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How Do You Make An Old Fashioned Whiskey Drink

Some Modifications Of The Drink You May Like:

How to make an Old Fashioned

One can easily add the Irish, bourbon, or rye whiskey as per their demand. Moreover, in some regions, brandy is one of the best substitutes for whiskey. Although the use of spirits in some bars is common, you can even add gin to it.

Furthermore, the concept of adding gin became famous in the 1940s. Since then, old-fashioned has been made with such modifications. Nonetheless, you can even replace the common garnishes of the old-fashioned.

So, rather than just sticking to lemon peel, you can use orange peel or, cherry or any seasonal fruits as well. Moreover, you can easily replace the sugar with blood orange soda or any other soda as well.

Ending note

Although many have found their muse in the modern version of the old fashioned drink, one can never go wrong with tracing their steps to the route.

The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Features Little More Than Whiskey Sugar And Bitters Done Right It’s A Perfectly Balanced Timeless Crowd

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  • Bitters add complexity and dimension to the bourbon or rye.
  • Sugar brings subtle sweetness to open the bourbon’s aroma.
  • Toasted sugar tastes less sweet than plain, and can add a subtle note of caramel to play off the bourbon or rye.

The Old Fashioned is one of the most venerable of cocktails, predating not only the motorcar but the presidency of Abe Lincoln. All it takes is serving whiskey, sugar, bitters and, if you like, a cherry or orange garnish on the rocks. Properly made, it’s strong but not too strong, sweet but not too sweet, and, most importantly, it’s dead-simple and absolutely delicious.

The best bitters for an Old Fashioned are up for debate, but Angostura is classic for a reason, while Fee Brothers offer a welcome alternative.

The Best Whiskey Or Bourbon For A Classic Old Fashioned

The answer to which is the best whiskey or bourbon for an Old Fashioned is generally whatever you prefer. Bourbon is a better choice for a sweeter drink, while rye may be preferable for those looking for drier, spicier or peppery notes. Just avoid any brands that have added sugar, like many flavored whiskeys, as it will change the balance of your drink.

If youre looking for an affordable, widely available bourbon that makes a great classic Old Fashioned, Elijah Craig Small Batch is hard to beat, and Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon is a fantastic entry-level bottle from the producer. If youre looking for options in the $50 range that provide depth, the bold and dry profiles of Angels Envy Bourbon or Uncle Nearest 1856 take to the addition of sugar and bitters, while Bib & Tucker 6 Year works well for those who like a touch of natural sweetness in their whiskey.

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Final Thoughts On The Old Fashioned

T: What else about this drink? I think thats been an incredible rundown of the way that you approach it. I dont want to put words in your mouth. I feel like youre of the camp that, this is the way that I approach it, people can have their own way. Whats more important is maybe why youre thinking about each thing, right?

E: Im a creature of habit. I love the process. I love consistency. I am kind of an old dullard or an old soul when it comes to how I build out the bar, how I do the mise en place, and the recipes that Ive come to know and love. This is just what I do in my house. Ive had numerous other Old Fashioneds, and theyre usually really good when you can see and sense real attention to process and detail. Youve been to a bar where it feels like, Man, this is sloppy. Its going to end up in the drink. Theres no two ways about it. Form and function do have a huge effect on results.

E: Oh my God. I love that youre bringing this up, because it is. We all have a Spidey sense. Theres a sixth sense. I can walk into The Varnish and tell you the three things that might not be right the lights, the music, the temperature. If somebody is shaking and their rock of ice exploded before the drink was actually fully shaken, it is sound. So much of it is sound. I hate when bartenders slam their tins at the top with another tin. Like, why are you doing that? Just use the palm of your hand. Sound is very important.

E: I mean, Ive got some more for you.

What Is Angostura Bitters & Why Do I Need It In My Old Fashioned

How to Make a Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail

The use of angostura bitters was originally medicinal, to treat digestive problems. This carried over to being used with soda water, to treat sailors with upset stomachs. Later gin was added, which is of course, where Angostura in what would later become known as cocktails. First got its usage. Of course it is more famed for its use in Old Fashioned, but it has other purpose.

It is created through repeated cooking, straining & infusing processes over a period of 20+ days, the ingredients for different bitters varies on which bitters you buy, or even make, as many Mixologists now are creating their own infusions for this product.

Old fashioned cocktail at home

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Elements Of An Old Fashioned

Whiskey: Both rye and bourbon offer different flavor profiles. Bourbon is slightly sweeter and rounder, whereas rye introduces a peppery bite. Either way, youll want something high in proof as this extra alcohol will stand up to the dilution from melting ice.

Try: Knob Creek, W.L. Weller Antique, Bookers, Old Grand-Dad, Bakers, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, or Rittenhouse.

Glass: The Old Fashioned is one of the few drinks in existence that has a glass named in its honor. The ideal glass should be between eight to 10 ounces, with a thick heavy bottom.

Ice: This is a sipping cocktail, but you dont want that expensive booze turning into a watery mess. Avoid small cubes and pick up rubber molds or invest in an ice sphere.

