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Where Can I Buy Codigo Tequila

Whats The Difference Between Tequila And Mezcal

Trying GEORGE STRAIT’s $300 Dollar Tequila…

While both Tequila and Mezcal are Mexican distilled spirits made from agave, but there are several differences. Tequila can only be made in five specific Mexican states, and it must be made with blue agave. can be produced anywhere in Mexico from up to 30 different kinds of agave.

The finest Mezcal comes from the state of Oaxaca its cultural home. is a more rustic process, and many makers roast their agave piñas in a pit with fire and rocks and then crush the piñas with a large stone pulled by donkeys. Letting the hearts smoke this way often produces a subtle, smoky, and earthy flavor in Mezcal.

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Cdigo 1530 Prices And Notes

Código 1530 has a wide range of tequilas. Here are the lists of those amazing alcohols:

Código 1530 Blanco

Blanco is the purest form of tequila made by Código 1530, and the other offerings of the brand derive from this tequila. It is unrested tequila, making it the youngest one in the group. This gives it a rich agave flavor with an earthiness to it.

  • Sizes: 750ml
  • Price: $50.00

Código 1530 Rosa

Starting as a Blanco, this tequila is rested for a month in uncharred French White Oak barrels of Napa Valley Cabernet. This gives it a beautiful color and a refined taste where the agave gets a hint of Cabernet wine which enhances the sweet agave flavor.

  • Sizes: 750ml

Sammy Hagar And Guy Fieri Debut Santo Tequila Blanco

LOS ANGELES In the weeks following its introduction, Santo Tequila Blanco a premium old world-style tequila from legendary rocker and entrepreneur, Sammy Hagar and acclaimed Emmy Award-winning chef and restaurateur, Guy Fieri is heating up the California marketplace.

Just in time for the holidays, California joins Nevada in exclusively debuting Santo Tequila Blanco with the arrival of the first few thousand cases from the historic El Viejito Distillery in the Jalisco highlands of Mexico, with New York, Georgia, South Carolina and Massachusetts rolling out later this month. California retailers including major club, grocery, wine & spirits specialty retailers, restaurants and bars were the first to secure Santo Tequila Blanco and have begun rolling-out it out in more than 200 locations throughout the state.

Hagar and Fieri worked with Juan Eduardo Nuñez, the acclaimed third-generation master distiller from the renowned El Viejito Distillery, to create Santo Tequila Blancos proprietary recipe. The spirit showcases Nuñezs dedication to highlighting the unique flavors of agave in every batch, beginning with sustainably-sourced Blue Weber Agave from the famed highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

About Santo Blanco Tequila and Santo Mezquila

Hagar famously created the Cabo Wabo brand, including the Cabo Wabo Cantina chain of restaurants andCabo Wabo Tequila, and is also the founder ofSammys Beach Bar Rum andSammys Beach Bar & Grill chain of restaurants.

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Teremana Small Batch Tequila


The Rocks premium tequila brand has been flying off store shelves ever since its launch in 2020. Now, fans of Dwayne Johnson and tequila alike can purchase Teremana online and get it delivered to their door.

The ultra-premium highlands tequila uses all the beverage buzz words, like small batch production, and distilled in handmade copper pot stills. But beyond the hype, its a smooth, easy to drink option naturally sweetened with the rich aroma of mature agave plants, with a clean finish.

The name, Johnson explains, was inspired by his Polynesian background. TERA means of the Earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us. Spirit of the Earth, he says.

T1 Tequila Uno Estelar Aejo

Rosa 750ML  Código 1530

Its quite common for añejo tequila to be compared to cognac or single-malt scotch for its depth of flavour. T1 Tequila Uno Estelar Añejo, crafted by master distiller Germán González of Chinaco fame, easily earns that distinction thanks to the robust flavours suffused into the spirit from sitting in scotch barrels for two years . The result is a smooth spirit that, bottled in a tear drop-shaped crystal decanter, belongs on the top shelf of the bar.

Aroma + taste: Aroma of toffee and herbs. Bittersweet cocoa flavours and hits of ripe peach and citrus, with lingering spice. Reserve Estelar Añejo for evenings in the man cave spent debating stock futures or cursing the Canucks .

Rule no. 4 about tequila: Dont go for the gold. A tequila with the word gold on the label is mixto the colour comes from additives . Reposado and añejo tequilas get their golden and carmel hues from the aging process.

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There Are Country Songs About It

Even though youre probably used to country singers crooning on about their beloved whiskey, the iconic George Strait looks even farther down south for his hooch of choice. He even wrote a ballad about how much he loves Código, called Codigo. His undying love for the liquor may have something to do with him being an investor in the brand, but thats all speculation, of course.

What’s The Story Behind Cdigo 1530 Rosa Tequila

We are lucky to have Código 1530, and we mean that literally. The fact that this tequila brand even exists is down to luck… and Crocs. Back in 2007, Ron Snyder former CEO of Crocs moved to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where he soon made friends with a local called Federico Vaughan. Bonding over their love of the finer things in life, Vaughan introduced him to a special bottle of tequila.

