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Where To Buy Nutrl Vodka Soda

Labatt Acquires Bc Distillery Known For Ready

NUTRL Vodka Soda Review

Aleksandra Sagan, The Canadian Press

The Labatt brewery in Toronto , The Canadian Press/Aaron Harris

Labatt Breweries of Canada has acquired a distillery known for spirits and canned cocktails as the brewery looks to expand its ready-to-drink offerings — a bright spot for a company grappling with a declining beer market.

Labatt announced Monday that it has acquired Delta, B.C.-based Goodridge & Williams. The distillery makes the Nutrl vodka and vodka soda drinks, along with several other spirits and mixed drinks.

“The ready-to-drink category in Canada has grown by double digits in recent years,” said Labatt president Kyle Norrington in an email, citing industry data from the past three years that tracked the rise of pre-mixed drinks, like vodka sodas and gin and tonics.

The vodka soda market, in particular, saw triple-digit growth over the past three years, he said.

Spirits, which includes ready-to-drink products, maintained the largest portion of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s sales in 2019, according to its most recent annual report. Spirits brought in $2.5 billion or 39 per cent of all sales.

That year, the province’s spirits market grew 7.6 per cent, according to the LCBO report — up 8.6 million litres to almost 122 million litres.

The pre-mixed and packaged cocktail segment doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, said Norrington in a statement.

The G& W acquisition furthers its offerings in this space.

Nutrl Vodka Soda Mixed Pack

12 x 355 mL can | LCBO#: 14994Limited Time Offer

Now you can enjoy a variety of Canada’s favourite vodka sodas. Included are 12, 355 mL cans of Nutrl Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime and Cranberry. This mixed pack makes a great gift and is perfect for entertaining. Made from premium craft vodka, soda water and natural flavours. Pure and simple. Serve in a tall glass over ice.

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  • Nutrl – Vodka Soda Pineapple
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Ntrl Canned Vodka Seltzer Launches In The Us

Anheuser-Busch is rolling out NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer in the US. Youre probably thinking, another seltzer?, but hear us out. NÜTRL is vodka-based and made with just three ingredients: vodka, seltzer and real fruit juice.

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer is a tasty, sessionable beverage that is unpretentious and uncomplicated. At just 100 calories, NÜTRL is gluten free and includes no added sugar.

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer comes in a variety 6 pack with Watermelon, Pineapple and Raspberry flavors as well as individual Pineapple and Raspberry 4 packs. The brand is currently available in 11 states and select cities and will continuously increase its distribution footprint.

For More Information:

Introducing Ntrl Vodka Soda The Worlds Simplest And Purest Craft Vodka Soda


BC handcrafted vodka. Soda. Lemon. And nothing else.

Theres an endless array of alcoholic drinks available in a can, but Nütrl Vodka Soda is a true innovation in the category: a clean, classic, premium vodka soda made without sugar, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives of any kind. Nütrl took its award-winning super-premium BC craft vodka and carefully blended it with soda and natural lemon, then wrapped it in their signature, sleek black and white, for easy summer sipping at home, in the nightclub, or outside in the sunshine.

Unlike other coolers which are sweetened, flavoured and made with mass-produced spirits, Nütrl Vodka Soda is made using outstanding small-batch handcrafted vodka, soda water, and natural lemon for a flavour thats notably cleaner, lighter, andyesmore neutral.

The secret of Nütrl Vodka Soda lies in starting with famously smooth and clean-tasting Nütrl Vodka so that no sugars or sweeteners or artificial flavours are needed to mask. Thats why Nütrl Vodka Soda is wildly light, easy drinking, additive-free and totally refreshing. At only 98 calories in each 355ml can, its the perfect change up from the usual sugary-sweet coolers.

Nütrl Vodka Soda: This. Changes. Everything.

For more information about Nütrl, visit .

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Costco Nutrl Vodka Beverages Review

Tired of super sweet, high calorie alcoholic beverages? Ive found a drink for you!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

Are you tired of super sweet, high calorie, alcoholic beverages and are looking for a slightly healthier, zero sugar summer beverage!? Today Im going to review the Nutrl Vodka Soda Beverages from Costco liquor and in this review Ill review the taste, cost, and nutritional information. Its a long weekend so I figured why not post this today!

Battle Of The Beverages: Nude Vs Nutrl

As I get older, the quest to find an alcoholic beverage that tastes great and leaves you hangover free has become like searching for pirates treasure. In my world, coolers have always been synonymous with one word: headache. I had long tired of artificial sweeteners that left me wondering which flavour I was sipping on, and had grown begrudgingly accustomed to waking up with a splitting, sugar-induced hangover that had me reaching for the bottle of Advil. I had reached an alcohol wall. And, as one who refuses to give up in the face of adversity, I determinedly set out in search of a drink that could make me forget about hangovers of years past, that would satisfy my love of something sweet and would fill my desire for local, chemical-free alcoholic goodness. Thats where Nude and Nutrl vodka sodas stepped in.

Based on a demand from other fed up drinkers such as myself, Nude and Nutrl vodka sodas were created with the health conscious and social drinker in mind. Both boast the same claims a locally made and distilled vodka soda thats free from artificial colours, sweeteners, and flavours, with a rare 100 calories per can. Often compared to La Croix with a boozy twist, both brands are designed to refresh and hydrate their consumer while providing a fresh and unbeatable flavour that packs an alcoholic punch. The question is once put to the test, which would reign supreme?

  • Scent
  • Can quality
  • Beverage #1: Nude Vodka Soda

    Beverage #2: Nutrl Vodka Soda

    Social Show-Down

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