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What Is Louis Xiii Cognac

Think A Century Ahead

Tasting Louis XIII Cognac Like Royalty [Lap of Luxury]

Today, our current Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau is continuing the work started by his predecessors, selecting and blending up to 1,200 individually aged eaux-de-vie to produce the signature taste and aroma profile of LOUIS XIII cognac from the eaux-de-vie set aside by previous Cellar Masters.

At the same time, he is preparing for the future, selecting and setting aside the finest Grande Champagne eau-de-vie for ageing. However, he will never taste the fruits of this labour, as the eaux-de-vie he starts to blend are destined to be used by his successors.

Louis Xiii Cognac Standard Bottles And Prices

Louis XIII is a high-end brand with all the expensive bottles. Here are the standard and iconic bottles by the brand, along with their prices:

Louis XIII: The Mathusalem $78,000

These were the standard bottles by the luxurious cognac brand. Here are the top standard bottles that are widely loved:

Louis XIII: The Miniature

Louis XIII: The Miniature, as the name suggests, is a miniature cognac that is considered one of the best bottles to introduce your taste buds to the cognac brand. The bottle is a 16th-century flask. The aromas are quite strong and can be felt from a decent distance as well. The aromas, taste, and texture are quite complex to understand. It is recommended to take it neat. It comes in a single size that is 50 ml and costs around $560-$650.

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter is the finest Eaux-de-vie blend by the cognac brand Louis XIII. It contains up to 1,200 Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne area. It is considered one of the brands most loved standard cognac bottles. It comes in a 750 ml bottle which is priced at $4,000.

Pay Attention To The Details

Keep in mind that your specific tasting experience may change each time you enjoy a glass of Louis XIII Cognac. Even though the blend has to be consistent in the making, in the end the experience will be different, so its always exciting, he says. The food you ate prior, the temperature of the room and time of the day, all of these minute factors impact the aromas and flavors you pick up. Thats why cognacs tasting panels are notoriously stringent and consistent with their protocols. They must remove as many variables from the process as is humanly possible.

After draining your last luscious sip, cherish the final rolling waves of flavor across a lengthy finish. Even then, Loiseau notes youre not done yet. Even the empty glass will offer you a tantalizing aroma for hours to come. Whats incredible is that when the glass is empty, you still have the soul of Louis XIII inside, Loiseau says.

While getting your bearings with the tasting process is useful, ultimately its all in service of one simple thing, rules be damned. At the end, its a matter of pleasure, Loiseau says. Go ahead and take your time savoring the moment.

Dreaming of Louis XIII Cognac?

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How To Use The Louis Xiii Spear

Exclusively designed for use with our LOUIS XIII decanters, the specially designed LOUIS XIII Spear can be used to draw out cognac from your LOUIS XIII decanter using the lightest of touches, transferring the contents to your glass. The design of our LOUIS XIII Spear is based on the traditional spear used by our Cellar Master to draw the aged eau-de-vie from its barrel, when checking and blending the individual samples. This historic tool has been passed down through generations of Cellar Masters, ensuring the carefully controlled production process is adhered to for years to come. The LOUIS XIII Spear must be stored vertically. Do not leave inside the decanter: after using it, please rinse its inner and outer surfaces with lukewarm water and give it a wipe. The instruction must be respected to guarantee the exceptional quality of LOUIS XIII cognac. Please note that the LOUS XIII Spear is a service tool and not an official measuring instrument.

Xo Alternatives Louis Xiii Cognac

Cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII  Emporium Bocaiúva

For a more aged alternative with a similar taste profile to Louis XIII cognac, these are good options:

  • Christian Brothers XO Brandy This American-made brand is made in small batches and offers an earthy flavor and smooth texture for an affordable $19.99 per 750 mL bottle.
  • Remy Martin XO This cognac comes from the same French vineyards that Louis XIII.
  • cognac comes from and runs at $179.99 per 750 mL bottle.
  • Courvoisier XO Cognac Known for its velvety texture, this cognac is aged for 11 years and costs $184.99 per 750 mL bottle.
  • Branson Cognac XO Branson XO is engineered by rapper 50 Cent and is aged for a minimum of 10-25 years and costs $269.99 per 750 mL bottle.

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Louis Xiii Cognac Prices And Notes

There are many iconic bottles by the renowned brand Louis XIII. Here is the list of cognac bottles by brand:

Louis XIII: The Magnum

Louis XIII: The Magnum is considered an achievement of generations of Cellar Masters. It is made by a blend of 1,200 Eau-de-vie from the Grande Champagne, just as The Miniature and The Classic Decanter.

  • Size: 1.75 L
  • Price: $9,550, approximately

Louis XIII: The Jeroboam

Louis XIII: The Jeroboam is considered a blend of the most precious and oldest Eaux-de-vie and is aged over a period of time. The cognac will ignite the taste buds and palate.

  • Size: 3 L
  • Price: $43,000 approximately

Louis XIII: The Mathusalem

Louis XIII: The Mathusalem is the biggest decanter of the cognac brand and is considered exquisite. It is a celebratory cognac through which one can enjoy the flavors of 12,000 eau-de-vie.