It was a tequila distilled by a local family in the town of Amatitán, made to a recipe passed down through generations. There had been no motivation to launch the tequila to market it was simply enjoyed by friends and family, and to try a drop you would have to know the right people.

Eventually, Snyder headed up a group of five men who did the world a favour and brought Código 1530 to market. Making this tequila requires plenty of attention to detail and no cutting corners. The distillery uses three times the typical amount of agave in each small batch and there are no added sweeteners or colourings. Maturation takes place in cabernet French white oak barrels sourced from Napa Valley, as opposed to whisky barrels which are more commonly used. The use of wine barrels helps to impart a more delicate finish to the tequila.

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Things You Should Know About Cdigo 1530

With the celebrity tequila market becoming more saturated by the day, its increasingly difficult to parse what differentiates one tequila from the next. Luckily, were here to do that for you. And while the Código brand is backed by a country singer, a pair of pro athletes, and a prolific businessman, its far from a commercialized contrivance of tequila.

The super-premium spirit hit shelves in 2016 after being produced privately by five Mexican families for over a hundred years. And though its big debut was the idea of a handful of men from north of the border, Código is careful to adulate its Mexican origins in both branding and production.

Read on for nine things you should know about Código 1530.

Cdigo 1530 Rosa Tequila Summary

Virtual Tasting – Taste Código 1530 with George Strait – 6 PM PT

This ultra-premium tequila is backed by American country music singer, George Strait. A family recipe let loose just over a decade ago, the Código 1530 is a super-smooth spirit that will encourage you to rethink how you feel about tequila. It’s full of bright fruits and silky agave, owing to the month it spent in cabernet wine barrels.

Available from:

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Cdigo 1530 Rosa Blanco

Código 1530 Rosa Blanco is a real tequila with three times more agave than any tequila brand. They do not add any additives or sweeteners to their tequila.

Using more agaves on the tequila will provide natural sweetness and a fuller flavor.

The harshness you usually find in a Blanco is non-existent since they rested this Blanco for at least a month inside French white Oak Napa Cabernet barrels.

It tasted like aged tequila regardless of being a Blanco. They priced this tequila at around $64, which is reasonable considering the quality.

Where To Buy Santo Tequila

Reserve Bar

If you want to discover an authentic Mexican tequila with a bold yet traditional flavor, then order a bottle of El Tesoro. El Tesoro may be owned by Beam Suntory, the Japanese company responsible for Suntory Whisky, but this tequila is still made from traditional methods and local agave. In fact, the grandson of founder Don Felipe Camarena oversees production today. The Añejo variety is aged in American oak bourbon barrels for up to three years, which results in a nice blend of warm agave and oak flavors. If you try this tequila neat, youll notice notes of maple, vanilla and caramel, balanced with pepper and floral tones.

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Review: Tequila Codigo 1530 Complete Lineup

Tequila Codigo, launched in late 2016, has plenty of industry power behind it, but it also finds support in the form of country icon George Strait, who is an investor and brand ambassador.

Made in the region of Los Bajos, these are all 100% blue agave tequilas. Curiously, all of the aged expressions spend time not in ex-bourbon barrels, which is traditional, but rather in used French oak Napa cabernet sauvignon wine barrels. This takes Codigos tequilas in an entirely new direction, for better or for worse.

Five expressions in total are produced. Four are reviewed here all save for Rosa, which is aged for just one month in those wine barrels and is colored pink. All expressions are bottled at 80 proof. Thoughts on the primary four expressions follow.

Tequila Codigo 1530 Blanco Unaged. Very peppery on the nose, with overtones of overripe fruit. The body is unusual, with notes of baked apples, roasted meat, and ripe banana. Some cinnamon character endures on the finish, but the overall impact is a little disjointed and tough to fully engage with. B- / $49

Tequila Codigo 1530 Anejo 18 months of oak give this a nose of well-integrated agave and caramel, in equal proportions, The anejo pumps up the ripe fruit character of the reposado, layering in more baking spice notes and lots of vanilla. Hints of coffee on the back end with lots of cream. B+ / $119

Danos Dangerous Tequila Aejo

Codigo Blanco 750ml


One of the most-awarded bottles on our list, Danos Añejo Tequila is aged 18 months in virgin French white oak barrels and produced using 100% agave at a family-owned distillery that dates back to 1840. A small sip reveals aromas of roasted agave with woody notes, before the tequila opens up with hints of caramel, coconut and oak.

Founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2018, Danos Tequila just won Best in Class Añejo at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Danos also won the Gold Medal in the 2019 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Tasting Competition, and the Double Gold and Gold in the 2018 SIP Awards.

Think of this as the cognac of tequila best for sipping neat, or with an ice cube.

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Casa Noble Marqus De Casa Noble

Casa Noble

When añejo tequila is done right, its at once rich and flavorful, smooth yet complex. Thats what you get from Casa Nobles new añejo, a skillful and impressive blend of 12 extra añejos and nine añejos, aged in new French oak for one to five full years with notes of ripe fruit, vanilla, white chocolate, roasted nuts, and spice. An undertone of sweet cooked agave recalls this tequilas fresh Blanco roots. The bottle, resembling an agave spear, is also eye-catching to display.

