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What To Mix With Bourbon Whiskey

Exploring The Collins Family

How to Mix Whiskey with Soda | Whiskey Guide

There are many ‘Collins’ drinks that vary due to the base liquor used and all of them are good drinks to memorize. To remember the difference between the John and Tom Collins, I think of “John” as the macho whiskey drinker and associate “Tom” with gin.

The vodka collins is an easy one to remember because the liquor of choice is right there in the name. Similarly, you can recall that the tequila collins has a tequila base.

The Collins formula is easy to remember:

Pop Your Whiskey Sour Cherry

One fun new take on the traditional whiskey sour is to replace maraschino cherries with ripe whole cherries. You can skewer them, hang them over the edge of the glass with their rugged stems, or you could slice, pit, and freeze ripe cherries and drop them into the glass along with ice cubes. Theyll cool your drink and as they thaw theyll sweeten it with a delicious natural flavor!

The Absolute Best Tasting Jim Beam Cocktail & Mixer Recipes

Jim Beam is made by a family who started distilling in 1795. Seven generations on, theyve become one of the biggest distillers in the world, producing a huge range of well-respected and award-winning whiskies. The first of the Beam family to become a distiller in Kentucky was Johannes Jacob Beam, who was born in 1770. Jacobs distillery was called Old Tub and his whiskey, known as Old Jake Beam, was introduced in 1795. Remarkably, seven generations later, the business is still operated by Jacob Beams descendants, although ownership has now passed to Fortune Brands.

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Jim Beam Bourbon Essential Facts

  • Beam distilleries make over two-thirds of all bourbon produced in Kentucky.
  • Each year, about 80,000 people make the pilgrimage to visit the brands visitors center.
  • Jim Beam is named after James B. Beam, who revived the brand after prohibition.
  • Jim Beam has been using the same strain of yeast since Prohibitions end.
  • All Jim Beam whiskeys are distilled twice and aged at least four years in new, charred American oak.
  • Jim Beam is in the food business too. You can find Jim Beam-flavored sunflower seeds, beef jerky, and a variety of sauces.

The Best Bourbon Whiskey Sour Recipe

Ideas For What to Mix With Bourbon

I’m a freelance writer from Maine, and I love writing articles on topics that I have an interest in.

whiskey sour

It can be intimidating to mix a new drink for friends and if you aren’t sure how to make a whiskey sour, of course it’s easier to buy a case of beer. But if you love entertaining and want to impress friends and family at your next dinner party or backyard barbecue, serving quality, homemade cocktails with premium ingredients will make your party a hit.

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Other Famous Highball Cocktails

There are lots of other famous highball cocktails: which happen to be some of the easiest mixed drinks around. After you make this whiskey highball, consider trying:

  • Tom Collins Cocktail This nostalgic cocktail is about as classic as it gets! This tall drink is a essentially gin sour, a sweet and sour drink made with gin: a cousin of the gin fizz!

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Whiskey And Sweet Tea Cocktail

This combines two southern classics. And makes for a easy summer cocktail for day drinking at a cookout. Its also a nice change of pace to a whiskey and soda. Especially if sweet tea isnt usually in your drink rotation.

Buying a large bottle or making your own Sweet tea is a smart investment because its a great mixer for basically any liquor, whether whiskey, vodka, or tequila. You can probably get away with mixing white rum with it, though I cant say Ive tried sweet tea and gin . But the gin & tea could be a hidden gem. So let us know if you try and it works.

Jack Daniels is a good whiskey for this cocktail.

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Jim Beam Black Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This was an eight year old Jim Beam straight Bourbon, and available as a six year old in some regions but Jim Beam decided to drop the age-statement completely in 2015. The bottle also uses the term Triple Aged which surprisingly does not mean the spirit has been aged in three different barrels. Instead, Jim Beam have chosen a complicated way to communicate that the whiskey has been aged three times as much as the requirements for straight Bourbons. Could they have said it better? Probably, but the lack of specified guidelines in America, unlike Scotland could be to blame for that one.

Now about the whiskey itself this is a smooth, more refined Jim Beam straight Bourbon, and has gone down quite well with long-time Beam lovers. Even the slightly higher ABV at 43% works because of how mellow this expression really is. There is spice and vanilla on the nose right off the bat, and you get caramel sweetness on the palate with a soft citrus influence. Very smooth, and an excellent sipping whiskey for people that truly love Jim Beam. For others, this isnt too bad to mix into a cocktail, or be enjoyed with a splash of water.

Use Soda Water Ginger Ale Or Ginger Beer

Liquor & Mixed Drinks : About Bourbon Mixed Drinks

What does mixing whiskey and soda water taste like? In truth: like watered down whiskey. Its nothing like a Vodka Tonic: the vodka version of a highball that tastes light and citrusy. Heres a little breakdown on the bubbles to use in a whiskey highball:

  • Soda water: Use soda water if youre a whiskey lover! Its a great way to appreciate the complexity of whiskey with no sweetness.
  • Ginger ale or ginger beer: If you prefer more balanced drinks like the Whiskey Sour, try this drink with ginger ale or ginger beer. It gives it more sweet notes to balance out the dry, spicy whiskey.

