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What Food Goes With Rum

Hosting Your Tasting Party

Adulting With Alcohol: Food and Wine Pairing 101 (Ep 8)

Tasting parties are supposed to be intimate. Invite no more than 10 guests, and sit everyone around one table. You want people to have the opportunity to discuss each drink.

Serve four to eight drinks, starting with light rums. You can prepare flights, in which you serve two or more drinks at the same time. Space the drinks out so people have time to eat, drink, and talk.

Give a little presentation about the drink when it is served. Explain where it is from and what you are mixing with it.

Look at the drink, then smell it. Take note of its color and how it sits in the glass. Then take a sip and swish it around your mouth.

Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star Rum

Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star Rum has been around for a long time one of Puerto Ricos oldest rums, in fact. The distillery has been producing rum in Puerto Rico since 1804. Its also one of the most well-loved by locals. For those aware of this gem, its one of the best options for a classic, holiday coquito with a good blend of sweet and spice.

Its a blend of several rums all aged between six and ten years in vintage American white oak sherry barrels. It performs well in a traditional coquito but its also a fantastic sipper.

The aroma has strong notes of marmalade and vanilla with a hint of honeysuckle and old leather. The palate offers notes of banana and other dried fruit, vanilla, chocolate, wood, and a variety of fruity and nutty notes. Add this to a mix with some fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks and youve got a delicious, comforting, holiday drink with the perfect amount of kick.

Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwich

The peanut butter and banana sandwich is criminally underrated in general, and that goes double for its pairing with coffee. The combo of the sweetness of the banana and the rich creaminess of the peanut butter is a winner by itself. Add in the flavor of a nice cup of coffee, and its off the charts.

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The Best Pairings For Rum And Rum

The key to pairing rum with food is to think about the cocktails that are made from it rather than the base spirit . With the exception of dark sipping rums thats generally the way theyre served.

It also pays to remember that the drinks that are made from rum, like rum punch and pina colada, are sweet and can handle a fair bit of spice – the sort of food thats eaten in countries where rum is made – so think Caribbean!

Food for white or silver rums, daiquiris and mojitos

Sharply flavoured rum cocktails made with lime such as classic daiquiris and mojitos are perfect pairings for seafood. Think shrimp/prawns, fish tacos and raw fish preparations such as ceviche. Sweeter pina coladas – rum, coconut and pineapple – are great with chicken, especially fried chicken or chicken satay. Coconut plays well with peanut sauce.

Food for golden rums and rum punches

The kind youd use for a rum punch – which again is sweet. and four of weak). These will go with a range of Caribbean dishes, especially jerk chicken and, as I discovered from a trip to Barbados earlier this year, the ubiquitous flying fish cutter . The sweetness of a punch also works with the smoky glaze of barbecued ribs and blackened fish or chicken. Or simply nibble some plantain or breadfruit crisps with it.

Food for dark rum

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How Do You Make Homemade Rum

Best Recipes: Wild Berry Mojito

Place your brew pot on its heat source and pour in 5.5 gallons of water. Heat water to 125 °F. Once the Molasses and Sugar are fully dissolved pour in 1 gallon of cold water to bring the temperature of the wash down. Check temperature and stir wash for 30 seconds every 5 minutes until the temperature cools to 80 °F.

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Yaka Hula Hickey Dula

The Spruce Eats / S& C Design Studios

While you may not have heard of this drink, it’s one you won’t forget. Every time you make one, you get to say “Yaka Hula Dickey Dula,” and that alone is a reason to mix it up. The taste is pretty amazing, too. It’s a fascinating combination of rum and dry vermouth accented with pineapple. That’s a bit unusual, but the pairing works very well.

What Is A Good Drink With Malibu Rum

Good Mixers for Malibu Rum

  • Pineapple juice.
  • Tropical flavored vodkas, such as pineapple.
  • Lime, grapefruit, or orange juice.
  • RumChata.
  • Lemon-lime soda and a dash of grenadine.
  • Cranberry juice.

Subsequently, one may also ask, does Malibu taste good with Coke?

