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What Goes Good With Hornitos Tequila

What Kind Of Liquor Is Hornitos

Hornitos Cristalino Tequila Review / A Silver Añejo?

What goes into a bottle of Hornitos Reposado? This tequila is made from 100 percent blue agave, which is baked in small ovens, mashed, fermented and double-distilled. This pale straw-colored tequila ages for anywhere from two months to a year, typically in former bourbon barrels, before being bottled.

Hereof, is Hornitos real tequila?

Hornitos was the first high-quality tequila made for the “Working Man” back in 1950 by Sauza Tequila. It is still one of the best tequilas you can buy for the price, especially considering it is double-distilled and uses only 100% Blue Agave. It is very crisp and has a strong agave/tequila kick to it.

Subsequently, question is, how much does a bottle of Hornitos cost? As a premium tequila distiller, Patron’s cheapest bottle can retail between $21.99 – $23.99, and the price only climbs from there! Comparatively, Hornitos is much cheaper and affordable to the casual tequila drinker.

Moreover, which Hornitos is best for margaritas?

The 7 Tequilas For Making The Perfect Margarita

  • Patron Silver Tequila. Let’s start with something we’ve probably all heard of Patron Silver Tequila.
  • Tapatio Blanco.
  • Grand Mayan Ultra Aged BEST OVERALL.
  • Hornitos Anejo.
  • El Jimador Reposado BEST ON A BUDGET.
  • Ilegal Mezcal Joven.
  • Clase Azul Reposado Tequila


    If Casamigos is what you serve at your party, Clase Azul is what you break out for the select few invited to stick around after the crowd leaves. This may be one of the priciest options on our list, but this top-shelf tequila is worth the premium price. Clase Azuls tequila comes in this instantly recognizable bottle, which you see on the top shelf of high-end bars and restaurants. At over $100, this is a true premium spirit, with a bottle and flavor profile worthy of its price.

    Made from blue agave plants in Mexico, Clase Azul Reposado Tequila features notes of spice, cream soda, apple cider, jasmine, cinnamon and honey. The bottles, meantime, are like a work of art, inspired by traditional Mexican colors and motifs. Each bottle is hand-crafted and hand-painted, so no two are alike, making Clase Azul a great gift idea as well.

    Best Things To Mix With Hornitos Tequila

    • Lime: Whether its with a shot or as part of a cocktail, lime and Hornitos were simply meant to be together.
    • Seltzer/Club Soda: A Hornitos and seltzer or soda is a light refreshing cocktail when youre not in the mood for something super sugary.
    • Agave: Hornitos is made from 100% agave, and adding a hint of agave nectar or agave syrup to your cocktail brings out some of the more subtle notes.
    • Orange Juice: Hornitos makes for great brunch cocktails and sangrias, a lot of which have orange juice.
    • Grapefruit Juice: The perfect Paloma needs Hornitos and grapefruit juice. Theyre a terrific match.

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    Optional: Add A Salt Rim

    In Mexico, sometimes the Batanga features a salt rim on the glass. Not sure about you, but we never turn down a salt rim! The salt enhances the sweet and tart flavors in the drink, much like in the popular . Of course, making a salt rim is an extra step, so you can skip it if youre in a rush. Heres how to make a perfect salt rim:

  • Use kosher salt or flaky sea salt . These varieties are chunky and adhere to the rim well. Or make for a festive flair.
  • Take a lime wedge and cut a notch in the middle. Then slide it around the rim of the glass. This moistens the rim without having to use your fingers.
  • Rim the outside edge only. Spread the salt on a plate in an even layer. Tilt the glass into the salt so that it sticks to the outside edge. Shake off any loose salt into the sink.
  • Best Overall: Casamigos Blanco Tequila

    Peace Bridge Duty Free :: HORNITOS REPOSADO TEQUILA

    Casamigos Tequila is a perfect introduction to premium tequilas. The portfolio follows the basic grading system for tequilas, which is standard for most brands and includes a blanco, reposado, and añejo tequila.

