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Stores Like Brandy Melville But With Sizes

Who Is The Owner Of Brandy Melville


Brandy Melvilles was established in 1970 in Italy by Silvio Marsan and his son, Stephan Marsan. The brand name and logo was inspired by Brandy, an American girl, and Melville, an English guy who met in Rome and fell in love with each other. Now, the brand has grown to become very popular among teenage girls and boys.

Brandy Melville has a reputation for being several things. The one its known for best? Its effortless, Californian style.

The second? Probably its exclusively limited collection. And when we say limited, we mean it in every sense of the word. A concise clothing and accessories line, most of its apparel is made in just one size.

Though undeniably lean, its limited nature certainly hasnt restricted its popularity. The brands 3.4 million followers on Instagram and almost 100 boutiques in some of the largest shopping capitals of the world prove its popularity.

Known as the new cool girl aesthetic, Brandy Melvilles collection exudes a classic American laid-back style.

Youll find graphic tees, flirty dresses, and everyday basics in its line, with price tags that rarely exceed $50.

If you love what this store has to offer but find yourself wanting more, just know that there are other stores like Brandy Melville that are a little less constrictive when it comes to size, variety, and quality.

Best Stores Like Brandy Melville Similar & Alternatives

Its no secret that women are Important for clothing retailers. For the last decade, retailers have worked to capture this market, and brands like Brandy Melville have come to dominate the teen clothing market.

Brandy Melville has successfully tapped into the teen girl market by creating clothes that are fun, trendy, and affordable clothes. It has a simplistic design emphasizing a casual chic vibe. The stores are designed to be bright and colorful, with minimalist fixtures.

The clothes are predominantly white, with the occasional splashes of bright colors. They are casual, with many crop tops, short shorts, and loose-fitting t-shirts. Brandy Melville has created a niche market by selling its clothes exclusively online and through their retail stores.

A Note On Affordability

Good On You wants to help you find sustainable options no matter your budget. But we recognise that many sustainable brands appear more expensive up front. Thats because more goes into a price tag than the cost of fabric. Fast fashion prices are often low because workers are not paid living wages and sustainable practices are not followed in production, as is the case with Brandy Melville.

Fast fashion has also distorted our view of clothing prices. We now spend much less and buy far more low-quality garments than we did a few decades ago. When taking into account cost-per-wear, higher-quality items youll wear again and again end up costing less in the long run despite the initial investment.

We aim to highlight the range of more affordable sustainable brands, but we also encourage you to seek out the most sustainable options that work for you. Sometimes this means shopping second hand, other times rediscovering and restyling what you already own.

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When Worlds Collide: Superdry

Fashion universes fuse at Superdry, where British street style meets American vintage, tinged with Japanese graphics. This interesting style clash makes for some eye-catching, candy-colored graphic tees that pair effortlessly with Tencel shirtdresses and the like.

Pricewise, theyre also a bit higher than Brandy Melville, but youll frequently find over 1,000 sales items up to 50% off or more at any given time.

They also partner with several global sustainability initiatives, and have won awards for their sustainability and energy consumption practices. Moreover, their mission to sell all organic cotton items will hopefully be realized by 2025, in an effort that will support and protect the livelihoods of 20,000 cotton farmers worldwide.

Denim Made Right: Madewell

Brandy Melville USA

What started as J.Crews sister brand has grown into a reputable retailer in its own right. Madewell is known for its high-quality, long-lasting denim spun from ethically-sourced cotton.

Like PacSun, their labor practices and company code of ethics are readily available on their website, highlighting their commitment to customer transparency.

Pricewise, theyre definitely more expensive than Brandy Melville, but clearly the investment is worth it. Not only can you shop with the confidence that your jeans are truly being made with love, but they cater up to 37 waists and frequently discount their denim up to 25% off or more.

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As A Mid Size Person I Am All For Stores Like Brandy Melville

granted do i fit in clothes from there …no

but the internet has been outraged that the store doesn’t cater to larger frames or mid framed bodies and I don’t get it ….there are plenty of stores that sell similar fashion that will fit your body

you dont see smaller framed people get outraged that there’s plus sized stores for women and they don’t fit in clothes from there

and I hate the videos online of girls who are mid size buying and trying on Brandy Melville clothes and being like omg it doesn’t fit

bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there should be stores for all body types and there are plenty of all inclusive sizes stores, but no one should be getting mad at a store for catering to petite people, those girls go through things like the clothes being too big and having to get it hemmed or brought in and they should have a store that they can shop in that makes them feel included.

same thing for plus size girls , they need certain clothes that fit them better and they might shop at a plus size store because it offers more stretch on clothing or longer pant types or longer shirts .

im tall , I need to find clothes that when I stretch my arms out dont make it look like im wearing a 3/4 sleeve , I think once we get this preconceived notion that all bodies have to look a certain way we will be okay.

dress for the body you have, not the body you want .

