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Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon Review

Wild Turkey Russells Reserve 10 Years Old

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year (No Bull$h!t Bourbon Review)

I have so many plans

The scope of my ambition, however, often overwhelms my ability to execute. For example: I have six samples of Kentucky Peerless barrel picks sitting in my basement, next to the dozen bottles of various Makers Mark expressions that I am saving for the tasting-to-end-all-tastings. The weight of these tasks creates a type of paralysis its like having writers block in applied form.

I tell all our writers here that they should write only when they feel inclined to do so. This is advice that one of our former editors gave consistently, and I have maintained the practice. From our readers perspective: its easy to tell when a writer has passion for a subject. The prose flows energetically, the writers personality shines through, and the tasting notes are rich and varied.

On the other hand, its also readily apparent when theres a lack of enthusiasm. Im not talking about the weary, cynical takes that have become a part of the Malt brand even those can be full of strong feelings, albeit of the negative variety. Rather, Im referring to the reviews undertaken due to a sense of obligation or boredom, perhaps for lack of other material available. Im guilty of producing a few of these myself, though Im hoping that todays will be more inspired, as it is motivated by several topics that I feel strongly about addressing.

Russells Reserve 10 Year Old Review

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Eric Middleton

About Russells Reserve 10 Year Old is a small batch bourbon made by Wild Turkey with its name paying homage to legendary distiller Jimmy Russell and his son distiller Eddie Russell. This whiskey is aged 10 years and bottled at 90 proof.

Nose Sweet right off the bat with scents of toffee and honey. If I had to share an example of what a good bourbon smells like, this is it.

Palate Sweet like the smell first picking up toffee and vanilla then a bit of spice comes through perhaps from the rye content typical of a Wild Turkey product with a bit of corn on the back end.

Finish A medium to long finish highlighting the oak and leaving a taste I describe as Bit-O-Honey like. This stuff is smooth, almost dangerously so with the finish just leaving you wanting another sip.

Score B+

Verdict This is one I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle of. At the price it is a fair value and I would say stacks up much better than many bourbons in same price range. This is one that I will keep in rotation.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon Rating

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Russells Reserve 10 Year Small Batch Review

Do you love Bourbon? I do, and this is being National Bourbon Heritage Month I felt it only fitting to feature one of my favorites. The Russells Reserve 10 Year Small Batch, which comes to us from the fine folks at Wild Turkey, is great and if someone were to come over to my house and ask the question whats bourbon taste like? this is what I would give them. It has that amazing toffee + vanilla +spice that symbolizes the classic bourbon flavor profile and would help them get it right away.

On the whole it may be a complex bourbon, but that doesnt mean you need a trained palate to enjoy it. Most of the flavors live on the surface and can easily be sussed out. Adding ice or chilling it does concentrate the sweetness a bit and the earthy hints tend to go a bit underground as it were, but its not a severe change.

Russells Reserve 10 Year Bourbon Review

Review #21: Russells Reserve 10 year : bourbon

I remember first tasting Russells Reserve a few years ago and at the time I was completely hung up on higher end bourbons at higher end prices. At first I blew this one off as a daily drinker but quickly back tracked on my rush to judge and realized this was a REALLY good bourbon . I sometimes think bourbon drinkers get caught up in the world of I need to pay $50 for a good bottle of whiskey when in reality there are some great bourbons under that price point and this is one of them.

I will start by saying this bourbon is very approachable even if youre new to tasting bourbon. At 90 proof its a light easy drinker that is readily available in most states. You can typically find a bottle of this for less than $40 and I typically see it somewhere between $30 $35 here in Texas.

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Russells Reserve 10 Years Old Review

Color: Medium-pale gold.

On the nose: The nose has a delicacy that encompasses gentle floral, fruit, stone, and dark aromas. Theres a fresh springtime bouquet that melds seamlessly with some cheery scents of cherry candy. A counterpoint in the form of a mineralic whiff of limestone yields to some more brooding smells of leather, tobacco, forest floor, and tar.

In the mouth: The first impression is a sweet one, with the freshly floral aspects of the nose joining in with light sugary confectionery flavors. This becomes more austere in the middle of the mouth, where a drying chalkiness dominates for a moment before a re-emergence of richer flavors of candied fruit. Theres a hint of new leather as this transitions into the finish, where a tingly spicy heat and a lingering stoniness persist long after the final swallow.

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