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What Mixes Good With Coconut Rum

Does Coconut Rum Get You Drunk

homemade coconut rum

Malibu RumRumCoconutrumyou canyourrumget you drunkCoconut Rum and pineapple juice

  • 50 ml of Coconut Rum.
  • Add a handful of ice.
  • Top up with pineapple juice.
  • Serve with a wedge of pineapple.

MalibuMalibu drinkdoInstructions

  • Add juice, Malibu, and stir.
  • Drizzle in grenadine.
  • Garnish with cherries, pineapple, and/or orange slices.
  • Serve immediately.
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    Watermelon Coconut Rum Slush

    This is my go-to pool drink because it’s refreshing, won’t make you feel bloated, and tastes like a dream. Just add the watermelon chunks and coconut rum to a blender, blend it up, and you’re ready to get your tan on.

    This recipe yields about 4 servings, and you can add ice while blending if you want it to have a more frozen texture.


  • 4 cups Seedless Chopped Watermelon
  • What Flavors Did We Use

    Of course a true Tiki drink like the Coconut Rum Painkiller needs another tropical flavor to support it. We wanted to stay true to the original Painkiller cocktail recipe we turned to fresh pineapple juice. Pineapple juice gives this cocktail a nice tangy flavor while adding a bit of sweetness and a bit of golden color to the drink.


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    What Mixes Well With Malibu

    Malibu rum pairs nicely with many chasers. Fruit juices like orange, pineapple and cranberry are tasty options. Grenadine is a rich pomegranate syrup that mixes in nicely with Malibu cocktails. Coconut rum also pairs well with coffee and chocolate drinks, with a popular example being the Mudslide cocktail.

    Does Strawberry And Coconut Go Well Together

    Simple Coconut Rum Cocktail Drinks Recipe »

    CoconutStrawberriescaniscoconutstrawberrieswellFlavors That Complement Lemon

    • Herbs and Spices. Cilantro has a slightly spicy note that meshes well with the acidity in lemon.
    • Vegetables. Bell pepper comes in many varieties and colors and has a relatively mild flavor that benefits from lemons tartness.
    • Cheese. Lemon and cheese is a common pairing.
    • Sweets.

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    What Is The History Of The Painkiller

    The true original recipe isnt truly known as Daphne Henderson didnt share her exact proportions. One of her good friends and fellow bartenders decided that he had a version that was close enough. After winning a taste contest versus Daphne, he took his recipe on the road to try to earn some money from his new found fame.

    He soon sold his recipe to Pussers Rum who soon trademarked the recipe. They did gave Daphnie Henderson the credit while letting the rest of us know a recipe!

    • Orange Juice

    For our version of the Painkiller cocktail recipe, the Coconut Rum Painkiller, we decided to embrace one of the tiki techniques. We layer two different types of rum into a single cocktail. Mixing two different types of rum gives a cocktail a more complex flavor and uses the different rums to bring the best of each style to the drink.

    In the case of our Coconut Rum Painkiller, we combined the rich caramel flavors of a dark rum with an equal part coconut rum. AKA why this is the Coconut Rum Painkiller! This brings a tropical warmth to the cocktail.

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    Winter Sunshine Rum Cocktail

    Most Malibu cocktails are all about summer and the beach, but this icy mixed drink is geared more towards the winter months.

    Honestly, it still screams summer to me, thanks to the overwhelmingly sweet flavor and aroma of coconut, but it looks like a glass of winter snow, making it ideal for the holidays.

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    How Can You Tell If Malibu Rum Has Gone Bad

    In comparison to other hard liquors , Malibu rum is lower in alcohol content. Although going bad is a very rare occurrence, the flavor degrades faster than hard liquors, particularly after a bottle is opened.

    Technically, Malibu rum is very hard to spoil. This is not the case if you let the bottle open for years as nobody knows whats got into the bottle.

    If you happen to have an old bottle of Malibu rum thats been sitting for years, better give it a quick check before pouring it into your cocktail glass!

    First thing first, the flavor and taste wont be as perfect as a newly opened one. If it looks okay, give it a sniff and a little taste test, feel free to use it if youre happy with it.

    If the taste is not that great, its your call. But, if wasting food is not your habit, consider using it for drinks that mix with stronger ingredients to disguise the inferior taste.

    If youre suspicious with the old bottle, check if you can spot any change in color, impurities, or unknown objects, especially if you left the bottle open for a while or with the pourer on. In case of doubt, better discard any leftover.

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    What Is Coconut Rum

    Malibu Coconut Rum Review – The Original Coconut Flavored Rum

    Before moving onto the recipes, lets take a look at what coconut rum actually is. Having a bit of insight into this ingredient can show you how to use it best. In turn, this will bring you one step closer to becoming an expert mixologist.

    Despite its name, coconut rum is more of a coconut liqueur. This is due to the fact that contains a considerable amount of sugar. For the most part, coconut rum is meant to be used as a base for cocktails. Rarely is it ever drunk on its own.

