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Nolets Gin Review

The Netherlands is the birthplace of gin. Genever was created there in the 16th century, and the Nolet family’s story of making gin is nearly as old. Their Schiedam distillery was founded in 1691, and the 10th and 11th generations now run the family business of crafting fine spirits. Yet, today, this distillery may be better known worldwide as the home of the very popular Ketel One Vodka .

Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin is considerably younger. The brand launched in 2010 and follows the newer generations of gin that focus on softer, brighter botanicals. Unlike London dry gin, it is not a juniper-forward gin, though it does include that key botanical that traditionally defines gin.

Nolet’s principal botanicals are rose, peach, and raspberry. While the full botanical list is kept secret, it has hints of traditional flavoring ingredients, including juniper, citrus, liquorice, and orris root. Each botanical is individually macerated and distilled using a copper pot still then a column still to make the concentrated flavored alcohols. When all elements are ready, the botanical-flavored spirits are blended with a 100 percent wheat spirit that is distilled four times to create the signature taste of Nolet’s Silver Gin. It is married for several days before a member of the Nolet family tastes and personally approves the batch.

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Gin is back. Its one of the most versatile liquors behind any bar, and the diversity of gins makes tasting each one all the more intriguing for connoisseurs. Plus, the best gin brands are producing top-tier bottles that match any premium bourbon or Cognac for sip-ability, and can still be used in a very wide range of cocktails.

Gins versatility means its a liquor for all types of drinkers. With the best examples, you can sip the stuff neat, fix an evening drink or make cocktails for a whole party all with one bottle. And speaking of cocktails, there are lots to choose from. Although gin has a unique flavor, its not as strong as whiskey or tequila, and its botanical flavor blends nicely with mixers. Classic examples of gin cocktails include negronis, gin martinis, gin and tonics, tom collins and gimlets, to name a few.

Another reason for gins comeback is its craft character. Unlike most liquors, gin has very few regulations it can be aged for any amount of time, use a variety of mashes and botanicals and can be made anywhere . The only requirements for a liquor to be considered gin is 40% ABV and the inclusion of juniper berries. Thats it. This liberal creation process gives gin brands a ton of freedom to experiment and make something fresh.

Highclere Castle Dry Gin

Highclere Castle might be best known as the filming location of the Emmy-winning series Downton Abbey, but its also the headquarters of a premium, namesake gin brand. The storied estate acts as both the botanical source and inspiration for the gin: With Highclere, I wanted to truly liquify the estate, Highclere Caste Gin CEO Adam von Gootkin tells Rolling Stone. Youre drinking the terroir of a place. Youre drinking these botanicals from a place. These botanicals are special. After the botanicals are harvested from Highclere Castle, distillation happens at the oldest gin distillery in England, Langley Distillery.

Although the gin is steeped in history thanks to its roots at Highclere and its creation at Langley, the liquors flavor is actually quite modern. It is a London dry gin in every proper way, says von Gootkin, But I also wanted to give it a bit of a modern twist. That modernization takes the form of less juniper, extra citrus and the novel addition of oats. Von Gootkin says that the oat grain gives it this thick, almost viscous finish that is really soft and velvety like my favorite whiskies.

Because the juniper is less distinct than old school gins, Highclere also makes a great entry point for any gin newbies. Its delicious in cocktails, but von Gootkin suggests trying it on the rocks. We recommend taking von Gootkins advice youll understand why Highclere has garnered over a dozen prestigious awards all over the globe.

Courtesy Highclere Castle Gin

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Its Not A Juniper Bomb

Whereas many other spirits categories have strict standards they need to meet , gins rules are more lax than youd think. According to federal standards of identity for gins, they must simply be spirits that derive its main characteristic flavor from juniper berries. That opens the door for a gin like NOLET’S Silver Gin, muted in its use of piney, prickly juniper as it instead lets other botanicals shine. NOLET’S Silver Gin features peaches, raspberries, and roses, botanicals rarely seen in other gins, but ones which give it a more floral and fruit-forward aroma and flavor profile, perfect for summer sipping.

Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Nolets Dry Gin

Another great offering from Plymouth is their Navy Strength gin. Plymouth was actually the first brand to officially market Navy Strength gin in 1997, which has since become a whole category of its own.

If youre unfamiliar with Navy Strength, it just means strong, or over-proof. This bottle boasts an ABV of 57%, which is a substantial jump from the 45%-ish ABV of normal gin. Plymouths Navy Strength is one of the best because it actually wrangles this high alcohol content with a balanced and surprisingly smooth taste. Of course, the punchiness is still there, making the Navy Strength gin a great option for bold cocktails and adventurous gin tasting.

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Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

Japanese spirits are quickly becoming a mainstay in North American drinking culture. Still, many gin enthusiasts havent tried the best of what Japanese distillers can do with juniper. Ki No Bi is a great place to start. Its an ultra-premium dry gin made in Kyoto using primarily Japanese ingredients. The gins base is a rice spirit, while botanicals include yuzu, hinoki , bamboo and gyokuro green tea. Ki No Bi practices a very different distillation process than most gins by individually distilling six categories of botanicals: base, citrus, tea, herbal, spice and floral. These six individually-distilled botanicals are then blended to create a bold, distinct flavor that deserves to be sipped on its own at least once before mixing in cocktails.

Production Types And Cocktail Recipes

Nolet’s Silver Gin is a modern-style gin distilled in Schiedam, South Holland. It is produced by the Nolet family, who have been distilling gin for over 300 years. A distillery with such history is an unlikely source for a contemporary gin that has a noticeable lack of juniper. Instead, there is a definite Dutch genever influence in this dry gin that has a fruity and floral profile dominated by rose, peach, and raspberry.