Sweetener: While simple syrup works well, other options are to sub in honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar. But, make sure to dilute these with equal parts water.

Bitters: There are dozens of new bitters on the market. The best, however, is still the most common: Angostura. Two healthy dashes will do the trick. Chocolate or walnut bitters work well in this drink if you can find them. I also like Dale DeGroffs pimento bitters.

Technique: The most balanced Old Fashioned is made by stirring the drink with ice for about 20 to 30 seconds and then straining that mix over fresh ice.

Garnish: Orange twist, lemon twist, or both.

Pegu Club’s Old Fashioned

2 dashes Angostura bittersOrange twist

How To Make An Old Fashioned With Whiskey

One of the most popular cocktails is the Old Fashioned which is made with whiskey . This cocktail is usually made with bourbon, but you can also use rye whiskey for a spicy touch. Make sure that you consider the bourbon you select when preparing an Old Fashioned as it can change its flavor profile significantly.

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Did You Make This Recipe

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What Is The Best Alcohol For An Old Fashioned

How to Make Old Fashioned with Tennessee Whiskey
  • The Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey by Bulleit.
  • A special reserve in the W.L. Weller estate.
  • The Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a small batch whiskey.
  • Whiskey of the rare kind, Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight.
  • The White Label Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey from Jim Beam is the best all-around budget.
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    The History Of The Old Fashioned

    One of the oldest cocktails around youll find the first printed mention of it in 1806 however as with many drinks the official creator is quite a mystery. According to some the old fashioned was created by James. E. Pepper who was a bartender at a social club in Louisville, Kentucky. Throughout the 1800s and into the 1900s there were many mentions of the old fashioned recipes in books including in the 1895 Modern American Drinks book written by G. Kappeler in which the classic recipe above is found.

    Going into the 1930s and in 1936 it was mentioned in a New York Times article how during prohibition many bartenders would make a glass with sugars, bitters and ice and pass to patrons who would then add their own illegal spirits into the glass and enjoy.

    Later on many bartenders and bars tried variations on the drink, adding additional spirits, many customers werent too impressed and simply wanted it the Old Fashioned way.

    Make your own Old Fashioneds at home

    If you want to make a great Old Fashioned at home, without having to buy full-sized bottles of all the ingredients, check out our Old Fashioned cocktail kit. It makes up to 6 drinks, and also teaches you how to make a Sazerac, another absolute classic!

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    Do: Add An Orange Peel If Youd Like

    Of all the additions to the Old Fashioned over the years, the orange peel has become the most welcome. However, its also best not to add an entire orange slide and muddle it in the glass. Instead, use only a portion of the peel, shaved off the fruit with as little pith as possible, as your garnish.

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    Ice For An Old Fashioned

    Ice serves a basic purpose a way to make a cold drink. But it also has the ability to elevate a drink to bar-style quality. You have a few options with your ice, but we have a preferred one for an Old Fashioned. Heres what we tested:

    • Use your standard ice cube to make the drink/fill the glass
    • Use small square cubes
    • Use large square cubes
    • Our favorite: Use clear square cubes

    A quick note on clear ice cubes. They melt slower and keep your drink cooler. Making clear ice cubes isnt as easy as it sounds. Some of it comes down to the purity of the water, but the real trick to making clear ice at home is slowly chilling the water.

    We tested multiple makers to do this at home and by far our favorite was the True Cubes ice mold.

    What Is An Old Fashioned Drink

    Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

    Before we move forward to sharing the old fashioned drink recipe, lets first unearth the delicious chronological study of the drink itself. For those who have never tried it once, the old fashioned drink is a form of cocktail. It contains muddling sugar with bitter and water. Moreover, it contains whiskey or brandy as its base. Although brandy is used in the drink less commonly. The drink is then garnished with an orange slice or lemon zest along with a cocktail cherry. Furthermore, the drink is served in an old-fashioned glass to elicit a sense of traditionalism.

    The Balance and Columbian Repository in Hudson said of cocktails in 1806. They claimed that it is a mix of spirits, bitter, sugar, and water. It is the essential base of the old-fashioned drink. However, as time went by, the recipe became complex. Moreover, many new variations of cocktails also appeared throughout the era.

    While most of the mixture of the drink used rum, gin, or brandy as the base, the inclusion of sugar and nutmeg as a garnish remained the same. With increasing complexity, many wanted something akin to the 1850s drink. Hence, the original cocktail remained in fashion even after many adaptations. Thus, it came to know as old-fashioned.

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    Whats A Good Whiskey For An Old Fashioned

  • The balcones come in a baby blue color
  • A Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Buffalo Trace.
  • We offer a sample of Four Roses in small batches.
  • Rendezvous Rye is an American whiskey brewed in the Southwest
  • The 46th issue of Makers.
  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Michters U.S. No. 1.
  • How to get a wild turkey.
  • Old Fashioned Recipe How To Make An Old Fashioned

    Known as one of the simplest cocktails to make, yet one of the hardest to perfect, weve made, tested and enjoyed countless old fashioned recipes and weve summed up our favourite ones here.

