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Beer Pong Float For Pool

Gopong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable With Social Floating White

Floating Beer Pong Table | DIY Pool Pong Tutorial
  • 6ft Floating Beer Pong Table with Cup Holders for Social Floating
  • Full 10 Cup Beer Pong on Each Side
  • 3 Features in 1: Pool Pong, Social Floating and Floating Lounge
  • Includes 3 Pong Balls and a Retail Box
  • Inflates quickly by pump or mouth
182.88 x 91.44 x 15.24 cm 453.59 Grams
Item model number
Pool Lounge Inflatable, Pong Balls
Batteries Included?
4.3 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank

Gopong Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table With Cooler White 6

  • The only beer pong table with a built in cooler
  • 3 Features in 1: Pool Pong, Social Floating, and Floating Lounge
  • Includes 6 Pong Balls and a Retail Box
  • 6ft Long x 3ft wide with full 10 cup beer pong
  • Cooler Holds up to 18 beverages with ice
182.88 x 91.44 x 15.24 cm 2.27 Kilograms
Item model number
4.3 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank

Beer Pong Pool Floats Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

How do you play floating pong?

The Kelsyus Floating Pong is a drinking game and floating drink holder in one! Fill up some plastic cups with your favorite beverage and place them in the designated holding spots. Take turns tossing a ping pong ball into the cups, and if someone lands the ball in your cup, then bottoms up!

In this regard, what is pool beer pong?

Description. Take your favorite party game to the water with the Pool Pong Float from Sun Squad. This novelty pool float has a long rectangular shape, with each end boasting a triangular arrangement of 10 cupholders to make it easy to set up for a floating game of beer or any beverage of your choice! pong.

Besides, how do you play beer pong in pool?

Each two person team takes turns throwing ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. Each team gets two shots per turn, one shot per team member. After each shot, any cup that a ball lands in is removed from the formation, and players from the receiving team take turns drinking 4 6 ounces of beer per shot.

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Beer Pong Table Inflatable Pool Float 6 Ft Approx


Planning a pool party and want to include a game of beer pong as well? This great Pool Party Beer Pong Pool Float is the perfect thing to wet your whistle and stay cool all at once. This product allows you to play while you are still in the water and is set up to keep all your beer cups and wash cups afloat while you play for easy cleanup. It is even a full six- feet long for regulation play. The table is designed with depressions for your cups so there is a low chance of the beer actually spilling or tipping over. If you dont feel like playing beer pong, it can also be used as a regular pool float. Pool Party Pong Pool Float: Great inflatable beer pong table Set up to hold all of your beer cups and wash cups 6 long Inflatable pool float Can be used as a regular pool float 330 lb weight limit

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Game Setup And Additional Cup Holders

A new twist on the game...

Paying attention to the cup holding capacity that the floater presents is the next crucial thing to notice. For casual gamers, the ones with 7 cup holders may suffice but, if you are into some serious pool-side beer pong and want to play by the rules, look for options with a minimum of 10 holders on each contending side. You need a minimum of 20 cups for the official game. Also, ensure that the game setup has enough space in the middle to bounce the balls better and score higher.

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Type: Inflatable Or Foam

The beer pong table for pools is available in two formats, either foam-made or inflatable. While both have their perks and downsides, it ultimately comes down to the preference of the user. The foam option is self-explanatory and is less of a hassle in terms of setting up. The inflatable ones, on the other hand, are made of quality plastic and requires little pumping. Checking the built quality is vital to ensure it wouldnt pop or be punctured while enjoying a game. You can check out our reviews for the GoPong inflatable table and Polar Whale foam beer pong table.

Don’t Take Our Word For It Here’s What Our Customers Think:

  • The Professional 8′ Beer Pong Table is simply the best table out there on the market. If you want the best you’ve gotta go with this one. – Cody S

  • I always price shop for the best prices, but BeerPongTables.com can’t be beat when it comes to pricing. They even beat out Amazon. – Mike F

  • I started out with the 6 foot table but eventually upgraded to the 8 foot pro table for it’s awesome quality. I also picked up one of the inflatable beer pong rafts for the pool. With these tables I’m always the center of the party! – Aaron R

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What Kind Of Cups Can I Use

Beer pong in the pool is usually played with ping pong balls and plastic party cups or glasses. The size of the cup varies between 16 to 18 ounces ideally. The cups have to be the size that fits into the holders of your table, and the top open area of the cup must be big enough for the play ball to get in.

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