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Cognac Of The Month Club

How Is Bourbon Made

Charles Braastad of Delamain Cognac on Wine Talks with Paul Kalemkiarian

A mixture of the aforementioned grains are milled and then combined with water and yeast and allowed to ferment. This liquid, known as mash, is then distilled in column and pot stills. Once it reaches the appropriate strength, the distillate, known as white dog or “white whiskey,” is put into new charred oak barrels and allowed to age. Once it is mature, the whiskey is either “cut” with water or bottled at barrel strength.

Worth Of Benefits In A Year

Lets do the math together:

  • 80 – How much youd pay on average for 2 bottles from our curated lineup in your local store
  • 10 – towards your first purchase in our Store
  • 40 – You only need to make four additional alcohol runs in a year for the free shipping to pay for the Membership itself
  • The Intangible – Your friends envy of your Spirits knowledge and your impressive home collection

Saloonbox Diy Cocktail Kit

General Overview: Saloon Box made our list of the best alcohol subscription boxes because we love cocktails. This box combines a spirits club with the mixers you need to make amazing drinks. This is perfect for people who love to entertain and want to serve more than beer and wine.

What you get: How does the prospect of making unique cocktails without having to run to the liquor store sound to you? Armed with the SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit, an aspiring mixologist would be able to craft his or her signature cocktail with ease.

The DIY kit comes with a recipe card and all the necessary cocktail ingredients . One box is enough to make four or more drinks. The number of ingredients and cocktails may differ from one box to another, so dont be surprised if things like lime juice are missing from the box.

All in all, this is a fun kit to get for yourself or to send as a gift. Except for teetotalers, virtually anyone would be able to make good use of this box.

What does it cost to join the Saloon Box cocktail of the month subscription: Plans start at $49 per month.

Follow this link for more info on the SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit.

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The Worlds First And Only Cognac Subscription Service

What could be better than Cognac produced by authentic producers and famous brands, selected for you by the Experts?

You select your preferences, and we hand-pick the Cognacs.

What could be better than Cognac produced by authentic producers and famous brands, selected for you by the Experts?

You select your preferences, and we hand-pick the Cognacs.

1. Your personal tastes

Take a short quiz to help us determine your preferences.

2. Select a Plan & Frequency of Delivery

Voilà! Your personalized selection gets shipped out to you for free.

Enjoy and give us feedback for your next box!

Voilà! Your personalized selection gets shipped out to you for free.

Enjoy and give us feedback for your next box!

Negative Effects Ofheavy Drinking

Cognac V.S.O.P COURVOISIER : la bouteille de 70cL à Prix Carrefour en ...

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health also stresses that heavy drinking can cause considerable harm to your body. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can result in damage to your heart muscle and can raise your blood pressure.

Heavy alcohol consumption can also result in liver inflammation and may even cause potentially fatal cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking heavy amounts of alcohol has been associated with the occurrence of several types of cancer too.

Consuming alcoholic beverages, even at moderate rates, can also result in gradual weight gain, with one alcoholic drink containing an average of 100 to 150 calories. So, if you down three drinks every day, you’re loading over 300 extra calories into your body. If you prefer mixed drinks containing soda, juice, syrup or tonic, that further racks up the calories.

If you don’t burn off those calories with sufficient amounts of exercise, you’ll experience that dreaded “creeping weight gain”. Over time, that additional weight could have negative health impacts.

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What Are The Rarest Bourbons

While certain well-reviewed bourbons have achieved cult status in recent years, these tend to be recognizable brands produced by major distilleries. The highly sought-after Pappy Van Winkle, for example, is produced to the tune of nearly 84,000 bottles a year. In comparison, your local craft distillery might be turning out just a few hundred cases of its flagship bourbon. So the rarest bourbons, counterintuitively, are likely the ones that no ones heard of yet.

Wine Of The Month Clubs

Image from our review.