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    It is important not to confuse coconut rum with coconut-flavored rum as well. The latter is a rum that contains a coconut flavoring. As such, it is less sweet and has a higher alcohol content as well.

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    What To Mix With Coconut Rum Like Malibu

    Like I said, coconut rum mixes fantastically well with all types of juices, sodas, and even other spirits. Some popular mixers that go with coconut rum are:

    • Cola
    • Pre-made Daiquiri or Margarita Mix
    • Frozen Fruit Concentrate

    This is just to name a few. Read on for more mixer ideas and specific recipes you can make with coconut rum and only one other ingredient!

    Related Drink: The Bahama Mama

    Want to try a variation on the Malibu Sunset? Opt for the Bahama Mama instead! The Bahama Mama is a popular beach drink thats very similar to the Malibu Sunset, but it adds dark rum and swaps orange juice for lime juice.

    We like to serve our Bahama Mama frozen, so its an icy blender frozen drink. But you can also serve it on the rocks, with the gradient effect just like a Malibu Sunset. Head to that recipe for more details.

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    Rum Cocktail Recipes: What Mixes Well With Rum

    Most people love drinking. It is an activity that adults can enjoy any time and for any reason. Some drink to celebrate a milestone, relax after a tiring week at work, or to reconnect with old friends. Whatever the case may be, people in these situations rarely say no to well-mixed, delicious drinks. From beer, to vodka, to rum, there are always different cocktail recipes that can be concocted to suit your taste buds.

    One of those drinks that never go out of style is rum. Cocktails made with rum are some of the most well-loved alcoholic beverages. In fact, there are a lot of rum cocktail recipes that are so easy that you can mix them yourself. You and your friends no longer need to go to a bar to get your rum cocktail drinks.

    What Is Good to Mix with Rum?

    Here are some of the best rum mixers that are easily available for you to use:

    Coca Cola

    Orange Juice

    Orange juice is another easy-to-source rum mixer. Adding orange juice to rum makes for tastier rum cocktails drinks that you can share with your family and friends. This mix is better if used with fresh orange juice. However, if that is scarce, you can also use powdered orange juice or another more readily available substitute. All you have to do is to put rum and orange juice at a 1:2.5 ratio for a better mix. If you want, you can also add a fresh slice of orange to make it even tastier.

    Lemon Juice

    Coconut Water

    What Soda Mixes Well With Coconut Rum

    Top 10 Coconut Rum Drinks with Recipes

    The Coca-Cola Company. By substituting coconut rum for white, gold or dark rum, you can give your Rum & Coke a tropical twist. If you wish to achieve the best results, use Mexican Coke containing real sugar, as it will boost the coconut flavors in the rum, creating a much more satisfyingly sweet end.

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    The Top 20 Ideas About Drinks To Make With Coconut Rum

    The top 20 Ideas About Drinks to Make with Coconut Rum

    Exactly how it that for variety? Take a look at these outstanding Drinks To Make With Coconut Rum and allow us know what you believe. We have some magnificent recipe ideas for you to attempt.

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    Malibu And Ginger Ale

    Want a tasty, refreshing Malibu cocktail that takes 1 minute to mix together? Try Malibu and Ginger Ale! Its similar to a Dark and Stormy, but the ginger flavor is subtler and melts right into the coconut rum. Add a squeeze of lime and its the perfect refreshing highball. Its a great way to make a fast and easy cocktail with a bottle of coconut rum.

    Ingredients: Malibu Coconut Rum, ginger ale, lime

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    Mixed Fruit Smoothie With Banana And Pineapple

    Make a puree of 2 ripe bananas and 1 cup crushed pineapple. Now, add 3 oz Malibu, 1 cup canned coconut cream, juice of half a lime and crushed ice and blend until smooth. Transfer into a pitcher and freeze for 15 minutes. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint and pineapple or lime slices.

    If you want this tropical drink without pineapple or banana, you can always choose from mango, raspberry, cranberry, etc. Either way, addition of fruit pulp makes this drink healthy.

    Banana Pineapple Coconut Rum Mixed Smoothie

    Is Rum Good For Weight Loss

    Dead Mans Coconut Rum Review and Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

    Alcohol is a source of empty calories in the diet. Meaning it adds to your daily calorie intake but doesnt provide any real nutrition. Some argue that small amounts of alcohol can have health benefits, like heart health, but the research does not show that alcohol benefits weight loss or fat loss in particular .

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    Types Of Rum To Use: In Order Of Preference

    You can use any type of rum in a Cuba Libre! While we like it best with a golden or aged rum, it can work with any variety. Here are the types of rum to use in a Cuba Libre drink, in order of preference:

    • Golden or aged rum : Aging rum gives it a complex flavor. Golden rum can have undertones of vanilla, coconut, almond, citrus, or caramel. The aged rum that we used here was Brugal Añejo Rum .
    • Dark rum: Dark rum has a dark color and a rich, developed flavor with caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla notes. It works well here, and makes a vibe similar to a Dark and Stormy .
    • Pineapple rum: Pineapple rum is a popular flavored rum thats distilled with fresh pineapple. If you have some on hand, it makes for a killer drink recipe.
    • White rum: White rum is clear in color and has a straightforward flavor. Its great in a Cuba Libre, but it makes it a little less interesting than the types of rum above.

