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What Is The Best Way To Drink Rye Whiskey

Whistlepig 10 Year Old Whiskey

How To Drink Irish Whiskey The Right Way
  • ABV: 50%
  • Size: 70cl

A relative newcomer to the world of rye whiskey, WhistlePig was founded in 2007. Originally sourcing whiskey from Canada and ageing the liquid at its Vermont distillery, WhistlePig has since become North Americas most decorated rye whiskey brand. And for good reason. Operating from a 500-acre farm, where its farm-to-bottle spirits are produced, the distillery is responsible for excellent whiskeys such as their WhistlePig Estate Oak Rye aged for 15 years, finished in Vermont Estate Oak, which is remarkable albeit at the higher end of the price scale .

The WhistlePig 10 year old whiskey is an essential for any drinks cabinet, however. Made with 100 per cent rye, the 10-year-old expression harbours a complex flavour profile with subtle honey and vanilla joining burnt orange, smoke, and some tropical fruit savours. The finish is rampant with pine, plus some peppermint and plenty of mouth-coating rye character with lingering spiciness. Simply outstanding.

The Minhas Family Will Take You Back To Their Roots To Show You The Best Way To Make Rye Whiskey And How To Drink Rye Whiskey

If you are wondering how to drink rye whiskey or what is the best whiskey available or how to make a good whiskey then you are smart to check with us! At Minhas Distillery, our expertise in whisky isn’t new, it dates back generations with years of tweaking that lead to one of the best whiskeys out of Canada – Punjabi Club Rye Whisky that is!

Watch our Punjabi Club Rye Whisky YouTube movie to see how whiskey shaped our family, how we learned to make whiskey and how to drink rye whiskey.

Whiskey or Whisky, whatever you call it, you want your rye whisky to taste great alone – whiskey neat, or in whiskey cocktails and whiskey drinks, Punjabi Club is the best all around whisky for sipping and mixing.

The Drink

How to Drink Rye Whisky in The GlassPunjabi Club Rye Whisky displays a golden straw color, and when the whiskey glass is tilted and twirled, stubborn legs forming, some of which refuse to drop back into the whisky. The nose is full of clean oak and rye spice with obvious notes of fresh grain and straw accompanying the spice. As the glass sits, orange peel and citrus fruit notes begin to climb out of the glass as well as some fresh ginger and coriander spice, a wonderful aroma from a beautiful Canadian whiskey. There is also a firm underlying sweetness, which may remind you of cotton candy and marshmallows. The oak and grain scents seem to grow a little stronger, the rye whisky offers a lot of promise on the nose.

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Neat / Cocktails

To remove unwanted flavors and contaminants, all Jack Daniels whiskeys are filtered through ten feet of charcoal made from sugar maple, before its put into barrels for maturing. Gentleman Jack is unique among Jack Daniels whiskeys as its also filtered afterwards, before being bottled.

Since its the charcoal filtering which gives Jack Daniels whiskeys their distinctive smoothness, being filtered twice makes Gentleman Jack even smoother. It does also tone down the flavors but for those who prefer that extra smoothness this is definitely good to drink neat.

For the same reason, Gentleman Jack is also great in cocktails because its extra smoothness will improve some of them. For example, in a whiskey sour the smoothness of Gentleman Jack will round out the tart flavor of the lemon.

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Order Up A Classic Cocktail

Ryes rebirth is in many ways owed to the bartenders who re-popularized the spirit. I definitely think bartenders helped revive that, because its that constant search to have the cocktail the way it was originally made, says Taylor. When we go through these old recipe books and it calls for rye or it calls for a gomme syrup or this thing or that thing, we want to source it and make it the way it was originally supposed to be had.

As more bartenders began churning out old-school whiskey cocktails, rye became a frequent bar staple, and cocktails are often the best introductory tool to introduce a consumer to any kind of spirit or ingredient. It wasnt long before bar customers ordering up perfectly stirred Manhattans were also asking about the whiskey being used and then searching for it on store shelves to bring home.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Cocktails & Shots

Whats the Best Way to Drink Bourbon? Just Ask a Kentuckian

The last of the not-technically-whiskeys, Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple is a blend of Old No. 7 and Jack Daniels own apple liqueur. Its basically whiskey and apple and once again if you like that pairing, you may want to try this neat.

However, you may find its not sweet enough to drink neat in which case you can add ice to bring out the sweetness from the apple or mix it with the Tennessee Honey. You may also find it has too much apple to drink neat in which case you can mix it with Old No. 7 to change the whiskey to apple ratio.

Otherwise, the Tennessee Apple is great for drinking in shots, other mixed drinks and cocktails.

One cocktail Jack Daniels have created especially for this whiskey is:

Jack Apple Fizz

  • Fill a high ball glass with ice
  • Pour in the Tennessee Apple
  • Fill the rest of the glass with soda water
  • Garnish with lemon

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If At First You Dont Succeed: Rye Rye Again

Like many spirits, rye isnt often love at first sip. You can follow the guide to drinking rye, but sometimes it takes a few tries before you can genuinely appreciate the flavors.

