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What Mixers Go With Whiskey

A Truly Versatile Whiskey

Whisky Tasting (First Time & Mixers) – Port Askaig (Part 1)

As you can see, Jack Daniels is a very versatile whiskey that works with a wide variety of mixers and cocktails. If you enjoy whiskey, but cant find the right drink to enjoy it in, youre not looking hard enough. Jack Daniels offers plenty of options on its website for anyone wanting a new and exciting way to imbibe their alcohol.

Just because a whiskey has been around for more than a century doesnt mean it wont blend well with other flavors. Jack Daniels is proof of that. What weve provided is just a starting point. So whether you like your drinks sweet or sour, fruity or tangy, youre almost certain to find a way to drink your Jack Daniels that is perfect for your palate.

Club Soda And Whiskey

If you are drinking a high-quality whiskey and dont want a mixer that obscures its flavor, use club soda. It will make your whiskey taste more refreshing without dramatically affecting its flavor.

Another advantage of drinking whiskey and club soda is that it will dilute the alcoholic content of the spirit, giving you a smoother drink.

To make club soda with whiskey:

  • Add some ice to a highball glass
  • Pour in 30 to 60 ml of whiskey
  • Add 180 ml of club soda
  • Stir with a mixing spoon
  • Guide: 10 Classic Cocktails

    Cocktail menus vary depending on where youre ordering. A chain restaurant might offer one or two recognizable cocktails plus a few wild innovations that may taste a lot like fruit punch or a chocolate milkshake . Serious cocktail bars, on the other hand, might have just a few options, many of them unrecognizablecocktails invented by the bartenders on staff that are no doubt delicious but maybe harder to compare to anything youve had.

    Fortunately theres a lot of middle ground, familiar drinks that exist pretty much anywhere a bar is decently stocked. And, of course, these days a lot of cocktail bars are eager to guide you to the right choice , either with cocktail menus arranged by style or by encouraging an old school interaction between patron and bartender. A bespoke cocktail bar is actually built around this model, with cocktails made to order per guest preference.

    But even if service is a lot more interactive these days, its always helpful to go out there with a rough knowledge of cocktail classics for reference. Not only are these drinks among the standards that any bartender knows, but if you like something about any of them, you can probably find something similar, or construct something new with the help of your local barkeep:

    Popular Spirits

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    Understanding The Difference Between Sweet And Dry Vermouth

    If your basic cocktail recipe was a party, it would work something like this: a bottle of gin, tequila, or whiskey actually throws the party big-mouth guests like Campari, mint, and Absinthe make a lot of noise around the karaoke machine and bottles of vermouth dry and sweet bring a bunch of snacks but end up hanging out quietly on the couch for most of the night. A reliable guest, but no party animal.

    Thats not to say vermouth isnt interesting. If you sit down next to vermouth at the party, youre almost guaranteed to have a complex, layered conversation despite the fact that Campari just cued up the Les Mis soundtrack on the Karaoke Master 3000. Vermouth is actually incredibly generous with flavor, but its complexity makes it more of a backbone/background component to cocktails . And that applies whether youre talking about sweet or dry vermouth.

    Of course, chances are youre not talking about sweet or dry vermouth, precisely because theyre background players. Sure, you might see vermouths splayed across cocktail menus, and youre maybe vaguely aware that theyre key supporting players in some of your favorite classic cocktails . But youre probably not discussing the merits of sweet vs. dry vs. white vermouth with your imbibing friends the same way you might discuss oaky Chardonnay or hyper-hopped IPA.


    Header image via Alessia Pierdomenico /

    A Beginners Guide To Whisky Cocktails Seven Easy Lockdown Serves To Start

    Legent Bourbon Blends Kentucky with Japan

    World Whisky Day asked seven experts from around the world to recommend one simple serve to convince the whisky sceptic that its time to see what theyve been missing. While were all stuck at home, theres never been a better time to experiment.

    Cocktails can be a great way for newcomers to find their way into the whisky world. A well-balanced drink can showcase the spirits versatility and complexity to those who may have been put off by the strength and powerful flavours of some whiskies and should even reveal some new aspects of the drink to seasoned drammers.

    These seven simple serves should help cocktail lovers and whisky wanderers explore this unique spirits potential.

  • Muddle the lime, cucumber and mint at the bottom of a rocks glass.
  • Fill the glass with ice and add the whisky.
  • Top up with limeade. Garnish with mint, a lime wedge and cucumber wheel.
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    What To Mix With Fireball

    Now that youve finally grown up, its time to stop taking Fireball shots. But if youre still holding on to your youth, you dont have to give it up altogetheryou just have to find some more respectable ways to drink it. Add a jiggers worth of the hot stuff to a glass and top it off with one of these mixers, and youll be well on your way.

    What Can I Mix With Flavored Whiskey

    Here are five great mixers for whiskey that arent ginger ale.

    • Lemonade. Sweet, tangy lemonade is one of the most refreshing things you can drink come summer.
    • Club Soda. While Whiskey Gingers taste great, the sweet soda often covers up the intricate flavors of more nuanced bottlings.
    • Sweet Vermouth.
    • Coffee.

