cocktails. You can use it to make a classic Salty Dog or Greyhound, or you can mix it with Rosé to make Grapefruit Vodka Sangria. Get creative and try some other grapefruit cocktails!

    I hope this Grapefruit Vodka Sangria makes an appearance at your next BBQ. I know it will be a huge success! Be sure to make two pitchers just in case. This Salty Dog Sangria will go fast!

    See the recipe card below for details on how to make this Grapefruit Vodka Sangria. Enjoy!

    If you like this salty dog sangria, try these other great cocktails:

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    Salty Dog Sangria With Grapefruit Vodka

    Sangria is good, but sangria made with new Stoli Crushed grapefruit vodka is even better. YOU GUYS. I cant stop talking about this delicious new vodka! Its the first premium, imported vodka made with real fruit juice perfect poured over ice, blended with club soda, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

    The flavor is out of this worldso fruity and fresh. Its an awesome drink for anytime on the go, especially summertime bbqs! This Grapefruit Vodka Sangria couldnt be easier, and it just wouldnt be the same without Stoli Crushed.

    Available Variations For This Recipe

    Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail  Just a Dash Drinks  Cran ...

    Make this recipe your own. There may not be many ingredients, but the variations list is long. Heres what I would recommend if youre going to shake things up:

    • Make It A Martini: Add 1 oz of grapefruit vodka, ice, 1 oz of triple sec, and a tablespoon of white sugar to a cocktail shaker. Shake it up and strain into a chilled martini glass, and finish with a squeeze of lime.
    • Switch The Liquor: No vodka, no problem! Gin will work just as well in this recipe. Similar to vodka, gin has a clean taste, making it perfect for infusing fruity flavors.
    • Do I Have To Use Tonic Water? No way! Add sweetness by switching up the tonic water for soda, like Sprite or 7Up. Club soda or seltzer will also work, plus they contain fewer calories than tonic water.
    • Add Florals: Add a splash of rosewater or finish your cocktail off with edible flowers like cherry blossoms.
    • Make It A Mocktail: Thats right, you dont need alcohol for this cocktail recipe. Remove the vodka entirely for a refreshing and spruced up beverage.

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    Brighten Up Your Day With Texas

    Austin, Texas, has long been known as a craft beer hot spot. But did you know, the Lone Star States capital city is also home to award-winning spirits? Deep Eddy Vodka is one such operation. Established in 2010, Deep Eddys vodkas are column-distilled 10 times using corn, the finest Texas water, and natural flavors. The result is nothing but smooth, clean vodka available in several flavors, include the Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka, handcrafted from real grapefruit juice and Deep Eddys award-winning vodka. Enjoy it on the rocks, mixed with club soda or with other mixers in your most inventive cocktails, or in the three recipes below.

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    Can You Make Martinis Ahead Of Time

    You can make a large batch of grapefruit martinis ahead of time. Its a time-saving solution that prevents you from mixing each individual drink when youre hosting a party.

    I recommend putting this large batch cocktail together no more than 2 hours before you begin serving.

    For more tips on how to batch cocktails for parties, make sure to check out my Ultimate Guide on Batching Cocktails for Parties!

    Its time for a drink!

    Okay, friend! Its your turn to make this delightful cocktail. When you do, leave a comment below so I can hear what you think!

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    Additions And Modifications For Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

    • Garnish drinks with fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage, or basil
    • To save calories and reduce sweetness substitute soda water for the ginger ale, 7up, or Sprite.
    • Alternatively, use a combination of soda with ginger ale.
    • Add a splash of cranberry juice for a sparkly Seabreeze version.
    • Substitute regular vodka for the grapefruit vodka for a slightly less pronounced grapefruit taste.

    Celebrate Snow Days With This Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail Recipe This Winter Cocktail Is Bold Refreshing And Perfect For A Snowy Picnic

    Best Grapefruit Vodka and Soda Cocktail Recipe

    Dr Pepper Snapple Group® sponsored this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

    Who says picnics can only be enjoyed in the Spring or Summer? Snowy wintertime days are fantastic for picnics too. Especially a picnic packed for cocktails!

    Surprise someone you love with a special picnic. Stock your basket with 7Up, grapefruit, cherries, ice and vodka. Dont forget the glasses. And. . .snack are probably a good idea too. Go for a stroll, pick a spot with a view and enjoy a refreshing Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail in the brisk winter air!

    Just a few simple ingredients and 7Up to add a little sparkle.

    Heres to chilly days, fresh air and great friends . . .Cheers!

