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Where Can I Buy Helium Beer

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Helium Beer Test | Helium Infused Beer | Short Version with English Subtitles

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The helium beer video is an internet sensation again. The Facebook page Its Gone Viral posted a new mashup of the old video. If youve never seen either, the video shows two guys drinking a beer, and their voices changing in the same way as if theyd sucked down helium.

The latest post is circling near 30 million Facebook video views.

Beer fans are itching to hunt down this whale at any cost. I get emails about it all the time. People ask me:

Hey, where can I buy that helium beer?

Do you know if helium beer ships overseas?

Even this week, my BFF from high school tagged me on Facebook asking where she could buy it. #HELP

Guys heres the thing: helium beer isnt real. Its a myth. The Lochness Monster and that slimy thing from the Upside Down in Stranger Things are more real. In fact, its not even scientifically possible. Let me explain why.

Can You Get A High

You see, the only entertaining thing about these Youtube videos is the resulting vocal sound the drinkers supposedly are able to make after drinking helium beer.

They used a stout beer, which would normally have nitrogen added to it to give that famous Guinness effect and creamy texture. For their purposes, however, they took a homebrewed batch of stout and subjected it to 50 psi of helium pressure for five days.

Then came the long-anticipated pour.

Our helium stout produced a creamy, stable, well-proportioned head, which persisted through the last sip. The pitch of our voices and belches, sadly, was unaffected. Craig Bettenhausen.

The result? The stout looked essentially what a stout would look. It had a creamy head but with a smooth mouthfeel, since it lacked the bubbles that are common with the standard carbonation process.

Essentially, the process of heliumnation brought about nothing different than if you used nitrogen even the flavor was the same.

More disappointingly, however, even the drinkers voices remained the same afterwards. No high-pitched tone, no nothing.

Which is sad, but kind of what we expected all along.

Is Helium Beer 100% Impossible

We did say that you cant make helium beer, but there is a way to add it to beer. In 2015, Chemical & Engineering News published an article about heliuminated beer. The researchers looked to Guinness for inspiration, since nitrogen and helium have similar solubility levels. They opted to fill one CO2 tank with helium to see what would happen.

Turns out, the helium took a ride with CO2 molecules. It is called Ostwald ripening, where the helium bubbles grew larger because they fed on the smaller bubbles made by carbon dioxide. This resulted in a milky, creamy mouthfeel and large bubbles.

C& EN concluded that helium beer is possible to make, but it would never make it to store shelves. The main reason? It would be just like Guinness and, therefore, uninteresting.

And even if helium beer was made, as soon as you cracked open the can or bottle, all that helium would come gushing out. You would lose most of the beer before getting a sip.

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Stone Brewing’s First Canned Beer First Helium Beer Ever

After announcing Varna Necropolis, the second release from the Stone Stochasticity Project, Stone has already released news of the next brew in line.

This will be the first time Stone has released a beer in a can, as well as the first time a beer has been canned with helium.

“Helium Beer is what happens when a beer-obsessed scientist has free rein to create beers that push the boundaries of the craft beer industry and science alikea beer infused with helium. Wait, what? Is that even possible? Yep. And not only did Stone Brewing Co. do it first, we did it with a cream ale and double dry-hopped it to add that extra tropical, bitter goodness one would expect of a lupulin-obsessed craft brewery. Mind blown! Starting today, Stone Stochasticity Project Cram Ale with Helium is available in 16-ounce cans at retailers, restaurants, and bars in select markets nationwide.”

Here’s the press release:

Happy April Fools Day!

How To Diy Helium Beer

Large Size Foil Balloons Champagne Cup Beer Bottle Helium Balloon Toys ...

Beer scientists have studied foam for decades. Theyve used a wide variety of techniques. They have searched for answers to the questions: What is beer foam? How can it be improved? Is there a magic key that promotes or destroys the foaming potential of beer?

In one study, a group of researchers proceeded as follows:

The scientists put beer in cylindrical vessels and passed helium bubbles through the beer to create foam. This foam was collected and dissolved in a mixture of beer and water. It re-formed, passing more bubbles through it.

One must keep in mind that specific components favor the formation of foam and others that inhibits it.

One of the most critical aspects of foam retention is the viscosity of the beer. The bubbles are maintained as long as there is liquid surrounding it. Thickness creates the right conditions for this. Otherwise, it would explode.

In a beer with high viscosity, the liquid between the bubbles drains slowly, so the foam lasts longer.

The viscosity of the beer increases with raw or flaked barleyfor example: by adding between 5-10% of barley flakes to a pale ale or stout beers.

Aspects that favor the elaboration of this beer include:

Additional information so that the elaboration of your beer is not ruined:

However, it is good that you know that there is such a possibility. You can find the padding and its instructions for use with the usual supplies.

