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Which Is The Smoothest Whiskey

What Should You Look For When Picking A Whiskey

The 10 SMOOTHEST Whiskeys (this nearly broke us…)

Whiskey isnt just a strong drink its an investment in your evening. If you’re new to the amber spirit, experts recommend staying away from the overly smoky, peated styles, which can be quite overpowering for the uninitiated. Instead, the best whiskey for your palate will likely be an easy-drinking, sweet and fruity dram . Looking up the region the whisky is from is a good starting point, believes Alex Robertson, the head of heritage and education at Chivas Brothers. Speyside in particular is a great starting point as the whiskies here are beautifully accessible with notes of fruits and fresh floral aromas. Its home to half of Scotlands distilleries and brands such as The Glenlivet, Aberlour, Strathisla, Chivas, Glenburgie and Ballantines. Cask type is another option. An American barrel will enhance those fruity floral notes and give a sweet, vanilla creaminess on the palate. These whiskeys are perfect before dinner. A European oak barrel that has previously held Oloroso sherry will give spice and dark, fruity chocolate notes that are perfect for an after-dinner drink, adds Robertson.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Perhaps the ultimate whiskey for bargain hunters, its aged for 12 years, bottled uncut and unfiltered, and sells for about $50 . It has all of the characteristics of Heaven Hill bourbons , with flavors of caramel, apple, vanilla, and cinnamon, but with more depth and intensity. This bourbon can be quite dangerous as it doesnt drink as hot as the proof may suggest. It also makes a phenomenal Old Fashioned with just a touch of sugar and a few dashes of bitters.

Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon

Blantons Original Single Barrel Bourbon is damn tough to outshine. The whiskey bleeds of satisfying orange and vanilla notes, and comes in one of the single most iconic bottles seen behind a bar. When booze meets lip, it coats your mouth with caramel and citrus, leaving just a slight burn in the back of your throat.

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Best Scotch: The Balvenie Doublewood

Region: Speyside, Scotland| ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Raisin, Vanilla, Spice.

Among an abundance of single malt scotch to choose from, with various regions showcasing different styles and flavors, The Balvenie stands out as one of the best. The distillery was an early adopter of cask finishes with its DoubleWood 12, which is matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks.

The beauty of this bottle really shines in the notes that explode from the second aging in Oloroso sherry barrels. That rich, round finish gives this scotch a bit more chewiness and lasting linger that I love with every sip. Pamela Wiznitzer, consulting bartender

Irish Whiskey Jameson Caskmates

Possible the smoothest whisky I

Alongside Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey is full of rich history in distilling and spirits, as theyre one of the first countries that commercially sold the liquor to the public.

You can really taste the experience of Irish Whiskey in every shot. But were willing to bet that the person youre introducing the whiskey to doesnt care too much about its history , so lets focus on the taste for now.

Jameson Caskmates is a great Irish Whisky to get started with. Its different from the usual Jamesons, as Caskmates batches are aged in ex- beer barrels including stout barrels or IPA barrels..

This provides an added malty, fruity flavor that you normally wouldnt find in your typical whiskeys. If you want to offer something with extra flavor instead of going for the smoothness, then Jameson Caskmates is a good choice.

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Top 10 Best Light & Smooth Whiskies

We have analysed over 75.000 whisky tasting notes and 250.000 whisky ratings, only to present you the ten best light and smooth whiskies. Easy to drink and easy to love. Use our Whisky Finder to refine the search results, or to search for additional flavors or whisky characteristics.Wondering what your personalized top 10 looks like? Download the Whisky Suggest app on Android or iOS, rate and review 10 whiskeys, and presto! You’ll have recommendations tailored to your tastes so you can sip confidently!< /br /> Looking for smooth American whiskey? The 10 best smooth bourbon whiskeys are listed here.< /br /> -> Ready to order? Try ReserveBar , Drizly The Whisky Exchange or Master of Malt . Or for more shops.< /br />

Best Rye: Pikesville Straight Rye


Region: Kentucky | ABV: 55% | Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Oak.

Two styles of rye whiskey dominate the whiskey market these days: rye made from a 95% to 100% rye mash bill and the Kentucky-style mash bill that usually contains just above 50% rye, the minimum legally required to be classified as rye whiskey. Pikesville, which falls into the latter category, was originally made in Maryland and is now distilled in Kentucky by Heaven Hill. Try this in a classic cocktail like the Manhattan.

Pikesville is my favorite rye because it provides a great symphony of flavors from the rye spice, baking spices, the high proof and maturation from the six years in the barrel. The strong taste of cherries, vanilla and baking spices gives it a really fun take on a cherry Coke. Paul Gonzalez, head bartender for the Allegory Bar at D.C.s Eaton Hotel

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Best For Cocktails: Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky

Forty Creek, an Ontario distillery, is producing some amazingly smooth whiskies. The brand’s flagship is Barrel Select, an 80-proof blend of rye, barley, and corn whiskies that were aged separately in former bourbon and new American white oak barrels. This is a whisky you’ll want for mixed drinks. It’s affordable and has that smooth sweetness thats expected from Canadian whisky. It makes very nice cocktails, including the impressive Forty Creek Caesar. Whenever a recipe simply says whisky without recommending a style, this is a great option and can easily become your go-to bottle.