Brandy Melville still has my vote .

Why Is Brandy Melville So Affordable

Brandy Melville, like some other similar brands, is a fast fashion brand. This means that it introduces styles on a seasonal basis, offering up designs that reflect the latest fashion trends on a regular basis. Clothing is designed and made quickly so it can get to stores quickly, sell quickly and then fall out of style and be disposed of rather quickly, too.

This is how Brandy Melville and brands similar to Brandy Melville keep prices affordable. They make clothing and profits quickly, a neverending and fast-moving cycle that creates a constant influx of revenue. Other popular fast fashion brands that focus on young, trendy fashion include H& M, Zara and the Gap.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing affordable fashion and many of social medias most popular influencers have been seen in Brandy Melville and similar brands. However, some have criticized fast fashion brands like Brandy Melville because they are associated with high pollution and waste, problems that have plagued the fashion industry and drawn fire from environmentalist groups. Fast fashion is also generally associated with sweatshop-type factories where employees work in unsafe conditions for low wages and long hours.

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Stores Like Brandy Melville What Is Your Alternative

Grocery Stores An Outdated Concept?

Brandy Melville is a European clothing and fashion accessories brand. They focus on young women. Established in Italy, the company has attracted a huge following in California. The brand name was inspired by a fictional tale, Brandy, an American girl, and Melville, an English man she met in Rome and fell in love with. The store is amazing, but sometimes, we want to know more stores like Brandy Melville.

Described as a trend-setting, cool, and fast fashion store, Brandy Melville focuses mostly on young women and young teen girls.

Even their employees are young teenage girls, starting at the age of 15. The European clothing store has definitely found a way to attract young buyers.

Unlike other companies, they are an online store that focuses on marketing through social media marketing and partnership with influencers.

The store has sometimes faced considerable controversy because of the one-size-fits-most policy. Brandy Melville does not have inclusive clothing. They cater to the teenage girl that is skinny.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some other online stores like Brandy Melville.

Wondering Why Brandy Melville Only Carries One Size We Are Too


It’s been five years since this “news” made the rounds and sparked a minor outrage, but clothing retailer Brandy Melville is still selling “one size fits most” clothes. The majority of its clothes with a handful of exceptions only come in one size. What’s the reasoning behind this? Well, we’re really not quite sure.

On the Brandy Melville website, most of its clothes don’t come with a size selection option instead, you’re greeted with a note that the item in question fits “size XS to S.” A cursory click through several random items brings up largely the same results, with one or two items that come in two sizes, small or medium. It’s pretty clear that one size doesn’t fit all, and it’s also pretty clear which sizes are considered the universal “default” for this brand. The models on seem to confirm it, with pictures of thin models across the board and no diverse body types of any kind.

It’s hard to know what’s behind this decision after all, one would assume that a clothing retailer would want to attract as many customers as possible. Representatives of Brandy Melville have rarely spoken in public about it, and when they have, they tend to skirt the issue. A 2013 quote from executive Jessy Longo isn’t especially reassuring.

The Brandy Melville brand continues to be silent on its sizing, but it hasn’t made any changes, either.

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Which Stores Like Brandy Melville Are The Most Affordable

Even though our featured brand is affordable, its cool to stumble across another option thats similar but with lower prices. While many of the retailers weve included have a look-alike aesthetic, most offer a wider range of prices due to them having more variety.

If we had to choose the stores like Brandy Melville but cheaper, wed have to choose Forever 21. ASOS and H& M are top-runners too since you can get basics for under $10.

Overview Of Brandy Melville

Walk by any Brandy Melville shop on a Saturday afternoon and youll find it packed with pretty, young women sporting flirty minis and midriff-baring tees.

Most likely, theyre shopping for more of the same thing. With cute, approachable clothing in this brands collection, we dont blame them.

The appeal of the Gen Z-centric shop to young women may have to do with its specific marketing ploy. It targets slender girls with a taste for fresh, newly-vintage fashion.

Founded in the 1970s in Italy by Silvio Marson, the brand launched its US stores in 2009, finding a home in LA where its breezy, California-inspired collection fit right in.

Situated near the UCLA campus, the carefree line quickly established a connection with young, college-going folk and teenage girls. Whether youre a frequent visitor to its boutiques or are totally new to the store and love its aesthetic, in the realm of, well, anything really, variety is the spice of life.

In this guide, well cover your options. Well walk you through a variety of stores like Brandy Melville that capture a similar vibe to expand your favorite go-tos. But first, to help you get to know your most beloved brand a little more, weve laid out its highlights below.