  • Size: 6 L

Louis Xiii Cognac: An Inside Look With Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau

Louis XIII Cognac from the house of Rémy Martin has long been upheld as one of the true premier pours. Its no exaggeration to say that every sip is a work of art a century in the making. Included in the blend is eaux-de-vie aged up to 100 years in each final, masterful bottling. Looking beyond its prestige, and looking within its instantly recognizable decanter, offers an explanation for what makes it so special.

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Priceless And Timeless: How The Luxurious Louis Xiii Cognac Is Brought To Life

More than extraordinary cognac, every LOUIS XIII decanter embodies a legacy thats been passed down from one generation of cellar master to the next

Christened the liquor of the gods by none other than famed French Romantic writer, Victor Hugo, cognac has become known as a symbol of French luxury. So luxurious in fact, that the use of the name cognac is protected under French law through three vital requirements: It must be made from a specific type of grapes, such as Ugni Blanc, it must be distilled in copper pot stills and it must be aged in oak barrels for at least two years. With these three structures in place, along with the obvious requirement of being produced in the Cognac region of France, this coveted stream of brandy expresses unmatched aromatic and harmonious flavours, richness and densityespecially if youre tasting Rémy Martins LOUIS XIII.

Known for cognac that expresses provenance and time, Rémy Martin is produced in Grande Champagnethe Premier Cru of the Cognac region. Rich in history and tradition, each drop is honed from centuries spent perfecting the liquors complex distillation and ageing processes.

Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau follows vital steps passed down from his predecessors to transform Rémy Martins high-quality white grapes into the prized amber liquor. Meticulously selecting and blending the finest eaux-de-vie, Loiseau coaxes the opulent and connoisseur-coveted flavours the celebrated spirit is known to express.

How Should I Serve Cognac


Cognac is usually served neat, at room temperature. It is traditionally served as a digestif at the end of a meal. Serving it in a tulip glass helps expose the cognacs rich and complex aromas. It also allows you to warm the glass by hand as you hold it in your palm.Cognac is a versatile spirit, and can also work well as a pre-dinner aperitif, where an ice cube can be added to release more floral, fruity aromas. Cognac can even be served alongside food, and most cognacs pair well with strong cheeses and bitter chocolate.We recommend serving LOUIS XIII cognac in one of our dedicated Christophe Pillet-designed crystal glasses, Facets of LOUIS XIII. These delicate tall-stemmed glasses, which are available to buy at LOUIS XIII boutiques and now available to purchase online, are the perfect vessel for the LOUIS XIII cognac tasting ritual, as they allow the multi-faceted characteristics of LOUIS XIII to shine through.Serving LOUIS XIII cognac with food brings a new dimension to the tasting experience. Its distinctive flavour profile and long, lingering finish makes LOUIS XIII cognac an ideal match for the finest caviar or shavings of premium Jamón Ibérico.

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If The Cellar Is The Same How Can The Liquid In One Tieron Be Different From Another

Each tierçon, a century-old barrel made from Limousin oak, holds eaux-de-vie that have been carefully selected by one of our Cellar Masters and left to mature for many years before it is ready to be blended. Despite being stored in the same cellar, the eau-de-vie will differ according to the location of the tierçon in the cellar, the conditions of the cellar, and the history of the individual tierçon. Each one is handmade and therefore unique, and the precise age of the wood used, the subtle difference in size and finish, and the imprint left by previous eaux-de-vie in the barrel all have an effect on the liquid inside.

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I Would Like To Sell My Old Decanter What Is The Price

The value of LOUIS XIII decanters is driven by the consumer market based on the history of each one. Hand-made and individually numbered, each LOUIS XIII decanter is unique, and many old and rare LOUIS XIII decanters have been sold by renowned international auction houses over the years.If you would like to sell your old decanter we recommend you get professional advice. To do this you can send us some photos for analysis. Please provide us with photos of the decanter, the stopper, the box, and the serial number on the bottom of the decanter. Please supply supporting documentation, ideally a proof of origin of the decanters at purchase if you have it. We can then give you more information about the age of your decanter. Once you know more about its history you may wish to contact some auction houses or a collectors association to get an indication of the value of your old decanter.

Are You Going To Open New Boutiques

Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

Yes, we would like to open new LOUIS XIII boutiques in the future. We currently have four boutiques in Cognac , Xian and Beijing and London , with the latter three situated within luxury shopping malls or department stores. Combining refined design with the latest digital technology, the interior design of each boutique pays homage to the origins of LOUIS XIII cognac, bringing together a range of materials such as limestone, copper and oak.Visiting one of our boutiques takes you on a journey through the perpetual cycle of time you will experience a range of sensations and emotions as you discover the many facets of LOUIS XIII and the riches of the Cognac region. We plan to open new boutiques soon so that we can offer the unique LOUIS XIII experience to more of our customers.

