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How Much Is Hennessy Cognac

Vsop Cognac Alternatives To Hennessy

How to drink your Hennessy

A Very Superior Old Pale Cognac, or VSOP reserve, is a type of blend. The youngest brandy must be at least four years old, often making it more mellow than longer aged blends. There are several alternatives to Hennessy VSOP that are comparable in taste, complexity, and smoothness.

  • Courvoisier VSOP: $35-$45

The Law Of Supply & Demand

It is given that whenever the demand for a product is high, the price goes up as well. This is exactly why Hennessys prices do not go down because the demand always outweighs the supply of cognac even though they are supplying 40% of the total supply worldwide.

The shipment to China is usually prioritized because they consume more than anywhere else.

A Little Background On Cognac

Hennessy is cognac, but most people call it brandy which is technically correct since cognac is a type of brandy made from fermented grapes. Cognac is special because the grapes used are grown specifically in a region in France.

Hennessy cognac is then kept in a limousin or Tronçais oak casks until it ages with 40% ABV. Just a brief history, the first shipment of Hennessy cognac was in 1794 to the United States of America,

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Interesting Facts & Myths

Hennessy has an interesting history. With that, here are several interesting facts about Hennessy.

  • Hennessys founder, Richard Hennessy, was not French. He was, in fact, an Irishman. He moved to France in the mid-eighteenth century. His last name, Hennessy, originated from an old Irish clan Ó hAonghusa which means descendant of Angus.
  • Hennessy was originally sold as medication. During the prohibition of 1920 to 1933, Hennessy was sold in William Schieffins drugstore.
  • Hennessy was the first company to have an African American as its Vice President. Herbert Douglas was promoted to VP in 1968. To further this fun fact, Douglas was an Olympian and the mentee of Jesse Owens.
  • It takes 10 years to become a professional taster at Hennessy. According to the 7th generation Master Blender, Yann Fillioux, you cannot become a professional taster at Hennessy until you have completed a ten-year apprenticeship at the Comité de Dégustation which is the Hennessy Tasting Room.
  • Hennessy Cognac Prices And Notes

    Hennessy VSOP, el cognac con más de 200 años de historia

    Hennessy is all about the unique yet original cognac. There are different cognacs that the cognac brand has to offer, which are different and unique. Here is the list of Hennessy cognacs, along with their notes and prices.

    Hennessy Black

    Hennessy Black was introduced in the year 2009 and is only available in the United States. It is quite smooth and is preferred for cocktails. It is aged in old oak barrels. The color is pale gold, and even the bottle is quite classy. It has the aromas of honey and citrus. While on the palate, it delivers a strong grape flavor with a slight touch of citrus.

    • Price: $39.99-$46.99

    Hennessy Classivm

    Hennessy Classivm is a cognac for giving taste buds a spicy ride. It is aged for about three to twelve years. It appears to be light amber and has shades of mahogany. Though it looks like some regular cognac, it is different as it combines Eaux-de-vie and spicy taste. There are aromas of spice and dried mint on the nose, whereas on the palate, it delivers flavors of spice, ginger, and white pepper.

    Hennessy Pure White

    Hennessy Pure White has some floral characteristics. It has subtle notes with simple flavors. It manages to deliver light aromas on the nose, and one can sense fruits like grapes, apples, and pears. It feels fruity on the palate and has a vibrant texture.

    • Price: $94.99-$139.99

    James Hennessy

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    Your Guide To The Hennessy Alphabet

    The letters that follow after the Hennesy name are actually an indicator of the cognacs taste and even price. Lets have a look at what each of them means:

    • Hennessy VS VS is short for Very Special, and it means that the youngest blend is aged for at least 2 years.
    • Hennessy XO XO means Extra Old, indicating that the blend has undergone aging for at least 10 years.
    • Hennessy VSOP Privilege Short for Very Special Old Pale, this indicates that the youngest blend is at least 4 years old.