Malibu ColatasteMalibuCola is

Also, what soda does rum mix well with?

8 of the Best Rum Mixers

  • Lemons/Limes.
  • Ginger Beer.

How do you drink Cabo coconut rum?

  • Fill your glass with the ice cubes and let rest in the freezer while you mix the cocktail.
  • Blend the white rum, coconut feni, syrup and lime juice, and pour it in the now chilled glass.
  • Serving: Serve it chilled, with a slice of lime.
  • Does Malibu Coconut Rum get you drunk?

    Malibu Coconut Rum

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    Delicious Rum Cuisine For A Great Time With Family & Friends

    Rum is a favorite ingredient for many classic cocktails, and the key to enjoying a great rum cocktail is pairing it with the right food.

    To enjoy an evening with family and friends, having your stock of rum alongside food that goes well with your cocktails is important. As one of the oldest spirits, rum tastes great with barbeque dishes like jerk chicken or roasted pork, whereas dark sipping rums pair well with chocolates.

    The versatility of rum is so great that even with some cornbread, coleslaw and roasted chicken, your evening is complete. Sweet, tangy, spicy, salty, whatever the flavor, there is a rum recipe that goes well with it.

    Let us have a look at the rum cocktails and their perfect food pairings to help you make a great evening with friends and family.

    For your daiquiris and mojitos

    Mojitos arent very strong drinks. Made of five ingredients , mojitos go well with chips and dips or pair it with a main course like fajitas.

    Daiquiri is yet another iconic rum cocktail, made with just three ingredients . A super simple yet delightful drink, daiquiri pairs extremely well with empanadas topped with salsa.

    Classic cocktails such as Daiquiris and Mojitos are flavored with lemon. The sharp lemon flavor is a perfect match for seafood. This combination works perfect on the palate. When having Daiquiris or Mojitos, think shrimp, prawns and fish tacos.

    For your pina coladas

    Sunglasses and bright colored umbrellas by the pool are optional.

    For the golden rums and rum punches

    Food For Rum Tasting Party

    Red wine sangria with rum

    We are hosting a rum tasting party after this genius article was posted in the Washington Post

    Trying to come up with a menu to serve with all the rum and punch – something fitting with the flavor of rum but also substantial enough that we make it through the night! Was thinking jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, plantain chips – any good recipes for any of these or other good ideas? Maybe a pineapple upside down cake?

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    Palatable Pairings With Your Drink

    The next time you throw a party, dont go into a tizzy thinking about what appetizer to pair with which drink.

    Here are some of the best alcohol-food pairings. There are no strict rules, but if you really enjoy your drink, raise a toast to the dishes that bring out its flavour to the optimum.

    The purpose of matching food with a beverage is to bring out the best in both, by pairing contrasting or complementary flavours. Appetite stimulation and palate refreshment are also important. While wine has always complemented food, you can also explore the combination of beer and cocktails with different dishes.

    Of all alcoholic beverages, wine and to a certain extent beer, are those drinks that cleanse the palate and prepare it for more flavours. Aperitifs like gin are traditionally consumed before dinner and are often bitter. They work wonders to settle the stomach or get the gastric juices flowing before a meal. They can also be consumed during the meal.

    Though cocktails are more complex because of their many flavours, the experience of teaming them with food can be a lot of fun because the flavours are nearly endless and can result in some fantastic results!

    Wine As a conventional rule, wine must be paired with dishes that have similar taste characteristics. There is something about the perfect combination of flavours in wine that can highlight, enhance and harmonize with the flavours in your food, making the overall culinary experience even greater.

    Food Pairings For Rum That Might Surprise You

    Sometimes its crazy to image parts of the world without their modern day heritage. Imagine Italy without tomatoes or America without Mustangs, and yet not so long ago this was the case.

    It was only after Columbus successfully mapped a route to the Americas in 1492 that Italians first saw tomatoes and horses sat hoove back on American soil after almost 13,000 years.

