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What Is The Best Brand Of Whiskey

Best Splurge: Lock Stock & Barrel 16 Year Rye

The Best Selling Whiskey Brands in the World

This 100% Canadian rye whisky is sourced and bottled by Cooper Spirits Company in the U.S. While it costs around $150 or more for a bottle, the whisky is well worth it. A deeply spicy background is tempered by notes of caramel, cocoa, and dried fruits after nearly 20 years of aging in American oak. Sip this on its own, or use it for a premium cocktail experience.

Old Forester Rye Whiskey

Kentucky distillery Old Forester makes both rye and bourbon whiskey. The original Old Forester is one of Reigler’s favorites for making cocktails. “They started making this in 1870, and it’s very characteristic,” Reigler told Business Insider, “It has caramel notes, and fruity hints of banana and citrus.”

Reigler also recommends the 1910 expression, a newer release, which she explained is “aged in a second barrel that is charred to the point that it would fall apart, if not for the iron bands. It’s really smokey, with a lovely chocolate note.”

How To Taste Whisky

Ignore the shot glass approach youve seen on the big screen. When tasting whisky or drinking it neat, you should aim to keep it in your mouth for 12-20 seconds. Put it in the middle of your tongue, underneath, then back and in the middle. Hold it, then let it go down. Your first gulp primes your tastebuds, while the second is when the whisky shows you precisely what its going to say.

Getting it talking demands the right glassware. A heavy-bottomed tumbler is good, but best is this Perfect Measure Whisky Glass. Its stem keeps your hands away so the warmth isnt evaporating the whisky, and the tulip shape channels your drams aromas straight up your nostrils.

Half the tasting experience is in the nose, but whiskies have a lot of common flavours running through them, making this one easy to blag. Flavours that pop up a lot are vanilla, butterscotch, clove, cinnamon and orange.

The barrels the whisky has been stored in will have a big impact on the nose. If youre smelling a bit of smoke, chances are its been aged in an ex-bourbon barrel. If its richer, redder and smells fruity, you might have a whisky thats been finished by being stored in a sherry cask just before bottling.

Those scents are why youre best off serving your scotch at room temperature. Mature drops can be served straight. Younger ones respond to a drop of water to bring out more nuanced flavours.

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Canada Boasts Some Of The Best Whiskies Out There

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Our neighbors to the north are known for making some good whisky . This ranges from 100% rye expressions to affordable blends. The defining characteristics of Canadian whisky are that it must be aged for three years in Canada from a mash bill recipe of grains and contain at least 40% ABV. Beyond that, distillers are free to experiment with different barrel types and recipes, and they can even add 9.09% of another spirit to the whisky . Here are the best Canadian whiskies to drink now.

Colonel Eh Taylor Straight Rye

21 Best Scotch Whisky Brands

A bit different from bourbon, rye whiskey uses a rye mash rather than the 51% corn mash of bourbon.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye comes from the Buffalo Trace brewery. The rye mash makes for a spicier whiskey than bourbon.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye comes in at 100 proof is listed as Bottled in Bond, which means it was produced in one season at one distillery and aged at least four years.

This whiskey is a bit more expensive than some others on this list, but theres a lot of bang for the buck for rye drinkers.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Made from Scotlands rarest and most expensive whiskies, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an outstanding whisky of style and taste. Its the brands most prestigious blended whisky. Its also a popular whiskey choice for novices and experts. The casks with elusive quality and character are hand-selected and set aside to create the signature flavor of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

On the palate, its rich and velvety. There are honey, hazelnut, dried fruits, and sherry tasting notes. We can taste a little bit of sweetness with hints of pepper and oranges. The finish is smooth and lingering.

Best Age Statement: Jp Wiser’s 15 Year Old

This JP Wisers whisky is a bartender favorite. It’s a blend of mature grain whiskies with a hint of rye spice, says Pablo Guerrero, the food and beverage manager of Azabu Miami Beach. After being aged for 15 years, we have a rich and smooth mix of flavors like dried fruits, toffee, spices and a very little touch of green apples. There is no need to break the bank, as it is a good value whisky and a fantastic digestif to end a memorable dinner.

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Best Budget: Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

While premium whiskey can burn a hole in your wallet, cheap whiskey can char your taste buds and throat. When youre looking for value whiskeys, its important to choose wisely. One sound choice is the flagship bottle from Old Forester Bourbon. While the Kentucky distillery has a portfolio filled with great high-priced bourbons, this 86-proof expression is budget-friendly and reliable.

Not only is this the most popular bottle of Old Forester, but its also the oldest. It has not changed since it was introduced in 1870 and even survived Prohibition, which temporarily shut down or completely wiped out many distilleries. It has a classic bourbon character with a big punch that softens into an oaky sweetness and finishes off with a blend of spice and vanilla. Its mixable and casual, and simply a nice everyday whiskey.