    The beautiful thing about Casamigos is that it doesnt have a bold tequila taste. Instead, these tequilas are smooth and subtle. They appeal to drinkers who typically prefer vodka or rum, though tequila lovers appreciate them as well. Any bottle is a fantastic option for shots and margaritas, and theyre reasonably priced. You might even recognize it as the brand co-founded by George Clooney. While you have a bottle, its only appropriate to mix up a Danny Ocean cocktail, a sort of grapefruit, cherry-kissed margarita. It’s also quite nice in a spicy paloma and the fun crouching tiger shooter.

    Bottle Size: 750 milliliters | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, citrus, cream | ABV: 40% | Region: Jalisco

    Raúl Rizo, the bar supervisor at The Cape in Los Cabos, Mexico, notes, As soon as tequila blanco is distilled, it is stored in a bottle or rested in barrels of encino or oak for no more than two months. It is the teenager of tequilasyoung, impetuous, and fearless with hints of citrus, menthol, and herbal senses from agave Weber azul.

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    Tanteo Puerto Vallarta Smash

    I love the play of sweet and spicy with peaches and habanero. The basil and jalapeño add a freshness that screams drink me on a long summer day while overlooking the beach! Daniel Kurtzman, general manager at Tall Boy Taco

    68 small basil leaves

    ½ jalapeño

    Method: Muddle basil, jalapeños, and agave nectar in shaker. Add ice and the rest of the ingredients. Shake vigorously and strain into rocks glass with crushed ice. Garnish with Tajín rim.

    The Tres Agaves El Diablo

    Daniel Krieger

    Best Simple: Powell & Mahoney Classic Margarita

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Simplicity and few ingredients usually make for the best Margarita mix, as exemplified in Powell & Mahoneys Classic Margarita mixer. The only ingredients are non-GMO ones like lime juice, cane sugar and organic agave syrup. And, while youre at it, why not try some organic-certified tequila when using this to make a Margarita?

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    The Paloma Is The Older Cooler Big Sister Of The Margarita

    Read more about it here:

    In Praise of La Paloma, Mexicos Preferred Tequila Drink

    The Paloma is a favorite around here all summer, but it usually makes its first appearance around Cinco de Mayo! Check out our link for the perfect party celebration with this drink as the base.

    The jalapenos are not mandatory but they do add a really cool spice to the drink! Try to find a nice fat jalapeno it seems like the fatter they are the milder they are, at least around here. TASTE THEM before serving them. Slice as thin as you can, and, if theyre still too spicy, cut them in half. If theyre crazy mild, add two slices.

    Add Lime To Step It Up

    Hornitos Cristalino Tequila Review

    As you may already know: tequila and lime are soulmates. But even more importantly: citrus is key in a cola cocktail. The sweetness of the cola absolutely begs for the acidity of lime. You can add lime in 2 ways in this drink:

    • Add ½ ounce or 1 tablespoon lime juice. This gives it a more forward lime flavor. You can even up the lime up to ¾ ounce .
    • Squeeze in the juice from a lime wedge. You can also just use your cocktail garnish for the lime juice. The amount from 1 wedge is about 1 teaspoon, so the lime is more of a compliment flavor here.

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    What Is Hornitos Tequila Made From

    What goes into a bottle of Hornitos Reposado? This tequila is made from 100 percent blue agave, which is baked in small ovens, mashed, fermented and double-distilled. This pale straw-colored tequila ages for anywhere from two months to a year, typically in former bourbon barrels, before being bottled.

    Is Tequila And Coke A Good Mix

    The drink is nearly impossible to get wrong: tequila, lime and CocaCola served over ice in a highball glass with a salted rim. Its said that the secret to a good Batanga isnt which tequila you choose or whether youre using Mexican Coke in a classic glass bottle. The secret is what you use to stir the drink.