Cost: Prices start at $13/bottle with free shipping for orders with 4+ bottles.

What You Get: When you sign up for Winc, they walk you through a fun and easy survey that collects your preferences. No worries if youre not super knowledgeable about winethe questions are designed to be easy for newbies and aficionados alike to answer. . Winc uses your results to match you with unique, affordable wines youll love. Go with Wincs recommendations, customize your box to your liking, or skip the month if your wine rack is already full!

Gift It: Send a digital gift card for a 1, 2, or 3-month subscription here!

Read our Winc reviews to learn more.

Cost: $80.00 per month, for 4 bottles of wine.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get $50 off your first month! No coupon needed – just use this link.

What You Get: An easy peasy flavor profile quiz, personalized wine recommendations, and a feedback loop that lets you weigh in on what you got . This subscription isn’t just brightit’s brilliant! They’ll even let you know if one of your beloved bottles goes on sale, so you can nab more of what you love. And while they’re not part of the subscription box, you should definitely check out their site shop, which is full of punny t-shirts and gifts for wine lovers.

Gift It: Send a digital gift card so your loved one can take the quiz and get their wine on their own schedule!

Read our Bright Cellars Reviews to learn more!

Image via .

Cost: Starting at $49.98/month + free US shipping.

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Give A Spirited Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our Liquor of the Month Clubs are excellent gifts for holidays, birthdays, corporate events, and special occasions. We make gift-giving super simple- just select a club, choose your duration and payment structure, enter the gift recipients address, and wait for them to receive their full-sized bottle. Your friend will receive a new bottle each month, curated just for them, and youll be known as the Best Gift Giver Ever!

Coffee Of The Month Clubs And Tea Too

Rémy Martin XO | Cognac Review | Tasting with Julien Episode #24

Image from our review.

Cost: Starting at $15 per week. Get The Classics for $25/shipment or The Hookup for more adventurous varieties priced at $15-$22 for one 12 oz bag per shipment.

What You Get: Trade Coffee matches you with small batch coffees from unique roasters around the country, based on a short quiz and how you rate each shipment. Beans are shipped directly to you from the roaster soon after roasting, so you always get the freshest cup no matter which brand of coffee you end up with. Rate your coffees to get new recommendations from Trade and let them find the perfect cup for you, or hand pick your own selection from available varieties each week.

Gift It: Trade Coffee offers gift subscriptions for $60 , $120 or $228 or other custom amounts. You print out an email gift certificate for your loved one, they log on to take the quiz, get matched with the perfect coffee for them and choose their desired delivery frequency.

Read our Trade Coffee review to learn more.

Image from our review.

Cost: Plans start at $14.95 per month plus shipping.

Gift It: Gift subscriptions cost $20 per shipment. You can choose to send anywhere from 2-24 shipments.

Read our MistoBox reviews to learn more.

Image from our review

Cost: Prices start at $65 for a 3 month subscription with free shipping for orders with 4+ bottles.

Gift It: Send a gift subscription here!

Read our review to learn more.

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Best For Rare Bourbons: Tasters Club

Tasters Club

  • Products per Delivery: 1

Tasters Club courts bourbon nerds everywhere with its exclusive bottlings and substantial supplementary material included with shipments.

  • No discount for longer-duration membership

  • Does not ship to all states

Tasters Club prides itself on sourcing hard-to-find bourbons from the nations most esoteric distilleries in Kentucky and beyond. You can expect to see some age-statement bottles as well as the occasional rye whiskey, just to keep you on your toes. Most appealingly, certain distilleries will offer bottlings exclusive to Tasters Club, so youll have the potential to taste whiskeys you truly cant source anywhere else.

If youre a proud bourbon nerd , the Tasters Club subscription offers additional value through its monthly Digital 101 materials. This includes information regarding the production of the bourbon, images of the distillery and its unique story, expert tasting notes, cocktail recipes, and the rationale for selecting the bottle for each months shipment. This attention to detail, plus nice touches like a personalized welcome certificate for every new subscriber, make Tasters Club an enticing option for bourbon buffs of all levels.

