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What Are The Different Types Of Whiskey Glasses

A Guide To Whisky Glasses

Which WHISKEY Glass Is BEST? | Best Whiskey Glass | Glencairn Norlan Dragon

Whisky glasses are shaped to enhance the experience of drinking and nosing whisky. The most popular glasses feature a bulbous body shape which allows aromas to collect and be directed through a narrow rim.

Choosing the correct whisky glass can really help to improve the drinkers enjoyment and theres a shape and style of glass for every whisky fan. These range from the compact Glencairn to the extravagant snifter. Our guide should help find the perfect one for you. For that matter, they make an excellent gift why not get one personalised as a gift for the whisky drinker in your life? Here are the most common whisky glasses:

  • The NEAT glass
  • Arm Yourself With The Best Whiskey Glasses

    Drinking whiskey always seems to evoke a certain legendary feeling. To be honest, who doesnt feel somewhat mythic as they sip on their favorite whiskey or scotch? That is why taking a set of engraved old-fashioned glasses out of an ammo can is clearly one of the most awesome ways to enjoy this fantastic liquor. You can even store a bottle of your favorite brand inside the ammo can, alongside your glasses, this way when you want to share a drink with a friend, youve got everything you need in one spot!

    The Perfect Set For Bourbon Whiskey

    Talk about biting the bullet! This awesome monogrammed whiskey stone set is ideal for pairing with the popular Bulleit bourbon because the bullet whiskey stones will ensure its chilled to the last drop. Besides, who wouldnt want to use whiskey stones that look like bullets? This badass set is a must-have for any whiskey or bourbon drinker. Even the square-shaped whiskey glasses are cool because their unique design makes them easier to grip than regular round glasses.

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    Venero Crystal: Best Value Whisky Glass

    Enjoy a toast with style with Veneros lead-free crystal glasses and polished finish. Crafted from the finest quality crystal, these large 295ml glasses are the perfect size for a double shot of whisky plus some mixer and ice cubes.

    Each glass has a thick wall and heavy base, ensuring your drink stays insulated at the right temperature and sparkles beautifully in the light.

    Venero Crystals ultra clear glass makes it ideal for sharing a toast on special occasions and its durable nature means even the most enthusiastic raising of a glass wont cause any damage. Its the optimum present for a whisky drinker.

    Whiskey Tumbler Or Old Fashioned Glass


    A tumbler is the most common Whiskey glass you can find. In movies, when someones drinking a Whiskey, a tumbler is shown. Whiskey in a tumbler usually is served on the rocks. This glass is definitely not for nosing a Whiskey, but that is also not its purpose. Other types take care of this aspect. The wide rim allows you to put in an extra-large ice sphere or cube. And this is already the main advantage of this glass. Its also commonly used for serving a classic Whiskey sour or Gin sour.

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    Maketh The Man: Best Drinkware Gift Set

    A whisky gift set is a thoughtful present that perfectly complements a much-loved bottle. Maketh The Mans Art Deco whisky glasses offer the chance to sit back and relax with a pair of glasses that promise timeless European design and attention to detail.

    At 300ml each, these glasses are a great size no matter whether a shot of the best stuff is on the cards or a whisky-based cocktail. The contemporary twist of the glass makes them an easy winner for anyone who appreciates aged spirits. Its presentation box, with black and gold hints and a black silk ribbon means these glasses are a winning choice for birthdays, anniversaries or just a chance to treat someone close to you.

    Best Splurge: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses


    • Pricier than other options

    A crowd-favorite across the board is Riedels 7-ounce Vinum whiskey glass. “Theyre great for nosing spirits, says Marissa Mazzotta, bar manager at New York Distillings The Shanty. It’s a particularly ideal glass to use when we are tasting through barrel samples.

    These elegant glasses were designed in collaboration with Scotch whiskey experts back in 1992 when the Riedel family brought in Scotlands finest master distillers to help fine-tune every step of the design process. The shape of the glass really allows you to get the top notes as you smell and a full sip across the palate when you go in for it, explains Mazzotta. Though a bit pricey, theyre totally worth it if youre able to splurge.”

    • No warranty

    Even if you own a venerable selection of snifters, there may be an occasion that calls for drinking whiskey in a more festive manner. These crystal shot glasses evoke the style of elegant barware, thanks to patterned designs and classic coloring , yet they boast the fun of a solid shot glass. Each glass also has a 2.5-ounce capacity.

    I prefer a shot glass that holds at least 1.5 ounces, allowing 1 ounce to comfortably rest without spilling over the top,” explains Goodfellow. Im also a fan of the short shot glasses that slightly fan out and have some weight to them, rather than the ones that just go straight up like a test tube.” Dishwasher safe, these durable glasses are ready to survive jostles, slips and slam downs on the bar.

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    Best Rocks Glass: Riedel Drink

    Courtesy of

    • Has a 2-ounce pour indicator

    • Can hold standard and larger ice cubes

    • Dishwasher-safe

    • Can feel too heavy

    A rocks glass is good for anything: single-ounce pours, spirits on the rocks cocktails or even water. For Voisey, Riedels 9-ounce heavy-base tumblers are particularly great for drinking Old Fashioneds or classic whiskey cocktails on the rocks.