    What Is The Most Expensive Hennessy

    Though the Richard Hennessy cognac is the most expensive Hennessy product weve talked thus far, the most expensive Hennessy actually goes to Hennessy Beauté du Siécle Cognac. Currently, prices for a single bottle can be bought for a whopping $194,927! Due to how limited its production is, its no doubt the most expensive Hennessy cognac and one of the most expensive cognacs on the market.

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    Hennessy: A Brief History

    Born in 1765 at the hands of an Irish military man named Richard Hennessy, the Hennessy brand name has managed to stay quite relevant for over 250 years. Purchased over time by other high-end brands like Moet et Chandon, Louis Vuitton, and even having connections with Christian Dior, Hennessy stays fixed in the lap of luxury.

    Reviewed: Hennessy Cognac Product Line

    How To Serve Cognac? Hennessy Expert Explains While Tasting VS, XO & Paradis

    Aged for at least two years in Limousin oak casks, Hennessy VS has notes of fruit and toasted oak and starts at a price of $37.99 for a 750ml bottle. The VS is a great option for those looking to experience cognac for the first time and is great for mixing. Its bottled at 40% ABV. Try it in a classic sidecar.

    Exclusive to the US market at a price of $41.99+, Hennessy Black is aimed towards a younger audience, less likely to experience their Cognac neat and more likely to mix it in a cocktail. Bottled at a higher ABV , and blended from a younger stock, its bold flavors shine through when used in mixed drinks and cocktails.

    • Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege

    With notes of vanilla, oak, spices, and, of course, fruits, Hennessy VSOP is one of Hennessys most popular blends and is being sold for $53.99-$60.99. Designed by Hennessy Master Blenders to be an expression of a classic Cognac, the VSOP is lauded for its consistency and balance in flavor.

    With an intense warmth and notes of oak, spice, chocolate, and rich fruit, Hennessy X.O is a blend of depth and complexity deserving of the XO label. At a smooth 40%ABV, this is a bottle built for sipping neat, or perhaps with a few rocks to open it up.

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    Hennessy Cognac Standard Bottles And Prices

    There is no end to the list of standard bottles that Hennessy has to offer. Here are a few Hennessy Cognacs that are widely loved, along with their prices.

    Hennessy Pure White $94.99-$139.99

    These were some standard bottles of cognac by the renowned brand Hennessy. Here are the top 4 cognac bottles that have managed to rule the cognac market.

    Hennessy V.S

    Hennessy V.S stands for very special cognac. It is one of the most popular and loved cognacs in the world. It is aged in new oak barrels and thus has quite bold aromas. There are notes of toasted and fruits. It is rich, vibrant, and bold on the palate. It delivers the flavors of vanilla and aromas of cream on the palate. In addition, there are aromas of brown sugar and roasted almond that one can sense through the nose. It is available in three sizes that are 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 L. Hennessy V.S 750 ml costs around $33.99-$38.99.

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege

    It is unique yet contains the true flavor of Hennessy. The consistency of the cognac is appreciated, and it continues to bear the 200 years old legacy of the cognac brand. The aromas are quite mature and fruity in nature. The flavors are quite rich and blend vanilla and spice.

    Hennessy X.O

    Hennessy X.O stands for original cognac. It was created in the year 1870 for the friends of Maurice Hennessy. The flavor is fruity and candy with a layer of spice. One can also sense notes of oak and wood. The flavor is subtle and manages to deliver a long-lasting finish.

    So How Much Alcohol Is In Hennessy

    The standard alcohol content of a Hennessy bottle is 40% ABV or 80 proof. Every variety that Hennessy released constantly used the Ugni Blanc grapes. Grapes do not have alcohol content until wild yeast converts alcohol from sugar.

    After distillation, the resulting eau-de-vie has more than 70% alcohol content. Later on, the aging process will occur in barrels made from Troncais and Limousin forests. Although some varieties age longer, the minimum aging process only takes two years.