This is a gin that can appeal to gin enthusiasts as well as vodka drinkers and those that shy away from the piney flavor customarily associated with gin. You can drink it on the rocks and in simple mixed drinks like the gin and tonic, or use it to create some lovely gin cocktails.

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The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

While many modern gins veer away from juniper, The Botanist brings the attention back to gins foremost ingredient. This makes it a great choice for purists, as well as newbies looking to appreciate fine, juniper-forward gin.

The Botanist has a total of 22 botanicals all of which are hand-foraged on the Scottish island of Islay. All these botanicals come through in each step of the tasting process with a crisp, flowery, citrus flavor. This makes it one of the best gins for sipping straight, although its also great for upgraded cocktails.

What Does Nolet’s Silver Gin Taste Like

Nolet’s Gin Review!

Nolet’s Silver Gin has a soft and delicate flavor profile that is somehow also rich. The experience begins with a rose-laden fragrance accented with fresh peach and the slightest hint of pine. On the palate, this gin follows suit with raspberry shining through ever so gently and an interesting, tender mix of juniper, orris root, and liquorice hanging out in the background. The dry finish is where the juniper becomes less transparent, leaving the experience with welcomed familiarity.

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Amass Los Angeles Dry Gin

When we say that gin is exciting right now, were talking about brands like AMASS Los Angeles. The inspiration is in the name, as the gin sources botanicals that reflect Southern Californias diverse agricultural offerings. A hefty 29 botanicals make up the gin, and some of them are quite unexpected, such as California Bay, Hibiscus and two kinds of mushrooms. The flavor is primarily earthy and herbal, with strong ingredients namely cardamom and coriander giving the juniper some competition. Overall, its an exciting, complex gin that every connoisseur needs to try.

What Are The Different Types Of Gin

As mentioned, gin making is quite a lawless endeavor. However, most gins can be classified into four categories: London Dry, Plymouth, Old Tom or Navy Strength. Heres what each of those mean.

London Dry: London dry is the most classic and most popular type of gin. Despite the name, London drys dont need to be made in Britain and are distilled all over the world. These traditional gins are characterized by a crisp, clear taste that puts the juniper front-and-center and foregoes most sweetness. Flavor notes are therefore very woodsy something like how you wish a Christmas tree would taste. The vast majority of gins fall into the London dry category, so they should take up the majority of your gin tastings.

Plymouth: Plymouth gin is the only regionally-restricted type of gin, and must be made in Plymouth, England. However, there is only one gin distillery and one brand left in the Plymouth region: the simply-named Plymouth gin. This gin variant uses slightly more botanicals than traditional London dry gins, giving Plymouth a sweeter, more earthy flavor.

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How To Drink Nolet’s Silver Gin

Gin is not often enjoyed on its own, but Nolet’s Silver Gin is an exception. Its flavor profile makes it an excellent drink when sipped slowly on the rocks. The slight chill will open up the gin’s bouquet, while a bit of dilution relaxes the alcohol to create an excellent sipper.

Cocktails are where Nolet’s really shines, and it’s best in lightly-flavored drinks. Avoid anything with dark, savory, or creamy ingredients as they will overpower the gin, and it will get lost. Instead, stick with gin cocktails that have a bright profile to compliment Nolet’s unique features.

Start with soda highballs like the gin and tonic or Tom Collins. Or, top a shot of Nolet’s with club soda or lightly flavored sparkling water . This gin will make a great when accented with orange bitters and garnished with a lemon twist . However, it’s almost better in a , as the gin’s fruitiness is an ideal pairing for the classic cocktail’s sweet vermouth and maraschino. The French martini and Park Avenue are great options as well. You can also use it in cocktails designed for similarly styled gins, such as Hendrick’s and Aviation.

Nolet’s Brings A New Face To Dry Gin

Nolets Dry Gin
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Vodka before, whiskey after has been my family’s Christmas tradition for a long time. While I’m in the kitchen poking the prime rib , my dad is busy mixing Ketel One martinis . After dinner, we’ll hold informal tastings of all the various bottles of whiskey given and received as gifts earlier in the day.

Gin, on the other hand, is a relative rarity at family events, and it was a long time before I developed a taste for it. I carried a strong aversion, mostly fueled by a few bad run-ins with the cheap stuff in college , for a long time feeling like sipping on gin was akin to chugging perfume. Only once I started drinking it the way it’s supposed to be drunkthat is, well chilled and well diluteddid the “oh, I get it” lightbulb snap on in my brain. Then, a few weeks ago, I attended a cocktail dinner hosted at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and tasted a new spirit that might forever change our holiday ritual.

Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin is made by the Nolet family, who own the oldest distillery in the Netherlands, where the family has been making geneverthe Dutch ancestor to modern ginsince 1691. These days they’re most well known for their vodka, the same Ketel One that my dad favors in his martinis. Getting back into the gin business is a good move for them, and their new product, at $50 a bottle, is geared towards a decidedly high end market.

“they’re tempered by rose, peaches, and raspberries”

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Nolet’s Has A $700 Gin Too

If most people dont think of gin as a luxury spirit, one whose bottles you display in your study and then contemplatively sip after dinner, your mind will be changed by NOLET’S Reserve Gin. This lavish bottling is a pet project of 10th-generation distillery owner Carolus Nolet, Sr., who oversees each and every handmade small batch that comprises NOLET’S Reserve. Its exotic botanical bill features spicy saffron from the Middle Eastfamously the worlds most expensive spiceand verbena picked in North Africa, creating a savory flavor profile perfect for sipping like a fine whiskey or cognac. Only a few hundred bottles are released annually, individually numbered and packaged in a display box that would look great in your, uh, study.


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