Bulleit is called “Frontier Whiskey,” and it does have a rustic charm. At 17 percent, the Kentucky distillerys bourbon has more rye than most bourbons would dare to include in their mash bill. While thats a nice whiskey, when you really want the spice of a straight rye whiskey, Bulleit Rye is the bottle to pick up.

Abv: 40%tasting Notes: Spicy Creamy Fruity Sherry And Toasted


Redbreast is a single-pot still Irish whiskey that is made by the centuries-old Dublin spirits merchant Gilbeys.

The company acquired Redbreast in 1980 and moved production to their Bow Street Distillery. This is also the place where the Jameson whiskey was also being produced. The whiskeys 100% pot has been an exclusive blend of both malt and grain whiskies that have matured for at least 12 years before bottling!

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Best For Manhattan: Pendleton Whisky

Pendleton’s Canadian whisky is sourced and bottled by an American company: Hood River Distillers in Oregon. Its a blended whisky that is distilled and aged in Canada, then brought to the U.S. and cut with spring water from Mt. Hood before bottling. The palate is slightly sweet and mild with a bit of spice, making this an excellent Canadian whisky to use in a Manhattan. The pepper and fruit notes will also complement any sweet vermouth you go with.

The Rise And Rise Of Vodka

While the foundations are simple, vodka is a spirit that has continued to grow in popularity over many years. In the 21st century, the implementation of new brands the experimentation of batch brewers are pushing the industry in new and exciting ways, similar to how gin has taken off.

With such a massive boom in craft Gin over the past five or so years, Vodka has definitely found itself rising in popularity. The fun thing about Vodka is its ability to be malleable and adapt to different flavours, Malcolm Gandar, masterclass host and brand ambassador for Cocktail Porter & The Whiskey Mill tells Man of Many. Due to this, there has been some new innovations in barrel aging and infusing vodkas which has really seen some amazing products being produced.

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Macallan 12 Year Double Cask

The Macallan 12-Year-Old Double Cask is 100% sherry-seasoned. It is created from a mash bill of 100% malted barley and aged for 12 years. It has malt, honey, brown sugar, nuts, and orange peel aromas. It has tasting notes of malt, brown sugar, orange zest, and cinnamon.

It has a medium finish with a fruity and vanilla taste. We like that the elements are individually distinguishable but also contribute to the whole.

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Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

13 Best Whiskey Brands Of 2020

If you are looking for a whisky under the £40 mark, then you won’t do much better than this Aberfeldy 12 year old. There’s a great hit of honey and fruit from this whisky, with smoke lingering at the end . Packed with vanilla and pineapple, there is a freshness to the dram that we can’t get enough of.

This is the standard Old Pulteney but dont write it off based on that. This is a delicious 12-year-old single malt Scotch at a surprisingly affordable price. This multiple award winner offers an excellent balance of light delicate flavours like apple with a deeper, salty and spicy finish.

Produced in the coastal town of Wick, Caithness, Old Pulteney is one of the most northerly mainland distilleries.

Its called 95 because the mash is made up of that percentage of rye, the remainder barley. Thats a really high ratio, so while the original Buillet is a classic bourbon, we like the rye version for its spicy flavour.

Unlike scotch, bourbon is sweeter and here you get toffee and maple flavours. Its still smooth enough to drink neat but try using it for cocktails like an old fashioned for that extra level of flavour.

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Best Peated Scotch: Bowmore 12 Year Old


Region: Islay, Scotland| ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Peat, Chocolate, Cherry

While the Scottish island of Islay is known for producing whiskys featuring heavy smoke flavors . Bowmore is only mildly peated compared to some other Islay bottlingsbut the smoke character is nevertheless distinctly present. That said, the peatiness is balanced out in this 12-year-old whisky by a rich array of fruit and spice flavors, complimented by notes of honey and vanilla. The distillery is the first recorded to be in operation on Islay, and this long, storied history is present in this approachable yet pleasantly smoky single malt.

George Dickel Barrel Select

George Dickel is the second-largest Tennessee whiskey distillery, but its far less well-known that the largest, Jack Daniels. However, George Dickel is often considered superior in quality, and this Barrel Select is the brands finest bottle. Its first steeped in charcoal, mellowing the bite, and then aged 10 to 12 years. Finally, ten barrels are hand-selected by George Dickels Master Distiller, John Lunn.

The award-winning flavor is marked by caramel and corn with hints of vanilla, oak, clove and rye. These fade slowly, leaving a satisfying finish of caramel, cinnamon and vanilla. Its a premium bourbon, so its best enjoyed neat with a drop of water, but also works for making upgraded bourbon cocktails.