    Evaporation of 2% to 3% alcohol annually and the process of toning it down with distilled water helps achieve the standard of 40% ABV or 80 proof of Hennessy.


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    Why Age Is Just A Number

    In distillation, the longer the collection of Eaux de vie age inside the barrel, the better the blend of alcohol and flavor. Cognac is not like any other alcoholic beverage.

    As the years add up, the flavors inside the barrel also intensify the taste but make it smoother and gentler. Cognac is created to keep bitters and sweet that the flavor bursts once poured in an old-fashioned way.

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    Hennessy Master Blenders Selection No 4


    This series of unique limited-edition releases also comes from the mind of Master Blender de Gironde. A playful yet complex blend, this cognac boasts a spicy, aromatic flavor. It contains fruity notes of apricot and candied orange. Like the No 3 selection, people prize the Master Blenders Selection No 4 for its smooth, supple mouthfeel.

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    Alternatives And Comparisons To Hennessy Cognac

    The Marancheville VSOP Cognac has a clean and fresh taste that is comparable to Hennessy Pure White. It has fruity and honeysuckle aromas with notes of sweet pastries. the cognac is produced in the Grande Champagne area of Cognac.

    The price of this cognac is half the price of a Hennessy Pure white, meaning you can buy two bottles of this beverage for the same price.

    Bache Gabrielsen has a tasting set, the Pure & Rustic set, that consists of four bottles. Each of the products is an easy, sophisticated drink that is comparable to Hennessy in its own way.

    There are four cognacs in the collection with names such as Secret Garden, Golden Wood, Spicy Trip, and Fruity Harvest. The names suggest the taste you will experience from each of the beverages.

    For a mixed drink alternative, another VS cognac is a good option. is a lesser-known brand that has a brighter taste than Hennessy, making it ideal for summary cocktails and mixed alcoholic beverages. Martell has a similar price to Hennessy making it a good substitute.

    A cognac with a similar taste to Hennessy is Frapin Domaine Château de Fintpinot Grande Champagne XO. It is one of the smoothest cognacs on the market, with tasting notes of caramel and chocolate. It has a deep copper color meaning it will look and taste like Hennessy for an inexperienced cognac drinker.

    How To Drink Hennessy

    If you have the luxury to have a bottle of Hennessy, find a tulip glass and pour yourself a good portion and take it neat. This way, you can appreciate the color and smell the aroma.

    If you want ice with your cognac, you can pour it on a tumbler glass or simply add some cold water to your Hennessy. This way, the aroma can easily spread out caused by water.

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    A History Of Jas Hennessy & Co

    The French brand was founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy. After his death, his son James continued the family business and turned it into a well-functioning Cognac house. It was actually him who created the brand Hennessy in the first place and called the company Jas Hennessy & Co. the name it carries to date.

    Under his leadership, the company expanded rapidly with a range of products and was passed on to the next generation within the family, until in 1971 Kilian Hennessy created the group Moet Hennessy in a merger with the Champagne producer Moet et Chandon.

    Later on, in 1987, this group further merged with the luxury clothing brand Louis Vuitton, creating the largest luxury product conglomerate in the world: LVMH. Kilian Hennessy was part of the advisory board of the company until his recent death in 2010 .

    There is another family tradition that goes hand in hand with that of the Hennessy’s. Namely the seven generations of Hennessy cellar masters from the Fillioux family. This tradition has allowed for the Cognac house to uphold the most exquisite quality and pass on its expertise from generation to generation. The Fillioux cellar masters have built the most extraordinary reserves of vintage eaux-de-vies in the world.

    Today, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde is the head cellar master at Hennessy he continues to represent this family tradition. He took over from Yann Fillioux in 2018.