Once you get over the underlying spice, most whiskey drinkers come to love and appreciate their rye, and it becomes an easy addition to the bar for sipping and mixing.

If you feel that bourbon is ultimately what your heart calls you to, try incorporating some of the higher rye bourbons into your bar rotation for a little variety.


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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Neat / Cocktails

There are two ways to drink Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select and that is both neat and in a cocktail.

Its great to drink neat because despite being a single barrel version of Old No. 7, its a big step up from it flavor wise. This is because all versions of this whiskey come from barrels stored in the uppermost part of the Jack Daniels warehouse, where increased changes in temperature cause the whiskeys color to deepen and its flavors to become more intense.

Having said that, with a higher ABV than many of the other Jack Daniels expressions you may find that you prefer adding a little water or ice as that can release more of the whiskeys sweetness.

Additionally, since the Single Barrel Select is on the one hand better than the Old No. 7 but on the other hand not too complex or expensive, its also a great higher-quality whiskey for a higher-quality cocktail.

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What Is Rye Good With

  • Cream cheese & smoked salmon is a classic combination.
  • Its Honey & Ricotta time in the Mediterranean.
  • Were tasting The Sweet n Salty: goat cheese & raspberry jam
  • I had an egg and spinach for lunch today.
  • Its smoked mackerel and red onion for the Brainy Breakfast
  • Brunch: Pears, Cinnamon Butter & Nuts on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye Cocktails & Shots

    OF COURSE this is the #1 voted “classic” RYE whiskey.

    The best way to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye is also in mixed drinks, cocktails and shots. This is because its another relatively cheap sweet and very smooth whiskey.

    The only difference between Tennessee Rye and Old No. 7 is the mash bill. Tennessee Rye is made with 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley whereas Old No. 7 is made with 80% corn, 8% rye and 12% malted barley, making the Tennessee Rye a spicier version of the Old No. 7.

    This means it can be good to drink neat as a cheaper introduction to rye whiskeys but like Old No. 7, while the flavors are good there are not enough of them to make this an interesting daily sipper for most whiskey drinkers.

    It also means that the Tennessee Rye can be used to spice up mixed drinks and cocktails. For example, while as mentioned above, ginger ale is a good mixer for Jack Daniels Old No. 7, its an even better mixer for something containing rye spice. As for cocktails, the Tennessee Rye can be used in those that are traditionally or often made with rye whiskey.

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    Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Cocktails & Shots

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is not technically a whiskey as its only 35%ABV and contains caramel coloring. Its more appropriately described as a honey liqueur and I know that because its written on the bottle. Its a blend of Old No. 7 and Jack Daniels own honey liqueur.

    Its a very honey-sweet, alcoholic drink thats not something complex for sipping neat unless you really like sweet drinks and dont mind spending about $38 for them.

    The best way to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is in shots, mixed drinks and cocktails especially those that contain something unsweet for balance.

    Jack Daniels have created a lot of their own whiskey cocktails which you can find here, but one they have created especially for Tennessee honey is:

    Tennessee Honey & Ginger Beer

    • Fill a high ball glass ¾ of the way with ice cubes
    • Pour in the Tennessee Honey
    • Fill the rest of the glass with ginger beer
    • Add a lime wedge for garnish

    A Tale Of Two Whiskeys

    If you want to begin drinking rye, you should first understand what rye is, and how it differs from bourbon.

    Rye and bourbon are both American Whiskeys, and are made in much the same way. Both start life as a fermented grain mash, and with the help of water and heat, ferment into alcohol. After distilling, both spirits are stored in charred-oak barrels, and aged.

    Neither allow for additives.

    If you really want a guide to drinking rye, you should understand that the main distinction from bourbon is the grains used in the mash. Bourbon must be at least 51% corn, while rye must be at least 51% rye.

    Related: How is Bourbon Made?

    Theres a wide variety of mashbills for both spirits, and as a result, a lot of potential for cross over in taste. And unless youve only been drinking wheated bourbons, youre probably already used to, albeit in smaller quantities, the rye flavor.

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    Everything You Need To Know About What Ry Whiskey Is How It’s Made And Which Brands To Drink

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    I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a boozer who likes to drink rye whiskey year ’round. Winter, summer, whatever, no day’s too hot to enjoy a nice rye old-fashioned. But normal people, I hear, think of rye as a cold-weather treat. Its spicy, robust character and bone-dry palate certainly help take the edge off a brisk, autumn day. And since we in the Northeast have had several such days lately, it’s time to talk all things rye.

    While you’re Halloween-shopping for sparkle-vampire costumes and candy corn, you’re probably ready to pop into your local likker shop for grand old rye whiskey. Today, I’ll get you up to speed on rye’s origins, its future, what makes it unique, and how it’s made.

