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Where To Buy Pendleton Whiskey

Best Single Malt Scotch: The Glen Grant 15 Year Old

Pendleton Whisky – “Let’s Buck!”

For this single malt, age is but a number. Despite its 15-year age statement, its floral and citrus-forward aromas give the Scotch a youthful profile. Add to that sweet undertones of cake batter, and the result is a rounded, balanced sip thats lively but with a restrained alcohol content not too hot on the palate.

Average price: $93

Best New World Whiskey: Stauning Floor Malted Rye Whisky

Made to the same specifications as American rye whiskey, Stauning uses locally sourced grains, floor malting, and pot distillation for this remarkable Danish release. Stylistically, its profile mimics Nordic cuisine, with notes of caraway seeds defining its personality-rich nose and palate. Bottled at 3 years old, it delivers complexity well beyond its age.

Average price: $80

Best Splurge Whiskey: The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old

Some things are worth balling-out for. This luxe permanent expression from The Macallan happens to be one of them. The prized juice is aged in ex-oloroso sherry oak casks, which impart aromas of rich caramel and golden raisins, offset by a whiff of spicy ginger. On the palate, expect lush, nutty goodness along with an undercurrent of dried fruit. You wont regret splurging on this bottle.

Average price: $380

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Where To Buy Pendleton Premium Canadian Whisky

Pendleton is one of the most commonly-sold Canadian whiskies in America, and its popularity extends throughout much of the world. While most liquor stores and markets dont have a large Canadian whisky section, this is one of the Canadian whiskies that can be found almost everywhere. Costco regularly stocks the liquor and stores like Walmart and Kroger with a generous liquor section do as well. To guarantee youll get your hands on it, check local stock at, where you can also get same day delivery in qualifying cities if you like.

Best Single Barrel Whiskey: 1792 Single Barrel Bourbon

Pendleton Rye Whiskey 1910 Aged 12 Years Buy Online for Sale

This single barrel release is produced at Buffalo Traces Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, Ky. Sure to please those who enjoy their bourbon on the decadent side, it opens with nutty, caramelized banana aromas, then follows with toasted oak and a touch of rye spice. Each sweet, concentrated sip coats the palate in a warm, flavorful embrace.

Average price: $53

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Best Cask Finished Whiskey: Arran Single Malt Sauternes Cask Finish

Cask finished whiskies are by no means hard to come by these days, but this bottling stands out from the pack, especially in the Scotch realm. Aged in Sauternes casks, this whiskys notes of honey, white flowers, and ripe peaches reflect those of the prized sweet wines from Bordeaux. Add to that a rich texture that coats the palate, and you have a truly memorable spirit ideal for sipping over a large cube of ice.

Average price: $80

All Of The Best Whiskey To Drink In 2022

From the simple combination of grain, water, and yeast, distillers yield a stunningly complex array of spirits. Were talking, of course, about the world of whiskey. And it is a veritable planet, with single nations producing myriad styles, and distillers planting flags in each of the metaphorical corners of the globe.

While its hard, if not impossible, to reduce each style and nation down to one definitive example, certain bottles serve as shining ambassadors for their categories. Catering to every budget, palate, and drinking occasion, here are 15 of the best whiskeys to drink in 2022.

The Worlds Best Whiskey

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Best Budget Whiskey: Larceny Kentucky Straight Very Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

As a wheated bourbon, this is not only a budget-friendly option but one that arrives with an approachable flavor profile. At the $20-ish price point, most whiskeys typically dont offer much beyond their suitability for cocktails. Larceny Small Batch proves a reliable, enjoyable, and modestly complex sipper. It also mixes a mean Whiskey Sour.

Average price: $24

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Pendleton Directors Reserve 20 Year Old Blended Canadian Whisky 750ml Bottle

Whiskey Vault Ep 127: Pendleton Whisky Review and Tasting with Glencadam 15 Cameo

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Pendleton Canadian Whiskys Story

Pendleton Whiskys namesake is none other than the greatest rodeo in the world: The Pendleton Round-Up. Drawing cowboys and spectators from leagues away, the competition has a rich heritage of hard work, camaraderie, and fond memories, so its no surprise that the whiskys foundation is the same.

While bottled in Pendleton, Oregon, Pendleton blends Canadian whiskies that are rooted and based in the time-honored tradition of easy sipping known to cowboys, and now shared with the rest of the world through this tried and true whisky lineup. These spirits are smooth but not watered down, complex but not harsh, and adventurous but not eccentric. They keep in step with the true nature of the Great Northwest.

