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How Many Flavors Of Ciroc Vodka Are There

Whats Special About Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc Mango Vodka Review

CxceROC is a truly modern vodka, inspired by more than a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. It is the fine French grapes and the fifth distillation that gives CxceROC a distinctive flavour with an exceptionally fresh, smooth and fruity taste. The perfect accompaniment for every celebration!

Whats The Newest Ciroc Flavor

CxceROC Pomegranate is a full-bodied spirit made with vodka distilled from fine French grapes and infused with pomegranate and other natural flavors. Featuring notes of juicy red berries with hints of strawberry, melding with bursts of sweet and fruity pomegranate flavors, that culminates in a silky-smooth finish.

Interesting Facts About Croc Vodka

You never know some extremely thrilling facts on Cîroc Vodka! Here they are:

  • Cîroc Vodka is produced using two kinds of French Grapes through distillation, unlike other vodkas.
  • Some flavors of this vodka may not be gluten-free, as no potatoes, grain or corn is used as a distillation source.
  • It is the worlds most famous iconic vodka, ranked as the second ultra-premium quality French Vodka, after Grey Goose.
  • This vodka became even more popular after Sean John Combs took over half the share of this brand and became a big brand promoter.
  • Jean-Sebastien Robicquet was the founder of this vodka brand whose family belonged to a wine-growing region of Bordeaux.

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Does Drinking Vodka Affect Weight Loss

As long as you stay within your daily calorie limits, drinking any type of vodka shouldnt affect weight loss. However, it should be noted that liquor can interfere with our bodys fat-burning process. Normally, our liver breaks down fats, but when spirits present, the body prefers to break that down first. Your body will work to metabolize your drinks and wont be able to use the food youve eaten for energy.

This isnt a huge deal, and wont really affect your weight loss if youre having a few drinks every once in a while. However, drinking heavily often may stall weight loss and should be avoided for a variety of health reasons. Always remember to drink responsibly! Your waistline will thank you.

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Ciroc Vodka: The Story Behind The Brand

Drink of the Week: How Do You Like Your Ciroc, Straight or On the Rocks ...

Cîroc was the creation and invention of Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, a master French distiller descending from a long line of expert winemakers. In 2003, Robicquet brought together his family history of wine-making and deep knowledge of distilling to launch Cîroc Vodka.

What makes Cîroc distinct from your average vodka? Namely that its made from grapes rather than grains. This gave rise to the brands slogan, Go Against The Grain.

The process of making Cîroc begins with harvesting the finest of French grapes: the Ugni Blanc and Mauzac Blanc varietals. Ugni grapes come from the famous Cognac region of France, while the ancient white grape varietal of Mauzac hails from the Gaillac region. The grapes are picked during the winter, just after the first frosthence the name of the original Cîroc vodka: Snap Frost.

Most vodkas require heat to release the sugars but The grapes undergo cold maceration to soften the skin and pulp. This juice is then cold fermented, converting the sugar to alcohol, producing wine.

The Ugni Blanc grapes are then distilled four times in stainless steel column stills while the Mauzac Blanc grapes are distilled in copper stills. These are then blended together at a ratio of 95% Ugni Blanc and 5% Mauzac blanc before undergoing a fifth distillation in a traditional copper pot. Here the grape spirit interacts with the metal to create the smooth, fresh, and utterly original Cîroc Vodka.

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Which Flavored Vodka Is The Best

Here are some of the best flavored vodkas to try today.

  • Best Overall: Absolut Citron.
  • Best for Collins: Ketel One Cucumber Mint.
  • Best for Bloody Mary: Hanson of Sonoma Habanero.
  • Best Citrus: Ketel One Citroen.
  • Best Grapefruit: Finlandia Grapefruit.
  • Best Orange: Effen Blood Orange.
  • Best Botanical: Ketel One Grapefruit Rose.

Crocs Distillation Process Is Thorough

While all vodka is distilled, Cîrocs distillation process goes a step further distilling the spirit five times, which gives Cîroc its distinctive citrus taste. The base wine is first distilled four times in column stills, then distilled a fifth time in a traditional copper pot still at Cîrocs famous southern France distillery, Distillerie de Chevanceaux.