    Is Rye More American Than Apple Pie


    Rye may be trending, but it’s far from new. In fact, it’s older than the United States itself. Beginning in the 1700s, Irish and Scottish colonists used their whiskey distilling know-how to transform the New World’s abundant rye grasses into a powerful potable. By law, American rye whiskey must be made from at least 51 percent rye grain, with the remainder of the mash bill made up of corn, malted barley, and/or wheat. There are some whiskeys with even higher proportions of ryeall the way up to 100 percent. The higher the rye content, the more peppery and assertive the flavor of the whiskey.

    Just like bourbon, all American rye is aged in charred new oak barrels for at least two years, picking up flavor nuances and its amber color from the wood. Some rye distillers, such as Whistle Pig, further age the whiskey in casks that previously contained other elixirssuch as cognac or madeiraadding new dimensions of flavor, aroma, and color to the finished spirit.

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    Is Rye Whiskey Bourbon Rye Whiskey Vs Bourbon

    Given bourbons modern-day prevalence and ryes virtual disappearance after Prohibition, its often asked whether theyre not actually one and the same. Indeed, the overall manufacturing process is similar but the ingredients are somewhat different.

    Indeed, it is subject to the same regulations as all American whiskey in that it is distilled up to 80% ABV, aged in charred new oak barrels, and bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV.

    However, where rye whiskey must contain a 51% minimum of rye in its mash, bourbon uses the same minimum quantity of corn instead. Since regulations require just over half of either one, it isnt possible to produce a whiskey that can be recognised as both rye and bourbon.

    To make matters more confusing, high-rye is also a type of bourbon, which is not officially recognised but a category growing in popularity. This bourbon, however, still requires a minimum of 51% of corn in the mash but it will also contain over 25% rye, too.

    Where bourbon was a frontier whiskey, rye was historically produced in the northeastern states. Bourbon eventually adopted its Francophonic name in order to distinguish itself. Rye whiskey never developed its own name since it was so prevalent at the time and this didnt particularly feel necessary.

    Most people who develop an interest in rye whiskey are usually keen bourbon enthusiasts first. Indeed, bourbon can be considered the gateway drug to exploring other varieties of American whiskey and rye is the next logical step!

    Best Rye Whiskeys To Drink In 2022

    You might not know it, but were in the middle of a rye whiskey renaissance. The overflowing rye aisle at your local liquor store wasnt always like that. Thats why were highlighting the best rye whiskeys of 2022.

    For those unaware, rye whiskey, like bourbon has a few rules and regulations involved in its production. The be called a rye whiskey, the mash bill must be made up of at least 51 percent rye . It must be aged in new, charred oak barrels distilled to no more than 160 proof aged at no more than 125 proof and bottled at no less than 80 proof.

    While at least 51 percent of the mash bill needs to be rye, its usually higher. Like bourbon, the other ingredients can vary. Distillers use malted barley, corn, wheat, and other ingredients to round out the mash bill.

    In the late 1700s and well into the 1800s, rye was the spirit of America, not bourbon. There were countless distilleries in the rye hotbeds of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Much more saturated than the bourbon market at the time, rye continued to be a favorite until Prohibition. When the Volstead Act was repealedwhile still popularrye whiskey sales began to wane. By the early 2000s, there were only a handful of brands left.

    Below, youll find 10 of our favorite rye whiskey brands that are revered for their quality and versatility.

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    Our Guide To Rye Whiskey For Sipping Or Mixing

    Shortly on the heels of the bourbon boom came the rye renaissance, with demand for rye whiskey growing year over year during the past decade. If you’re just beginning to learn about American whiskeys, check out our explainer on the difference between bourbon and rye. If you’re interested in better understanding the latter, this is a good place to start.

    Similar Drinks & Rye Whiskey Substitutes

    The Best Way to Drink Whiskey

    Unsurprisingly, rye whiskeys next of kin is bourbon. Although we said earlier that comparisons between the two were often unfair, they are also inevitable since theyre so closely related.

    For this reason, its not uncommon for rye whiskey cocktail recipes like the Manhattan or the Sazerac to use bourbon instead of the original ingredient. Indeed, bourbons popularity made it a frequent substition.

    Nevertheless, these are still best served with rye given that they were intended to benefit from the whiskeys natural spiciness. Since bourbon is comparatively sweet, it tends to soften the flavour and lose out on complexity.

    Since whiskey is a diverse family of spirits, there are plenty of other substitutions, though. Canadian whisky, if properly made with the main ingredient, will offer a very similar experience to American rye whiskey.

    Otherwise, you may consider Scotch whiskey. Yet, Scotch is produced from malted barley and is aged in used bourbon barrels. Consequently, it will have a buttery and savoury flavour, but those from certain regions like Speyside can deliver some spiciness.

    Meanwhile, Irish whiskey may be considered too light and floral to be considered as an appropriate substitute for ryes bold and peppery profile.

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    Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye 4 Year

    Average Price: $70.80

    Alcohol Content: 55%

    Why Its Best For Old Fashioned:

    Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye 4 Year is a single barrel offering whiskey with a heavy dose of pepper and citrus.

    Bourbon is a bit sweeter than rye whiskey, so if you want a mixed drink with a kick of spiciness, Willet Family Estate can be a good option.

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