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How To Make Whiskey Sour At Home

About The Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour: How To Make One At Home

One of the oldest recorded cocktails, the whiskey sour has been gracing bars and homes since the late 1870s, just around the time Ulysses S. Grant took office. While the exact location of its invention is lost to history, with accounts citing Wisconsin and others saying Chile, it wouldn’t have withstood the test of time and global enjoyment if it wasn’t a unique yet enticing cocktail. The whiskey sour escapes the history books, its singular original recipe remaining relatively unchanged since its creation. Giving rise to the pisco sour and amaretto sour, the classic and well-known whiskey sour is possibly the most famous of sour egg white cocktails today.

Orange Whiskey Sour Recipe

  • In a cocktail shaker, combine ornage juice, bourbon, lemon juice, granulated sugar and ice by shaking the shaker continuously.
  • Now take a 12 ounces glass and rub the lemon wedge around the rim of the glass.
  • Now place Turbinado Sugar in a bowl and out the rim of the glass in it to coat it.
  • Now put your cocktail in it and garnish it with a orange slice.
  • Can I Make This In Advance

    This is a cocktail that should be served immediately after its shaken, so should not be made in advance. But if you want to serve this cocktail to guests, you could always juice the lemons ahead of time and keep the juice chilled in the fridge. This will speed up the cocktail making after your guests arrive!

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    Is It Safe To Drink Whisky Sour

    Traditionally a whisky sour will have a raw egg white mixed in to give the drink a silkier texture and frothy top. My whiskey sour recipe does not include an egg, which is why it doesnt look as creamy as a traditional whiskey sour. But it is every bit as delicious and I highly recommend giving it a try! One can never have too many easy cocktail recipes to make at home. Options people, its all about options.

    Ingredients For Orange Whiskey Sour

    How To Make A Whiskey Sour At Home
    Orange Slices For Garnish

    You can get all these ingredients from the nearest supermarket. Most of the cocktails take a very little time to get prepared. And same is the case with this cocktail as well. So lets check out the exact time duration for this wonderful orange and whiskey cocktail.

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    Is Egg White In All Sours

    Adding egg white to the cocktail is optional it reduces the sourness and makes the texture smoother. There are multiple sour drinks that include the use of egg whites, including the Amaretto Sour, Gin Fizz, Clover Club, Pisco Sour, Sloe Gin Fizz, Tequila Sour, White Lady Cocktail, Gin Sour and Vodka Sour.

    It Responds Well To Riffs

    Those elements of sweet, sour and silky create an eternal nest of newly hatched ideas, like Tim Wiggins use of falernum and grapefruit liqueur in his version at Retreat Gastropub and Yellowbelly in St. Louis. Whiskey Sours are all about texture, and the weight of the two liqueurs makes a velvety cocktail thats the perfect balance of sweet and sour, says Wiggins. I look for velvety texture and good balance in a Whiskey Sour.

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    The Cocktail Bar Standard Aka Using An Egg White

    Elijah Craig

    • 0.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
    • 0.75 oz. simple syrup
    • 1 egg white

    Add all ingredients to a shaker tin. Dry shake ingredients without ice for five seconds to whip the egg. Add ice, seal tins and shake hard for 10 to 12 seconds. Strain into coupe or martini glassitll come out white at first, and the color will emerge over the course of a minute under a paper-smooth head of foam. Express a lemon peel over the top of the foam for aroma and discard and decorate the foam with a few drops or dashes of Angostura Bitters.

    The smoothest and most elegant way to make a Whiskey Sour is to make it with egg white. Now, if you were disinclined to try it before, I doubt I just sweetened the pot with the promise of a raw egg, but hear me out: Just like when you eat them, egg whites dont taste like anything really, but serve here to give the whole cocktail a velvety texture, a pretty white head, and most importantly, to bind to the tannins in the spirit, smoothing out the rougher edges of the whiskey.