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    Looking For The Best Tequila Seltzer To Help You Celebrate Cinco De Mayo And Kick Off Your Summer Vibes

    Cinco De Mayo may come and go, but this ready-to-drink Tequila Seltzer will have you smiling all summer long

    Lets be totally honest here. Ready-to-drink spiked seltzers are becoming all the rage.

    To some, theyre amazing. To others, theyre lacking.

    For me personally, Im not really a fanuntil now.

    Pairing Rested Tequila With Food

    Hornitos Plata &  Reposado 1.75l

    Birria, a Mexican dish from Guadalajara, Jalisco, goes well with this kind of tequila. The same with carne en su jugo, another dish from Guadalajara. They both can be paired with a tequila such as Tres Generaciones Reposado. Why? because this tequila is perfect for a second course meal, for meats, for fats. Great for fine steak cuts!

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    Can I Mix Tequila With Sprite And Other Sodas

    Tequila can be mixed with other sodas, such as Sprite and other light-colored beverages. The most popular way to create a Sprite and Tequila cocktail is to mix as a margarita. 7UP is another soda alternative to Sprite, although there are even some recipes that include Mountain Dew.

    Sprite and tequila are a great mix because the flavors of the lemon-lime and agave complement each other nicely.

    How To Make A Tequila Lime Mojitarita:

    • Get a simple cocktail shaker you dont needa fancy one.
    • If youve ever watched a skilled bartender in action you know theres an art to shaking a cocktail. But still, anyone can do it and make a delicious drink. Be sure to shake vigorously to dissolve the sugar and bruise the mint for the best flavor.
    • Squeeze your own fresh lime juice please dont even think of using bottled stuff. Its easy to juice citrus with a handheld citrus juicer or reamer. Unfortunately, limes are notoriously inconsistent in their juiciness, but in general, count on at least one tablespoon juice per lime.
    • Crushed ice is ideal for filling the shaker .

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    Simply Orange Pulp Free Orange Juice


    Basically a tequila sunrise without the grenadine, tequila and orange juice is a great way to finish that bottle on your shelf without actually tasting the tequila. Orange juice is the great equalizer among alcohols, ensuring your tequila tastes just the same as vodka or rum. It would take a very refined palate to tell the difference once OJ is added. Still, this could work to your benefit if youre in possession of a cheap tequila. Mix one part tequila with three parts orange juice for a drink youll feel but wont taste.

    Cdigo 1530 Rosa Tequila

    Affordable Tequila Espolón Blanco Tequila Tasting – Compared Against Hornitos


    Smooth and delicate, Código 1530s Rosa Tequila makes for perfect after-work sipping, or used in a hand-crafted cocktail. Produced using the tequila-making traditions of the Los Bajos region and its tequilieras, the tequila is meticulously aged inFrench White Oakred wine barrels from Napa Valley. That gives the Rosa a subtle pink hue, and a sweet yet dry finish.

    Country singer George Strait is an investor in the brand, and even wrote a song inspired by the tequila off his 2019 album, Honkey Tonk Time Machine.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Colleen Graham is a beverage writer with over a decade of experience writing about cocktails and bartending. She has visited tequila distilleries in Mexico, tasted countless tequilas over the years, and wrote a book on the spirit.

    Kate Dingwall, a sommelier and spirits writer, updated this roundup. She has been writing about wine and spirits for five years and has visited the Jalisco region over a dozen times. She has even harvested her own agave.

    What Tequila Brands Are The Best To Mix With Coke

    There does not appear to be any consensus on which brands best mix with Coke, as recipes and drinkers have expressed using a wide variety, from Patron Silver Blanco to Hornitos Plata. A white tequila appears to be the most common denominator amongst recipes, although this may be entirely up to the tequila drinkers regular preferences.

    Weve all seen the unique bottle of Patron Silver Blanco as it sits on the shelf of our favorite bar. Known as one of the worlds best premium tequila brands, Patron can be used for sipping straight or on the rocks. And it is a well-known favorite to mix into cocktails, like Batanga.

