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How To Drink Don Julio Tequila

How To Drink Don Julio 1942

Don Julio Reposado Tequila Review – Best Drink Recipes

Neat is the only acceptable way to drink it. It is absolutely forbidden by law to mix it in Margaritas or have it in shots Don Julio Blanco is better suited for those affairs. If you want it chilled dont add ice, look for a set of whiskey stones that are much more cooler and will make you look like a professional. You dont want to water down your precious Mexican spirit.

Sip It Neat On Its Own Or With A Side Of Sangrita

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For too long tequila has been exiled to the small hours in the UK drunk juice to be knocked back with lime and salt at 2am usually as a David Guetta song thumps inexorably in the background.

But the agave-based spirit, along with its dusty first cousin mezcal, can have all the subtlety of a fine bourbon and deserves to be treated with a similar reverence.

It is best served straight and at room temperature , so forget the ice cubes and pour a good measure directly into a sherry style glass, classic Reidel glass or just any little tumblers you might have lying around.

Tequila comes in five types – blanco , joven , reposado , añejo and extra añejo – which refer to the blending and length it has been aged.

In Mexico they drink it neat, sipping it slowly, or accompany it with a side of sangrita, a sweet, spicy drink traditionally made from tomato juice, orange juice and chillies.

The liquor also goes well with beer, and alongside Mexican cuisine pairs nicely with some sweet foods like chocolate.

Youre probably familiar with the brands ubiquitous in bars, but here’s some fine tequilas and mezcals to get you started:

Best Gift: Casa Dragones Aejo Barrel Blend

Courtesy of Casa Dragones

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Pepper, Nuts, Oak

Our job as bar pros is to be skeptical, but when I took the first sip, I was like, Oh, this is divine, says Chasse. A lot of bottles that people think about for gifting are on the sweeter side, but this one is not super sweet. Instead, the aging program, in both new French and new American oak, lends it complexity and balance.

Chasse finds plenty of peppery spice, nuttiness and a hint of cacao but with a lush mouthfeel that makes Casa Dragones’ tequila feel luxurious. Its sleek, charcoal-colored bottle and turquoise box present the kind of packaging that makes it giftable without wrapping paper.

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First Things First: What Is Tequila

Tequila is a strong liquor that is made from a type of cactus native to Mexico called agave , particularly, the BLUE AGAVE plant. Other similar liquors are made from other types of agave, but REAL tequila is ONLY made from BLUE Agave

Region also determines authenticity. Much like Champagne, in order for Tequila to really earn its name, it MUST be made from plants that come from a specific region of Mexico where the Agave plant grows natively .

We can trace the earliest roots of distilling agave to make booze all the way back to the ancient Aztec people. Their drink, Pulque , is among the earliest known ancestors to tequila. When the Spaniards came, they adopted the drink and began utilizing some of their own European techniques for distilling. This slowly evolved into what is modern-day tequila. Other liquors, like Vodka, have had a history of debate over their origins, but there is no question Tequila is Mexican.

How Does 1942 Make You Feel

Tequila Mixed Drinks

With a golden hue, each bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tequila has been aged for at least two-and-a-half years. Scents of caramel, toffee and vanilla are delightful on the nose. Upon taking a sip of Don Julio 1942 Tequila, you‘ll be greeted with roasted agave and more vanilla, tropical fruits and undertones of spice.

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How Many Shots Of Tequila To Get Drunk

One tequila, two tequila, three tequilafloor! Does your tequila story sound the same? Most of us have been there, taking shots of tequila with friends, when suddenly you dont remember anything. Youll wonder what point the tequila ransacked your memory and made you dance on the bar counter top. But maybe the better question to ask yourself is how many shots of tequila it takes for you to get sloshed.

Were going to help you figure that out.

That Teenager Was Don Julio

Just like there was a real Richard Hennessy, there was indeed a Don Julio . When Don Julio González began distilling tequila as a teenager, he didnt have big business plans. He was simply trying to supplement a weekly income of 9 pesos for his family. He also just so happened to care about tequila. So at a time when it was just a workhorse drink fiery, raw, and rough around the edges with more than enough kick to knock you head-first into sweet oblivion Don Julio staked his future on the idea that tequila might someday be savored, sipped, and described in as much loving detail as fine whiskey.

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Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila 750ml


Celebrated in selective cocktail bars, eateries and dance club, the notorious Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the selection of specialists around the world. Delivered in small batches and aged for at least over two years.

In stock

Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila

Celebrated in selective cocktail bars, eateries and dance club, the notorious Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the selection of specialists around the world. Delivered in small batches and aged for at least over two years, Don Julio 1942 Tequila is carefully assembled in tribute to the year that Don Julio González started his tequila-production journey.

Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila Tasting Notes

Aging | 2.5 yearsNose | Rich caramel and chocolateTaste | Warm oak, vanilla and roasted agaveFinish | Lingering oak and rich vanillaBest Served | In a snifter

Don Julio Tequila Price List

Don Julio Blanco Tequila in depth Review – Best Drink Recipes


$58.99 – $59.99

There are lots of facets to the success of Don Julio, and to list all of them would make this price guide tedious and boring. But one cannot exclude the companys añejo and reposado aging processes when listing what makes Don Julio great. For example, the reposados spend eight months in old American oak barrels primarily used for Kentucky bourbon aging. Select reposado sare aged for one more month in old Scotch whisky casks for the Don Julio Reposado Double Cask variant.

As for the añejos, their aging goes for a full 18 months in the companys own reposado barrels. The result is more agave and less oak in the flavor, which is great for the tequila purist.

Don Julio Blanco Tequila

  • Alternate Money Check $79.99-$89.99, 1,500 ml, 40%

Light and crisp is the consistent description of this blancos taste, with a citrus hint greeting you at tongues tip. Then the sweet agave takes over, getting creamy as the liquid goes down the gullet. Theres a tiny burn at the end, but its more respectable than rude and you dont forget the entire run of the drink through your mouth. Its best served as a foundation for a mixed drink, such as a margarita or a 21st Century.

Don Julio Reposado Tequila

  • $45.99-$46.99, 750 ml, 38%

Agave and vanilla are very much present at the start of the taste, followed by dints of wood, smoke and cinnamon. Everything goes smooth and silky in the lips-to-mouth-to-throat transition, with a very gentle agave/peppery reminder at the end.

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Whats On The Label And What It Means

The tequila you buy will either be 100% Agave or Mixto . With 100% Agave, the flavors and notes will be very up front. If you are a fan of robust, exotic flavors, this will be the type of tequila you want. Mixto, on the other hand, has its flavor cut by up to 49% sugar and water. This will NOT make the tequila sweet, only less in-your-face. It will have a more subtle flavor, whose notes will linger for longer. Neither is better or higher-end than the other, its simply a matter of preference and occasion.

Beyond the two basic categories we just mentioned, there are also about a half dozen different types of tequila within each. It may sound confusing at first, but trust me, its not rocket science.

Here are the ones youll encounter the most.

Guy Offers A Drink To Girl At A Bar Then Refuses To Pay For It

Its a classic rom-com setup. Guy sees girl from across the bar, guy offers to buy her a drink as an excuse to talk to her, girl orders four double shots of 1942 Don Julio Tequila.

A 23-year-old guy posted on Reddit asking whether he was in the wrong for this night-out snafu.

After dancing with and talking to a really hot girl, the 23-year-old pulled her over to the bar and offered to buy her a drink. He placed his order for a beer, and, as he told the bartender, whatever she wants.

The girl then promptly orders four double shots of expensive tequila for reference, one shot of 1942 Don Julio is $75 explaining that she was buying extras for her friends.

But when the bartender returned, the Reddit poster handed over a $10 bill to cover his beer and tip and then left. As for the girls reaction, he wrote, She was pissed and yelling the normal insults.

Typically this is where the story would end, except theres a twist.

Well it turns out my mom works with her and they were talking and my mom showed her a picture of me and she instantly recognized me and remembered my name and told my mom about what I did. My mom then called me and said Im a huge a**hole, the post continued.

The cost of four drinks plus tip equaled out to $325.

The top response on the post was, I was all ready to say you were till reading the part where you offered her a drink and she ordered FOUR! WHAT THE HELL.

More from In The Know:

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Don Julio Aejo Vs The Competition

  • 1800 Añejo
  • Tequila AviónAñejo
  • Casamigos Añejo
  • check Don Julio Añejo

Sweet and peppery characterize the initial palate of the 1800 and mid-palate transition. The 1800 Añejo shows traces of cinnamon, candied pears, butterscotch and toasted oak, plus a finish of cocoa and banana bread. On the other hand, wild honey and butterscotch are on display when the Don Julio/DJ Añejo enters your mouth.

However, what sinks 1800 is an observed strong presence of smokiness in the taste. For some, strong traces of the roasting process may have settled in the final product, likely an oversight due to 1800 being part of the mass market tequila assembly line of Jose Cuervo. In contrast, the DJ consistently keeps the smoky taste to a minimum, or even at zero presence.

Don Julios añejo may be more expensive than the Avión añejo.

However, the Don Julio/DJ presents a strong case of value-for-money tilting brains, lips, noses, tongues, throats and opinions towards its entry level aged tequila.

One, the DJ añejo consistently displays no alcohol burn, with a nip in the Avión. Everything is bright, lightly spiced, rich and smooth, and you dont forget the agave presence in the Don Julio.

Second, the DJ has a consistently minimal tinge of American oak residue when the añejo hits your mouth. On the other hand, the Avión has an up-down presence of oak in the taste, which was a turn-off for some.

Casamigos añejo is neck-and-neck against Don Julios añejo in terms of pricing.