Want more drinks with ginger ale or ginger beer? Try Classic Ginger Ale Cocktails or Ginger Beer Cocktails Worth Making.

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Boilermaker Bourbon And Beer

I wont suggest you drop a shot glass in your beer, but bourbon and beer make a classic combination if you choose the right beer. In the winter, Id prefer a stout or porter mixed with sharp, aggressive bourbon. But in the summer, I want a wheat beer, amber ales, or maybe a light pilsner to mix with a vanilla and caramel forward bourbon. Generally, 1 oz of bourbon to 12 oz of beer lets the bourbon peek through and play nice, but you can choose your own ratio.

Club Soda And Whiskey

If you are drinking a high-quality whiskey and dont want a mixer that obscures its flavor, use club soda. It will make your whiskey taste more refreshing without dramatically affecting its flavor.

Another advantage of drinking whiskey and club soda is that it will dilute the alcoholic content of the spirit, giving you a smoother drink.

To make club soda with whiskey:

  • Add some ice to a highball glass
  • Pour in 30 to 60 ml of whiskey
  • Add 180 ml of club soda
  • Stir with a mixing spoon
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    Why Choose Coke With Whisky

    Coke is simple, yet it is extraordinary in itself. It is one of the best ingredients you can have with your friends when they come home without informing. Mixing Jack Daniels and coke is the best whisky to mix with coke and the best you can offer to anyone.

    Another combination that works well when pairing with coke is Bourbon and Canadian Whisky. Coke has its flavors, and together with Whisky, it turns out to be extraordinary especially, for young drinkers.

    For those who do not prefer drinking whisky alone, coke is the best. These two ingredients are the most common ingredients that are available at the bar and home. It is one of the most straightforward and most amazing cocktails to make.

    What To Mix With Whiskey

    15 bartenders tell us their favorite bourbons to mix with ...

    Are you getting slightly bored with drinking whiskey with a water chaser? It might be time to experiment with whiskey mixers.

    There are several mixers that can turn a pretty bland whiskey into a delicious drink that will have you coming back for more.

    In this post Ill share some of the best whiskey mixers.

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    Which Bourbon Is The Smoothest

    While Jim Beam has established a reputation in the industry for producing high-quality bourbon whiskey that is extremely smooth, Evan Williams beat them in this comparison. While the Jim Beam selection is smooth without a question, its the kind of smoothness that you would expect from a regular glass of water. This as opposed to the smooth velvet-like texture that you experience when drinking the Evan Williams selection.

    Whiskey And Sweet Tea Cocktail Recipe:

    • 2 oz. Rye Whiskey
    • 3 oz. Apple Cider

    If you want to add some extra flavor to this drink without much added work, then grate a cinnamon stick into the mix, or add a small pinch of ground cinnamon.

    Now that you have read about all our simple bourbon cocktail recipes its time to make them and try them out, or impress your friends, family, and maybe even some strangers

    Leave a comment letting us know which cocktails you liked best, which ones you didnt, any additions you threw in there or some cocktail ideas of your own.


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    Nelsons Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey

    Average Price:$30

    The Whiskey:

    Nelsons Green Brier is a heritage brand that has a great comeback story. The familys shingle was killed by Prohibition until descendants of the former owners stumbled upon the old distillery. Now theyre making one of the finest wheated Tennessee whiskeys at one of the most accessible price points of any whiskey on the market.*

    *By fulfilling all the requirements for a bourbon, this could technically be bottled as such tomorrow with no tweaks so weve included it.

    Tasting Notes:

    Cinnamon stewed apple mix with oily vanilla and a sweet edge of caramel. The spice carries through the taste with buttery cinnamon toast feel next to more tart apples, plenty of that caramel, wet brown sugar, and a small dusting of dark cacao and cherries. The end takes its time as it dances back through the cinnamon, cherry, chocolate, spice, and brown sugar towards a final note of wood.

    The Cocktail: Boulevardier

    This whiskey has some big notes that can stand up to big botanicals. That makes it a great candidate for a big cocktail like this.

    Blood And Sand Cocktail

    How to Mix Bourbon with Eggnog

    Let’s move onto Scotch cocktails! The Blood and Sand cocktail is one of the few classic Scotch cocktails, and features blood orange juice and cherry liqueur. It was named after the 1922 silent movie about a bullfighter called Blood and Sand. The natural tie in? The blood orange juice, of course! Instead of spicy and boozy like most Scotch cocktails, its the exact opposite! Its light and semi-sweet, with a balanced and cherry-forward flavor.

    Made with: Scotch whisky

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    A Tasty Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

    A couple of months ago I was invited to a restaurant in Tribeca called American Cut to sample Bulleit Barrel Strength and possibly meet founder, Tom Bulleit.

    Well, that was an invitation I wasnt going to turn down.

    American Cut is a classic steak house, serving up oysters and crab cakes and all the best cuts of steak. We got to sample some appetizers that night that were awesome, but I definitely need to get back there and have a whole dinner and maybe get that big Tomahawk Chop for two

    And then, of course, there were drinks. Lots of Bulleit to go around and lots of cocktails to sample. My favorite of the night was this Kentucky Sunset, made with Bulleit Barrel Strength.

