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Margarita Machine For Sale Houston

Used Margarita Machine Sales

Margaritaville Margarita Machine Tips

We sell used margarita machines, used slush machines and used frozen drink machines from all major brands, including Crathco,Wilch, Taylor,Bunn, Grindmaster, Faby, Frosty Factory, Parrot Ice and many other brands when available.Call our Margarita Hotline to check our latest prices and inventory of margarita, slush, smoothie and frozen drink machines.OUR USED FROZEN DRINK EQUIPMENT CHANGES DAILYPLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY BEFOREIn order to offset the various amounts charged by credit card providers, Margarita Xpress willcharge an additional fee of 3.9% on American Express and 3.5% on all other credit card transactions.

Margaritaville Dm0500 Bahamas 36

  • On the heavy side, at 9 lb
  • Difficult to find replacement parts, such as lids

The Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Slushie Maker excels with the making of frozen cocktails, such as margarita slush, thanks to featuring an ultra-powerful 450 watt motor that instantly shaves ice and shipping with a shot glass, for measurement, and a handy adult-themed recipe book. We loved the large 36 ounce container, which is dishwasher safe, and the included ice reservoir.

Though this doesnt take up too much counter space, it is on the heavier side, clocking in at nearly nine pounds. Also, we found that it is rather difficult to find replacement parts for this slushie maker, which could be frustrating if the lid breaks. These will definitely come out better than margaritas made in your best blender.

Commercial Frozen Drink Slush Machines

If your business plans to serve chilled beverages, investing in a frozen drink machine is a smart choice. Your customers can get a break in their daily routine by creating their own icy slush to their personal taste. It is important to know which type of machine is right for your business.

What types of frozen drink machines are available?

Frozen drink machines allow you to serve juice, coffee, alcohol, and non-carbonated slush drinks continuously.

  • Slush machine: A slush machine is easy to operate and takes less than an hour to bring frozen slush to the appropriate temperature and consistency.
  • Alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than other beverages. Therefore, you need a margarita machine that can get cold enough. These appliance models blend margaritas, daiquiris, and other libations to your desired texture.
  • Frozen beverage machine: This device keeps frozen drinks cool for hours.
  • Iced Coffee machine: An iced coffee machine saves an extra step. It reduces the time it takes to create cold drinks from freshly brewed coffee.

What size machine should you purchase?

Consider how many customers you will serve daily. With this number in mind, search for a machine with a sufficient hopper capacity. The hopper is the container that holds the mixture. It may have between one and three hoppers and can hold up to 1,000 ounces. Use the numbers below to help you find a device that meets your needs.

How should you fill a frozen drink machine?

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Best Slushy Makers Of 2022

Jaron*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more.

Whats one of the best treats in the summertime, or any time really? Thats right, a homemade slushy!

Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing margarita or just want something fruity and frozen, a slushy maker can help you accomplish all your flavor needs.

You might know these machines to be most popular for commercial use. You see them at gas stations and restaurants and concession stands, but you can also purchase these machines for your home.

What is the best slushy maker? The best slushy makers blend the ice into the right consistency and wont be messy to work with. Bonuses include several settings for ice and different beverages, space efficiency, sleek design, and the ability to make several slushies at once.

In this guide, we will walk you through the very best slushy makers available to buy. There are so many different options, whether you want something to make a large batch or perhaps make individual options, you certainly have choices.

We also have a simple buyers guide to help you with some details as well. Keep reading to learn about the best slushy makers on the market.

Parrot Ice Double Frozen Drink Machine For Sale Aka Margarita Machine For Sale In Houston Texas

Parrot ice margarita machine for Sale in Houston, TX

SELLING A REFURBISHED PARROT ICE DOUBLE DISPENSING MACHINE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.THIS MACHINE IS SOLD USED BY ICEE FOR $2900.BUY THIS ONE FOR $2000.00MACHINE COMES WITH 30 DAY PARTS WARRANTY.Includes Owners Manual and Parts Manual.THIS MACHINE CAN SERVE TWO FLAVORS AT ONCE.This stainless steel commercial machine works great indoors or outdoors.Parrot Ice now owned by ICEE makes a real solid frozen drink machine that works great in health facilities, schools, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, movies, hotels, reception halls, churches, stadiums, party rental companies, and home use.Makes any type of frozen beverage with or without alcohol. Make margaritas, slushes, or any other frozen beverage.This is the same style machine used in Pappasito’s Cantina restaurants.Retails used for $2900. Purchase this one for $2000 cash or $2150 + tax with credit card.CALL OR TEXT two81-

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How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Margarita Machine

At $350 a month*, that means you are only paying $12 a day for your machine. After selling just a few drinks, the rest is pure profit! Not to mention our machines come with two bowls, which means you can offer your customers two drink choices and double your profit potential.

The most prominent benefit of Frozen 2 Perfections Houston margarita machine leasingPROFITABILITY! Proper utilization of these machines can result in massive profits the margarita machines pay for themselves very quickly!

Our Bunn commercial grade machines offer a variety of drink options! We carry various high quality, premium mixes which upon leasing are offered at a discounted, wholesale price.