How Tequila Is Made: Behind The Scenes Of Don Julio Tequila

Turmericana Cocktail

Don Julio Tequila is a tequila company navigating through change. After celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2011 , the company lost its namesake, Don Julio , in March of 2012. Just a year later, parent company Diageo parted ways with behemoth competitor Jose Cuervo, opening the door for Don Julio to become Diageos major showcase tequila.

At the helm through all this is Master Distiller Enrique de Colsa, one of the most well spoken, fun, and engaging men in tequila. If the company is going through a big change, youd never know it from Enrique, who is an evangelist for great tequila and Mexican spirits. Poised for tremendous growth, this year Don Julio planted over 1.8 million agave plants. Agave plants take seven years to mature, and so the result will be a staggering doubling of the current production levels of Don Julio tequila.

In many ways Don Julio tequila is the embodiment of the way Julio Gonzales Estrada saw tequila. Although Enrique de Colsa runs the distillery, he does so with an amazing amount of reverence and respect to the way that Don Julio made his tequila.

Each agave plant is harvested by hand, an extremely labor intensive and back breaking process. The agave plant is cut from its roots and then the long spearlike leaves are sheered off, leaving behind an oval center thats reminiscent of a pineapple. This core is called a piña and its the raw material used to make tequila.

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Things You Should Know About Don Julio Tequila

Everybody loves a good game changer think Lady Gaga, doughnut hamburger buns, or raccoons as pets.

But every time you scan a back bar for your favorite bottle, or take your time savoring a great , you could be overlooking one of the major game changers in tequila: Don Julio.

At a time when tequila production meant quantity over quality, Don Julio dared to challenge the status quo: The company coddled its agave, bottled short when everyone else went tall, and even stripped its aged tequila down to crystal-clear agave bones.


Here are nine things you need to know about super premium tequila O.G., Don Julio.

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Don Julio Tequila is honoring the legacy of its founder, Don Julio González, by launching Ultima Reserva, a special 36-month aged luxury Extra-Añejo, which features the final agave harvest planted by González and his family in 2006. 4,000 cases will be released this year, and highly limited quantities will continue to be released each year until the end of this final agave harvest is reached. Don Julio Ultima Reserva is rested in oak barrels previously used to age Bourbon and finished in seasoned Madeira wine casks. It retails at $399 a bottle.

Germanys Schmitt Söhne, imported by Delicato in the U.S., is extending its Relax brand into Prosecco. Relax Prosecco DOC retails at $15 a 750-ml. and will roll out nationwide in October. Headquartered in Germanys Mösel Valley, Schmitt Söhne is led by fifth-generation family member Juliane Schmitt. Relax was the top-selling German wine brand in IRI channels for the 52 weeks through June 13.

Banshee Wines, part of the Foley Family Wines portfolio, is entering the sparkling segment with Ten of Cups Brut California NV. Inspired by the namesake Tarot card, the limited-production release is a Méthode Champenoise blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier and retails at $28 a 750-ml. Its hitting select markets this fall ahead of a national rollout next year. Banshee grew 23% to 55,000 cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank.

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Its A Brand Thats Won Multiple Awards For Its Delicious Bottles

How to Make the Reposado Negroni – Featuring Don Julio Reposado

and it keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to premium quality. Before Don Julio took to the scene, tequila was generally either considered Blanco, Reposado or Añejo. The arrival of Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila took to the stage as the worlds first Añejo Claro tequila, while the brands Real Tequila broke the ceiling of ageing the spirit and helped to create the Extra Añejo category. With its velvety smooth Blanco qualities and honeyed vanilla and toasted oak flavours, its a one-of-a-kind sipper thats among the best of the best.

Part of the reason as to why this premium tequila is so good can be attributed to its growing region. Intellectual property laws ensure that tequila can only be made in one place: Mexico. And Don Julio is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, one of the countrys most fertile agave-growing regions.

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A Bespoke Growing Process

Rather than buying land, Don Julio decided to lease it, allowing him to pick and choose exactly which plants to use on a year by year basis. His chosen agave hearts would then be taken to his distillery, La Primavera where they would be carefully cut, steamed, crushed and eventually mixed with water and yeast. Each bottles seal of authenticity details exactly which agave hearts were used while the microclimate and mineral-rich soil ensures a high standard of plants to begin with.

And the super-premium nature of Don Julio tequila boils down to more than just reputation. This is a brand whose name has never gone off the table of trending spirits and for a very good reason. Combining hand-harvested blue agave with a master distiller whose previous engineering experience features everything from explosives to perfume and liquids has resulted in a distinctive drink of the utmost quality.

This quality hasnt gone amiss: Don Julio is the largest valued brand of tequila all over the world and its counted among the eight largest produced liqueurs by volume at an international level. Its sweet aromas, traditional flavours and blue agave mouthful make every one of Don Julios tequilas a genuine treat to sample.

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