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Where To Buy Leadslingers Whiskey

So Four Friends Walk Into A Bar

Whisk’e’y Review 76, Leadslingers Bourbon Whiskey

Kidding. Kind of. We would love to introduce you to masters of this madness that we call One Bourbon.

Hello! We are the owners and operators of One Bourbon in the heart of Bridge Street NW in Grand Rapids, MI. Brett and Meagan Freriks are both from Zeeland, MI and George and Meg Chittenden, from Spring Lake and Wayland respectively.

The One Bourbon Story is pretty straightforward. We were having a Friendsgiving in 2015, bitching about work and we said “We should really just open our own restaurant” *sips bourbon* and then everyone agrees, and laughs and throws out a ton of random ideas. *sips bourbon* Everyone agrees again…and then the next thing we know, WHAM, Meagan writes a business plan. Oops.

Between the minds of Meagan Freriks, our General Manager and HBIC and George Chittenden, our Executive Chef and comfort food extraordinaire, they bring you the One Bourbon you see today. You will always see Brett Freriks on the weekends delivering guests their meals, checking in on them and helping expedite the kitchen. Meg Chittenden will be running around as a “Utility Player” as we like to say, bartending, serving, expediting, etc. .

We have all worked in everything from diners, to resorts, to fine dining, corporations, you name it and have learned so much in the process. We thank all of our prior places of employment, bosses, peers and staff for the opportunities to learn. Without you we wouldnt be where we are today.


Pyrat Xo Reserve Rum W/steamer Trunk


Rum: Pyrat Xo Reserve W/Steamer TrunkBottled at 40% ABV Pyrat XO Reserve received 94 Points from Wine Enthusiast.Size: 750mLProof: 80 Origin: United StatesDistillery: Demerara DistillersDetailed DescriptionA very special amber Caribbean blended rum from Anguilla Rums Ltd in the West Indies. A real connoisseur’s rum, with a subli…

Karma Anejo Tequila

Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey


Whiskey: Bird Dog Chocolate FlavoredBird Dog’s flavored whiskeys begin with Kentucky bourbon made from corn, malted barley, and rye. This one is infused with chocolates.Size: 750mLProof: 80 Origin: United StatesDistillery: Western SpiritsDetailed DescriptionBird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey exudes a luscious, rich milk chocola…

Bob Dylan | Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey

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Bourbon Noun Magic Brown Water For Fun People

Featuring 200+ different whiskies and bourbon, COMFORT food, quality spirits, beer and wine. Located at 608 Bridge, One Bourbon brings the Bourbon/Whiskey movement with American regional dining to Beer City.

One Bourbons interior reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area, with loads of unfinished brick, tin ceilings and Edison lights. The multilevel restaurant offers the choice to dine in the pub area with live edge granite bar in the main dining area with comfy seating and plenty of light or outdoors on the large patio.

The 2nd floor allows guests to observe passersby in the Oak Room and the Lounge, a private dining area for your next business meeting, group dinner or get together. Seating up to 50 for a formal meal and up to 75 for cocktail style,the Lounge and Oak Room has soft seating with wing-back chairs, end tables, pub tables, and dining tables.

A wonderful bourbon and libations selection! Choices are endless! Our dinner tonight was wonderful and filling and the proportions were very generous! Truly appreciated the awesome server and service from this beautiful restaurant and bar!.

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Parking Information

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Leadslingers Spirits Where To Buy

Leadslingers Whiskey

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Where To Buy Leadslinger Whiskey Near Me

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Where To Buy Leadslingers Whiskey In Texas

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Leadslingers Napalm Cinnamon Whiskey

*This image represents the intended product however, bottle designs, artwork, packaging and current batch release or proof may be updated from the producer without notice.

Notice: US import tariffs on EU products effective 10.18.19 certain products may be subject to this fee. Products that have entered the US and cleared customs prior to this effective date in the US are not subject to this tariff. Therefore Local Retail Partners will notify us of qualifying items prior to fulfillment if any additional amount is due.

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

LeadSlingers Whiskey Review – TNA Drinks Episode 170


Whiskey: Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight BourbonBasil Hayden’s bourbon whiskey is an artfully aged, light and easy to sip spirit that features a delicious and clean finish. It is a craft bourbon unlike any other.Size: 750mLProof: 80 Origin: United StatesDistillery: Kentucky Springs Distilling Co.Detailed DescriptionBasil Hayden…

Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Whiskey: Old Elk Blended Straight BourbonAn exceptionally distinctive bourbon with remarkable depth, complexity and length.Size: 750mLProof: 88 Origin: United StatesDistillery: Old Elk DistilleryDetailed DescriptionSlow cut proofing enhances the bourbons flavors through a patient process where full barrel proof bourbon is cut, …

100 Anos Blanco Tequila

Ron Llave White Rum 1l


Rum: Ron Llave White 1LAged in stainless steel casks, Ron Llave White Rum from the West Indies is a versatile mixer for your favorite rum cocktails.Size: 1LProof: 80 Origin: Puerto RicoDetailed DescriptionRon Llave Supremo White Puerto Rican Rum is a traditional Puerto Rican rum. Ron Llave has the mellow character and mixability …

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New Leadslingers At Your Buffalo Wine Shop

If youve been patiently waiting for your favorite Buffalo liquor store to stock up on new Leadslingers releases, youre in luck! Gates Circle Wine & Liquor has finally received a drop of Black Flag Rum, Napalm Cinnamon Whiskey, and the limited release Thin Blue Line Bourbon in support of the families of the deceased Dallas police officers. Remember, there isnt a lot of this stuff, and once its gone, its gone. Gates Circle Wine & Liquor will always be your home for Leadslingers Whiskey for sale!

Leadslingers Whiskey is produced by Scissortail Disillery in Oklahoma and seven combat veterans who love whiskey almost as much as they unrepentantly support the Second Amendment.

Because these spirits are produced in small batches, please limit your order to 6 bottles. Leadslingers Whiskey has requested we put a 2 bottle limit on all Thin Blue Line orders, so plan your cart accordingly!

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