    When you talk about cocktails specifically whiskey based ones its hard not to automatically think of the old fashioned, its one of the go-to cocktails for people who love whiskey but also just for generally cocktail lovers. Not only does it taste fantastic but its relatively easy to make requiring only a few ingredients meaning its accessible to many. Plus it has a long history and has been loved by people for more than 200 years.

    Our Old Fasioned Cocktail Kit contains everything you need to make a classic Old Fashioned, variations & a Sazerac! Delivered to your door with a recipe card with instructions on how to make each cocktail. Orders yours here

    The recipes for an old fashioned cocktail normally consist of these ingredients:

    WhiskeyMany people opt for a bourbon however most bartenders will use a rye whisky because its more traditional, less sweet and has a slightly sharper taste to it. Which one you use is down to personal taste but if opting for a rye we recommend going for something with a high proof range for better flavours such as Wild Turkey. We personally love a bourbon and have found Buffalo Trace to be our go to bourbon for this cocktail.

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    Whats The Difference Between Scotch And Bourbon

    Bourbon whiskey is manufactured from a grain mash that comprises at least 51 percent corn, whereas Scotch whiskey is often prepared from malted grains, such as barley . Bourbon is often sweeter in flavor, but Scotch is typically smokier and more powerful in flavor. Summary. In terms of nutrients, bourbon and Scotch are equivalent.

    Black Velvet Cocktail Recipe

    How to make an Old Fashioned cocktail

    42+ Classics With A Twist The Brandy Old Fashioned Recipe Drinks Alcohol Recipes Alcohol Recipes Alcohol Drink Recipes Royal Caribbean Tropical Old Fashioned Recipe A royal caribbean cruise is a family vacation that millions of people look forward to taking each year, and good planning can enhance that vacation experience even further.

    RECIPE: Apple Pie Ol Fashioned From Hard Rock Hotels Velvet Bar December 16, 2020 There isnt really a season of the year that Im not in the mood for apple pie and an old fashioned, but the craving for both is certainly heightened during the winter months.

    Preheat the oven to 350°F, and lightly coat a 9×5 loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the butter and egg. Whisk in the vanilla.

    Old Fashion Red Velvet Cake. Saved by Melissa. 40. Apple Cake Recipes Banana Recipes Old Fashioned Red Velvet Cake Recipe Red Velvet Cake Decoration Southern Red Velvet Cake Southern Biscuits Roll Cakes Simple Cakes Red Food Coloring.

    Velvet Jack Recipe. The Velvet Jack drink is made from Chambord raspberry liqueur, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and sour mix, and served in an old-fashioned glass.

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    Bourbon Old Fashioned Recipe

    The classic recipe can easily be made using bourbon however the below recipe is a slight mix on it and makes for an equally lovely cocktail to drink. This recipe was made popular by Don Draper on the TV show Mad Men, so we sometimes refer to it as the Don Draper Old Fashioned or the American-style Old Fashioned instead.

    Awesome photo from Gimmesomeoven

    • 1 cube or teaspoon of sugar
    • 3-4 dashes of angostura bitters
    • 1 wheel of Orange & 1 Maraschino cherry
    • 1 dash of club soda


    1. In a chilled glass, muddle together the sugar, bitters, wheel of orange, cherry and a dash of soda for 20-30 seconds

    2. Take out the orange wheel and fill the glass with large ice cubes and your favourite bourbon

    3. Garnish with a new orange wheel or peel and a Maraschino cherry. Optionally add a spritz of soda water if you want more dilution.

    4. Enjoy your old fashioned cocktail!

    Runner Up Best Budget: Spooky

    Courtesy of Amazon

    While the Hella is a great pick for those who like an orange wedge muddled into their drink, this one is for drinkers who like to muddle a handful of cherries into their Old Fashioned. Its easy drinking and not too spiceda great pick for casual Old Fashioned sipping or a summertime Old Fashioned filled with plenty of ice and topped with a veritable fruit salad of a garnish.

    If youre stocking a bar for a party, pick up a 750-ml bottle of this cherry-forward mix. Try it with brandy for a retro Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned and dont forget to garnish with a couple of maraschino cherries.

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    Bitters Orange And Cherries

    We add two to three dashes of bitters. Our standby is Angostura bitters, but one look in a well stocked store or online proves there are lots to experiment with.

    Depending on who makes it, the amount of fruit added to an Old Fashioned varies. Weve seen everything from multiple slices of orange and an abundance of cherries muddled together then served in the glass to an Old Fashioned with no fruit whatsoever.

    We like somewhere in between. A 2-inch piece of orange or blood orange peel and a cherry and were happy.

    If were feeling feisty, well go for a flaming orange twist. To do it, take a coin-sized slice of orange peel , squeeze it between your fingers and light a match or lighter next to it .

    The oils will spark and flame out. If you do all of this close to or over the glass, a toasted orange aroma will fall down over the drink. We dont add the flamed peel to the drink, but rubbing the flamed peel around the rim of the glass is a nice touch.

    The flavor and aroma of the drink really changes and while we dont do this all the time, its fun to experience the difference.

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