Let us save you the trouble of having to purchase costly equipment upfront. Start profiting from a margarita machine leasing partnership with Frozen 2 Perfection. Call today to explore Frozen 2 Perfections double bowl frozen drink machine lease options!

*Pricing based on 1 year lease contract. Other lease terms available at different price points. Call for details.

The Most Important Features To Consider

  • Design TypeThese slushie makers generally fall into one of two categories. There are the single-serve frozen cup designs, such as those manufactured by Zoku, which create slushies via a core that is placed in the freezer overnight. This creates a cold base to add ingredients into. As such, it excels with many types of frozen drinks beyond slushies, including milkshakes and other desserts. There are also large slushie machines. These slush machines feature steel blades that chop and shave ice, creating a cup of shaved slush ice that you add flavoring and ingredients to. These are great for adult beverages and for kid-friendly recipes, such as snow cones, but they dont allow for the making of milkshakes.
  • Food-safe ComponentsYou are going to want to make sure that whatever slushie maker you choose is made from high-quality food-safe components, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Look for plastics that are BPA-free and products that have been FDA approved. To that end, be sure to avoid placing single-serve slushie makers into the dishwasher, as the interior of the freezer core could leak, which could cause bodily harm if ingested.
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    Experienced And Professional Margarita And Frozen Drink Machine Distributors Donper

    From Residential to High Volume, Donper has the Machine for your needs… Donper offers the largest line of frozen drink and soft serve machines in the USA. The frozen drink machine line includes 10 different models starting with the smallest and lightest frozen drink machine in the world, our 39 pound XC16 residential model, and increasing in size up to our high volume XF model machines that serve hundreds of frozen drinks per hour.DONPER OEM PARTS AND SERVICE IS AVAILABLE IN ALL OF THE UNITED STATES

    The world’s smallest and best selling frozen drink machine…

    Nostalgia Scm525bl Vintage Countertop Slushie Maker

    ‘How To’ Operate a Margarita/Slushy Machine


    WHY WE LIKE IT: Excels with the creation of slush drinks, snow cones and other frozen treats, with a vintage countertop design and stainless steel blades for effortless shaving of ice.


    • Cannot make milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks
    • At 7 lb, on the heavier side

    This Nostalgia slush machine excels with the creation of snow cones and slushies, thanks to stainless steel blades that effortlessly shave all the ice you need for culinary creations. There is a built-in safety switch, to keep hands safe during operation, and it ships with a number of useful accessories, including an ice scoop, two cups and a detachable shelf with cup rest. We also enjoyed the retro-inspired countertop design, which really looked great in our test kitchen.

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    Though this machine does indeed make great slushies and slush-inspired drinks, such as snow cones, it is not designed to make milkshakes, smoothies, or similar frozen beverages. Also, this slushie maker is on the heavier side, at seven pounds, which could make storage somewhat frustrating. You might also want to make sure your best wine fridge is stocked for your next party too.

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    Why Lease A Frozen Drink Machine From Frozen 2 Perfection

    Leasing a margarita machine can be beneficial to many restaurant, bar and club owners. It offers an easier, cheaper alternative to purchasing expensive equipment up front. Low monthly payments allow you the flexibility to free up cash for other expenses or revenue generating activities. We offer many affordable leasing package options with no large down payment!

    Choosing The Best Slushy Maker

    If youve never purchased a slushy maker, this could be an overwhelming task. Not to worry though, weve got some insights to help make it easier.

    There are several different options out there, but if you narrow down the details and your preferences, you shouldnt really have any issues choosing the very best one for your needs.

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    Bravo Italia 2 Bowl Slushie Machine

    • Maybe too bulky for home use
    • Extremely expensive

    The Bravo Italia 2 Bowl Slushie Machine is the best commercial slush machine, thanks to featuring a pair of built-in and ultra-durable containers that allow for the creation of multiple flavors at once and hold over 100 cups of frozen beverage product. We loved the stainless steel construction and the self-freezing design, which works quickly to create ice cubes, slushies, and related drinks in around 30 minutes. This commercial-grade machine is great for making kid-friendly slushies or adult-themed beverages, such as frozen margaritas. This slushie maker also includes a drip tray, easy flow spout, and other ease-of-life features.

    Though the quality here, in both design and construction, is top-notch, this is a heavy and bulky unit designed primarily for commercial use and, as such, may simply be too large and cumbersome for home use. Additionally, this is an extremely expensive machine, further solidifying its use as a commercial slushie maker. If youd rather start out lower scale, our guide to any of the best blenders for crushing ice might be a good start.

    Frozen Drink Machine Sales

    Margarita machine for Sale in Houston, TX

    Whether you are looking for a small machine for your home or office, a commercial machine for your restaurant, or a fleet of top-notch machines for your rental business or daiquiri bar, Margarita Man® is here to help. Every machine purchase includes a free case of Margarita Man® mix to use in your new machine. We also now offer financing on daiquiri machine purchases!