What Is The Smoothest Scotch Whisky Single Malt Or Blended

What Is the Smoothest Bourbon Whiskey?

Any whisky critic will tell you that a single malt whisky has a reputation for being a higher quality than blends or other styles of whisky. Single malt Scotch whiskies tend to be smoother than blends because of the pride taken in their craftsmanship.

The flavor and balance of single malt Scotch whisky is also easier for distillers to control from one single malt. Famous distillers will often have single malt Scotches at their flagship whisky one that speaks to the skill and professionalism executed by the distillers in their process.

There are, however, loads of blends out there are equally as smooth as single malts. Our favorite example of a top of the range blend is Dewars Double Double 32 Year Old. Blends are often a result of great creativity to achieve incredibly smooth textures. They are quickly becoming more popular among whisky experts.

In short, single malt Scotch is not necessarily your overall answer to the burning question, what is the smoothest Scotch whisky? A well blended Scotch will offer you just as great a smooth-drinking experience.

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Most Affordable Bourbon: Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

The Elijah Craig signature Small Batch Bourbon, made in Heaven Hill Distillery uses level 3 charred oak barrels to obtain a smoky flavor and spicy undertone. It is made up of selected whiskeys aged between 8 to 12 years.

The brand has a fascinating pioneering history. Baptist preacher, educator, and entrepreneur Reverend Elijah Craig was a man of many talents he built the first paper and wool mills in Georgetown. But distilling was his standout ability, and it was to thank for bourbon as we know it today.

Elijah Craig became the very first distiller to age whiskey in new charred oak barrels, in 1789. This continued, with Elijah working to perfect this process of distilling, and ever since he has been known as the Father of Bourbon. The brand prides itself on keeping these trusted methods alive in its distilling processes today.

The bourbon is an unusual dark ember color. On the nose, the bourbon has an immediate vanilla and caramel whiff that is subtle at first and intensifies with time. There are very subtle hints of honeycomb and cardamon.

Vanilla, caramel, and oak are distinct on the palate, with light undertones of cherry, cinnamon, oak, and citrus. Overall, the taste is incredibly subtle,

The finish is long, and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, with notes of vanilla, coffee, and mint.

The Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon will cost you about $22, making it the most affordable bourbon offering on the list.


Glen Grant 10 Years Old

Perfect for… those who like super sweet flavours

Named Single Malt of the Year by a certain whisky writer, the Glen Grant 10-years-old deserves all of the plaudits it gets and more.

Deliciously sweet, there’s notes of pineapple, orange, vanilla and cream in abundance and a great example of not only ex-bourbon cask whisky but also that traditional light fruity Speyside style.

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Redbreast 12 Year Old

Hastur says on September 27, 2021

General description

Honestly. This reminded me exactly of Buffalo Trace a whisky almost 1/3rd of the price!

Nowhere near as impressive as the reviews or hype made me think it would be and in this presentation its entirely not worth the price.

Where it scores higher that BT is in its spicy richness which almost makes you think its closer to 48% or more ABV

The cask strength bottling must be amazing though as while this whisky is not good value I still enjoy Buffalo Trace so I wouldnt mind trying a better presentation of this whisky in future

stangeland89 says on June 16, 2021

its good but 3%more abv wold help a lot imho


bitter burnd nuts, som wood asj

lhill82 says on May 12, 2021

General description

Tropical on the nose. Sweet on the palate, with almost no burn. Just getting into Irish Whiskys and I’m glad I chose this one.

hubearth says on April 27, 2021

W zapachu karmel, wanilia. W smaku oleista, lekko ostra, karmel, wanilia, db. Miaem wiksze oczekiwania.

Bacon35 says on April 13, 2021

General description

my favorite Irish whiskey. low alcohol %. Very easy to drink. Lots of spice and fruit flavor

titus13850 says on April 6, 2021

A bang for the buck.A piece of cake.

Hamish78 says on March 23, 2021

Fantastic on the nose…creamy, fruit, vanilla. honey. Taste is much the same… nicely rounded…very nice

Duncan99 says on March 21, 2021

Fond is a fantastic drink

Moose878 says on March 18, 2021
kden says on March 9, 2021


Old Forester Classic 86 Proof

Canadian whisky offers a smooth, gentle change of pace ...

Price: $29.99This stalwart selection, based on a recipe dating all the way back to 1870, has garnered a bevy of awards over the years, including a nabbing the Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013 and taking Silver at the 2018 American Whisky Masters. Its bold, spicy opening notes and delicate orange-tinged finish — not to mention the bargain price tag — only sweeten the deal.

One of my favorite all-around bourbons, true and classic, adds McCarthy. When Im making premium bourbon cocktails, this is what I want to work with.

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What Is Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is a style of whiskey that must be made in Ireland and meet certain criteria that is defined by law. It is customarily triple distilled in copper pot stills and bottled at 40 percent alcohol by volume or slightly higher. The majority of Irish whiskey is blended, and other styles include single malt, single pot, and single grain.

