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What Is Gentleman Jack Whiskey

What Is The Best American Made Whiskey

Gentleman Jack – Jack Daniel’s | Whiskey Review

Read on to see our top picks for the best American whiskeys on the market.

  • Best Bourbon Whiskey: Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon.
  • Best Budget: Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky.
  • Best Rye Whiskey: Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey.
  • Best Tennessee Whiskey: George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey.

Comparison With Jack Daniels Old No 7

You may be asking yourself, Is Gentleman Jack better than ordinary Jack Daniels?. While thats a determination up to each persons individual palette, it is widely regarded as beingmore drinkable, smooth, and yes – better than Old No. 7. The second filtration takes away a bit of the bite you get with a standard bottle, so it goes down easier. Its not foreveryone, and the increased price can be a bit of a turn off – but we definitely recommend you try it and judge for yourself!

Is Gentleman Jack Whiskey Filtered Through Charcoal

Yes, part of the whiskey distillation process requires the whiskey to be steeped in charcoal chips prior to being poured into casks to begin the aging process. Maple wood barrels, often having lived out their useful life as aging barrels, are burned and reduced to a maple charcoal mixture, which is then utilized in the filtration process.

While many believe that the charcoal steeping process removes alcohol during the filtration process, the reality is that the real purpose of charcoal filtering is to clean the raw spirits by removing the impurities naturally present in the whiskey in the early stages of distillation.

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Gentleman Jack Whiskey Taste And Aftertaste

Gentleman Jack Whiskey is also very calm on my mouth. Theres the same gentle honey and caramel sweetness with a dash of wood, pepper, mint, and alcohol. Its neither complex nor terrible. You could do worse, but thats not much of a ringing endorsement because its so bland and boring. I really dont get it.

Chewing improves the flavors just a little, bringing up-front sweetness from honey and vanilla, supplemented with peanuts and macadamia nuts, gummy mint, pepper, burnt wood, and corn. Gentleman Jack is bright and light, and possibly one of the mellowest whiskeys that Ive had in a while. At the same time, its thin, far too grain-forward, and completely lacking in character. Like I mentioned before, it tastes young, rushed, and underdeveloped. A Gentleman can be quiet and subtle, but this is just boring and not good.

I really hate to use this term, but Gentleman Jack Whiskey is smooth. For me, that means its means that its neutral, flat, and not challenging to drink. It also means that there really isnt much of anything in there to be interesting, memorable, or attention grabbing. Thats the best thing I can say about it, because there isnt much else better to say.

Whats The Difference Between A Whiskey And A Bourbon


Although there are numerous reasons why whiskey and bourbon are different, the primary reason involves the type of barrels used in the aging process. Bourbon is aged in brand new charred oak barrels, whereas whiskey is aged in used oak barrels. Gentleman Jack adheres to the bourbon-making process in that it is aged in new charred oak barrels.

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Why Is Gentleman Jack Not A Bourbon

It really comes down to the technicality of how the whiskey is made. Bourbons predominantly come from Kentucky and use a traditional filtration process, whereas Tennessee whiskey, specifically Gentleman Jack, undergoes a process known as the Lincoln County Process.

Fundamentally, the Lincoln County Process involves filtering and steeping the whiskey in charcoal chips multiple times before being poured into casks to begin aging.

Gentleman Jack Whiskey Rating

Jack Daniels wasnt wrong in their marketing, Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey is a smooth and calm whiskey that I can imagine people wouldnt mind drinking. The problem is that its inoffensive and boring to sip neat, and also far too grainy and woody without nearly enough sweetness, fruitiness, herbalness, or anything else. I honestly dont see any reason why anyone would buy this apart from nostalgia.

It lacks any complexity that would make me want to take my time to appreciate it again and again. Dont get me wrong, Id drink Gentleman Jack Whiskey if offered , but theres no reason for me to buy this again. Honestly, I recommend that you avoid Gentleman Jack Whiskey if at all possible because you can do so much better.