About Pendleton Premium Canadian Whisky

Every locale has its own rules about whiskies. Bourbon whiskey must contain at least fifty percent corn in its mash bill. Scotch whiskies may not come in at higher than 93% ABV to allow the complex flavor of the drink to remain detecable. And Canadian whisky must only contain cereal grain. But one unspoken rule every style has in common is that it must tell a story.

Whisky is for the honest man and woman, working hard to build this world. And its the escape at the end of the day when their stories come to life, sometimes by the fire after back-breaking farm labor, and sometimes in the drawing room sharing cigars with gents. Its just a matter of finding the right whisky for sharing your story.

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Best Canadian Whisky: Crown Royal Noble Collection Rye Aged 16 Years

While age statements neither equate to nor guarantee quality, its worth stating how remarkable it is that this 16-year-old release carries an average price of just $76. Though admittedly still not cheap, the extensive time in barrel has produced a dazzling array of aromas and flavors, ranging from kettle corn and violets to sweet pepper spice and toasted oak.

Average price: $76

Best Blended Scotch: Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky


As the second child in the Johnnie Walker family, many might look past this 18-year-old release in favor of the brands iconic Blue Label bottling. Where value for money is concerned, this could be considered a mistake. With an average price of around half its elder siblings, this expression comes exceedingly close in terms of quality, complexity, and depth of flavor, delivering a greatest hits of the many styles of Scotch in one harmonious blend.

Average price: $91

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Pendleton Canadian Whisky 80 Proof

Whisky, Blended Canadian

Premium. Pendleton. Oregon. Home of one of the most respected rodeos in the country. We dedicate this whisky to the men and women of the bronc ridinâ sport and those who love them. Stay in control 40% alc/vol. . Imported and Bottled by: Hood River Distillers. Product of Canada.

Contains: Government Warning: According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

Best Japanese Whisky: The Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky Aged 12 Years

The youngest and most available expression from Suntorys Hakushu line, this release still arrives with a hefty price tag but such is the nature of shopping for high-quality Japanese whisky. Stump up for a bottle and rest assured that the liquid inside will deliver considerable consolation. Delicately peated, this single malt serves tantalizing smokiness that weaves wonderfully among savory notes of herbal green tea. Orchard and stone fruit provide a robust, attractive, fruity core.

Average price: $204

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Best Things To Mix With Pendleton

Pendleton Canadian Whisky Taste Review
  • Cola: Whisky and Coke go together like apples and pie. Its available everywhere and the flavors of Canadian whisky and cola mix seamlessly.
  • Ginger: Ginger ale compliments the fresh smooth finish of the glacier spring water in every Pendleton bottle. The spice of the ginger draws out the complexity in the whisky, and the carbonation adds an instant elevated element.
  • Water: One of the best things about Pendleton whiskies is their complexity. No other whisky is produced the same way, and adding water will draw out the brighter notes, revealing more aspects than youd notice simply sipping neat.
  • Sour: Sour cuts through the hot flavor of the alcohol while the citrus highlights the lighter notes in the whiskies.
  • Lemonade: For an easy sipper, try pouring lemonade over a Pendleton whisky in a tall glass. It has the same general effect that sour does, mellowed out.

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Best Bourbon: Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon

With an average price of close to $70, this release doesnt qualify as an everyday sipper for most drinkers. Yet so enticing and characterful is its profile that you might struggle to reach for anything else in your bourbon collection after buying a bottle. At 12 years old and 50 percent ABV, it finds a powerful yet balanced sweet spot, overdelivering on age and quality compared with similarly priced bottles .

Average price: $68

Best Irish Whiskey: Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Irelands native single pot still style offers a unique experience within the whiskey world, delivering rich, cereal-forward sips with complex texture. Made using a blend of 7- and 10-year-old distillates, Green Spot is a shining example of the style, captivating the senses with oaty, dried fruit aromas, rich banana notes, and playful tannic spice on the palate.

Average price: $64

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Best Rye: Frey Ranch Straight Rye Whiskey

These are exciting times for rye whiskey, especially among the nations smaller-scale producers. Among them all large and small none capture the spicy, savory, herbaceous essence of the grain in distilled form as purely and attractively as Nevadas Frey Ranch Distillery. A bonafide grain to glass release, this producer grows all of the winter cereal used in this 100 percent rye whiskey, and the finished product is undeniably worth the effort.

Average price: $66

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