What Youll Receive

  • One full-sized bottle of whiskey shipped directly to your door every month
  • Expertly curated selections from award-winning whiskey producers
  • Digital 101s with tasting notes and info about the bottle
  • Tasters Club Exclusives, small-batch, and limited releases
  • Personalized welcome certificate
  • Extend, renew, or cancel anytime

Per Month Plus Shipping and Handling

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What Does It Cost:

to join the American Cocktail Club: There are two options. You can select a box with recipes and mixers, but no alcohol for $27.99.

We know you want the good stuff. A cocktail subscription box that includes alcohol is only $37.99 per month.

Both of those rates assume that you will pre-pay for 12 months. You will pay a slightly higher rate when you commit to a shorter subscription period.

But Wait Theres More Club Benefits

Rémy Martin Cognac

The Brandy & Cognac deliveries are just the tip of the delicious, distilled iceberg that is Flaviar Club Membership. Heres what youll be getting as a Member:

Visit our online store and go crazy expanding your palate with any and every Spirit category at special Member prices.

Be one of the lucky few to try our award-winning creations or help us co-create the next Members favorite.

Hang out and debate your favorite Spirits with professionals and fellow aficionados, all while learning something new.

Learn how to taste and describe Spirits under the guidance of professionals. Enroll in our School of Spirits and learn the history and trivia of each Spirit category.

Be part of the most Spirited Company of Connoisseurs that rates and reviews, shares notes and opinions, and discusses Spirits with passion.

A friendship bound by Spirits is a bond for life. If you refer a friend, you both get something in return. Well do that for any friend you bring onboard.

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Bonus: Here’s A Whiskey Club

Image from our review.

Cost: $95 per quarter + free shipping or $300 for a year-long subscription.

What You Get: Quarterly curated tasting packs that contain 3 x 1.5 oz. vials of premium spirits from around the world. Membership also includes access to bottle offers and the Flaviar Vault, rare, vintage and exclusive drams in bottle and sample size, and free shipping on any number of bottles or Tasting Boxes.

All boxes are shipped from Europe and can take 4-14 days to arrive in the US. This subscription does not ship to Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, or Utah.

Read our Flaviar reviews to learn more.

Dear Fellow Cigar Lover

The Premium Cigar of the Month Clubs nine-member panel of professional tobacconists takes its job seriously. Collectively, they spend nearly half a year in man hours in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

Kris Calef

President and Founder

Our panel smokes over 12,000 international cigars per year, rating each for appearance, flavor profile, aroma, smoke volume and construction. Were looking for proper aging, outstanding blends, an even burn and effortless draw.

In short, we smoke a lot of bad cigars so you dont have to. Were so proud of our selections that we archive online our tasting notes for every cigar that weve ever featured in our Past Cigar Selections section.

…youll be impressed by the quality and value that we deliver each month.

I stand by every cigar well send you and know youll be impressed by the quality and value that we deliver each month.

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The International Wine Of The Month

General Overview: This is our third wine subscription box on the list. We love this club because of the diversity of wines you can enjoy. Are you raring to taste some outstanding vintages from South Africa, Argentina, or Chile? If so, The International Wine of the Month Club has got you covered.

What you get: This subscription box includes two bottles of wine from international boutique wineries. There are four subscription plans in total. The top-level Collectors Series Club deals in limited-production vintages while the second-tier Bold Reds Club includes a bottle of full-bodied California Cabernet and another bottle of red from the Rhone Valley of France.

If you love old-world wines, this is the best alcohol subscription box for you.

What does it cost to join the International Wine Of The Month Club: You can join their most popular club for $39.95/month plus shipping.

Get Liqour Beer And Wine Delivered To Your Home

The Gage launches whiskey-focused club

Get your alcohol delivered straight to your door using Saucey!

