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What Is The Difference Between Gold Tequila And Silver Tequila

Main Differences Between Gold And Silver Tequila

Classifications of Tequila Best Types of Tequila Difference Between Tequilas
  • Gold tequila has a brown colour, almost caramel appearance whereas Silver tequila has a clear and transparent look and it appears like water
  • Gold Tequila is stored in the barrels for some time during the ageing process whereas Silver tequila is packaged between anything less than two months after the making process finished
  • Gold tequila is added with necessary colouring and additives whereas Silver tequila is packaged in its purest form with no additives are added
  • Gold tequila has a smooth and sweeter taste, this taste is acquired from ageing and flavouring processes whereas Silver tequila has a more natural and harsh taste
  • Gold tequila has a lower concentration of agave whereas Silver tequila has 100% agave concentration
  • Gold tequila is consumed directly as shots because of its smooth taste whereas Silver tequila is used for cocktails as its pure form is harsh to consume
  • Gold tequila is costlier as there is a long process of making it whereas Silver tequila is cheaper as compared to former
  • Gold tequila is less popular in clubs whereas Silver tequila is very popular in clubs
  • Not All Tequilas Are Created Equally

    After reading this, you now know that not all tequila is created equally. The three main types Silver, Reposado and Anejo differ in taste, smell, hue, texture, and more. While some tequilas are made for mixing or producing the perfect margaritas, others are made to be savored and enjoyed on their own. Now that youve been educated in tequila, its time to make a toast to your new knowledge! Head over to our Shop page to purchase any Casa Mexico tequila online. ¡Salud!


    Aejo Tequila: Aged To Perfection For Complex Flavors

    Añejo tequila is known as the premium sipping tequila. Aged in oak barrels the longest, generally from one to three years, it is known for its deep golden hue. Añejo showcases not only the flavor of agave, but takes the flavor profile to a whole new level. Silky and rich with vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and custard flavors, it also adds little floral notes and lingering oak that create a mellow and soothing tequila meant to be sipped neat from a properly shaped tequila glass. Añejo also functions very well as a whiskey substitute in cocktails.

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    Other Aliases: Rested Aged

    After pounding shots of blanco tequila on your 21st birthday, you still have a few lessons to learn in the ways of agave. Patiently waiting for good things to come is the first of those lessons, which is immediately evident when sipping a reposado tequila. To make reposado, distillers take blanco tequila fresh from the still and store it in American or French oak barrels. Legally, reposado sits between blanco and añejo on the aging spectrum and must rest in the barrel for between two months and one year, which gives it just enough time to develop a unique flavor profile without losing younger notes from the original agave juice.

    During its time in the barrel, the tequila darkens to a subtle gold hue as it pulls tannins from the wood to create the warm flavors of caramel and honey. The tequilas natural citrus and spice flavors dont decrease but tend to round out as the tequila ages, which creates complex notes of dry chocolate, chilies, vanilla and cinnamon. Some producers opt for used barrels that previously housed bourbon, Cognac or wine, which contribute even more flavors to the tequilas evolution. Some reposados are hardy enough to support cocktails while subtler expressions are best sipped neat or over ice.

    So Which Kind Works Better In Margaritas

    Difference Between Gold and Silver Tequila

    Now, to finally answer the question at hand: which is better for making a margarita? While at the end of the day, it really is your preference, mixologists and tequila experts agree that there is a better choice when it comes to tequila for margaritas.

    The tequila winner across the board for margaritas is silver or white . This is because silver tequila ages for the shortest amount of time, giving it the strongest and purest taste so it can cut through the other flavorings that youre adding.

    When you use silver tequila for margaritas, you are getting a pure tequila taste, which will blend well with other flavorings and mixes. People prefer to sip on gold tequila rather than diluting it into mixed drinks because it has a more unique flavor profile.

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    Different Types Of Tequila

    Have you ever stopped to think about what Tequila is and where it originated? Tequila is made from the distillation of the juice from the blue agave plant. The main two types of Tequila are split into two categories, Pure Tequila, made solely from 100% Blue Agave, and Tequila Mixto that is mixed with sugar or molasses before fermentation begins.

    With over a thousand Tequila brands to choose from, it helps to know the different types of Tequila and the special categories they fall into.

  • Silver Tequila
  • Silver Tequila, sometimes referred to as Blanco, Platinum, or White is rarely aged more than a couple of weeks, making it the purest form of Tequila. It can be bottled directly after distillation or stored in stainless steel tanks to settle for up to 4 weeks. It is often considered the best type of Tequila to use in mixed drinks and is commonly seen in margaritas.

  • Gold Tequila
  • Gold Tequila is typically a Mixto, that gets its color from caramel coloring added to the Tequila before fermentation. If the brand doesnt state 100% agave, it added coloring and sugar to obtain the gold color. Gold Tequilas are not typically aged, and usually contains only about 51% agave Tequila. Sometimes 100% agave gold Tequila is made by combining silver Tequila and an aged Tequila, such as Reposado or Añejo. Since quality aged Tequila has a gold hue, the addition of the coloring was a marketing tactic to improve ones perspective of cheaper brands.