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Putins Critics Call For Boycotts Of Russian Vodka

Vodka, a drink that was popularized in the West by James Bond and that has long been one of Russias most visible exports, is now the target of international anger over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In New Hampshire, where liquor and wine are sold through state-run stores, Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, announced on Saturday the removal of Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits from our liquor and wine outlets until further notice. In Ohio, where the state contracts with private businesses to sell liquor, Gov. Mike DeWine, also a Republican, announced a halt to state purchases and sales of Russian Standard Vodka.

L. Louise Lucas, a top Democrat in the Virginia State Senate, is the removal of all Russian vodka and any other Russian products from Virginias nearly 400 state-run Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority stores.

And Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, , Dump all the Russian vodka and, alongside ammo and missiles, send the empty bottles to Ukraine to use for Molotov cocktails.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canadas most populated province, announced on Friday that it would remove all products produced in Russia from its more than 600 stores. Similar removals were underway in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland, Reuters reported.

Boycotts of highly visible imports during times of conflict are nothing new.

And just as in earlier efforts, boycotting Russian vodka may be more symbolic than strategic.

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

The 12 Best Scotch Brands to Enjoy This Year

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Canadian Whisky is first aged in charred American white oak barrels for a minimum of three years. From there, it is finished for an additional 6-12 months in ex bourbon barrels casks.

This expression is reminiscent of American whiskey more so than other Canadian distillers, as the extra maturation gives the tasting note a wonderful, woody roasted aroma and a palate filled with vanilla, toasted baking spice, pecan and walnuts. The finish is extra-long with a full mouthfeel that is perfect over ice or for the neat sipping whisky drinker.

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Abv: 46%tasting Notes: Vanilla Toffee Cinnamon And Nutmeg

High West Campfire Barrel Aged Whiskey is not your average whiskey. Made from a top-secret blend of bourbon, rye, and peated Scotch whiskies ranging in age between four to eight years old, this bottle is aged in white oak barrels along with second-use bourbon barrels for the perfect finish.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, then try it straight up, or add some water before serving! You can also make classic cocktails with High West like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan by adding liqueurs such as maraschino cherry juice, Cognac brandy, and bitters. Now that’s a helluva drink!

High West Campfire Whiskey

A blend of rye, bourbon, and Scotch, High West Campfire Whiskey is a non-chill filtered concoction, and nothing in it is younger than four years.

The label has a rambling, charming story of the whiskeys origins, but whats inside the bottle counts for more lots of smoke and pepper permeate this one.

Exactly how much of each whiskey High West Campfire contains seems to be something of a trade secret.

It leans a little toward the pricier side, but its surprisingly good. Mixing different spirits may seem like an odd choice for something called whiskey, but this 92-proof liquor works. It works really well.

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Abv: 40%tasting Notes: Green Apples Honey Lemon Vanilla

In Gaelic, the term in Speyburn Bradan Orach means Golden salmon. One of the best whiskey brands, this product is incredibly complex with a lot of depth at its low budget price.

It is not listed by age which suggests that it is reasonably young compared to the other items. Those who are looking to make the most of whiskey without investing at all will appreciate this.

This whiskey is easy to drink and has a far more complex value to its price range, especially in its light and mild offering.

The 30 Best Rye Whiskey Brands

The 10 best selling Scotch whisky brands

Looking for our list of the best ryes for 2020? Head over here!

If youve only encountered rye whiskey in passing, you may still be familiar with two common descriptions of the spirit: that its bourbons spicier sibling, and that its crucial in the creation of a handful of classic cocktails. While these statements ring true, they also benefit from further elaboration.

The inclusion of rye in any mash bill indeed lends a spicy kick, but that characteristic can take on many forms, from savory spice, like caraway and black pepper, to sweet baking spices, such as cinnamon and cloves. Another distinguishing factor that defines many rye whiskeys is fresh, herbal notes think dill and mint. Though not always present, these notes complement the grains signature spice, but it would be a stretch to define them as spicy by nature.

On the cocktail front, its true that rye is vital for any properly made Manhattan or Sazerac, and competently takes the place of bourbon in an Old Fashioned or Boulevardier. But were it not for the revival of those cocktails, theres a high chance that rye would have continued down its path of dwindling popularity to reach near extinction by this point. In short: Rye is essential in these drinks but the drinks themselves are just as important in the whiskeys modern history.

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Egg Whites In Your Whiskey Sour

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to elevate your whiskey sour, an egg white is a way to do it! Oh no, you say, is this a repeat of eggnog?!

No, I promise its not. First of all, the egg isnt one of the main ingredients. There is usually less egg white included than anything else. Really all it does is add a touch of binding and frothing power to the drink.

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