Or better, check out these on-demand alcohol delivery apps!

Thanks for reading and hopefully this listing helps you find some of the best alcohol subscription boxes for you to try this month.

Plus, if you love wine, youll love this listing of monthly wine clubs, beer clubs, tea, coffee beans, and juice subscription boxes.

And for an added bonus, if youre a cigar aficionado, we have a few cigar clubs thatll go perfectly with your alcohol subscription.


This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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About Our Cognac Inner Circle Club

Learning about France’s magnificent triumvirate, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados, has never been easier. We offer three different clubs that let you explore these magnificent spirits. As a member of our Inner Circle Buyer’s Clubs you could be receiving a carefully chosen example every third month, four times a year, shipped directly to your home or office. By participating in this group purchase you would be getting your brandy at a great price, as well–as much as 15 to 40% off normal retail. The charge for the bottle, itself, is no more than $199.99. Each shipment includes a fact sheet about the producer along with our own tasting notes. No initiation fees or fees of any sort, just pure pleasure and a chance to learn about the fascinating world of these noble spirits. Here are some of our past club offerings:

François Voyer Grande Champagne Cognac Extra

Raison Personnelle Grande Champagne 1.0

Dixneuf Fins Bois Extra Vielles

Jacques Denis Vieille Cognac

Domaine Andre Petit Hors D’Age 1976

Ordonneau Tres Vieille Reserve

Your Personal Brandy & Cognac Journey

Get it delivered to your door Whether its a Tasting Box, a bottle, or both, trying new Spirits has never been easier. Just sit back and let us do the work for you. Open, pour, and get to drinkin We deliver the booze, you gather the buds and organize a tasting party at home. Well make sure theres always plenty to go around. Learn more about what youre tasting The handy Flaviar SpiralTM and VOD content will lead you through every taste and aroma, helping you detect subtle differences and nuances.

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Chocolate Of The Month Clubs And Other Sweets

Cost: Starts at $38.95/month + $14 shipping.

What You Get: 3 varieties of farmhouse cheeses made from high-quality ingredients. Each box of artisan cheeses includes an international variety, detailed tasting notes, and the option for a personalized message.

Ships to the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii. Per the FAQ, “Your first cheese club shipment will be shipped out via FedEx 2nd Day Service soon after your order is placed.”

Image via Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club.

Cost: Starting at $119.99 for a 3-month subscription + shipping.

What You Get: This subscription sends recipients a new fruit combo each month. Delicious, fresh fruits include pomegranates and persimmons, grapefruits, pears, and more.

Gift It: To give as a gift, just enter the recipient’s information at checkout. Digital gift cards can be emailed directly to the recipient.

Ships within the U.S. and internationally to Canada, Germany and U.K. Please see this handy chart for holiday order deadlines!

Cost: $12.99/month for Flavor of the Month, $19.99/month for Popcorn Lovers, + shipping.

ACTIVE DEAL: Enjoy 10% off sitewide!CODE:TPF10

What You Get: With the Flavor of the Month subscription, you’ll receive a different flavor of popcorn every month for a full year. With the Popcorn Lovers of the Month Club, you’ll receive 7-33 oz. in a new flavor each month.

Gift It: Just enter your recipient’s shipping information at checkout.

Images via Stock Yards.

Cost: Starting at $46.95/month + shipping.

The Best Cigar Of The Month Clubs & Subscription Boxes

Flaviar Membership

If youve ever found yourself struggling to make decisions when youre shopping for cigars or if youre always looking to try new cigars, you may want to think about joining a cigar of the month club.

This easy and well known subscription model is found within almost every industry across the spectrum, and its been popular in the cigar industry for years. Cigar of the month clubs are convenient, great ways to try new brands or cigar lines, and theyre surprisingly affordable.

As they say, variety is the spice of life, so explore the best 5 cigar of the month clubs for cigar lovers!

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