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What Is The Best Whiskey For An Old Fashioned

Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The Best Whiskey For Your OLD FASHIONED (according to whiskey lovers)

Basil Haydens is a stand alone bourbon, enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or triumphantly in an Old Fashioned. Its a bourbon sparked with rye, so yes, its spicy. But the rich aromatic notes of honey, peppermint, and citrus envelope the senses, welcoming your taste buds like an old companion.

Rarely does such a unique combination of quality and craft manifest itself in a way youre left wondering why havent I experienced this before? Basil Haydens is a single small batch bourbon patiently aged and bottled at 80 proof. However, dont mistake its proof as a sign of a mild temperament. No, this bourbon is bold and savory.

At first sip, youll be curious who was asleep at the wheel when it was priced. Few, other rye-laced bourbons can compare to Basil Haydens quality at this price point. So, if youre looking for an amazing addition to your Old Fashioned recipe, this is a must-try spirit. Really, whats stopping you?

How much does Basil Haydens Kentucky Bourbon cost?

Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight Bourbon costs around $45 per bottle.

What Is The Best Whiskey For An Old Fashioned

When it comes to crafting a delicious Old Fashioned, youll want to choose a whiskey that will bring out the nuances of the cocktail. A great choice for an Old Fashioned is Old Hamer Straight Rye. This whiskey has an intense, spicy flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of the simple syrup and bitters in the drink. Another excellent option is Kuiper Belt Aged 8 Years Straight Kentucky Bourbon, which has a robust flavor of leather, tobacco and oak. Additionally, Sipes& rsquor Double Oaked Smoked Barrel Bourbon offers sweet notes of caramel and vanilla that are contrasted by the smokiness of the barrel-aged whiskey. Other great whiskeys for crafting an Old Fashioned include Bare Knuckle Straight Wheat Whiskey, Border Bourbon, Trail& rsquor s End Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and Four Roses Yellow Label.

Knob Creek Straight Bourbon

Knob Creek Bourbon has some good blood. Aged nine years, Knob Creek is the oldest by a couple years. The extra aging draws more flavor and sugar from the wood, providing a full-bodied, fruity flavor with hints of grass and grain. Its 100-proof, which is considered the honest age of bourbons made a century ago.

Knob Creek Bourbon is comfortable on the top shelf of any home bar, but how does it mix? Its bold, organic flavor stands up well in cocktails. It mixes for a very nice old fashioned with orange, bitters and a cherry. Whatever you do, taste it with a little extra patience. It spent nine long years getting to you. Dont rush it.

Pro tip:Try a new fashioned. Instead of sugar, use Amaretto as a sweetener. Mix that with bitters and an orange peel.

How much does Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey cost?

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon costs around $38 per bottle.

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Can You Use Jameson In A Whiskey Sour

Fill a shaker with ice, and then add your Jameson Black Barrel, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white and 3 dashes of Angostura bitters. Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass, before garnishing with a lemon twist.

Is Jameson whiskey good?

Jameson Irish Whiskey has received an average rating of 7 out of 1557 votes. 1/10. This is the perfect fit for 7/7s or picklebacks. The pears, hops, green apples, and vanilla notes in Jameson Irish Whiskey’s aging process are what make this whiskey a classic.

What can I mix with single malt scotch?Here are six of the best mixers for whiskey.

  • Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer. Ginger is the perfect sidekick for whiskey, as its complexity of flavor ranges from sweet to hot, medicinal and earthy, depending on its context and concentration. …

How do you make a drink with Glenfiddich?

Add the Glenfiddich, egg white, sugar syrup and lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Add the ice and shake generously. Pour the mixture into a martini glass. Spray Angostura bitters over the cocktail and serve.

What do you mix Glenlivet 14 with?

Ingredients: 3 Parts The Glenlivet 14 Year Old. 1 Part orange juice. 1 Part lemon juice.