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    Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    A fairly recent redesign saw Four Roses entry-level whiskey lose its signature yellow label, but the bourbon inside remains as high-standard as ever. While its cheap enough to use liberally in cocktails, Four Roses holds its own when sipped neat. Its flavor profile is delicate, but its not lacking in depth. Aromas of toasted nuts and dried fruits are followed by smoky oak flavors, all balanced out by sweet caramel notes. This is a dependable, easy-drinking bourbon that tastes considerably more expensive than its price tag. Average price: $19.

    The Best Whiskey Mixers

    Newest BUCHANAN’S SCOTCH WHISKY mixed drinks IDEA

    Whiskey is known for its complex depth of flavor, and can always be enjoyed neat. But when paired with other ingredients, its versatility really comes out. Whiskey can be sweet, spicy, savory, or smoky and often a good mixer can help it shine.

    Granted, some mixers may suit the personalities of one kind of whiskey more than another what pairs great with a peppery rye may clash with a sweeter bourbon so feel free to check out our guides to get a sense of a particular whiskey styles character. As always, some experimentation may be in order to find what suits your taste best.


    As for what mixers to choose, we polled the VinePair team for a rundown of the best, from old favorites to bolder choices. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but think of it as a foolproof guide when youre looking for easy cocktail inspiration.

    Here are six of the best mixers for whiskey:

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    Apple Cider And Whiskey

    Apple cider is a fantastic mixer for bourbon whiskey as it adds plenty of acidity, tartness, and freshness to a drink.

    The zesty flavor of apple cider complements the vanilla and caramel flavors in the whiskey beautifully.

    While apple cider and whiskey is usually consumed on ice, it can also be heated, which makes for a very comforting drink in the cooler months.

    To make apple cider with whiskey:

  • Combine 45 ml of bourbon whiskey with 150 ml of apple cider and a splash of Angostura bitters in a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake vigorously
  • Pour into short glass filled with ice
  • Garnish with thin slice of green apple
  • What Soda To Mix With Whiskey

    Made by aging fermented and distilled grains in wooden barrels, whiskey has been the drink of choice for centuries.

    For whiskey lovers, theres nothing better than kicking back with a good glass of scotch, rye, or bourbon.

    While some people enjoy the drink neat or on the rocks, others prefer cutting it with a mixer.

    In this article, we explore the best soda to mix with whiskey.

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    Whiskey Orange Juice Sour

    Whiskey plus orange juice mixed with a lemon-lime base punch is a surprisingly delicious combination.

    Recipe Tags

    Add Orange slices, for garnish Orange slices, for garnish
    Add Cranberries, fresh or forzen, for garnish Cranberries, fresh or forzen, for garnish
  • Unsaved
  • Step2

    Combine Base Punch, orange juice and whiskey in a glass. Garnish with orange slices and cranberries, if desired.

  • Enjoying Whiskey Straight Or Neat

    The 20 best mixers to sip Fireball with! Juices, sodas ...

    The next time you have a glass of whiskey, resist the urge to immediately toss ice into it. Youll find that many whiskeys are greatly enhanced by ice, but youd be doing yourself a disservice if you dont at least try the whiskey neat.

    Before I got into the hospitality game, I would usually order a whiskey neat when I went out, says Tardie, recommending neat whiskey for those who enjoy the taste of alcohol. I would refer to my whiskey as a single-ingredient cocktail.

    If you find that you dont like your whiskey neat, thats totally fine. With the high alcohol content and bold flavor profiles, a glass of straight whiskey can be like a slap in the face to your taste buds. In order to get more of a warm hug experience, why not try adding a little water?

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    Faqs About Jack Daniels Mixers

    What is the best mix for Jack Daniels?

    If you have used to drink Jack Daniels plain or with ice, it might be best to try it with cola, lemon, apple cider, soda water or cranberry juice.

    Can I combine Jack Daniels with coffee?

    Yes, of course. You can put the Jack Daniels No.7 and you can also combine it with whipped cream and brown sugar too.

    Are Jack Daniels Canned cocktails any good?

    If you are not good at making cocktails there is always a possibility to purchase already ready ones, and Jack Daniels truly offer a great range of different canned and glass cocktails, so they are an excellent option!

    Is It A Bourbon Or A Whiskey

    Some drinkers often mislabel Jack Daniels as a bourbon. While the drink does follow all the rules necessary to be considered a bourbon, Jack Daniels adds in one extra step that makes it a Tennesse whiskey. This last step is a process the distillery uses to filter its whiskey, which is done through the use of maple charcoal prior to bottling.

    Interestingly, Jack Daniels is developed in a county where it is illegal to sell alcohol. Thats right, one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the US is made in a dry county. Of course, there are ways around these laws. Jack Daniels circumvents the rules by only selling bottles for decorative intentions.

    Whats ironic about the whole situation is the Moore Country depends heavily on the income and revenue created by Jack Daniels. As a matter of fact, the distillery is one of the primary sources of employment in the county.