    Check out more great drink recipes on Pinterest >

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    And, be sure to show a little love to your Salvation Army Bell Ringers on your way out.

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    How To Make A Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

  • First youll pour coconut sugar on a small plate. Using a 4-6 ounce low-ball glass, rim the edge of the glass with a grapefruit half until completely wet, careful not to get pulp on the glass, only juice. Carefully dip the rimmed glass into the coconut sugar, coating the rim of the glass completely with sugar.
  • Pour 1/4 cup of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and maple syrup into rimmed glass and stir completely until well combined.
  • Add 1/4 cup of vodka to the grapefruit mixture.
  • Add ice and top with club soda until glass is full. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit.
  • Ridiculously easy, right?

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    Top 19 Vodka Mixers For A Perfect Home Bar

    May 5, 2020

    • Pin

    Because vodka is largely flavorless, it can be combined with any number of mixers, especially those with a strong flavor of their own. For example, adding any type of juice or any type of soda to vodka works just fine. Even so, there are some vodka mixers are better than other, so in this list were focusing on the most powerful and the most interesting mixers.

    Its also worth mentioning that vodka still has some impact on your drink. For one thing, it imparts an alcoholic kick. The vodka also impacts the texture of your drink.

    Some vodkas, particularly low-quality ones, do have a little flavor as well. Any flavor comes from impurities and is generally undesirable. If youre using a fairly intense mixer, like cranberry juice, then low-quality vodka isnt likely to be a problem.

    On the other hand, if you are using a more subtle mixer like soda water, the quality of your vodka will make a difference. You dont need to be extravagant, but try to avoid the cheapest of the cheap.

    When youre looking at mixers, also consider the strength of the final drink that you want. If the mixer is on the mild side, then the alcoholic undertone of the drink will be quite distinct. This undertone tends to be masked by stronger mixers, to the point that you might not notice it at all.

    • Starbucks Refreshers

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    How Do You Make Powdered Cocktails

    Using the powders sounds pretty darn simple: Just empty the contents of the K-Cup-esque pod into a cocktail shaker, add equal parts water and liquor, throw in some ice, and shake. Available in three varietiesCosmo, Margarita, and Lemon Sourthe mixers have way fewer chemicals than you might expect.

    Its Finally Time For Summer Bevvies

    Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail  Just a Dash Drinks  Cran ...

    Now that the warm weather has begun to arrive, Im starting to enjoy getting outside, tending to my garden, and firing up the grill. The sunshine also calls for yummy cocktails! I noticed a bottle of Heritage Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka on my bar cart recently, and the idea for Grapefruit Vodka Tonics clicked in my mind.

    It didnt take long to perfect this recipe. All you need are three ingredients and some sunshine to enjoy these light and tasty cocktails. The bubbles from the tonic water make them feel like a healthy, adult soda.

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    The Man Behind Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

    This grapefruit cocktail recipe is another stellar libation brought to you by the most dedicated mixologist I know, my brother-in-law, John.

    John would love nothing more than his final resting place to be adorned with the epitaph, Made One Helluva a Drink.

    Sometimes life can get in the way of our true passions, though. Alas, his gravestone will probably say something insignificant about being a devoted husband, father, and surgeon.

    Ill admit. We are spoiled by Dr. Johns stellar drinks. Sometimes we are allowed to actually enjoy them before he rips them from our hands.

    DONT DRINK THAT! Im going to add something to make it better.

    Lucky for you, grapefruit vodka cocktail recipe has been perfected to be enjoyed without abrupt interruptions.

    If you are interested in checking out any other of Dr. Johns inspirations, take a peek at Blackberry Crush and Pear Ginger Cocktail recipes. Equally delish!

    Five Grapefruit Vodkas You Should Try Right Now

    Grapefruit the softball-sized cousin of an orange that doesn’t get nearly as much attention is loaded with juicy, tart, tangy citrus flavor that borders from sour to semi-sweet. And that, dear friends, is why grapefruit is such a good flavor for premium vodka. Flavored vodkas have become immensely popular, and it helps to know which ones to watch out for. We have a full line of flavored vodkas available at all our locations plus available with ease online but these are five grapefruit vodkas you should try right now.

    They are vibrant, zesty and inspirational grapefruit vodkas that taste great on their own, but we’re also including some tasty cocktail recipes.

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    Shaken Vs Stirred Martinis

    Weve all heard of the famous line, shaken, not stirred, when ordering a martini. However, a classic martini should never be shaken!

    Alcohol-forward drinks, like a Negroni or unflavored martinis, should always be stirred, not shaken. Stirring cocktails in a mixing glass with ice will dilute the drink and create a smooth mouth-feel.

