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What Is The Best Rated Vodka

What Is Vodka Made From


Many people think vodka is made from potatoes, and it can be, but more specifically, vodka is made from any source of starch or sugar, plus yeast. Because starch is just a long chain of sugars, it can be broken down into sugar with added enzymes. The primary sources of starch used to make vodka include wheat, rye, corn, rice, potatoes, barley and soy. Common sources of sugar include sugar cane, molasses, sugar beets, honey, maple syrup and fruits such as grapes and apples.

Whisky expert Gandar revealed that as a result, vodka can be made from any source of converted starch or any source of sugar. With access easier than ever, base spirits are improving, giving way for more premium releases.

The quality of the base spirit is also better than ever, with many companies deciding to bring out some top quality vodkas as part of their ranges,

Croc Snap Frost Vodka

A self-proclaimed modern vodka made from French grapes, Cîroc is the vodka for people who, up until this point, are convinced they dont like vodka. Because who could fail to be won over by its citrusy flavours, subtle hint of vanilla, far less harsh vodka burn, and a smoothness that comes from being distilled five times?

Its ideal for making a range of sweet cocktail favourites, such as Cosmopolitans or fruity martinis, as well as stirred with tonic over plenty of ice.

Can You Drink Vanilla Vodka Straight

You can drink vanilla vodka straight, but, as with any other type of spirit, the quality of the vodka will greatly impact your enjoyment of the beverage. It is best enjoyed chilled.

You may also want to add ice to have it on the rocks but its not generally a sipping beverage.

The flavor added to the vodka makes it immediately more appealing to many, especially when compared to drinking traditional vodka straight.

Good quality vodka has a pure flavor that is perfect to add to mixed drinks, but purchasing it pre-flavored with vanilla adds a mellow, earthy sweetness without any extras.

If you are drinking your vanilla vodka straight, you may still want to have a chaser handy to compensate for the signature burn. A chaser can be juice, soda, or even a coffee or energy drink.

Nearly anything that you would mix vanilla vodka with will work well as a chaser, but naturally you will want it in smaller quantities.

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This Vodka From Cupcake Is Absolutely A No

While we love the idea of combining dessert with drinks , trying to achieve dessert bliss in vodka form is just going to work. With that being said, you should probably just avoid Cupcake vodka. As noted by Time, the vodka in question is a “six-times distilled alcoholic treat created by vino specialists Cupcake Vineyards” and boasts a variety of flavors “Frosting,” “Chiffon,” “Devil’s Food,” and “Original” .

The tagline of the vodka is “Live Deliciously,” but we can’t help but feel that this vodka sounds like the worst quality of cotton candy shoved into a vodka bottle. Or does it have a taste at all? According to one reviewer on Vodka Buzz, the spirit in question “tastes like water,” which doesn’t sound particularly pleasing, either. So as much as we all love the Cupcake brand labels and think that the idea of a cupcake-flavored drink is appealing, we’re going to recommend that you skip this one. Go buy yourself actual dessert instead you’ll be better off for it.

Is Whipped Cream Vodka The Same As Vanilla Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands for Your Bar

Whipped vodka, or whipped cream vodka, is not the same as vanilla vodka though theyre quite similar and will work well as a substitute for each other.

As the name implies, whipped cream vodka is inspired by the flavor of whipped cream. Whipped cream gets the majority of its flavor from vanilla, but there is more sweetness and creaminess to it.

Whipped cream vodka, though containing no dairy products, somehow manages to have a surprisingly creamy flavor filling out the vanilla notes.

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Best Tasting Vodkas To Drink In 2022

According to Atlas Obscura, Americans have had a torrid love affair with vodka for decades. The universal spirit pops up in all sorts of iconic drinks, from screwdrivers to Moscow Mules. One of the key selling points of this perennially popular clear liquor is the fact that it can go with and enhance just about anything. So whether you’re opting for a spicy Bloody Mary with extra olives or a creamy, sweet White Russian, vodka has your back.

Although there’s certainly no shortage of decadent and delicblaious drinks that you can stir up with your favorite classic vodka, there are plenty of surprisingly smooth and tasty vodkas that you can sip straight. These 15 vodkas get high marks for taste, sophistication, and total drinkability, and there’s truly something for every budget and style. Whether you love your vodka neat or on the rocks, there’s bound to be something on our list that will speak to you. Bottoms up!

Best Organic: Humboldt Organic

Region: California | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Crisp, Butterscotch, Grass

Organic American sugarcane is the base ingredient for this popular, small-batch spirit from the Northern California county that lends it its name. The sugarcane brings a blend of clean, grassy notes and sweet, deep butterscotch flavor for a classic craft vodka profile that works well chilled from the fridge. Dont discount it for cocktails, though. Quadruple-distilled for an easy, crisp sip, its great in both fruity and savory drinks.

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Finding The Best Vodka Brands

Since kid and teen drinking can lead to a ton of health and social issues, its important to stick to the laws of your country.