    Compared To Other Cognac Brands

    What is Cognac with Hennessy & 3 Delicious Cognac cocktails


    Prunier started in 1701, but bottling and shipping began in 1769 though they do not own vineyards. This brand is the classic of its genre, it is admired for its fruitiness and flavorful aroma. A sip would give your tongue that taste of toffee and vanilla and, in the end, a burst of dry fruit that lingers.


    This is a known name when it comes to cognac from all over the world. They scored 6/10 and are very popular because of their cognacs floral, fruit, oaky, and candied flavor, particularly the VSOP.

    Remy Martin

    Remy Martin offers complex yet sophisticated taste on their cognac. A sip of the popular cognac will let you taste white flowers, apricot, toasted oak, baked apple, and vanillaa mixture of dried fruit, licorice, ginger, and baking spices.


    The Camus brand promises elegance in its product taste. It promises a smooth vanilla finish with a caramel and oak aftertaste. They promise a blend that is fit for beginners, for those who just want to sip and relax, or for somebody who wants to splurge. There is a selection waiting for each persons preference. Learn the best way to drink Hennessy here.


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    A Brief History Of Hennessy

    When Irishman Richard Hennessy distilled his first barrel of Hennessy in the Cognac region of France in 1765, one can imagine hed possibly be rather pleasantly surprised that nearly three centuries later it would constitute half of the worlds Cognac supply, selling 50 million bottles per annum.

    Its doubtful too, that he would envisage the 40% liquor being hugely championed by high-profile African-American rappers first and foremost, in no small part because rap music did not exist in 1765.

    If he were alive now, hed likely be overwhelmed that the late Tupac Shakur named a song after his tipple. As far as product placement goes, it doesnt really get better than that. After knocking a few backs, whos to say Hennessy himself might not start tapping his foot to the tune.

    Hennessy Master Blenders Selection No 3

    This limited-edition, single-batch cognac marks the first blend by Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde. Cognac connoisseurs know this blend for its rich, nutty flavor, including notes of vanilla, praline, and roasted hazelnuts, while higher alcohol gives the spirit a thicker, more velvety mouthfeel.

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    Best Things To Mix With Hennessy

    • Ice: Pouring Hennessy over ice chills it for a more refreshing beverage. As the ice melts, the extra water helps to bring out the aromas of the cognac for a more intense tasting experience.
    • Cola: Many people enjoy their Hennessy with a splash of coke or another dark cola. The sodas sweetness can help complement more sour or bitter undertones from some of Hennessys fruitier collections. The carbonation can also help to heighten the drinkers sense of taste to help detect all of the more subtle notes in a cognacs flavor profile.
    • Lemon or Orange: Whether you dd juice, zest, or a twist for garnish, the taste of citrus pairs well with Hennessy cognac. Many popular cocktails use lemon or orange to balance the sweeter notes found in Hennessy.

    Cocktails With Hennessy Cognac

    Hennessy V.S (Case of 12

    The Sidecar is undoubtedly the most famous Cognac cocktail out there, so I wont devote too much time to it here. The only thing I will suggest regarding sidecars is this lesser-known bartenders secret. Ditch the sugar rim, and replace it with 5 ml of rich demerara syrup mixed into the drink. You wont regret it.

    Here are a few lesser-known Cognac cocktails to check out.

    Sham Dangerous

    • 7.5 ml Salted Plum and Black Tea Syrup
    • 1 dash 1821 Havana and Hide bitters
    • 2 drops Absinthe

    Stir with ice and strain over a large cube. Garnish with a salted plum. This is a variation of the Old Fashioned that substitutes Cognac for the usual whiskey. The salt from the plum, the tannins from the black tea, and the smoke and leather from the bitters contrast with the oak and fruit of the Cognac. The absinthe adds a subtle herbal note to tie it all together. The Old Fashioned format is a great one to play around with, and brandies make a solid replacement for whiskey in the base. Try experimenting with the flavors of syrups and different bitters to create something totally new.

    The Port Flip

    • 30 ml VS or VSOP Cognac
    • 5 ml Demerara Syrup

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