    A necessary note: egg whites are largely safe, but if youre nervous or immunocompromised, feel free to use in-shell pasteurized eggs. If youre vegan, you can use aquafaba, which functions more or less identically. If all you have is a carton of pre-cracked, pre-separated egg whites, perhaps consider making it as below.

    Whiskey Sour Mix In A Pitcher

    How to Make a Whiskey Sour

    Want the easiest way to serve whiskey sour mix? In a pitcher! Whip up the recipe below, which makes 8 servings. Heres the important part: add it to a pitcher with 2 handfuls of ice. The ice doesnt just chill the drink: it dilutes it a bit to the desired consistency and flavor. This way, you dont have to worry about shaking up separate drinks in a cocktail shaker!

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    Can You Subsitute Sugar Syrup

    Whilst yes, in theory, you could go with straight forward sugar it really comes out far too grainy for such a simple drink. Given the importance as one of the 3 core ingredients to add that crucial sweet element, this is one thats well worth the time preparing a batch of sugar syrup to get the consistency right.

    One other option which slightly trasnform the whiskey sour again is to substitute the sugar syrup with honey.

    What Is A Whiskey Sour

    A traditional whiskey sour is made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and an egg white. The egg white adds a creamy, rich flavor and a frothy texture to the surface, which is fun to drink.

    Even though this age-old tradition dates back to the mid 1800s, most bars dont typically make it that way anymore and youll usually be served a whiskey sour without an egg white.

    Weve included a version with and without the egg below and you can decide which you like best!

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    What Are The Different Variations Of A Whiskey Sour

    There are multiple variations of Whiskey Sour, including Berry Whiskey Sour, Spiced Whiskey Sour, Sweet Whiskey Sour, Fruity Whiskey Sour and Herb Whiskey Sour. To variate a Whiskey Sour, the bartender should add a berry, any fruit, herbs and spices. There are no particular ingredients when variating a Whiskey Sour, besides adding some berry or any fruit, herbs and spices, but the bartender can change the garnish depending on the variation. The Whiskey Sour is similar to some other cocktails, including the Pickle Sour, Tamarind Whiskey Sour, New York Sour, Bourbon-Blackberry Cocktail, Strawberry Peppercorn Smash, Pisco Sour, , Paloma, Daiquiri, Sidecar, American 25 and Ramos Gin Fizz.

    An Easy Whiskey Cocktail

    Whiskey Sour Recipe by AdamBoles3

    As we steer away from the warm summer months to the cooler fall weather, I find myself reaching less for the refreshing fruity cocktails and and more for the drinks that warm you from the inside out. And one of my go-to drinks is a Whiskey Sour.

    Sure, you can enjoy this simple whiskey cocktail anytime but to me, the slow sips of that sweet tart taste with the warmth of whiskey are just perfect for fall. Though super simple to make , a whiskey sour always feels like a special cocktail.

    Its a great drink to serve guests as well. Friends served us this cocktail last fall, before treating us to some awesome pizzas from their new outdoor pizza oven. And since we recently flipped the calendar to September, I cant get this beautiful cocktail off my mind!

    Some whiskey sours include egg whites but I skipped that and stuck with the traditional bourbon sour bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup, shaken and served over ice. No unique twists here, just a simple, timeless classic!

    Here are a couple more cocktails that are perfect for fall: This Apple Sangria with Bourbon and Thyme is wonderful for an evening around the bonfire. And friends always love this Cranberry Gin and Tonic!

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    What Type Of Whiskey Should I Use

    Like many whiskey cocktails, this recipe is traditionally made with bourbon. It has smooth flavor and is very easy to sip. Its incredibly versatile a flavor chameleon.

    Since this cocktail is flavored with lemon, you really can use any type of whiskey you have handy, or prefer. Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Tennessee, Japanese, malt, rye. Your drink, your rules!