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Croc Vodka Spritz Bring A Touch Of Elegance To Canned Cocktails

As the weather warms and the party planning begins, canned cocktails are added to the shopping list. Although malt beverages might be popular on the shelf, some people would prefer to have a spirit based beverage. With the CÎROC Vodka Spritz, that vodka which is already behind the bar adds a level of convenience.

Some people have a signature beverage. Although beer drinkers might talk about seasonal options or sessionable sipping, cocktail drinkers are different. Flavors that meld with almost any occasion seem to fill the glass. From the cocktail to start an evening to the last sip of the day, there is often one beverage that fills the glass.

When it comes to vodka, not all bottles on the shelf are the same. From preferring a neat pour to shaking up a cocktail, it matters what liquid is in the glass. That premise is why many people prefer CÎROC. From its flagship option to its flavored choices, there needs to be plenty of room behind the bar.

With the new CÎROC Vodka Spritz, the popular vodka brand is adding convenience to the conversation. Instead of having to have the cocktail shaker, now cracking open a can is the easy way of satisfying that thirst.

Available now, the four flavors are Watermelon Kiwi, Sunset Citrus, Pineapple Passion and Colada. While each flavor is gluten-free and has no artificial sweeteners, it is really about the flavors that draw peoples attention.

The CÎROC Vodka Spritz is sold in a four pack. It has a suggested retail price of $16.99.

Does Smirnoff Red White And Berry Expire

Ciroc “Coconut” Vodka Review

Does Smirnoff Ice expire? No, Smirnoff Ice does not expire, as long as it remains unopened. When you see that printed date on the bottle, its actually an indication of when the bottle was brewed. It will still be safe to drink much later however it may lose its carbonation and some of its appeal as a drink with time.

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How Croc Vodka Rose To Popularity

Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, the founder of Ciroc Vodka, established the brand in 2001 and debuted in the United States two years later . Like any other new liquor store, the business did not garner its expected result in the first few years.

With all of his creative wit, Diageo utilized the power of popular culture to advertise the drink across the region. He designated Sean P. Diddy, a hip-hop star, to infuse the varietals into his music videos, concerts, and print ads. Despite the high Ciroc price of vodkas, many would attest to the premium taste of this brand and its exceptional customer service. The marketing tactic was so effective that other stars included it in their commercials as a symbol of luxury. Other liquor brands had to take notes as to how to grow a brand from scratch into popularity.

Croc Prices And Availability In Stores

Cîroc Vodka is a very popular French vodka manufactured and produced by Diageo, the leading giant in the alcohol industry. It has come up as the second ultra-premium brand of vodka in the world after Grey Goose vodka. Cîroc comes in different versions and flavors as well. Below are the flavors and Cîroc prices of all sizes at different stores.

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This Vodka From Bakon Is Going To Be A Hard Pass

Now for all you Bloody Mary fans out there, this might not sound too terrible, but the second-worst vodka on our list that you should probably avoid at all costs is the bacon-flavored spirit from Bakon Vodka. Yes, bacon-flavored vodka. We love a good piece of bacon, dont get us wrong, but in vodka form? Absolutely not.

As noted by the Bakon Vodka website, the spirit is ideally used in drinks like a Bloody Mary or a Caesar but if you can just use your classic vodka for those specific drinks, why get a special flavored vodka that you cant use for all your cocktails? Its not like youre going to want to sip on bacon-flavored vodka, let alone use it in a classic mixed drink like a Cosmopolitan .

If you think that were being dramatic, we can guarantee you that we arent. LA Weekly put Bakon Vodka on their list of the five worst vodkas out there, so were pretty confident that you should save your money and skip out on this bottle.

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Alcohol Content And Liqueurs

list of all ciroc flavors

Liqueurs are one of the biggest variables in this equation. While you can generally assume that gin, vodka, whiskey, and other base spirits are 80 proof , liqueurs are not so easy. Different liqueurs will have different alcohol content, varying from one brand to another, even between liqueurs of the same style or flavor.