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Can I Buy The Louis Xiii Crystal Glasses

Yes, you can buy LOUIS XIII crystal glasses, named Facets of LOUIS XIII, at any one of our four boutiques in Cognac, Xian, Beijing, London and online. A catalyst of light, these delicate, tall-stemmed crystal glasses have been specially designed to expose and enhance the multifaceted characteristics of LOUIS XIII cognac and offer a new dimension to the recommended LOUIS XIII tasting ritual. The Facets of LOUIS XIII crystal glasses were designed by acclaimed French designer Christophe Pillet and are exclusive to our online and offline boutiques.

Louis Xiii: An Iconic Cognac

Louis XIII was on the throne when the Rémy Martin family settled in Frances Cognac region in the 1620s, and this famous drink is a tribute to him the first monarch to recognize cognac as a spirit category in its own right.

Louis XIII cognac comes from the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, where the grapes are grown, distilled and aged. The terroir is rich in limestone, making it perfect for the grapes used to produce cognac, and an astonishing 1,200 eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne vineyards make up the final blend.

A unique cognac with a rich history, it was perhaps best described by former cellar master George Clot when he said When you discover Louis XIII, you become a different man.

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A Peculiarly Prestigious Past

Louis XIII originates in the early 1700s in the Cognac region with the establishment of the House. More than a century of producing later, Paul-Emile Rémy Martin took the business over In 1841 and began selling the Houses cognacs under the Rémy Martin name.

Louis XIII cognac was first created in 1874. In 1929 the Orient Express travelled with bottles of Louis XIII onboard for its customers it was served in first class on the maiden voyage of the Normandie in 1935 and in 1938 was tasted by King George VI and Queen Elisabeth. Following Allied victory in 1945, General De Gaulle and his staff ordered Louis XIII to celebrate their first post-war Christmas. The cognac was served on-board the Concorde in 1984.

Is Louis Xiii Cognac Organic

Stolen Louis XIII cognac returned to restaurant

LOUIS XIII cognac is made from natural materials, the finest grapes of the first cru of Cognac regionand there is nothing more important for us than our terroir. While the grape growing is not organic, we are dedicated to respecting natural resources and fighting climate change both in our own corner of Cognac and on a global level, always thinking a century ahead to ensure resources are preserved for future generations. We therefore follow the highest environmental measures.Our commitment to sustainability includes the French governments High Environmental Value certification, which we have held since 2012 in our vines estates, becoming only the sixth company in France to achieve this certification.

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What Is The Difference Between Different Formats

LOUIS XIII cognac is presented in a few different decanter sizes, although there is no difference to the aromatic and flavour profiles of the liquid inside. The classic decanter contains 70cl of LOUIS XIII cognac, but other sizes are available, including a miniature , magnum , Jeroboam and Mathusalem . Based on a royal 16th-century flask that was lost on a French battlefield, each crystal decanter employed to encase the different formats of LOUIS XIII cognac is hand-blown and individually numbered, so no two decanters are exactly the same. The distinctive decanter still features the three fleurs-de-lys found on the original flask, and the neck of the decanter is decorated with 24-carat gold. In all its formats, the LOUIS XIII cognac decanter has become a global icon of luxury.

Why Is It Named Louis Xiii

LOUIS XIII cognac is named after the French King LOUIS XIII, who reigned from 1610 to 1643. During this time, the first eaux-de-vie de Cognac were emerging, and in 1640 King LOUIS XIII levied taxes on these eaux-de-vie, thereby recognising cognac as a category of brandy in its own right. This official recognition by the French monarch gave cognac its unique noble standing and naming our cognac LOUIS XIII was a fitting tribute to the long-serving French king. It was also under his reign that the Remy Martin Family settled in the region.

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Louis Xiii Cognac Limited Edition Bottles And Prices

Louis XIII surely knows how to win hearts. They not only have a great collection of their iconic bottles, but even their limited edition bottles are massive. Here is the list of limited edition bottles by the cognac brand:

Louis XIII: The Legacy

Louis XIII: The Legacy is a blend of four Louis XIII Cellar Masters- Andre Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet, and Baptise Loiseau. It is a limited edition bottle which is surely like a treasure to collect. Unfortunately, it is available only in 500 decenters.

Louis XIII: Le Salmanazar

Louis XIII: Le Salmanazar is rare to find a bottle as it is a 9-liter crystal decanter which is considered one of the most expensive bottles in the world.

Louis XIII: Black Pearl AHD

Louis XIII: Black Pearl AHD is another limited and special edition bottle by the renowned cognac brand Louis XIII. It is rare as it is a blend of Louis XIII, which is drawn from a single region. About 1,485 decanters are available.

Louis XIII Time Collection: The Origin-1874

Louis XIII Time Collection: The Origin- 1874 is the first in the limited edition series. It is considered a tribute to the original Louis XIII decanter, created in 1874. It is a blend of Eaux-de-vie, which is the oldest blend.

Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition

Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition was launched to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the cognac brand Louis XIII. It is iconic, special, and rare to find. There are only 775 decanters available.

Louis XIII Rare Cask 43,8

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