What kind of whiskey goes in a Whiskey Sour?

As we mentioned, Bourbon whiskey is a preferred choice for most whiskey sours. One example is Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon Whiskey. This has all of the characteristics that bourbon should carry and is ideal for adding to cocktails.

Is scotch the same as whiskey?

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Whiskey For An Old Fashioned

The 4 Best Bourbon Whiskeys for an Old Fashioned

When it comes to choosing the right whiskey for an Old Fashioned, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to understand the difference between the various types of whiskey available. There are two main categories: Scotch whisky and Bourbon whisky. Scotch whisky is made in Scotland and is typically smokier and more robust in flavor. Bourbon whisky is made in the United States and is typically sweeter and smoother in flavor. Depending on your preference, you may want to choose one type of whiskey over the other.

You should also consider the age of the whiskey. Generally, older whiskeys have more complex flavors and are better suited for an Old Fashioned. However, younger whiskeys can also be used to make a delicious drink. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which whiskey you prefer.

Finally, you should consider the price of the whiskey. While higher-priced whiskeys tend to have more complex flavors, there are plenty of good quality lower-priced whiskeys that can still make a great Old Fashioned. Keep in mind that the cost of the whiskey doesnt necessarily reflect its quality, so dont be afraid to experiment with different brands and prices.

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The 8 Best Whiskeys For Old Fashioneds

When it comes to classic cocktails, not many are more recognized than the Old Fashioned. At its core it is a relatively easy cocktail to make just a few simple ingredients of whiskey, bitters and sugar. From there, you can make it your own. You might add a garnish of orange or cherries, but changing any of the standard ingredients will change the drink.

Bulleit Bourbon: A Biting Old

Bulleit is nearly a household name in the whiskey world. The Bulleit bourbon has a gentle spice that’s slightly spicier than many other bourbons, but it’s offset by a sweet oak nose that’s present not only when drinking it on its own, but also in cocktails.

The oak flavors continue throughout, with maple and nutmeg rising to the top. The finish is dry, drawing out the spicy notes with toffee flavors tying it all together. It’s available for roughly $30. You’ll love the spicier-than-usual notes that aren’t overly sweet and give it a signature gentle bite.

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Does Rye Whiskey Make A Good Old Fashioned

Rye whiskey is a popular choice for Old Fashioned cocktails because of its unique flavor profile. Some people believe that rye whiskey makes a better Old Fashioned than other whiskeys, such as bourbon or sherry. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including the drinks recipe, distillery and vintage.

Alternative: Wild Turkey 101

THIS Whiskey makes the BEST Old Fashioned – Unbelievable!

Wild Turkey 101 is one of the best-selling bourbons on the market. It is one of the best whiskeys for old fashioned with its notes of mint, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, hazelnut, and toffee.

Peppery aromas will fill your nose on the first sniff, accompanied by sweet toffee, rye, and caraway seed.

However, be warned you may experience a strong whiff of alcohol that overpowers the other scents at first.

After letting the scents sit for a while, the alcohol scent will dissipate, leaving you with a well-balanced collection of sweet aromas.

The whiskey has a long and spicy finish. It can have a bit of a dry aftertaste hanging on for a bit, but you will soon taste spice and pepper notes.

Wild Turkey 101 has a lot of body and hits the spot with its strong spice.


  • It May have a burning taste when you first drink it

Final Thoughts

This bourbon has just the right mix of sweetness from the corn and spiciness from the rye. If you are looking for a well-rounded bourbon for a good price, this will be your best bet.

Hundreds of people rave about this bourbon, and for good reason.

The complexity of the notes in this whiskey is unlimited you will be able to notice a new flavor each sip.

You will have no problem drinking this whiskey with its smooth and velvety notes.

Since the whiskey is good enough to drink neat, it will taste amazing in an old fashioned.