  • Tequila Reposado
  • Tequila Anejo
  • Percent Blue Weber Agave

    When shopping for tequila, look for these words on the bottle. It is easier than ever to find them because almost every tequila brand has realized that this is what drinkers really want.

    Blue Weber is known as the most elegant expression of tequila. While tequila falls under the mezcal category, several distillers around the town of Tequila began distilling a superior form of mezcal. They used the whole heart of blue agave, which is indigenous to the region, describes Brian Olson, the founder and owner of Café Intermezzo.

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    Understanding The Differences In Types Of Tequila

    Tequila is made from the distillation of the juice from the blue agave plant. Pure tequila, made solely from the agave plant, begins its life in fermentation vessels. Mixto tequila must first be mixed with sugar or molasses before fermentation begins. Then, depending on the subsequent process, the tequila will become one of the following five types.

    Whats The Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

    UNBOXING and Review of Patron TEQUILA – Silver vs. Reposado – Which is Better?

    The obvious difference between the two types of tequila is the color, with silver tequila being clear in color and gold tequila being an amber/caramel color that can range in shades of light and dark.

    The biggest and most important difference between the two is how long they are aged, which gives them a difference in color and flavor. Silver tequila is typically bottled immediately after it is distilled, but it can age for a maximum of two months.

    It is also distilled in stainless steel, which prevents it from changing or acquiring any color. Basically, this is what keeps it clear in color. The taste is also different from gold tequila. Silver tequila is strong and harsh, which is why people use lemon or lime to neutralize it in drinks or shots.

    Gold tequila is distilled in barrels. These barrels are what give the tequila its golden color . The length of time spent in the barrels makes the shade of gold vary, with a longer amount of time resulting in a darker shade.

    The longer gold tequila ages in the barrel, the more expensive and high-quality it will be. Typically it is aged anywhere from 60 days to a year, but some brands will age it for years.

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    What Is The History Of Tequila And How Is It Made

    To understand which is the better tequila for making margaritas, we must first understand the history of tequila and the process in which it is made. Believe it or not, tequila is reported to be 2,000 years old, with its origins stemming from special ceremonies in Mexico.

    In fact, legend has it tequila was created on top of a volcano and blessed by the gods. At one time, there were two competing families who produced tequila in Mexico the Cuervos and the Sauzas.

    They had a deeply-rooted rivalry that lasted for many years. Now, you can find countless tequila distilleries and brands throughout the country. Its a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. As for its name? This drink got its name from the town of Tequila, which is near Guadalajara.

    For centuries, it was used ceremoniously, just as it was when it originated. However, in roughly the last hundred years or so, it developed into alcohol to be used for drinks and shots. Now its used to get the party going or to be sipped on slowly and savored.

    All types of tequila are made from the blue agave plant, and it has to be made in a certain region, or its considered mezcal. To make tequila, agave is first harvested and processed . Then, once it is cooked well enough, it is crushed to release the juice. These juices then move on to the fermentation and distilling processes.

    Understanding The Difference Between Silver And Gold Tequila

    Did you know that tequila has some of the toughest regulations in the liquor industry? It can only be made in certain parts of Mexico including the area surrounding the city of Tequila the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. Many standards of regulation have to be followed in order for blue agave based spirits to be labeled tequila. And in addition to the agave plant being grown in the tequila approved regions of Mexico, the Tequila Regulatory Council holds tight regulations over all other parts of the production as well. These tight regulations are part of what make agave tequila one of the best liquors to sip on or mix with . So its no surprise that many people hop on Google to learn more about tequila.

    Keep on reading if youve ever asked the question:

    • What is Añejo Tequila?
    • What is the difference between silver and gold tequila?

    And well answer everything for you !

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    Other Aliases: Silver Plata White

    Blanco tequila never sees the inside of an oak barrel. Without the influence of the wood, blanco tequila provides the purest expression of the agaves natural flavors and clearly captures the terroir of the region where the blue agave was grown. Some producers choose to rest the tequila in steel tanks for less than two months to let the flavors settle a bit across batches before distributing it into individual bottles. But even this slight delay leaves most of the vivid, young, fiery flavors intact.

    Blanco tequila is often hotter than its mellowed, aged peers and blasts the palate with raw vegetal agave, grassy herbal notes, various types of citrus, black pepper and other spices, and even some natural sweetness from the agave itself . This strong profile makes blanco tequila great in cocktails as the bold flavor can go toe to toe with any mixer you throw at it. By the same token, blanco can be a bit harsh for some palates. If youre considering straight shots, choose an extra smooth brand like Los Azulejos Silver or Don Julio Blanco for a complex taste without the harsh burn.