I know that Im hating on Gentleman Jack whiskey a lot, and in my personal opinion for good reason. At the same time, I know a lot of people drink this, and if you enjoy it, you should just ignore me and carry-on because ultimately you decide what you like. But heres the thing, this review is this way because Jack Daniels makes some actually good whiskey, and it seems like they didnt really try with Gentleman Jack whiskey.

And if you want to go outside of Brown Forman and pay about the same, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, Buffalo Trace, and so many other bourbons are so much better.

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Does Jack Daniels Go Bad

The shelf life of Jack Daniels varies significantly on how it is stored. A never once opened bottle can easily last you for 10 years and above, whereas an opened bottle has a shorter shelf life of 6 months to 2 years. The emptier the bottle, the speed of oxidation will increase and change its flavor.

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Review

Gentleman Jack whiskey review

What does it take to turn Jack Daniels into a Gentleman? Well for starters it gets a second sugar maple charcoal filtering and thats it. Sure they might pick slightly better barrels that may have aged in slightly more premium spots in the rick house , but thats pure conjecture and really its just the second filtering that turns Jack into a Gentleman.

Jack Daniels gets its first sugar maple charcoal filtration right after it comes out of the still before it gets put into the barrel. Gentleman Jack gets a secondary filtration after it comes out of the barrel and is on its way to being bottled. The purpose is to remove any additional impurities, decrease the oakiness and further mellow and sweeten the whiskey. The result is quite noticeable.

Tasted side by side I like the Gentleman a bit more than Old No. 7. It is cleaner, its smoother, there is less rawness to it and the sweet bourbon like notes come out more. However all of this refinement comes at a cost and part of that cost is excitement. Its a little boring and Im missing some of that rough charred character that comes in JD 7 to help balance out the intensely sweet notes in this bottle. Then theres the actual monetary cost. At about 2x the price of regular Jack its just not worth it to me and there is a slew of whiskey Id rather buy for the same price or even less.

If youve tried Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack please leave your own thoughts and notes in the comments below.

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Gentleman Jack Whiskey Price Guide

When youre in the mood for something a little smoother than your ordinary glass of Old No. 7, but still want that unique Jack Daniels taste, look no furtherthan Gentleman Jack!

From their website:> Inspired by the original gentleman distiller and our founder, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness. Its balanced flavor is perfect for celebrating lifes extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way.

Our round-up of Gentleman Jack prices is packed with the important info you crave! Price comparisons, recipes, where to buy, and more all await below!Be sure to check out our full list of Jack Daniels Whiskey Prices for the low down of all the labels from this awesome distiller.Read On!

Alternatives To Gentleman Jack

There are a lot of great premium whiskeys that are good alternatives to Gentleman Jack. If you want to stick to Tennessee Style, check out George Dickel Barrel Select, or Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium.

If youre just looking for another comparable whiskey, and dont care where its made, there is a whole world of choices out there, including Woodford Reserve or 1792 Small Batch.Mass producers include Jim Beam, Makers Mark, and Wild Turkey. Then of course there is a whole world of small batch producers to check out!

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How Is It Made

Tennessee Whiskeys, by law, go through a very specific distillation process. Its required that the mash be made from 51% corn . Its alsoaged in charred oak barrels. Unlike Bourbon, Tennessee whiskeys are put through something called the Lincoln County Process, whereby the spirit is put throughcharcoal filtering before it goes in the barrel. The difference between Gentleman Jack and an ordinary bottle of Jack Daniels is that it goes through thisfiltering process twice to give it a more mellow flavor.

Whiskey Review: Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack


Continuing our exploration of some more mainstream brands , were checking out an offering from one of the most ubiquitous whiskey brands: Jack Daniels. The folks at Jack Daniels have created a variety of expressions of their famous sour mash bourbon. One version of their spirit goes through the famous Lincoln County charcoal mellowing process not once but twice, and that version is known as Gentleman Jack.