    Even better than tasting all the food and cocktails, not only did I get to meet Tom Bulleit but I actually sat down with him, had a drink and he signed my bottle of Bulleit.

    Seriously, how cool is that?

    Definitely a nice guy, he wasnt there just to sign a bottle and move on to the next person. I could have hung out with him all night but I had to let others get their turn

    And I do have to mention that other than this Kentucky Sunset cocktail, one of my other favorite ways to drink this Barrel Strength is just straight up. Just grab yourself a bottle and a glassits really all you need.

    Rules Can Be Bent Or Broken

    Remember that the best whiskey sour is often the simplest. There’s no reason to kill yourself hunting for rare bourbon when a fine bottle in your local liquor store will do just fine. Quality ingredients mixed in a proven 2-1-1 ratio is the ticket and remember that the best way to learn how to make a whiskey sour is to practice, practice, practice!

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    Some Of The Best Ways To Drink A Bourbon

    Bourbon whiskeys are gaining massive popularity among millennials. More restaurants and bars are coming up with its unique pairing. They are adding their creativity in adding some of the ingredients to innovate new and fresh drinks. The best way to drink a bourbon can be:

    • Neat: a neat means that the drink is served to you at room temperature. There is no ice and additives involved in this drink. There are no elements that can decrease its rich and aromatic flavors. Some bars, however, can add few drops of water into it. It gets even better for whiskey enthusiasts.
    • On the Rocks: the second-best way to have bourbon is by pouring it over the ice. If you are a first-time whiskey drinker, you can take small sips after inhaling some of the scents.
    • Mint Julep: this aromatic cocktail pays homage to Kentucky roots with its rich flavors. It adds bourbon, spearmint, water, and sugar. The cocktail is light and is suitable for first-time drinkers. But it is packed with an unexpected punch to lighten up your mood.

    Add Rum & Make It A Between The Sheets

    23 Best Whiskey Cocktails

    Add rum to the bourbon sidecar and it becomes a classic cocktail called Between the Sheets! A spin on the classic Sidecar, it features rum and Cognac together: something that in Prohibition times was thought to be a little naughty. The rum adds nuance to this citrusy drink. Between the Sheets a classic cocktail that makes it onto the International Bartender Associations IBA official cocktails: so this variation is a classic in itself!

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    More Tips For Making A Great John Collins

    Bourbon is often preferred for the John Collins though it can be made with other styles of whiskey as well. Canadian, rye, and blended whiskeys are all popular options.

    Irish whiskey is another possibility and you will want to be very selective if you want to use Scotch. A good blended Scotch may be best because it is a little more neutral than many of the other brands, particularly single malts.

    In all ‘Collins’ drinks, there are two basic options for creating the sour component.

    To keep a nice balance in the drink, it really is best to use fresh-squeezed lemon juice. By separating the sweet and sour, you have more control. You’ll want that, especially as you experiment with whiskeys because you can adjust the two elements to fit the liquor you’re pouring at the moment.

    Bourbon And Iced Coffee

    Its no surprise that bourbon and coffee play well together. Its easy to make in summer with cold press coffee for this two-ingredient bourbon cocktail classic. The basic flavor profile of the Irish Coffee cocktail is predicated on all the lovely ways whiskey and coffee play together. For a summer treat, add 1.5 oz bourbon to your iced coffee and top with whipped cream if you like . You can also add your preferred amount and type of dairy.

    So many canned cold press coffees offer vanilla and caramel expressions, and single serving pods with hazelnut, pecan or mocha flavors give a great sweet note for the bourbon to blend with in the coffee.

    Variations: I love adding a few dashes of chocolate bitters to any coffee and bourbon drink. And if you enjoy some cream in your coffee, add that as well. A dash of a caramel liqueur, chocolate creme de cocoa, or hazelnut liqueur can make this summer iced coffee cocktail a bourbon favorite.

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    Dr Pepper Or Cherry Coca

    I have decided to add both of these to the same section because, in my experience, Dr pepper and cherry coke can taste very similar.

    Im not recommending these as a substitute for Coca-Cola or Pepsi in fact, these two mixers make for great mixers on their own.

    If you want to try something new and you want to add different flavors to a whiskey drink, I highly recommend trying the Dr pepper or Cherry Coca-Cola mixers at least once.

    Not only will these two drinks add a different dynamic in terms of flavor, but they will also hide the harsh undertones of certain whiskeys.

    How To Make A Dr. Pepper And Whiskey drink

    • 2 shots of whiskey in a long glass
    • Lots of ice
    • Top it up with Dr. Pepper.
    • Add a cherry on top.
    • Do not stir it and if you do, make sure you do it lightly.

    How To Make A Cherry Coke And Whiskey Drink

    • 2 shots of whiskey in a long glass
    • Lots of ice
    • Top it up with Cherry Coke.
    • Add a cherry on top as an added touch.
    • Do not stir it and if you do, make sure you do it lightly.

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