    Best Aejo: Don Julio Aejo Tequila

    Difference between gold and silver tequila, IAMMRFOSTER.COM

    It’s hard to find faults in the tequilas of Don Julio. They are readily available, super smooth, and richly flavored with the distinct tequila flavors that make the spirit special. The brand’s aged tequilas are particularly impressive and have a reputation that puts them among the best of the best.

    Don Julio Añejo is one you wont want to miss. It instantly improves any cocktail it touches and really shines in a shaken margarita with fresh lime. If you are looking to mix up some of the best tequila drinks you can afford, its the tequila to keep in your bar. While its probably too pricey for a shot, its a very smooth sipper enjoyed by many tequila aficionados.

    Bottle Size: 750 milliliters | Tasting Notes: Toasted oak, caramel, baked yam | ABV: 40% | Region: Los Altos, Jalisco

    Añejo Tequila is tequila that is aged in oak barrels for at least a year, but not over three years, says Brian Eadie, lead bartender at Geraldines Austin in Texas. It has a sweet, woody aroma with notes of smoke, burnt caramel, and dried fruitsdefinitely a sipping tequila. Añejo is great for making a tequila old-fashioned and substituting the whiskey for añejo tequila, orange bitters for Angostura bitters, and brown sugar for white sugar.

    Bottle Size: 750 milliliters | Tasting Notes: Sweet agave, anise, mineral | ABV: 40% | Region: Los Altos, Jalisco

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    Alcohol By Volume Level

    Gold and Silver tequila contains 80-100 proof or 40-50% ABV. Silver and Gold tequila is equally strong, but if you prefer to taste the presence of piña spirit, you should opt for Silver or White Tequila.

    Tequila Gold is aged and is mostly mixed, and has gone through flavoring processes. Its making process and mixing process is longer, which tamed the flavor. Also, only small batches are made for this type of distilled tequila. But, how many shots of tequila will get you drunk?

    Is White Or Gold Tequila Better

    Its truly your preference and how you like to drink your tequila . In the gold vs silver tequila argument, clear tequila comes out on top for margaritas. That extra bite alongside the orange liqueur and lime juice really makes a margarita popespecially when youre whipping up a frozen one. That said, some people truly prefer the flavors of gold tequila.

    Gold or silver tequila for shots is a coin flip. Clear tequila can be horribly cheap and painful to drink, but if you want to get buzzed on a budget, it could work. Gold, depending on the quality, goes down much easier, but you might have to put out some extra money.

    If you want to sip your tequila without any mixers, opt for reposado or añejo tequila. Again, that tang of clear tequila can make sipping difficult, whereas aged tequilas go down like a fine wine.

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    Which Tequila Is Better Silver Or Gold

    When it comes down to it, silver tequila is better for margaritas than gold tequila. They are aged differently, with silver tequila boasting a stronger, purer taste while being clear in color. Its simplicity makes it the perfect companion to mixed drinks, as it matches beautifully with other flavor profiles.

    What Is Tequila Made From

    Jose Cuervo Especial Vs Traditional

    Tequila is made from the extracted juices of the agave plant. By law, tequila must include at least 51 percent Weber blue agave, and the majority of tequilas exclusively use that variety. The agave juice is fermented and distilled, and the tequila is diluted to bottling strength. Tequila destined to be reposado or añejo is aged in wood barrels for two months to a few years. Silver tequila is unaged, but can rest in stainless steel for up to two months. Gold tequila is the only style that can include coloring and flavoring additives.

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    First What Is Tequila

    In case you never tried the stuff , lets get acquainted. Tequila is a liquor made in Mexico and is under some of the most stringent regulations for production. Due to Mexican tequila law, only two kinds of tequila can be produced in only five states. Tequilas are broken up into two groups: 100% agave, which uses sugars solely from the blue agave plant, and mixto, which uses 51% blue agave sugars alongside other sugars.

    Within those categories, you have blanco or silver and gold tequila. All get broken down further by how long they have aged.

    Why Are Some Tequila Gold

    It is possible to obtain gold from two sources. There are two ways to age tequila: aging it in barrels and adding caramel or colors for the brownish hue, or coloring it with caramel or coloring. It is also ideal for shots when the tequila is blended with caramel or other additives to make it a smoother taste.

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    What Does Silver Tequila Taste Like What’s The Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

    Silver tequila is distinguishable by appearance where it is more transparent while gold tequila has a more caramel look. When it comes to the distillation process, tequila silver is pure, however gold tequila includes additives and flavorings.

    When comparing the two in taste, silver tequila has a harsher complexity compared to gold tequila where it is known for being smooth. The two distinctive blends vary due to their influence in the aging process while gold tequila is aged, silver teuila is unaged. Silver tequila is the perfect mixer and can be drunk in a variety of ways while gold tequila is perfect for sipping.

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