    Cocktails with grapefruit and other citrus juices should always be shaken!

    The ice in a cocktail shaker will help to break down the tart or harsh flavors from the citrus while aerating the cocktail. Youll end up with a drink that is light, refreshing, and ice cold.

    How To Make Vodka And Grapefruit Juice

    Easy Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail Recipe | Easy Mixed Drinks

    Greyhound drink is pretty straightforward: mix the ingredients, add ice cubes , and top with soda. Garnish with mint leaves.

    Step 1: Mix ingredients together

    Step 2: Garnish, add soda, and serve

    If you do have a cocktail shaker, use it to mix the ingredients. Itll incorporate everything faster, better, especially crucial for drinks with fruit juices, sugar, or egg whites.

    Do note that by using a cocktail shaker, your drink should be chilled and watered down as the ice melts into it. So if youre planning to serve it in a large pitcher with ice, do stir the ingredients by hand instead of using the shaker.

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    The Best Grapefruit Vodka

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    While still part of the citrus family, grapefruit vodka stands out a little because its inherently less sweet than other types of citrus vodka. Its got some sweetness in there, no doubt, but grapefruits also have a little bit of tangy bitterness to them as well. Its the nature of the fruit and when the vodka is made correctly, that bitterness transfers into the spirit. This makes a drink like a grapefruit vodka perfect for those zesty cocktails or ones that need a bit of balance brought to the sweetness.

    For this reason, the best grapefruit vodka is usually one that uses natural flavors and doesnt have too much else going on. Occasionally youll find a bottle thats been sweetened and is still good, but the natural bitterness is part of grapefruit.

    If the palate is on the complex side, youll often find bittersweet, slightly spicy pepper notes on the end. This doesnt always go well with fruit, but with grapefruit, it works well. Below, we have a list of exceptional, natural grapefruit vodkas to choose from. Some are spicier, some focus on grapefruits sweet side, but all are smooth and well-crafted.

    Can You Use Gin Instead Of Vodka

    Although vodkas been a replacement for gin ever since, gin and grapefruit still have their own vibe and are still served at bars. You can mix gin and grapefruit juice to have the original cocktail.

    We also tried making many versions of gin and grapefruit and ended up with something much better. Our take on the cocktail includes thyme leaves, cinnamon, orange juice, and citrus to boost the flavors even more.

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    Rhubarb Lemonade Slush Calandria Salty Dog Sangria Basil Liqueur Rosemary &

    Toast to long days and warm nights with summer vodka drinks. A simple drink made with either my healthy honey mint lemonade (or store . Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. · rhubarb lemonade slush · calandria · salty dog sangria · basil liqueur · rosemary & . Pour 125ml tomato juice, 50ml vodka, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 25ml sweet sherry into the shaker then add ¼ tsp . Blend vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice to make a classic sea breeze cocktail. There are few things more refreshing then a cucumber vodka cocktail during happy hour. To make this wonderfully refreshing drink, all you do is combine the mint syrup with fresh lemon juice and vodka in a shaker and give it a good . Instructions · add ice to your favorite glass · pour in the vodka and lemonade · stir · add in the orange juice and cranberry juice · top with peach . And nowthe best summer vodka drinks and cocktails! Serve in a tall glass and garnish with lime for a . Add absolut vodka, dry vermouth and lemon juice. Put a handful of ice into a large cocktail shaker.

    And nowthe best summer vodka drinks and cocktails! Toast to long days and warm nights with summer vodka drinks. Put a handful of ice into a large cocktail shaker. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. · rhubarb lemonade slush · calandria · salty dog sangria · basil liqueur · rosemary & .

    Put a handful of ice into a large cocktail shaker.

    Serve in a tall glass and garnish with lime for a .

    Serve in a tall glass and garnish with lime for a .

    Why Is It Called A Greyhound Drink

    Mangoes and Palm Trees: Cheers, to Valentine

    The greyhound formula dates back to 1930. It appeared as a “variation of the grapefruit cocktail” in Harry Craddock’s “The Savoy Cocktail Book.” While the recipe he refers to used grapefruit jelly, his simplified version pairs gin with fresh grapefruit juice, sugar to taste, and plenty of ice. Vodka came into play in the 1940s, thanks to its growing popularity among American drinkers, as did the greyhound name. In 1945, the vodka drink appeared in Harper’s Magazine, and by the ’50s, it was a popular libation at the Post House restaurants found at Greyhound bus terminals. With word from the traveling public, the drink’s popularity soared.

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