    For this drink-specific collection, Georg Riedel tapped a range of bartenders and industry experts to create these glasses. Each design showcases both spirits and cocktails, and canhold up in a high-energy bar environmentits common to spot these glasses on bar tops across the country.

    It’s also perfect for drinking whiskey straight with its unique 2-ounce pour indicator etch , adds Voisey. Note that the larger size allows for a few chunks of ice to a dram of whiskey.

    • Small opening

    Not only are these diamond-shaped glasses from Dragon Glassware aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also made to enhance your whiskey drinking experience. The unique shape of the glass helps aerate your drink as it is poured or swirled in the vessel. Even more, it rests at a 50-degree angle that’s both anti-rocking and spill-proof. With a 10-ounce capacity, these lead-free crystal glasses are also dishwasher and freezer safe. Gift them to a friend or add the glasses to your home bar for an excellent conversation piece.

    • Made from mouth-blown lead-free crystal

    • Wide opening

    • Available single or in a set

    • Pricier than other options

    How Many Calories Are There In A Glass Of Whisky

    Whisky Critic Review 4 Whisky Glasses

    In the United States, an ounce of spirits is the legal limit for one drink. This amount of liquid isnt much. It fits inside a jigger, which is what bartenders use to measure drinks at a bar. The standard drink size for wine and beer is five ounces and 12 ounces, respectively. A standard glass of whiskey contains approximately 97 calories.

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    Schooners Mason Jars And Specialty Glasses

    In addition to all those listed above, many establishments opt to purchase specialty glassware to give their signature cocktails a unique spin. These include schooner glasses, which typically feature a short stem with a tapered bowl, used often for serving pints of beer or dessert drinks, like sherry. Mason jars are also popular, with many establishments using them to serve long islands or other sweet drinks to add a rustic, farm-to-table appeal. Beer boots are another common type of specialty glassware to liven up the drink presentation.

    Beer And Wine Glasses

    Just about every establishment with bar service offers a beer and wine selection. If you offer beer on draft, your beer glassware needs may be different than if you only offer beer by the bottle. However, even if you only offer beer by the bottle, some guests may prefer to pour it into a glass.

    Beer glass designs vary based on many factors. Most prominent: the style of beer youre serving. The design helps to bring out different characteristics of the style of beer These characteristics range from differences in aroma, flavor and aesthetics, all factoring into the beer-drinking experience.

    The most popular types of beer glasses include mixing, pint, and pub glasses beer mugs and stemmed beer glasses. However, with the boom in craft breweries, more glassware manufacturers are releasing different styles of specialty craft beer glassware to cater to varying preferences

    If beer service is an option but not the focus of your establishment, youll probably be fine with just one or two styles of glasses typically one for 16-ounce pours, and one for 22. Therefore, the most standard type of beer glass is a pint or mixing glass, complemented by a 22-ounce pilsner glass for larger pours. And dont forget beer pitchers or growlers to serve bigger groups.

    For any stemmed glassware, like wine glasses, we recommend installing a glass rack underneath countertops to save space and improve the organizational flow of your bar.

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    The Snifter Whisky Glass

    Snifters are more typically known as brandy glasses but are also very perfect for pouring and drinking speciality whiskeys. The snifter has a similar tulip shape and short stem that the glencairn has, except the bottom, goes from wider to thinner without curving in. Yes, we know its a picture with beer in it, but you get the idea.

    Bapida Hand Cut Whiskey Glass

    A Guide To Understanding The Different Types Of Whiskey ...

    If youve been looking for a whiskey glass that pairs well with Old Fashioned liquor, and we have what you need its the Bapida Whiskey glass set of two from Crystal Design.

    This whiskey glass is unique and has multiple specialties it is hand-cut, the cut on the glass is so deep the design makes sure you feel like you are holding something royal the design belongs to Calcutta India and this glass resembles Italian history.

    These whiskey glasses are similar to round net whiskey. It has 9.8 oz and 290 ml. The unique feature is the design and looks.

    The Italian looks given to these glasses are to the next level and I am sure you will enjoy when you hold these glasses and enjoy your whiskey to the next level.

    All these whiskey glasses are 100% lead free and delivered on time, and I must have received such a positive response about these glasses from the customer, and they really appreciated the new design, their guests seeing such glasses for the first time in their life. It took 3 hours to complete the design.

    You may want to get a new set of glassware for your table if you prefer to drink old fashioned.

    Product Specifications

    Pros of BaPiDa Whiskey Glass

    • Stylish and Elegant
    • New Design resembles to Italian

    Cons of BaPiDa Whiskey Glass

    • No Warranty

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    Different Types Of Drinking Glasses & Their Uses

    Drinking is not just about the drink in your hand, but also the experience that comes with it. If you want to relish your enjoyment to the fullest, the right types of drinking glasses can make all the difference.

    From cocktails to margaritas, drinking is a chasm of many flavors and textures infused together. For each type of premium liquor, there is a particular type of glass with peculiar features to enhance each separate drinks properties.