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    Two Frozen Drink/ Margarita Machines

    This item is available to rent in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Contact us at to inquire about other cities we service.
    *Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product available to rent. We are happy to provide a picture of the exact product once availability is determined for your required dates.


    • âReventals was AMAZING! We throw events a few times a year and we will definitely be using Reventals for all future rentals.â -Camille A.
    • âI found all I needed with Reventals and will be back!!! Thank you again Candace for all your help!â -Shaunie H.
    • âIâve thrown many a baby and wedding shower in recent years and oh so wish that I would have discovered Reventals sooner! Iâll now be utilizing them for any event I have because they make it SO easy.â -Charlene S.
    • âHighly recommend this company as a way to save time and moneyâ¦Why do all the work of looking around when someone can do it for you for free?â -Linda H.
    • âCandace was very helpful and willing to work with me to make sure I had the best deal for my money!â -Stephanie B.
    • âWhat a great company and service! I hope I have the chance to use this service again because Candace was such a pleasure to work with!â -Allison L.

    Helping Houston Party Since 2004

    • Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, Double Bowl Margarita Machines.
    • 1st Mix of Choice FREE
    • All Inclusive All You Provide is the Alcohol!
    • Highly Sanitized Frozen Drink Machines
    • Wide Selection of Mixes Slushy and virgin mixes are available as well and great for kids parties!
    • Centralized Houston Location for Self-Pickup
    • Delivery Also Available Call for Details!
    • Weve Helped With Thousands of Parties & Events in the Greater Houston Area Since 2004
    • Family Owned & Operated

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    The 7 Best Slushy Makers

    Now that you have seen some criteria for considering how to choose the best slushy maker, lets get down to business. We searched the market and made every effort to find a variety of options.

    The intention was to give you an option that would meet every type of need in some way and still be great quality.


    Contact Us For All Your Party Rental Needs

    Taylor 340-27 Frozen Drink Margarita Machine For Sale on Ebay

    Your name, a few details, and a credit card number are required. All customer information is 100% confidential. Reserve as early as possible to ensure availability. A valid credit card is required for security deposit at time of reservation. Final payment is made the 48 hours before your delivery. Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your rental for any reason, we must be informed by phone

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    Zoku Shake And Slushie Maker

    Award:TOP PICK

    WHY WE LIKE IT: Simple and efficient frozen concoction maker that does not require electricity to operate, thanks to an outer cup and a built-in freezer core, with components free from BPA and phthalates.


    • Only creates single serving drinks
    • Core must be placed in freezer for 8 hours before use

    This Zoku slush maker is the best slushie machine for sale, with an easy-to-use freezer core design that excels with making a large variety of frozen drinks, including alcoholic beverages. We loved the non-toxic design of this slush drink maker, as all components are BPA-free and phthalate-free, and the fact that the slushie maker is available in over six unique and bold colors.

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    This slushie maker can only make one drink at a time, however, so may not be appropriate for large groups on those hot summer days. Additionally, though the design does not require external power, the freezer core must be placed in the freezer for eight hours before use, so take that into consideration. With this slushie maker, youll also want to check out our guide to the best straw dispenser.

    Used Margarita Machines For Sale

    Areas that we provide

    ONLYFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:We like to give our customers all the information possibleHow much does it cost to rent a Margarita Machine,Slush Machine or Frozen Drink Machine?SINGLE MARGARITA MACHINEHow much liquor does the customer have to buy? Does the customer have to clean the Margarita Machine? How long does it take for the margarita mix to freeze from startup? Do you set up the Margarita Machine and show us how to use it? How many drinks will 4 gallons serve? When do you pick up the Margarita Machine? How soon must I cancel a reservation if something comes up?You must cancel with 24 hours of your party time or you will still be charged full price.This gives us a chance to rent the machine to someone else, and keeps us from making a trip for nothing. We are the #1 Margarita Machine Sales Company in Houston…We have grown from “one” rental margarita machine to dozens, and now are discountdistributors and sell the top manufacturered Margarita and Frozen Drink Machinessuch as Grindmaster / Crathco Frosty Factory, Bunn, Faby, Taylor,Parrot Ice, Sani Serv, and others. Now we offer the best cheap prices on NEW AND USED MARGARITA MACHINES NOW PROVIDING LOCAL SERVICE & REPAIRS ONALL TYPES OF FROZEN DRINK AND MARGARITA MACHINES. WE ARE A GRINDMASTER / WILCH / CRATHCO PARTS DISTRIBUTORThank you for visiting ~ MARGARITA XPRESSMachine Rentals We havegreat prices and great service!e make renting a easy!

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    Used Bunn Double Bowl Margarita & Frozen Drink Machines For Sale

    • Commercial grade.
    • Double the bowls, double the flavors.
    • Highly sanitized.
    • Great condition cosmetically.
    • Patented reversing auger design quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing.
    • Very simple to program and run with touchpad display, which also guides cleaning and preventive maintenance.
    • Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.
    • Two large 3 gallon hoppers for optimum cooling & serving capacity.
    • Sanitation listed by NSF to Standard 6 and 18 and safety listed by ETL to UL Standard and CSA Standard .
    • International electrical configurations available.

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