    For example, the population of Lynchburg is less than the number of people employed by Jack Daniels. Its safe to say that the location of the distillery itself has not negatively impacted how popular Jack Daniels actually is. The whiskey is still one of the most well-recognized alcoholic beverages in the world.

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    What To Mix With Whiskey

    Are you getting slightly bored with drinking whiskey with a water chaser? It might be time to experiment with whiskey mixers.

    There are several mixers that can turn a pretty bland whiskey into a delicious drink that will have you coming back for more.

    In this post Ill share some of the best whiskey mixers.

    What Mixes Well With Whiskey

    What Do You Mix With Howler Head Banana Whiskey??

    Some drinks that mix well with whiskey are 7-Up, Coca-Cola and water. Popular drink recipes that use whiskey include a Manhattan, whiskey sour, old fashioned, Algonquin cocktail, Irish coffee and mint julep.

    Whiskey with 7-Up or Coca-Cola is the recipe for two popular drinks, the seven and seven and Jack and Coke. Water mixed with whiskey lessens the effect whiskey has on the tongue and makes it easier to drink with a meal.

    The ingredients for a Manhattan are 2 1/2 ounces of rye whiskey or bourbon, 1/4 ounce of sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters, an orange twist and a cherry. A whiskey sour has 2 ounces of whiskey, 1/2 teaspoons of powdered sugar, half of a lemon slice and lemon juice. An old fashioned combines 2 ounces of whiskey with a dash of bitters, a sugar cube, a cherry and slices of both orange and lemon. An Algonquin cocktail has 1 1/2 ounces of whiskey, 3/4 ounce of pineapple juice and 3/4 ounce of dry vermouth. Irish coffee has 1 cup of coffee, 1 1/2 ounces of Irish whiskey, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and whipped cream. A mint julep has 2 1/2 ounces of whiskey, 2 teaspoons of water, 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar and 4 sprigs of mint. Whiskeys also work well when mixed together. Chocolate can taste good when eaten with whiskey.

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    Egg Whites In Your Whiskey Sour

    Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to elevate your whiskey sour, an egg white is a way to do it! Oh no, you say, is this a repeat of eggnog?!

    No, I promise its not. First of all, the egg isnt one of the main ingredients. There is usually less egg white included than anything else. Really all it does is add a touch of binding and frothing power to the drink.

    Begin Exploring The World Of Great Whiskey Drinks

    The Spruce / Claire Cohen

    The world of whiskey is vast and constantly expanding. Likewise, the list of great whiskey cocktails continues to grow. There are, however, a few tried and true recipes that are essential to creating a well-rounded whiskey experience.

    These drinks showcase the versatility of whiskey. They include some of the most popular whiskey cocktails that enthusiasts have enjoyed for decades . It is a perfect list for the beginner to explore everything possible with whiskey.

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    Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

    Part of the Brown-Forman portfolio, Old Forester markets itself as Americas first bottled bourbon and claims 150 years of history. But this bottle boasts much more than its historical value all of our tasters agreed that Old Foresters 86 proof was the best bottle under $25. This bourbon is intensely aromatic. The alcohol is seamlessly integrated into a stunning depth of flavors and aromas. Think: brown sugar, caramel, and candied fruits on the nose and honey, vanilla, and hints of cedar on the palate. The finish is spiced and impressively lengthy, leaving a tingling sensation that lingers for an age. Average price: $21.

    Some Of The Best Ways To Drink A Bourbon

    The Dare cocktail with Speyburn

    Bourbon whiskeys are gaining massive popularity among millennials. More restaurants and bars are coming up with its unique pairing. They are adding their creativity in adding some of the ingredients to innovate new and fresh drinks. The best way to drink a bourbon can be:

    • Neat: a neat means that the drink is served to you at room temperature. There is no ice and additives involved in this drink. There are no elements that can decrease its rich and aromatic flavors. Some bars, however, can add few drops of water into it. It gets even better for whiskey enthusiasts.
    • On the Rocks: the second-best way to have bourbon is by pouring it over the ice. If you are a first-time whiskey drinker, you can take small sips after inhaling some of the scents.
    • Mint Julep: this aromatic cocktail pays homage to Kentucky roots with its rich flavors. It adds bourbon, spearmint, water, and sugar. The cocktail is light and is suitable for first-time drinkers. But it is packed with an unexpected punch to lighten up your mood.

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    Is Sprite Good With Whiskey

    This whiskey drink is ideal whether youre looking for quick party drinks or something easy to quench your thirst, all you need is Jameson Irish Whiskey, delicious sprite and a little wedge of lime. So sit back and enjoy three refreshing elements that bring out the best in each other. Fill a tall glass with ice.

    What To Mix With Bourbon Whiskey

    Are you a bourbon lover? Do you like to experiment with different ingredients for your bourbon? If yes, check out what to mix with Bourbon whisky in this segment.

    In the past decade, bourbon has become a complex spirit with a wide range of flavors. Bourbon is an ultimate craze among Americans. Bartenders love to mix it with different sorts of drinks.

    Whiskey bourbon mix drinks live in the heart of every American. Suppose you are bored of having neat and want to mix bourbon with classic cocktails. Then, this article will be of great help to you.

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