    Some glasses have a narrow mouth to retain the aroma some have a long stem to prevent the drink from warming up by body temperature. Each glass is designed to make the drink better, and they actually do work.

    However, with the wide variety of drinks out there, it can be confusing to keep up with the many available glasses. Here is a list of the different types of drinking glasses for best aesthetics and tastes.

    Best Old Fashioned Glass: Maketh The Man Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers

    If youre more of the Don Draper-type whiskey drinkeror know someone who isthese space-age, Art Deco-inspired tumblers make a suave statement. The thick base adds stability and shatter resistance, and the 10-ounce capacity means theyll work great for cocktails, too.


    -Comes with a nice gift box

    -Dishwasher safe


    -Retro design isnt for everybody

    Get It: Pick up the Maketh the Man Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers at Amazon

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    The Highball Whiskey Glass

    Highball glass taller and the brother of Tumbler. This glass is associated with one of the most revered and simple whisky cocktails globally, scotch and soda. This glass allowed plenty of space for ice, spirit, and mixer, and the glass made a long and relaxing drink. Today, highball glass is equally popular among other simple whiskey lovers, such as whiskey, ginger ale, and lemonade. This glass is trendy in Japan. The shape doesnt matter the highball glass cause It wouldnt serve scotch and soda in the dimpled pint glass.

    Best Scotch & Whiskey Glasses You Must Try

    Types of glasses used in tasting scotch.
    • Post comments:

    With the growing popularity of whiskey glass, you can find the number of suggestions throughout the internet and it is hard to choose one of them because who will tell you which scotch whiskey glass is best for your drinking does their suggestion help you to choose the best glass what if glass is not dishwater safe and has less oz so we are here to help you.

    The whiskey glass is important to enhance the drinking experience and flavor of whiskey, according to whiskey lovers.

    It is generally thought that the glassware you use can influence the flavor of whiskey and your drinking experience.

    We have decided to write about the top whiskey glasses today. Here are the unique whiskey glasses, their pros and cons, as well as why you should consider purchasing them.

    We will provide you with the answer to all your glassware queries so that you can easily drink whiskey, bourbon, single malt, scotch, etc.

    There are multiple types of whiskey glasses, and actually, you can drink whiskey in each of them. While each glass plays a different role while you drink, and if you do not know any glass types, worry not, we will cover everything about whiskey glass categories.

    Additionally, consuming too much ethanol from an incorrect glass can burn your nose.

    Drinking wine requires the use of the right glassware, as it does with any other type of alcohol.

    Post Contents

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    Denver & Liely Whisky Glass

    Rated the number one whisky glass by Forbes magazine, the Denver & Liely vessel has been self-titled as the best possible, highest performance whisky glass in the world. They also do a dedicated bourbon whiskey glass which shows the brands dedication to delivering both a unique malt and corn experience. With top notch customer service from an Australian brand, Denver & Liely are worth supporting.

    Price: AU$50

    Wine Glasses & Tumblers

    Year Invented: 1400

    Drinks to Serve Inside: Cabernet, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Merlot, Brandy, Rosé, Sauvignon blanc, Zinfandel, Syrah, Rioja, Malbec, Bordeaux, Primitivo, Beaujolais, Chianti, Chenin blanc, sparkling wine, water

    How Many Ounces in a Wine Glass?

    12 fluid ounces to 14 fluid ounces

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    Round Net Hand Cut Scotch Glasses

    You can have whiskey, bourbon in these glasses without the ice and also you can single malt on the rocks, or the neat you can trust these glasses from your luxuries drinking from Crystal Design.

    This set contains the two glasses as well as the possibility of increasing the quantity and each glass has 290 ml of capacity, which is approximately 9.8 ounces.

    Beautiful in design, the best feature youll find is the NET that wraps around the glasses to help you lift them easily and grip them well.

    All the glasses are lead free and easy to hold as well as being light and durable, and also keeping your drink at the ideal temperature.

    Regarding cleaning, Ive tried many different glasses and these are the most durable ones so its also our first priority to make them durable and stylish.

    Glasses designed for all types of occasions ensure that you can serve them at any special occasion. A unique pair of glasses with a cool design that you wont find on the internet.

    A single design takes four hours to cut exclusively by hand, and yes, that is true. These glasses are unique for their hand-cut net design.

    You can also order bulk quantities, at least two, four, and six pairs of glasses. Delivery will be to your home address.

    Product Specifications

    Cons of Round Net Hand Cut Scotch Glasses

    • No Warranty

    Colorful Stained Whiskey Glass

    The 8 Best Types of Whisky Glasses

    If youre looking for unique whiskey glasses that are designed to impress, Cornet Barcelona has you covered with their gorgeous stained whiskey glasses. The beautiful colors of the stained glass wrapping throughout reflect the whiskey within, creating a breathtaking colorful effect. The design is inspired by Barcelonas famous Sagrada Familia Basilica, which has incredible stained glass windows. Your guests will all want to have their drinks in such beautiful glasses!

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