  • USA: 21 years old
  • UK: 18 years old
  • Canada: 19 years oldVodka goes with anythinga sunny day, an exotic juice, a solo dance partywhen the mood for something strong strikes, vodka is an easy, reliable go-to. Loved for its simple, clean taste, good vodka is smooth, crisp, versatile, and can be sipped on the rocks. Not all meet the mark, but the best vodka brands do.

Best Tasting Vodka Brands To Try In 2022

Review – Vodka Taste Test #4 – Another 8 of the Best

Last Updated on July 15, 2022 by Lydia Martin

The number of people enjoying the strong vodka spirit grows every year. Brands worldwide have changed their mediocre methods into a more innovative process to produce a much better drink. With that, more high-quality vodka bottles emerge at very reasonable prices.

Let us learn more about these spirits and discover the best vodka brands today.

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The Best Vodka : 12 Brilliant Vodka Brands We Recommend

Our choice of the best vodka will help you rediscover this classic spirit.

There’s nothing simple about vodka, so choosing the best vodka is certainly not as clear cut as it looks.

Yes, gin may be the drink that captures the current love-in for small distilleries and varieties of flavours, but now is time to celebrate its not-so-distant cousin, vodka. Rather than having to navigate those complex botanical flavours in a cocktail, vodka is far more forgiving. It adopts the taste of other ingredients and gives iconic drinks such as Moscow Mules their essential kick.

UPDATE: Our best vodka list is now 12 strong, thanks to a fantastic new vodka we have recently taste tested. Dima’s Vodka is triple grained and a sippable vodka best served with crunchy pickles! It’s a creamy delight and is well worth considering.

While vodka might be filtered to be colour, aroma and flavour-light, as it can be made from different ingredients using various methods, one vodka bears little resemblance to another.

Some makers focus on preserving the taste of the base ingredients while others the flavour of the final spirit. This means that you’ll find vodkas that are pleasingly smooth, or those that have a sweet or salty finish.

Pop a bottle in the freezer for a few hours and it’ll taste different again. So put your best gin back in the cupboard and make time to become reacquainted with the very best vodkas.

If you fancy a vodka alternative, then our best non-alcoholic spirits guide.

The 14 Best Polish Vodkas To Try In 2022

Im a huge believer in Polish vodka. Ive written consistently that if given the choice Id take a bottle of Polish vodka over their Russian counterparts, both for the quality of the liquid and from a price comparison standpoint.

Dont get me wrong, Russian vodka is fantastic, but I love the commitment Polish producers take to differentiate their expressions from other European peers.

Traditional Polish vodka is famous for its rye distillate which differs from other notable regions. Frances best vodka Grey Goose Vodka and Ciroc Vodka for example is made from grapes, while Russian Standard or Stolichnaya is crafted from wheat.

There are some truly exceptional Polish vodka brands that you can purchase for well under the $20 price point, while others offer interesting production methods and distillation processes.

Check out the following collection of the 14 best Polish vodkas to try and see for yourself!

Best Buy

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How Do You Infuse Vodka

Infusions are actually extremely simple to do, says Park. All it takes is picking out your ingredient to create the flavor profile you wish and sealing them in an airtight vessel with the vodka to infuse together. It can be done in as early as 24 hours, but some do take quite a bit longer. Generally, the higher the water and sugar content, the quicker it will infuse.

Top 10 Russian Vodka Brands

The 10 Best Cheap Vodkas in 2021

In Russia, distillers believe that vodka is healthier than other types of alcohol, such as whiskey or rum. Russia produces some of the highest quality vodkas worldwide with this idea in mind.

Russians view vodka as the best alcohol for shots and prefer drinking it neat over adding it to cocktails. Youâll often find vodka as a primary ingredient across beverages ranging from refreshing summer cocktails to cozy winter cocktail recipes. However, itâs drunk in a much simpler fashion in Russia.

Letâs take a closer look at the ten best Russian vodka brands to drink right now:

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Grey Goose Comes In At No 5 For Good Reason

You might be surprised to see Grey Goose in the No. 5 slot. Grey Goose has great vodka there’s no doubt about it and it’s made with “only the finest French ingredients,” as noted by Reserve Bar. Grey Goose is primarily made with a soft winter wheat and “pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region,” which just saying out loud sounds fancy. There’s a very specific process that Grey Goose vodka goes through in its “field-to-bottle” experience, and what you pick up in the grocery store is a gorgeous bottle with a spirit that is sure to be excellent.

Even the reviews on Influenster are on the positive side, with one customer writing that “you won’t be disappointed” if you pick up a bottle of Grey Goose. Another user wrote that it is one of the best vodkas on the market.

So, why isn’t it closer to the top spot on this list? It mostly has to do with price. For just 750ml of vodka , it’ll set you back $34. Not exactly the most economical choice, but you get what you pay for.