Like all of Casa Nobles offerings, this one is certified organic, and has a limited number of bottles in select cities around the country. Its best sipped slow for a warm, inviting mouthfeel.

Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo Tequila

Hagar arguably started the very popular trend of rock stars with their own liquor brands. Even though the Red Rocker has launched a number of different spirit labels, Cabo Wabo Tequila was his first, and it made him a very rich man. Hagar has since sold all of his stake in the brand, but when he first sold 80 percent of Cabo Wabo to Gruppo Campari in 2007, he earned $80 million.

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See How Codigo 1316 Ranks In Our Community

Just like the XA its sweet but not as sweet, still zero tequila taste in this for me. Tastes like a mid grade rum

Tasted this at Monterrey. Just yikes, I thought cava de oro was sweet this just defeats it. Tasted like a cheap rum. Zero and I mean ZERO tequila Im this. Some of the worst additive tequila Ive had.

Fake caramel, odd seeetness, cloying.

What Is The Best Tequila

Sipping Tequila With George Strait | Codigo 1530 Launch | sTORIbook TV

Our editors have reviewed dozens of tequila brands over the last year, to come up with some of our favorite bottles, based on taste profile, uniqueness and value. And while there are a number of tequila brands that have launched in recent months, this list runs the gamut from tried-and-true brands, to limited-edition releases that youll be smart to pick up if you see them available online.

Whether you want to sip on something smooth or just want to upgrade your Cinco de Mayo margarita, here are 15 tequilas you can buy online and get delivered to your door in time for your next happy hour, dinner or party.

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What Are Popular Tequila Cocktails

When it comes to classic Tequila cocktails, there are just three you need to know. Master the recipes for the Margarita, the Paloma, and the Tequila Sunrise, and youll be welcome at any party. Plus, you can always substitute Tequila for other spirits in favorite cocktails like the or .

Here are some of the best Tequila cocktail recipes:

Are Tequilas In Mexico Stronger

No, tequilas in Mexico are not stronger as the law only permits 35%-55% ABV. In the US, a bottle of tequila can start at 40% and go higher.

Some tequila drinkers prefer a stronger spirit, especially if they prefer a reposado or an añejo variant because these are mostly smoother and do not have the hated burn.

Some keep them in Scotch barrels for an added character, but the alcohol levels are kept within the suggested levels. But can you eat the tequila worms?

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The Cross On The Label Also Pays Homage To Tequilas Heritage

The Código logo coalesces the Jerusalem cross and the Jalisco coat of arms, symbolizing when the Spanish monarchy represented by the cross bestowed the region with a coat of arms. After it was conquered, the city was officially recognized by the crown as part of New Galicia. While the logo of Código is a tribute to the regions New World Spanish history, the name, rooted from Los Codigos pays heed to the Old World customs of tequila making. So yes, even though it looks strikingly similar to the Tory Burch logo, the Código logo is actually full of cultural significance.

It Has Three Times The Agave As The Average Tequila

Codigo 1530 Blanco Rosa Tequila AJ Single Barrel 750 ml

Código is made with three times the agave as the average tequila, which provides it with a subtle sweetness without using any artificial additives or sweeteners. You can compare this with tequila giant Jose Cuervo, which sells some popular tequilas that are made with only 51 percent agave-derived alcohol. Código likes to keep it natural. As opposed to commercial yeast, the brand sources its yeast from a small local Amatitán bakery that the original family had been going to for generations.

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What Is The Most Expensive Bottle Of Cdigo 1530

The most expensive bottle of Código 1530 is the Código 1530 Origen, and it costs $290.00 for a bottle of 750ml.

Now that you have the simplest answer to the simplest questions, below youll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Código 1530 tequila, their sizes, prices, and later on a buyers guide.


How Is Tequila Made

Tequila starts with the blue agave, a spiky succulent that grows throughout the five Mexican regions where distilleries make Tequila. To make Tequila, the sugary sap in the heart of the blue agave is fermented, distilled, aged , and then bottled.

  • Tequila making takes patience as blue agave grows slowly. The plant must be six or seven years old before it develops a sugary sap called aquamiel that forms the base of Tequila.
  • Once the plant is old enough, the heart of the agave plant, which is called the piña , is harvested with machetes. Then the heavy hearts, which can weigh 100 pounds or more, are steamed or baked in a clay oven. Experts say old-school baking is better because the cooking process is slower, which helps create a smoother spirit.
  • After steaming or baking, the cooked hearts are shredded and pressed to extract the juice. That juice is fermented, and then the fermented juice is distilled in either a column still or an old-fashioned pot still. During the distillation process, Tequila retains much of the vegetal, floral, and earthy flavors coming from the agave. The flavor characteristics of the blue agave vary depending on the region and altitude of where it was grown.
  • Depending on the intended style of Tequila, the finished distilled spirit can be bottled right away for a Blanco. Reposado Tequila is aged a few months up to a year in oak. Or it can be aged a year or more to create an añejo Tequila.
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