    How To Pasteurize Eggs

    If you would like to use pasteurized eggs but cant find any at the grocery store, you can make your own. Add room-temperature eggs to a pot, cover with water, and add an instant-read thermometer to the side of the pot. Bring the temperature to 140F . Watch carefully to make sure the temperature doesnt go past 145F for 5 minutes. Rinse the eggs with cold water.

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    Whiskey Sour Ingredients Are As Simple As They Come: A Squeeze Of Fresh Lemon Juice A Spoonful Of Sugar And Plenty Of Whiskey For A Boston Sour Add An Egg White Too

    • Shaking with ice chills the cocktail without over-dilution.
    • Fresh squeezed lemon juice beats sour mix in terms of flavor and aroma.
    • Toasted sugar tastes less sweet than plain, with subtle notes of caramel to complement the whiskey.

    It ain’t fancy, but that’s a big part of its appeal. Because at the end of a long dayscratch that, a long weekyou just want a nice, easy drink. The whiskey sour, with the gentle bite of lemon tempered by a whisper of sugar, is a simple, go-to classic for a reason.

    Shake Dont Stir Your Whiskey Sour

    How to make Whisky Sour at Home | Cocktail Recipe | Expert

    When mixing cocktails with juice you want to make sure to shake them rather than stir them. Spirit-forward cocktails which consist only of spirits and sweeteners are find to stir, but once you introduce juices, break out your shaker. This is also the case with any cocktail including egg whites and creams as well.

    Im not sure of the physics or the chemistry but shaking a cocktail with juice brightens up the cocktail. It wakes the juice up and makes it much more vibrant that a stirred cocktail.

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    Changing Your Whiskey In Your Whiskey Sour

    We have suggested to use an 80% proof bourbon as the base spirit, but you could also substitute in:

    • Brandy making for a Brandy Sour
    • Wild Turkey or any 100% proof bourbon for a much fuller flavour
    • Scotch if you want a smoky finish a blend such as Famous Grouse will do the job
    • Rye if you like it a little spicer on the pallet but still sweet this is our go-to

    How To Make Simple Syrup

    Simple syrup is a mixture of equal parts water and sugar and is often used to sweeten cocktails since the sugar is already melted. While you can buy it pre-made at any liquor store, its also super easy to make yourself.

    Just combine 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a saucepan, bringing it to a simmer until all of the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool and add to your cocktails. It will last for 2 weeks when stored properly in the fridge.

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    Whats The Best Whiskey For A Whiskey Sour

    Since whiskey is the star in this classic cocktail, youll want to use a high-quality one. That doesnt necessarily mean the most expensive bottle you can find but definitely purchase a mid-price range whiskey. Bourbon is a type of whiskey and thats what is normally used and what we prefer it for its sweeter flavor.

    What Are The Ingredients For A Whiskey Sour

    How to make The Classic Whiskey Sour â Days of Jay

    Listed below are the following ingredients for a Whiskey Sour.

    • 60ml Bourbon: Bourbon is a distilled liquor that has been aged in barrels and is made primarily from corn.
    • 30ml Fresh lime juice: Fresh lemon juice is a liquid extracted from the lemon fruit that is notably sour and commonly condensed.
    • 15ml Sugar syrup: Sugar syrup is a sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in water. It is commonly used to sweeten cocktails.
    • 15ml white eggs: It is a clear liquid that is contained within an egg.
    • 2 dashes Angostura bitters: Angostura bitters are concentrated bitters that are derived from herbs, spices and gentians.

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    How To Make The Best Whiskey Sour Recipe

    In its heyday, the Whiskey Sour was the calling card for the majority of American drinkers. Its template is simple, thus its classic status: whiskey, sugar, and citrus the traditional sour format that youll find applied to the Daiquiri, Gimlet, Brandy Sour, and so on.