Pick this whiskey up if you are looking for a next-level cocktail with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

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Best Budget: Hella Cocktail Co

Courtesy of Amazon

What started as a weekend hobby of brewing bitters has grown into a successful cocktail company with placements everywhere from Whole Foods to Delta Airlines. Now, Hella crafts a range of products from bitters to canned drinks to mixes, including a vibrant Old Fashioned mix.

The instructions on the mix calls for additional bitters, but they arent completely necessary. Without adding bitters, a cocktail made with this mix smells like Christmas with notes of clove-studded oranges. Its bright and citrusyperfect for those who like an orange muddled in their Old Fashioned. The addition of bitters helps balance out that citrus fruit, adding weight and depth. Try it with the standard whiskey or mix it up with rum or aged tequila.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

Though better known for their budget-priced options, Wild Turkey makes a mean premium whiskey. Their Rare Breed Bourbon is the most affordable barrel proof whiskey youll find, coming in at a whopping 116.8 proof. When youve had dozens of old fashioned drinks and start to find them too sweet, its time to trade up to the big boys and Wild Turkeys Rare Breed should be your first stop on that journey.

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Is Whiskey Or Bourbon Better For Old Fashioned

Bourbon is superior to rye whiskey for Old Fashioned because of its overall flavor. A good bourbon whiskey has a light spicy note and is balanced out by a stronger sweetness than a rye whiskey. In contrast, both of these are excellent choices for a good Old Fashioned cocktail.

When making an Old Fashioned, the best bourbon must be exceptionally strong and bold in flavor. The three most popular bourbons in use are Makers Mark Knob, Creek, and Bulleit. Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey is made from 100% corn and aged in small barrels for three years. Because a bourbon will be the dominant flavor in your cocktail, choose a brand that you enjoy. In traditional Old Fashioned recipes, the beverage is traditionally made with bourbon or rye, but there is no clear-cut winner. If you prefer a softer, sweet roundness to your old fashioned, bourbon is the way to go. It is a type of whiskey that is made with 51% corn and aged in oak-charred barrels for at least a year.

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

The 4 Best Bourbon Whiskeys for an Old Fashioned

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon might be best served solo, but it can absolutely be used for an old fashioned it’s up to the lucky drinker, really. Like many pleasing bourbons, Wild Turkey has been around for a while and is still made using the same methods as when it was first introduced: “For over 60 years, Wild Turkey has been making 101 the same way, the right way,” the company website proudly proclaims.

The taste, according to Wild Turkey, can be described as slightly sweet and containing “vanilla and caramel notes. Oak and baking spices in the middle.” The aroma contains those same notes, with the addition of oak from the barrel aging process. The finish is a “Bold, signature Wild Turkey spice and orange peel.”

With a 6- to 8-year aging process, Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon checks all the boxes and it’s just waiting to be poured into your next cocktail.

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How Much Are You Willing To Spend

More expensive bourbon is usually better because a higher price correlates with higher proof, older age, and uniqueness .

So, the first question you should ask is whether you want to shell out $50-$100 for a really nice bottle of bourbon.

Generally speaking, the main taste difference between a cheap and expensive bourbon is the richness of the flavor profile.

More expensive bourbons are usually older and thus have deeper oak, caramel, and vanilla notes from aging longer in charred new oak barrels.

Allrecipes Community Tips And Praise

“My favorite,” says Todd Marsh. “I always use a sugar cube and pour a little bitters and juice from the maraschino cherries jar over it before crushing it along the bottom of the glass.”

“Amazing drink and my stand-by selection,” according to Laura Turley Francis. “If Don Draper loves them, why can’t you?”

“Excellent and classic,” raves nannajoanna. “It really makes so much difference when it’s made from scratch. My only substitution: I used rye whiskey instead of bourbon.”

Editorial contributions by Corey Williams

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Copper And Kings Old Fashioned Bitters

Although the name itself says it works great for old fashioned, these bitters also go well with Manhattan. The company had their specialist craft these old-fashioned bitters. They combine botanical herbs and concentrated oils into a Brandy base with honey and orange peel, which is then barrel-aged to mix with flavor.