    Another brand of tequila that can be used to make Batanga is Hornitos Plata. This clear tequila has floral, fruit, herbal, and citrus notes.

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    There’s A Great Tequila For Every Taste And Budget

    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    Whether you enjoy tequila shots or want to mix up a great , todays tequila market offers many excellent choices. Blanco tequilas are the most versatile and often preferred because they cost less, while the aged tequilasreposado and añejoare a nice upgrade worthy of the occasional splurge. For most styles, the best tequilas include the words “100 percent Blue Weber Agave” on the label, and you will pay a little extra for premium brands, but the majority of these are relatively affordable.

    That means there’s no need to hesitate about mixing any of these best tequilas into your favorite cocktails.

    Jose Cuervo Tradicional Aejo

    Hornitos Tequila

    BEST UNDER $50

    Jose Cuervo is a legacy among the best tequila brands, one that has been synonymous with the spirit for over two centuries. That alone warrants its credibility. Its latest release in the Tradicional portfolio, Añejo combines the Cuervo family recipe with a touch of charred American oak to create a remarkably smooth tequila that might be confused for a light whiskey upon first taste. The company matures this blend for 12 months in oak barrels before spending an additional four months in Irish single malt whiskey barrels, adding unique flavors like cinnamon, caramel, and stewed figs to the tequilas already distinctive profile. Priced slightly above the $30 mark, its an amazing value and Fathers Day gift idea thatll warm you and the big guy up any night of the year.

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    What Is The Best Thing To Mix With Tequila

    The 7 Best Mixers for Tequila Tequila + Soda. This is the gold standard of two-ingredient tequila cocktailsbesides the Margarita, it is probably the most popular. Tequila + Grapefruit Soda. Tequila + Pineapple Juice. Tequila + Orange Juice. Tequila + Agave Syrup. Tequila + Vermouth. Tequila + Bloody Mary Mix .

    The Best Tequila Mixers

    Tequila, distilled from the nectar of the blue agave plant, is a complex spirit, and different brands can be varying degrees of spicy, sweet, and vegetal. As a tequila ages, it also picks up notes of baking spice, vanilla, and caramel. As a result, there is a broad range of mixers that can complement and enhance its multifaceted personality.

    We polled the opinionated VinePair staff to assemble this list, with mixers that range from traditional to unconventional. Any are worth trying next time youre in the mood to mix up a tequila cocktail or, for those of you who prefer your tequila served neat or as a shot, feel free to use this list as a possible inspiration for accompaniments or chasers, rather than mixers.

    A word on value: Since agave plants take years to reach a harvestable state, even entry-level tequilas can often be pricier than comparable spirits, and reposado or añejo expressions even more so. For value brands offering the best bang for your buck, check out our guide to the best affordable tequilas. Below are seven of the best tequila mixers.


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    How Is Tequila Produced

    Making tequila is a long and detailed process that requires a mix of craftsmanship, patience and a little bit of luck. Patrón employs a seven-step process that could take up to three years before the tequila is ready.

    To start, agave plants are harvested by hand in the Jalisco Highlands, using farms that pass the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Councils yes, its a thing strict standards. The agave can only be harvested at a precise time to give off the optimal amount of sweetness without being too tart, bitter or bland. If the agave is cut from the ground too early or too late, it will compromise the quality of the tequila being produced. The ideal ripeness of agave is somewhere between six to eight years thats when the plant has optimal sugar content.

    After the agave is selected and harvested, it is taken to the distillery where it is slowly cooked. The hearts of the agave plant are put in brick ovens and steamed to bring out the natural sugars of the plant . After baking for 79 hours, Patrón uses a time-honored tahona process that then takes the roasted agave and places it into a giant pit, where a large stone wheel is used to break down the agave to extract the juice.

    If youre going to buy tequila, heres what you need to know:

    1. Its Not Tequila if its Not Produced in the Tequila Region

    All tequila comes from the Tequila region of Mexico, and in order for a spirit to call itself tequila, it must be distilled from agave plants grown in that region.

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