    At the peak of its popularity, between the 1860s and 1960s, the Whiskey Sour was second to none, not even the . Although no egg white was listed as an ingredient in many of the earlier written recipes, contemporary cocktail bartenders believe that the egg white was an element in the refined form of the drink as the famous bartender Jerry Thomas included an egg white in his 1862 book The Bartenders Guide so many include it. That said, it is not required, although it does create a silky texture that balances the drink. Its one of the easiest cocktails to riff on, and also one of the easiest to guzzle down.

    Origin Of The Whiskey Sour

    According to cocktail maestro Hayley Dixon of Proximo, the Sour cocktail is said to have been born out of the original way of making a punch.

    Punches are the earliest form of cocktail we know, and due to the similarity in ingredients, many think of the punch leading the way to the Sour. Whiskey was not, however, the first sour.

    In 1856 the first mention of a sour appeared on Mart Ackermanns Saloon cocktail list in Toronto, made with Gin or Brandy and then the first recipe didnt appear until 6 years later in Jerry Thomas very famous The Bartenders Guide, which contained a Brandy, Gin and Rum sour.

    Interestingly the Whiskey Sour also never contained any egg white, instead, being made more in line with a Daiquiri or . Technically it was the Boston Sour that contained egg white, but thats an argument for another day.

    History also suggests sours as an overruling cocktail family existed for several years prior to the publishing of that book, as they were said to be popular with naval sailors.

    Why? Because it was found that eating or consuming citrus fruits provided vitamin C, vital in preventing sailors from contracting scurvy. It wasnt uncommon to find naval ships stocked with lemons, lime and oranges and because the sailors enjoyed a drink plenty of alcohol could be found on board too. In their downtime, its said the sailors experimented with mixing their various liquors with citrus juice to create a scurvy-busting and delicious beverage.

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    Recipe Tips And Variations

    • Yield: This recipe makes 1 cocktail.
    • Big batch: To make a batch of 8 cocktails, combine 16 ounces whiskey, 6 ounces lemon juice, and 6 ounces lemon juice in a pitcher. Have ice, glassware, and garnishes on hand so guests can help themselves.
    • No cocktail shaker: Fill a large glass with ice. Add the drink ingredients, then stir with a long spoon to get it all mixed and chilled. Strain through a small mesh strainer or use a slotted spoon to keep the ice in the shaker as you pour the cocktail.
    • Gold Rush: Substitute honey syrup for the simple syrup: Combine ¼ cup water and ¼ cup sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until honey is dissolved . Remove from heat and cool. Garnish the cocktail with a lemon peel instead of the orange slice and maraschino cherry.
    • Boston Sour: This version of the drink includes an egg white for silky body and foamy frothiness. If you want to try this, first give the ingredients a dry shake to emulsify them. Then, add ice to the shaker and give everything a second shake to chill the cocktail.
    • New York Sour: After straining the cocktail into a rocks glass with ice, float 1 tablespoon full-bodied red wine on top .
    • Amaretto Sour: Substitute 1 ½ ounces amaretto for the whiskey and top with lemon-lime soda if desired. Garnish with a cherry.

    Make Simple Syrup at home in minutes with just 2 ingredients: water and sugar. Use it in cocktails, iced tea, or brushed over baked goods.

    How Do I Make It

    How To Make Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail At Home | Best Drink Recipe – #easycocktails

    Want to know how to make a sour whiskey cocktail? Simply follow our easy instructions.

    Get your cocktail shaker and add in 50ml of whiskey, next add 50ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, now add 25ml of simple syrup and finally, if you are using one, 30g of egg white.

    Firmly secure the top of your cocktail shaker and dry shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds. Its very important to dry shake as this is what acheives the wonderful frothy top.

    Open up the top and then add ice, just a handful of ice cubes will do. Then once again firmly secure the top as its time to shake again, and shake vigorously for approximately 45 seconds.

    Open the cocktail shaker place your Hawthorne strainer over the top and then carefully double strain the liquid into your glass.

    If you like, garnish with Angostura bitters and a maraschino cherry.

    Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your whiskey sour drink!

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