Why is it really impossible?

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Is Helium Infused Wine Real

Yes, helium infused wine is real. Helium gas is injected into the wine, which makes the wines bubbles lighter and creates a more fun drinking experience. The taste of the wine is not affected by the helium.

Helium-infused wine is typically made with regular wine that has been infused with helium. The helium in helium gas is thought to have the same effect on your voice as the helium in helium balloon gas. In two words, are they faking it, and do they actually consume what theyre told? It is not easy to make helium-infused wine. It is necessary to transform your wine into ice cubes in order to combine the two elements. If you drink liquid helium, you will be instantly affected by frost damage. The only thing that can change your voices timbre is the dissolving helium gas.

The helium molecule is more soluble than carbon dioxide, so it cannot be converted into a chemical reaction. It can be transformed into a gas if it is infused with any liquid, but it cannot be infused with wine. The helium in the container will not form small bubbles, but will clump together, resulting in a massive bubble on top of the wine/liquid. The internet is a place where people can express themselves. YouTubers create videos in a variety of ways to get them shared. The helium-infused wine video has nearly ten million hits on YouTube after being released. As you see the lies, use your third eye to look through them.

The Helium Beer Hype Blows Up

Despite these dubious origins, both the Sam Adams ad and the Stone Brewing video quickly went viral. YouTube comments were filled with people eager to get their hands on this unique brew, and many craft beer websites reported getting numerous emails from curious, and ultimately disappointed, customers.

The hype died down, only to be revived again the following year. Berkshire Brewing Company produced their own ad for a Helium IPA, while internet pranksters Alex & Ralf of the Die BierProbierer podcast released a German language review of the Sam Adams product. A slate of articles quickly debunked these and other copycat videos as a hoax, though that did little to quench the publics thirst for more information. Today, a YouTube search for helium beer delivers more than 40,000 results.

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How To Infuse Helium Into Craft Beer

Well, beer already has gas infused into it, doesnt it? Remember: most industrial beer companies infuse carbon dioxide into beers.

As if that wasnt enough, Guinness is a brand thats known to use nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide.

Well, heres a fun fact: nitrogen has a reasonably similar solubility level than that of helium. As such, if we used the same steps for infusing those gases into beer, helium beer is nothing but possible.

Thats what were doing. Well show you hows the process to infuse helium into a beer. All we need to do is replace Nitrogen for Helium, and voilá!

Preparing The Barley.

Beer comes from crushed malted barley. People mix the grain with water. The water shouldnt have any impurities on it distilled water works best.

First, the water warms up, and the freshly ground barley goes into it. One must add it before mashing the mixture into a puree. This way is how you can extract the unique sugars for its preparation easily.

Then, workers separate the puree from the liquid in a container. The resulting liquid is called sweet wort. On the other hand, you must have a dark brown barley container previously toasted this gives the beer a distinctive and rich flavor.

It should be heated to around 232 degrees Celsius to achieve a darker shade. Then the maker should combine it with the secret ingredient they prefer. An example could be hops, to give the drink an utterly original flavor.

But one ingredient is missing!

Adding The Yeast.

Testing The Quality.

Who Pretended To Brew Helium Beer

Helium IPA (Berkshire Brewing Company)

A few different companies pretended to brew some helium beer, and each one has added to the lore that is helium beer. Samuel Adams and Stone Brewing Co. are the two biggest names that dipped their toes in the hoax market, but tons of microbreweries have done the same thing in an attempt to get their brand on the map.

One of those other microbreweries is Berkshire Brewing Company. A Massachusetts brewery, BBC thought it would be hilarious to get in on the fun back in 2015 with their “Helium IPA”. Check it out.

The hoax is so common and so widespread that Snopes fact-checked Samuel Adams’ claim of producing HeliYum, a helium infused beer. Of course, Snopes labeled it as satire, as Sam Adams never tried to sell a product as helium infused beer, and they even stated in the video and post that no such beer existed.

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Will Helium Beer Give You A High

Helium beer or, as a matter of fact, any type of beer cannot give you a high pitched voice. This was a mere joke to fool people on April fools day. The video effect of the high pitched voice was achieved through post-production software.

Helium is one of the least dense gases and sounds travel faster through less dense gases. Faster sound has a shorter wavelength, which results in a high pitched sound. So, unless you inhale helium from a helium balloon, you will not be able to have a high pitched funny voice.

Where Can I Buy Helium Beer

Is helium beer real? and where can I get helium beer? were two popular questions shortly after that prank was released in 2014. To this day, people are searching for a way to try HeliYUM or something similar.

Sadly, its a prank that doesnt know how to die.