The vast range of orange liqueurs is a perfect example:

  • Triple sec tends to be 30 percent ABV or less.
  • Grand Marnier and Cointreau are both bottled at 40 percent ABV .

Both of these top-shelf liqueurs have the same alcohol content as most of the rums and tequilas that they are often mixed with. Therefore, a made with Cointreau will naturally be stronger than one made with the average triple sec.

Even two different brands of the same liqueur may have different alcohol contents. You can break triple sec down even further:

  • Arrow triple sec is 17 percent ABV .
  • Bols triple sec is 21 percent ABV .

If alcohol content is a concern, then you will want to pay attention to the bottles label. Though, at times , you may also be sacrificing quality by going with the lower-proof option.

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A Brief History Of Ciroc

Founded in 2003 by Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, Ciroc is the legacy of centuries of tutelage in the spirits industry. Robicquet comes from a family whose history in the wine and spirits business harks back to the 16th century.

His qualifications in winemaking and experience working for the acclaimed cognac-maker Hennessy culminated in him being requested to produce the grape vodka which came to be Ciroc.

How Do You Know When Youre Drunk

The effects of alcohol can vary from person to person, and it may take some people a quicker or longer time to start seeing signs of intoxication when drinking the same amount of alcohol. Typically, for males with little to no tolerance, they may begin to show some signs of intoxication when their BAC reaches 0.05%.8

A woman who weighs 150 pounds will reach a BAC of 0.10% after drinking about 4 drinks in an hour.8 With little or no alcohol tolerance, general impairment levels are observed at the following BAC levels:8

  • 05% = detectible
  • Unconsciousness.

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Do Flavored Vodkas Have More Calories Than Regular Vodka

When youre concerned about calories in flavored vodka, the most important thing to note is that online nutrition data may not be accurate. For instance, some nutrition sites list particular brands of whipped cream vodka as having the same amount of calories as unflavored vodka. This is very likely to be false data because a 70-proof vodka designed to be sweet should, in theory, have far more calories and some sugar. Unless the vodka producer or an independent party releases verified nutrition information, consider these sources with skepticism.

The calories in unflavored vodka depend on the proof. The number of calories increases as proof increases. The number of calories in flavored vodkas depends on the proof and the sugar content, if any. For example, Absolut Vodka provides nutrition info for all of its vodkas, and the clear vodka is the same as the vanilla vodka. It is when brands add other ingredients, including sweeteners, that the calorie count will be higher than their unflavored vodkas.

The Changing Skyy Infusions

Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka Review

Where Skyy shines is in their flavored vodka offerings, known within the brand as Skyy Infusions. The portfolio has changed considerably over the years as the flavored vodka market has itself changed, grown, and become more diverse. Some of the best Skyy Vodkas like Melon and Ginger are no longer available. What you will find are flavors like Coastal Cranberry and Honeysuckle Apple.

It also seems like the brand is chasing the trends and leaving behind the basics. By looking at Skyys history, its almost as if you can no longer compete with a simply flavored vodka that has a simple name like grape or vanilla. Instead, the market requires Moscato Grape and Vanilla Bean.

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Smirnoff Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate

As far as Smirnoffs flavors go, Smirnoff Sorbet Light raspberry pomegranate is definitely one of the sweeter options, and not necessarily in a good way. While Smirnoffs caramel and peppermint options are sweet in the way youd expect from those flavors, and theyre sweet in a way thats not cloying nor artificial, thats exactly what Smirnoff Sorbet Light raspberry pomegranate is. So why does it rank so highly on our list?

Its all because, despite the flavors lack of mass appeal, it does have a pretty passionate fanbase, many of whom seem to like the fact that the flavor is pretty sweet . They also like that since its straight vodka, its low in calories, making the vodka a suitable alternative to sugary cocktails. And, that was exactly what Smirnoff was going for when the brand introduced its line of Sorbet Light vodkas in 2013. With 78 calories per 1.5-ounce serving, the brand says each serving has 25% fewer calories than the leading dessert-inspired flavored vodkas.