This bitter competes with Regans orange bitters for the best orange bitters for old-fashioned.

The original website says these bitters blend spices, herbs, botanical extracts, and oils, and are prepared in an alembic brandy base. It is mixed with honey, vapor distilled orange peel and then aged with American Oak. It is 100% natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It contains glycerine and is a beautiful caramel color.

Willet Family Estate Four Year Rye

Old Fashioned Whiskey Showdown – Which ones best?

Region: Kentucky Taste: Raisin, mint, spice, and caramel Price: $70

Willet Family Estate Four Year Rye is a blend of Willett high rye mash bill and Willett low rye mash bill. And although the Rye Whiskey doesn’t look that special on paper and is only aged for four years, the resulting spirit is excellent. An exciting Rye Whiskey, superbly distilled, with a complex aroma and flavor profile.

Why we like it: Here and there, you can find some floral and botanical notes. Together with some sugar and aromatic cocktail bitters, this spirit unfolds its whole array of flavors when mixed in an OF.

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What Are The Main Ingredients For An Old Fashioned Mocktail

The ingredients for a virgin old fashioned can vary, but typically include:

  • alcohol-free bourbon or alcohol-free whiskey

Although the ingredients are simple for an old fashioned, there are twists and turns in the actual preparation of an old fashioned.

For example, some people simply use plain alcohol-free whiskey, while some prefer adding kombucha. Others will take it easy with the bitters to try to keep down the bitterness of the drink. Since this is a non-alcoholic drink, it can be trickier to make. You have no way to hide the spirit from the person sipping from the drink. You may be tempted to limit the amount of bitters you add, after all, cocktails are meant to be mixed with booze, right? Wrong. Its okay to load this drink up with bitters, but you should moderate them in another way.

Best Whiskies To Use In An Old Fashioned

There are two kinds of people in this world . But among drinkers, theres the kind whove had an Old Fashioned, and those who havent.

Within those categories are further subdivisions: those whove not only had an Old Fashioned cocktail, but have a particular, ardent preference , and inevitably a particular, like Boy Band crazy, brand preference. And then there are those whove ordered an Old Fashioned because the mixologist wore suspenders and stared at them with a mixture of hope and sexy impatience. Old Fashioned, please! Ahem. I love jazz. Anyway. But yeah, an Old Fashioned Sounds cool, drinks well, earns speakeasy street cred.

And with good reason. The Old Fashioned is a cocktail in the truest, most original sense of the termbasically a sugar cube, a splash of water, a couple of dashes of bitters, and 2 ounces of whiskey, its still rich and silky and complex like Jared Leto, despite being so apparently Spartan.

Since the Old Fashioned is basically booze, sugar, Angostura bitters, and ice, the whiskey matters. A lot. Not to overwhelmsince whiskey can do thatthe main factors were looking for are either a bourbon that isnt too sweet, a rye that isnt too spicy, and a whiskey thats sufficiently high proof and dry to withstand both the sugar cube and ice dilution. Bear in mind, since an Old Fashioned is a mixed drink, you dont wanna break the bank on either bourbon or rye. Buy decent, but dont buy extravagantsave that for thoughtful sipping.

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The Pendennis Club Myth

For decades, the creation of the old-fashioned was attributed to the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. David Wondrich points out in his book Imbibe! that this is false: The club opened in 1881, but a year before that, old-fashioned cocktails were mentioned in the Chicago Tribune. There was even an ambiguous newspaper squib that mentioned old-fashioned drinks as early as 1869.

In truth, the old-fashioned formula dates back to the 1850s, if not earlier. It was made with whiskey, brandy, or gin . It was quite simply liquor, sugar , and ice. Add bitters, and you have the original definition of a cocktail.

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