It may seem like a buzzkill, but there is currently no such thing as helium beer. Any bottles of it that you saw on podcasts or videos or commercials were just props.

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Helium Beer: Truth Or Myth

  • Blog | Helium Beer: Truth or Myth?

Posted on: February 26, 2020

The craft beer world is no stranger to bold creations. From Dogfish Heads Celest-jewel-ale the only beer infused with genuine lunar meteorite dust to independent brewer Tom Seefurths Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, which is exactly what it sounds like, the industry is never short of bizarre creations, boundary-pushing experiments and shameless promotional stunts.

The debate about whether or not helium beer is real seems to date back to 2014, when the Boston Beer Companys Samuel Adams PR team posted an April Fools video announcing the release of HeliYum, a radical, extreme new beer that leverages the wonderful properties of helium.

Where Did All The Talk About Helium

Foil Balloons Champagne Cup Helium Beer Bottle Balon Wedding Decor ...

A few years ago, in 2014, the company that makes Sam Adams beer teased a new flavor of beer on their website, which was supposedly set to release soon. The beer was called HeliYum, and the company spokesman stated the beer was going to be a radical, extreme new beer that leverages the wonderful properties of helium.

Wait, what? What are the wonderful properties of helium beer drinkers would want to have comingled with their favorite brand of hops?

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Brands Of Helium Beer

There are many brands of helium beer available on the market today. Some of the more popular brands include Heineken, Corona, and Budweiser. Each brand has its own unique flavor and aroma that sets it apart from the others. When choosing a brand of helium beer, it is important to consider your own personal preferences in order to find the best one for you.

On April 1, 2014, the Boston Beer Companys Samuel Adams brand released a video that stated they had created HeliYum. Due to its unique index of refraction, helium has a brilliant clarity and an incredibly light mouth feel. Because helium is an odorless gas, it does not emit the same natural aromas as the ingredients. One of the least soluble gases in nature, helium is unlikely to be infused into beer. When helium is undissolved in beer, it forms one or two big bubbles and ploops, which are expelled as soon as the seal is broken. Helium would get dissolved in beer at a rate of approximately 0.0016 g per litre, while carbon dioxide would get dissolved at a rate of 2.5 g per litre.

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Stone Stochasticity Project Cr Am Ale

Stone Brewing uploaded a video on 1st April 2014 on YouTube. They announced their Stone Stochasticity Project Cr am Ale project.

They claimed to have gone a step ahead in the brew industry by adding helium to beer. The video said that their helium beer was in 16-ounce cans was available in stores, restaurants and bars.

Moreover, they claimed to have double dry-hopped it to add a more tropical touch to it. This video, like Adam Samuels video, also showed that your voice changes after drinking helium beer.

Can You Infuse A Drink With Helium

Is Helium Beer real? I try to make it!

You should not ask that question, as a general rule. It is important to note that helium does not work similarly to carbon dioxide. Despite this, due to its low solubility, it cannot be converted into a drinkable gas.

The Dangers Of Helium Overpressure

If you add too much helium, it will cause a Helium Overpressure in the air, which means that the helium pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure. In addition to causing various issues, such as a bubble in a tank, whistling noises, and flashing lights, it may also cause noise. Despite the fact that helium is a gas, it is not very common, and it is not very common in the United States. When you add too much helium to water, there can be a number of issues. Hydrogen Overpressure is one of these issues. When the pressure of helium is greater than the pressure of the atmosphere, the helium helium is said to be greater.

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Worldwide Demand For Helium Beer

We get emails from around the world asking about helium beer. They read a little like this:

  • Gotta have this!!!! Is it still being made?!?!
  • Am I able to buy this and get it sent to Australia?
  • Really want to try this. Any retailers in Scotland?
  • Does it make you talk funny?

So what started the demand for helium beer? At least two big factors are fueling the fire. First, you can thank the folks at Stone Brewing Co. for their April 2014 announcement about Stochasticity Project Cram Ale with Helium featured in this news release. Stones Rick Blankemeier and Mitch Steele spend nearly four minutes going into deep science talk about the Stochasticity Project Ale in this rather convincing video.

But dont let Rick and Mitchs enthusiasm fool you. Go back to the news release and the video and check out the publish date. Both were released on April 1, 2014. April 1 is April Fools Day friends, and that should be your first big clue into the origins of helium beer.

The second factor driving the demand for helium beer is a video from Die BierProbierer titled Helium Beer Test. The video shows two guys allegedly sipping on helium beer with a noticeable change in their voices after drinking the beverage. The Helium Beer Test video has been replicated by dozens of viral Facebook video publishers worldwide chances are, thats where you first saw it. But if you look at the original publish date on the YouTube video, youll see that its April 1.

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