    In a sense, we humans are a bit like bird poop on steroids we help spread things around. One of those things: sugarcane. And apart from giving us sweet sugar Amen to everything sweeet Jesus! not to mention the cocktail itself, the export of sugarcane and slaves to the Carribean gave the world, rumbullion.

    Rum History

    As much as Columbus can claim those first plantings of sugarcane in the Carribean, , its African slaves, working in cane plantation on the island of Barbados 200 year later, that turned molasses into an alcoholic beverage they called Barbados Water. From these cane fields rum rose with intent, spreading its rumbustious ways to the north American colonies and eventually conquering the seven seas, officially replacing brandy as the drink of choice on the open waters. It would go on to fuel sailors courage for centuries. Even the British Royal Navy rationed half a litre of the stuff to each sailor, every day, until 1970.

    Rum Pairing

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    How To Pair Rum With Food


    While many consumers may enjoy a cocktail before dinner, or spirits neat as a digestive after a meal, few will instinctively pair them with food. I talked to a few rum-savvy executives in the restaurant and hospitality business to get the skinny of how this delicious tropical liquor can also be paired with savory dishes.

    As a general rule, most chefs prefer a pairing of equals or opposites when it comes to food and drink synergies. The lush fattiness of foie gras works well with Frances great dessert wine Sauternes. Another pairing of similar flavors might be a grassy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with green vegetables like artichokes or asparagus. A pairing of opposites might include a broad, oaky Chardonnay with an acidic ceviche.

    So, heres a primer on how to do the same with different styles and age statements of rum.

    What Grows Together Goes Together

    Chefs have long used rum to flavor sauces and crepes. Kevin Hildebrandt, the executive chef at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston, uses it in dishes like shrimp scampi, fish chowder and bread pudding. When the rum is in the food it automatically creates a flavor bridge to also pair it, as a drink, with that dish.

    Chef likes to pair meat with older rums. Credit chef Hildebrandt

    Some of these pairings were tried and tested at the first Annual Jamaica Rum Festival, held in Kingston last weekend. Appleton white rums were served with both spicy pea and seafood soups.

    Flavor Bridges and the End of the Meal

    Ian Burrell

    Flavored Seltzer + Spiced Rum

    Rum Punch Recipe

    Flavored seltzers offer a wide range of enjoyment for every palate with flavors like coconut, mixed berries, and apple. Similar to tonic water, flavored seltzer can help enhance the existing flavors of a great rum while adding a delicate twist. With so many flavored seltzer and spiced rums out there, it has never been more fun to drink your rum!

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    Rum Cocktails And Food Pairings Can Be A Quite Lovely Food Combination With A Few Pro Tips Anyone Can Find The Perfect Food And Beverage Pairing

    Do you love rum cocktails? Finding the perfect food pairings for this versatile spirit can be a fun endeavor. The easiest way explore this type of food pairing is to focus on a particular cocktail style. For traditional rum cocktails, finding foods that offers the best flavor balances does take a little trial and error.

    Recently, Grubhub/Seamless worked with Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson to create some exciting food and beverage pairings. Using a few simple tips, this type of pairing can really bring out both the flavor of the rum and the food.

    According to Wilson, there are three factors to keep in mind with these pairings. First, the intensities must match. For example, if the rum is intense, the food needs to be just as strong. Second, the sugar content in rum offers a lovely balance to spicy foods. Lastly, a citrus forward drink, with its brightness, can cut through the richness of a dish.

    With these three aspects in mind, finding the right food to go with a rum cocktail is a fun, creative experience. Heres some suggestions from Wilson.

    Coffee And Food Pairing

    The first rule of pairing coffee with foods is simple: Follow your palate. If a combination tastes good to you, thats all that matters. But there are a few other guidelines to keep in mind when trying to come up with your own coffee and food pairings.

    One thing to consider is that the strength of your coffee should work well with the foods flavor intensity. A delicate, refined-flavored food can easily be drowned out by a more robust coffee. The lighter and sweeter your coffee is, the more it can interplay with subtler flavors.