What Is The Smoothest Whiskey To Drink To Drink Straight

Are you a fan of the bold and intense flavours of aged whiskey? Or are you a regular drinker, and you enjoy your drinks neat? If yes, then smooth whiskey is just for you!

In America, people of all age groups enjoy a glass of whiskey, and from stats, it is clear that nearly 75% of whiskey drinkers are below 50 years old.

We have picked some of the smoothest whiskies just for you. But before that, lets discuss what makes a whiskey smooth and what it means by drinking straight!

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Best Rye: Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch

Canadian whisky will often include a rye whisky in the blend, and it imparts a spiciness that is the grains signature taste. Many downplay this and choose to concentrate on the smooth sweetness of corn whiskies, but others play it up. Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch is a brilliant find from Alberta Distillers, the countrys top rye whisky maker.

Starting off with two rye whiskies, the finished blend is 91 percent rye whisky, 8 percent bourbon, and 1 percent sherry. It’s bottled at 90 proof and the higher alcohol content ensures it has a big, bold flavor. The exciting elixir has a great spice backed by a smoky sweetness that is simply a joy to take in. Sip it or mix it into any rye whiskey cocktaileither way, its a great choice.

An import from Canada thats marketed by Minnesotas Phillips Distilling Co., Revel Stoke is the brand to look for when you want to simply have fun with flavors. Best known for its spiced whisky, Revel Stoke likes to stay on top of the trendiest flavors. The distillery has taken on apple, cinnamon, and honey whiskies, and even makes a pineapple whisky that is completely unique.

Peanut butter whisky is the latest craze in flavored whisky, and Revel Stokes version is one of the best. This is not just a sweet, nutty whisky, but it also has the brands spice notes hanging out in the background to make it a little more interesting. Be sure to mix it with raspberry liqueur for a yummy peanut butter and jelly shot.

What Alcohol Makes You Last Longer In Bed

Liquor & Mixed Drinks : What Is the Smoothest Bourbon Whiskey?

Heres how beer can help you between the sheets! Having that pint can delay premature ejaculation. Phytoestrogens in alcohol overload the body and are proven to delay orgasm, according to Dr Van Kirk. Drinking darker beers can also act as an aphrodisiac, boosting the libido and giving longer, more intense erections.

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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

I have fond memories of Crown Royal and its iconic purple bag. This was one of the first Canadian whiskies I’ve ever sampled. Not too long ago, Crown branched out and created Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. It makes a perfect introduction to rye for those who aren’t sure if spicy is their thing. It drinks a lot like bourbon, with sweet fruit and honied notes, but finishes with an earthy, toasted spice flavor.

This rye comes in at $25, making it a comfortable purchase for anyone looking to expand their whiskey cabinet.

Longest Aged: Wl Weller 12

W.L. Weller is a brand under the umbrella of Sazerac and distilled at their Buffalo Trace Distillery. The 12 Year Old is, according to the brand, aged for longer than most of the other wheat bourbons on the market.

Notoriously hard to find, this bourbon has been compared to the exclusive, and elusive, Pappy van Winkle bourbon, with many a bourbon aficionado referring to it as its cousin.

The W.L. Weller 12-Year-Old has a warm amber appearance. The aroma is rich and full, with heavy notes of caramel, candied nuts, and vanilla hitting the nose immediately. This is followed by whiffs of leather, citrus, cinnamon, and wood.

The distinct rich aromas transfer well to the palate, with a subtle sweetness. Notes of leather, vanilla, fruits, mint, and caramel come through in a complex combination.

The finish is long and pleasant, with a warm, spicy aftertaste of oak, vanilla, and cinnamon.

With this bourbon being extremely rare and a hot item among resellers, prices can vary from anywhere between $300 to $500.


  • Smooth and soft on the palate
  • Similar to Pappy van Winkle


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Bourbon Whiskey Wild Turkey 101

If theres one kind of whiskey that beginners will love, its bourbon whiskey. The unique sweetness of bourbon thats brought about by the corn mashes its made up of makes for a great first experience at whiskey.

Thats why for the most part, any batch of Bourbon whiskey will do if youre introducing someone to whiskey, though there are some that are better than others for this.

One good example of a starter Bourbon would be Wild Turkey 101. Wild Turkey 101 only comes in at a somewhat mild 50.5 ABV, and like other whiskeys, youll taste a lot of toffee and vanilla in every shot, combined with the already sweet undertones that Bourbon is prized for.

This is definitely a whiskey that any beginner should try out at least once.

George Dickel Bottled In Bond

What Is the Smoothest Whiskey to Drink Straight?

This 13-year-old whiskey was born in Tennessee. It should be taken straight. The drink has many flavours and is aged for 11 years in a barrel.

The drink is filtered with maple charcoal, which makes it smooth. After this, it is left to age. If you sniff a glass of it, you can quickly identify the pungent odor of candied pecan which has been spiced.

It has a fruity taste with a mix of vanilla, blood orange, cinnamon spice, baked apple, and candied pecan.

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