    What Mixes Well With Coconut Rum Mixers And Flavorings

    Now, lets move onto the various mixers and flavorings you can add to drinks made with coconut rum. Once again, it is largely up to preference. You may want to start your experiment by thinking about the kind of flavors and tastes that you enjoy the most.

    That being said, there are some favorites that people will naturally reach for when it comes to coconut rum. Since most people are after a tropical vibe with this rum, they tend to reach for pineapple juice. Nevertheless, mango juice and orange juice are a great option too just make sure to get the real version rather than the sweetened one.

    If you are all about that coconut flavor, then coconut water is an addition that you should condition. The best coconut water can boost the coconut flavor of the rum, while adding a nice refreshing touch to your drink. Not to mention, it allows you to really double down on those tropical island vibes.

    Last, but certainly not least, there is your trusty Coke. Rum and coke is a rather fundamental cocktail. If you feel that it can use a bit of a makeover, then go ahead and add some coconut rum into the mix as well. It will offer you an entirely new drink.

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    Variations Of This Cocktail

    Debbie is really loving this coconut tequila in her cocktails lately and that would work here as well!

    You could also possibly exchange the coconut rum for pineapple rum. You also could use pineapple or coconut vodka in a pinch.

    Feel free to exchange the white rum for dark rum too. I happen to love dark rum over white because it has so much more flavor, however it will make the cocktails a slightly different color.

    And as mentioned above, try sparkling coconut water for a little more bubble in your cocktail!

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    How To Make The Best Cuba Libre Drink: 2 Tips

    Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Coconut Rum Cream. 4oz Bai Maui Waui Coconut ...

    The Cuba Libre is much better than a rum and coke, in our opinion. The lime juice helps to balance the sweetness of the cola. There are a few things that take this recipe to the next level and make the very best Cuba Libre drink:

    • Muddle the lime wedges. Instead of just squeezing in lime, gently muddle the lime wedges in the bottom of your highball glass. This infuses even more citrus flavor because it releases the oils of the fruit. Use a cocktail muddler or wooden spoon.
    • Use aged rum. The original Cuba Libre likely used white rum, but aged rum makes it tastes even better. Aged rum has a complex flavor, with undertones of vanilla, coconut, almond, citrus, or caramel. You can absolutely taste the difference .

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    How To Make Coconut Rum Cocktail

    Three ingredients will make all your Pineapple Orange Coconut Rum Cocktail dreams come true.

    Equal parts of orange juice and pineapple juice, and a splash of coconut rum to seal the deal.

    Mix it all up, kick back, relax, and sip on this lovely drink and pretend you are on the beach.

    For those of you on a three-day weekend, I hope you have a restful, safe and lovely weekend!

    If you make some of these yummies please let me know what you think in the comment box me. I would also love to see pictures of your Coconut Rum Cocktail on , so tag me and show me your drinks!

    Is Coconut Rum Good With Coke

    Theres nothing better than when the sweet carbonated bite of Coke and the silky flavor of rum come together effortlessly. Whats even amazing is how adaptable this drink can be when it comes to flavor combinations. It is possible to combine Coca-Cola with your preferred type of rum, making the drink even more outstanding. Malibu and Coke are two popular alcoholic beverages

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    What Rum Is Best For Pina Colada

    Malibu rum is the brand that I use. It adds an extra tropical flavor to the drink that white rum doesnt. However, white rum is typically what is used in a Pina Colada, so you can use either.

    I choose Malibu because it has a natural coconut flavour and a smooth and sweet finish. Ive tried other coconut rums before and some have a more manufactured taste that doesnt do well in this cocktail. If you want a really tasty pina colada, just stick with the Malibu.

    Here are a few other options for coconut rum that you can order through Saucey, Malibu rum included .

    You can also use a light or dark rum , if you cant find Malibu or just want to use what you have on hand. It will still be delicious.

    You can get this and many other liquors delivered to your door from Saucey$5 OFF your first order + free delivery with code SAS) or Drizly.Only valid in select states.

    Grab 2 Ingredients For Rum And Lemonade

    How To Make The Bikini Martini | Coconut Rum Drinks | Booze On The Rocks

    Rum and lemonade is nothing more than the ingredients in its name. But there are a few things to note about ingredient quality:

    • The flavor with homemade lemonade is outstanding. You can make a full pitcher or by the glass.
    • Use purchased lemonade in a pinch! Its actually what we used here and it tastes nearly as goodwith little effort.
    • Grab any type of rum. Keep reading for a little explainer on types

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