Is Vodka Good For Your Health

To an extent, yes, vodka is good for your health. But hear us out. Just like most things in life, its all about moderation, and even too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

In general, vodka has been said to promote blood flow and circulation which may help protect you against coronary heart diseases. Studies have shown that those who drink a low to moderate amount of alcohol have a lower risk of heart disease and a reduced risk of stroke.

Vodka is also lower in calories than other alcohol is, clocking in at 64 calories per fl oz. For comparison, whisky has 70 per fl oz while Amaretto has 78. Though the difference is slight, it all adds up.

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Best For Martinis: Hangar 1

Reserve Bar

  • ABV: 40%
  • Tasting Notes: Orange, white pepper, cinnamon

Produced at California’s former Naval Air Station Alameda, this vodka is the amalgam of two different spirits: one wheat-based, column-distilled vodka and one made from viognier grapes run through copper pot stills. The blended result delivers the perfect balance between mellow sweetness and savory, punchy spice. It’s flexible enough for mixing clean, dirty, wet or dry for a range of martinis to please every drinker.

Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka

Zyr Russian Vodka Review || Best Vodka for the Price?

Produced using USDA-certified organic corn, the flavor profile of this vodka is just as admirable as the farming practices used to grow its base grains. Light and bright with a subtle sweetness, this vodka holds its own in Dirty Martinis and those simply garnished with an olive.

Average price: $25

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How To Shop For The Best Vodka

You came in search of the best vodka brands, and we answered. But our job isnt over just yet. Youve learned who the top 10 names in spirits are, but unless you plan on trying them all, you may want to put a little more thought into your decision.

Below, well take you through a list of what to consider while you shop through the best vodka brands.

Hot Drinks And Vanilla Vodka

Depending on the time of year and how youre feeling, you may want to indulge in a warm beverage instead of something cold. Vanilla vodka excels in this arena.

Try pairing your spirit with the following:

  • Hot chocolate even better with marshmallows!
  • Vanilla latte
  • Warm spiced tea with honey
  • Peppermint steamed milk
  • Pumpkin spice latte or steamed milk

Warmed vanilla vodka also pairs well with Kahlua, Baileys, and hazelnut flavor liquors such as Frangelico.

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The Rise And Rise Of Vodka

While the foundations are simple, vodka is a spirit that has continued to grow in popularity over many years. In the 21st century, the implementation of new brands the experimentation of batch brewers are pushing the industry in new and exciting ways, similar to how gin has taken off.

With such a massive boom in craft Gin over the past five or so years, Vodka has definitely found itself rising in popularity. The fun thing about Vodka is its ability to be malleable and adapt to different flavours, Malcolm Gandar, masterclass host and brand ambassador for Cocktail Porter & The Whiskey Mill tells Man of Many. Due to this, there has been some new innovations in barrel aging and infusing vodkas which has really seen some amazing products being produced.

Best Sweet: Pinnacle Whipped Flavored Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands in 2020

Courtesy of Wine Chateau

Pinnacle Vodka was at the heart of the dessert vodka boom, producing a variety of novelty whipped cream, cake, and pie flavors. This French vodka built a name on stretching the limits of what you thought vodka should be. Distilled five times from wheat, the popular brand has released some rather bizarre flavors over the years.

While the original vodka is good, Pinnacle grabs cocktail lovers’ attention with flavors. Although they’ve narrowed the selection considerably, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka remains a favorite to many. The added sweetness is gentle enough that you know its vodka and not liqueur while reducing some of the alcohols bite. Pinnacle makes delicious cocktails and can add a sweet touch to simple mixed drinks, such as the White Russian.

Region: France | ABV: 35% | Tasting Notes: Sweet, smooth, creamy

Smirnoff Vodka should be almost anywhere you look. It’s one of the most reliable and inexpensive vodkas out there with several flavors to explore. The brand claims to be the world’s most popular vodka and most awarded name in the category.

Region: United States | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Grain, sweetness, spice

Region: Sweden | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Crisp, bold, sweet

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This Absolut Bottle Of Vodka Is Actually Better Than You Might Think

We know what you’re thinking Absolut Vodka is what you drink in college when you can get grapefruit, citron, or lime-flavored vodka that actually just tastes like a hangover. But we promise you that the Absolut Elyx is different. As noted by Reserve Bar, the Absolut Elyx Vodka is made from “single estate winter wheat” and “pure water,” which makes the drink really smooth. Absolut even coined the term “liquid silk” to describe the Elyx, so if we couldn’t have made it any clearer, this is not the vodka of your frat days.

But why just trust us when there are other people who can help convince you that Absolut Elyx is worth giving a try? Customers took to Influenster to share their thoughts on Elyx, with one saying that they found it affordable and was also “smooth and great for mixing drinks.” They wrote, “I am a first time buyer and would purchase again in the future.” Another customer noted that the Elyx vodka went “down very smooth without needing it mixed” and that they could see it “becoming popular.” So give it a try it won’t disappoint.

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