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Can Brandy Melville Jewelry Get Wet

Brandy Melville sells a large selection of jewelry to complement the outfits you buy here. The jewelry ranges from popular classics, like hoop earrings of all sizes, to the latest fads in jewelry fashion.

A lot of the jewelry at Brandy Melville is described as lead, nickel, and cadmium compliant. This means that these three metals are present in the jewelry and that the amount of these metals in the jewelry is within human safety standards as far as skin contact is concerned. Swallowing this jewelry, on the other hand, could be dangerous, particularly for babies and young children.

Because Brandy Melville jewelry is not made with rustproof metals, reviewers have stated that they have noticed tarnishing and rusting on some jewelry from the brand. Brandy Melville jewelry is made with metal and it can get wet. However, it can be subject to rust and discoloration if this happens. Its best to take our jewelry off before you bathe or swim and avoid getting jewelry wet when possible.

Best Stores Like Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville in 2021

Loving laid-back, California, cool-girl style? You probably own one or two pieces from Brandy Melville. The new hallmark for fresh fashion, its signature aesthetic is essential for teens and 20-somethings who look for easy, everyday looks to take them from friendly hangouts and dorm parties to coffee dates and brunch with the fam.

Its easy to see why young women gravitate towards the brand, and if youre in search of collections with the same vibe, weve got a few that fit the bill.

Our top 10 best stores like Brandy Melville offer a similar collection of retro-inspired picks but push the boundaries into a more inclusive range of sizes and pieces to meet your needs for effortless, American style.

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Whats Wrong With Brandy Melville

The name Brandy Melville is quite well known in the fashion worldbut not for all good reasons. Brandy Melville is popular for its trendy, casual, fun, somewhat sexy clothing looks and its way of capturing a 1990s style vibe. But the brand is unpopular for a particular quirk that many customers find distressing: no size options.

Most of the styles at Brandy Melville are made in one size and one size only. If the item doesnt fit you, too bad. Youll have to look for something else. And the problem with that is, the size at Brandy Melville is tiny. If you are rather thin with a slim build, you can wear lots of the fashions here. If youre curvy or shapely or perhaps short, you wont find much that fits you well at Brandy Melville. For some, shopping this brand is an upsetting experience.

A few items have a couple of different sizes but most items do not. And most often, the existing size options run in the small, S, or extra small, XS, range. Many customers have complained about Brandy Melvilles lack of size options and the fact that the entire brand seems to be geared toward thin body types, which excludes people of all other shapes and sizes.

The brand has come under fire for what some have called silent fat-shaming by providing only clothing for smaller bodies. Some have even accused the brand of encouraging body dysmorphia in young women as a result of its sizing practices.

Stores Like Brandy Melville That Are To Die For

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most well-known Cali-chic stores has Italian roots. Thats right: Brandy Melville was originally founded in Italy back in the late 1980s by father-son duo Silvio and Stephan Marson.

Their Malibu teen aesthetic, as they call it, has certainly made a splash around the world, as they tout physical locations on every continentor at least every continent inhabited by people .

However, their ethics have come under fire in recent years, and for good reason. The companys seriously limited number of clothing sizes and racist hiring policy for models are two good reasons to look elsewhere for similarly feminine, Cali-inspired looks, and weve rounded up a list of more ethical alternatives in response.

Youll find that these stores styles are very much in the same vein as Brandy Melville, yet strive for a much higher level of inclusivity and transparency that benefit both consumers and laborers alike.

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Brands Similar To Brandy Melville

Posted on October 16, 2022

If youre young and trendy, or you like clothes that appeal to the young and trendy, you probably know Brandy Melville already. This brand is known for casual, hip fashion thats very modern and a little sexy, comfortable and easy to wear. This is everyday clothing and its affordable fashion. But the controversy associated with Brandy Melville could have you searching for brands similar to Brandy Melville that will provide you with fashion without the complications. Whats really going on with this brand and which other brands can you be wearing instead?

  • Why is Brandy Melville so affordable?
  • List Of Stores Like Brandy Melville:

    i lost weight to fit into Brandy Melville

    An alternative to Brandy Melville is one that has nailed Brandy Melvilles subdued-coastal style and stocked vintage-inspired pieces. These stores give you the same kind of solid charm that you will get at brandy Melville and even include their own unique collections to ensure that you never run out of clothes to choose from.

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    Which Stores Like Brandy Melville Have The Most Inclusive Size Ranges

    Theres no doubt about it here, any name you pick from the stores like Brandy Melville we recommend is guaranteed to have more inclusive sizing than if you visited our featured brands shop.

    With that said, not all are considered inclusive in terms of sizes, with most making their apparel in regular S-L or XL at most. The one we have found that is the most inclusive is ASOS, hands down. It carries more than 30 different sizes in trendy, great-looking styles.

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