Croc Vs Grey Goose Vodka Differences

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by Lydia Martin

With both labels marketed as high-end French vodka, both Ciroc and Grey Goose have found themselves the subject of many one-on-ones, whether in blind shots or mixed drinks.

In the battle of Ciroc vs Grey Goose, our team has taken the time to dissect both spirits to choose which vodka is better.

  • Final Thoughts
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    How To Drink Croc Vodka

    Most people would grimace at the thought of drinking vodka straight, but with Cîroc, you can enjoy it neat or on the rocks. Cîroc premium vodka can also be enjoyed in a cocktail.

    Traditionally, vodka is drunk straight, and from a shot glass. For the full sensory experience, try it alongside raw seafood, caviar, or lobster.

    Cîrocs smoothness means it lacks the alcoholic burn of poorer quality vodkas. Plus, sipping it neat, youll be able to detect all the subtle aromas and flavours: lemon zest, grass, and sage, and an aftertaste of black pepper and vanilla.

    But whether youre drinking it straight or in a cocktail, youll first want to chill your vodka.Buy a bottle of Cîroc Vodka online and store it in the freezer. Freezing it removes any harsher flavours and subdues the sometimes overpowering alcoholic burn.

    If you want to add a little mixer, such as tonic or soda, youll need a larger glass with space for ice and garnish, and a thick base if you plan to muddle together a lot of ingredients. Cîroc Vodka is between 35 and 40 per cent ABV, making it the perfect spirit for all kinds of cocktails.

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    Croc Price And Size For Different Flavors

    CÃROC Collection (6 bottles)
    750ml $37.99

    The prices of Cîroc vodka, however, are high as compared to the other average vodkas. The difference is that it is prepared using grapes, unlike other vodkas that are prepared using wheat, potatoes, or corn. Various Cîroc Flavors are Cîroc Pineapple Vodka, Cîroc Peach Vodka, Cîroc Amaretto Vodka, and many more. The prices, perhaps, are different for different flavors and different stores. On average, a750ml of Cîroc Vodka bottle ranges from $29-$38.

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    Popular Smirnoff Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

    Head into the liquor store to purchase an affordable bottle of vodka and youre likely to pick Smirnoff. Not only is Smirnoff one of the most widely available vodkas on the market, sold in 130 countries, according to the brand, but Smirnoff also claims that its the top-selling premium spirit in the world, and the top-selling flavored vodka brand in the world. As of 2017, it was also the most awarded vodka brand in the world.

    Smirnoff vodka comes in more than two dozen flavors, too, so as youre standing there in the vodka aisle at the liquor store, youll have plenty of options to pick from. But which are your best bets for a great time? Some Smirnoff flavors are better than others . Weve ranked popular Smirnoff flavors from worst to best, to help you make the best choice for your tastes, whether youre planning on making fun cocktails or just shooting your vodka back straight.

    Croc Vodka Moves Into Rtds

    Diageo-owned Cîroc has entered the ready-to-drink category with a canned vodka Spritz in four flavours.

    Cîroc Vodka Spritz is available in four 355ml canned variants: Watermelon Kiwi, Sunset Citrus, Pineapple Passion, and Colada.

    Each 7% ABV expression is made with vodka, soda water and natural flavours, without the use of artificial sweeteners.

    Diageo will release the range this Friday in collaboration with Cîroc partner, rapper Sean Diddy Combs.

    Combs said: Breaking into the RTD category is a landmark moment for the brand and were excited to launch a line of spirits that bring a new energy and audience segment to the growing market.

    With nearly 15 years leading the brand and having historic success growing the Cîroc portfolio, Im looking forward to making Cîroc Vodka Spritz the number one brand in the category.

    Combs is said to have been directly involved in creative and marketing, and worked with Diageo on the product development.

    Cîroc Vodka Spritz gives you the best of both worlds: the luxurious crispness of a vodka cocktail, conveniently served up in a beautiful, ready-to-drink can, said Edward Pilkington, chief marketing and innovation officer, Diageo North America.

    We are excited to have Cîroc join the ever-growing ready-to-drink portfolio at Diageo as we continue to innovate ways to bring convenience and quality to our consumers.

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