    Another consideration is the origin and character of the coffee youre drinking. Many coffee drinkers these days experiment with distinctive coffee beans from different regions of the world, and often those beans deliver significantly varied taste profiles.

    These flavor profiles can interplay with foods in ways you can anticipate and work with. So, for example, an El Salvadoran coffee with citrus notes could play nicely with a rich dark chocolate brownie.

    You could spend a lifetime sampling different coffee/food pairings and still not scratch the surface of everything possible. And coffee comes in such a wide variety of flavors that you can probably find the perfect coffee for nearly any accompanying dish.

    This list should get you started in exploring some tried-and-proven food that goes with coffee. But this is just the beginning. Get out there and explore some other foods with coffee, and you may find a new favorite.

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    Tonic Water + Dark Rum

    Adding tonic water to a drink is like adding salt and pepper to a dishit helps bring out the flavor of other key elements. Just as it unveils floral notes from gin, tonic water can show off the woody flavors of a dark rum. You can also try mixing 50 percent soda water with 50 percent tonic water for a more subtle effect.

    Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum

    5 EASY Coconut Rum Cocktails you can make at Home | Dead Mans Fingers Rum

    Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum checks both boxes when looking for the perfect coquito rum white and spiced. Much like their original spiced rum, this one is well balanced, has a great flavor with the perfect amount of spice, and you cant beat the price!

    This one is a better sipper than the original, but it still performs well with plenty of mixers and in many amazing cocktails. Itll fit seamlessly into your holiday coquito recipe.

    The aroma has a strong vanilla presence that follows onto the palate. The vanilla is sweet but is well-balanced by a series of spices like ginger, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The vanilla eventually fades into a light butterscotch flavor with some light fruitiness coming through at the last minute.

    The finish is smooth with more notes of vanilla and spice.

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    Here’s An Idea To Spice Up A Night At Home: A Rum Tasting Party Enjoy New Flavors And New Drink Recipes Here’s How To Host A Rum Tasting Party At Home

    Everyone wants to raise their spirits. There’s no better way of doing so than drinking spirits.

    Rum is a delicious and versatile spirit. You can mix rum into punches, or you can cook it into cakes. Rum is perfect for a late-night tasting party, yet many people have never done an at-home event.

    Get everything you need to know right here in this quick guide to an at-home rum tasting party.

    Tidal On The Rocks Or Mixed Up In A Cool Refreshing Serve Find Some Inspiration With Our Favourite Tidal Rum Serves All Designed To Let The Spirit Sing Mix It Up Take A Sip And Enjoy The Journey

    The Tidal

    Make rum the first drink of the night, not the last with this refreshing, natural serve, full of fresh, marine flavours.

    Youll need:

    • Lime

    To make:Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Tidal Rum, fresh lime juice and a dash of Angostura Bitters before topping up with soda water. Garnish with a slice of fresh lime.

    Dark & Stormy Waters

    Lighten up any dark and stormy night with this Tidal twist on a classic. Bright, warming and fresh, mix it up and enjoy.

    Youll need:

    • Cold soda water to top
    • Dash of Angostura Bitters
    • Lime to garnish

    To make:Fill a rocks glass halfway with ice. Add the Tidal, ginger beer and a dash of bitters, and top up with soda water. Slip in a wedge of lime, sit back and enjoy.

    The Tidal Spritz

    For those afternoons when you fancy something a bit special. Pair with your fizz of choice and add some fresh mint for a light and elegant drink, anytime. Youll need:

    • Fresh mint to garnish

    To make: Build in a coupe or white wine glass, and add plenty of ice. Top with Tidal Rum and your choice of prosecco or champagne. Add a carefully placed fresh mint leaf or two, and then sit back and savour your elegant creation. Cucumber sandwiches are optional.

    The Tidal Daiquiri

    Looking for an edge on a rum serve? Look no further. This Tidal Daiquiri recipe is one of our favourites for the way it adds a deliciously tart edge to our rums savoury notes. And it gives you a chance to perfect your shaker moves.

    Youll need:

    • Sliver of fresh lime to garnish
    • Cocktail shaker

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