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Is Black Label Or Green Label Better

Black label can be drunk any way you want, and is certainly of a quality to be drunk on its own. The whiskies inside the bottle are all at least twelve years old. Green label was added to the fold in 1997. It is made with malt whisky only and has a sweeter more honied flavour profile and is exceptionally smooth.

Try These Jack Daniel’s Recipes

Gentleman Jack Bellini

  • whiskey

The Bellini was originally created by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the famed Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. Frequented by stars and luminaries such as Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, and Aristotle Onassis, Harry’s Bar was the epitome of cafe society glamour, which this drink certainly evokes. This incarnation of the Bellini gets an added kick of Gentleman Jack.

Gentleman Jack Sangria

  • whiskey

A Gentleman’s take on sangria, this cocktail combines the fruit of wine with the smoothness of Gentleman Jack.

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Gentleman Jack Whiskey Smell

Gentleman Jack Whiskey starts with moderate honey and graham cracker sweetness followed by charred wood, crushed peanuts, and uncooked rice. Its a sugar and grain-forward whiskey accented with wood, nuts, and floral, grassy, and minty notes, as well as minimal alcohol. True to the marketing, Gentleman Jack whiskey is smooth and inoffensive, but it really dont have much depth, character, or really anything noteworthy. Is a gentleman supposed to be kind of bland and nondescript?

Swirling releases the same honey and vanilla sweetness, as well as slightly under-baked bread, grain husk, charred oak, and crushed peanuts. The alcohol gets gently stirred-up, but stays very calm. Fruit notes that are usually found in more complex whiskeys, are virtually absent in Gentleman Jack Whiskey. It just smells so young, undeveloped, thin, and kind of bland. This isvery meh.

Is Jack Daniels Bourbon Or Rye

How to Drink Whiskey Like a Man.. Gentleman Jack Whiskey Review

While bourbon may reign supreme among American whiskeys, its not the only whiskey made here. In fact, Jack Daniels, the most popular whiskey brand in America, is not a bourbon but a Tennessee whiskey, and most of the classic American whiskey-based cocktails call for rye, not its sweeter cousin bourbon.

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How Should You Drink Gentleman Jack

As with all Whiskeys, you can drink it straight, neat, or mixed depending on your preference. Since the flavor and smoothness of the whiskey determines the end taste of all 3 styles,it can make for easier drinking than standard fare. That said, masking the spirit with mixers is a bit of a shame when youre paying for the premium version!

What Is Jack Daniels White Label

What is Jack Daniels white label?

What is the difference in Jack Daniels Green Label? Jack Daniels Green Label has a lighter flavor and color than its counterpart. The character of the whiskey is smoother, and the overall taste is mellower than the Black. The Green Label is not aged as long as the Black.

Is there a white Jack Daniels? This limited edition release honors Mr. Jacks opening of the White Rabbit Saloon formerly located in Lynchburgs town square 120 years ago. Same great Jack Daniels whiskey bottled at 86 proof!.

What is the difference between Jack Daniels and Gentleman Jack? A premium version of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, Gentleman Jack exhibits impressive complexity and flavour. The main difference is that it enjoys a double mellowing as its filtered through charcoal both before being filled into the barrel and before its bottled.

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Whiskey Lovers With Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack 2022

Enjoy Gentleman Jack signature cocktails plus a little bit of bubbles and Chambord too!

818 3rd Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee37210

Meet, mix and mingle with fellow whiskey lovers!

Single and ready to mingle? Attached but up for some fun? Love whiskey? Join us for our first annual Whiskey Lovers party with Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack! Love can be this smooth

Enjoy Gentleman Jack signature cocktails plus a little bit of bubbles and Chambord too! Snack on delicious bites, learn how to pair your favorite whiskey with cigars from Crowned Heads, indulge in sweet treats, listen to live music, make photo booth memories, and more!

Tickets cost $35 in advance and $40 at the door, and include two drink tickets, grub, and tons of event entertainment.

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