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What To Mix With Bombay Sapphire Gin

Strawberry Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

The Ultimate Gin & Tonic – Bombay Sapphire Cocktail

A simple way to elevate the classic Gin and Tonic is to simply add a few strawberries, black pepper, premium soda water, and Tanqueray gin. This Strawberry Black Pepper Gin & Tonic is a fruity twist on the classic drink and features a sweet, peppery combo that adds an extra dimension of flavor to the pretty pink drink. Paired with a crisp, dry gin youll be able to taste floral notes and enjoy a spicy, citrus finish.


  • Muddle strawberries with black pepper.
  • Strain and pour in a glass with ice.
  • Stir in the gin and top with tonic.
  • Garnish with a strawberry and serve.
  • Where To Buy Bombay Sapphire Gin

    Bombay Sapphire gin is relatively easy to find and readily available in most liquor stores. Furthermore, it can be purchased from a number of our favourite online liquor retailers.

    For instance, prices start on at just $27. An advantage of ordering through Drizly is that the retailer works in partnership with local shops. Therefore, it can be delivered to your door in just one hour!

    Meanwhile, Reserve Bar can be a little bit more expensive depending on where you live. Nevertheless, it only retails $32 through their website. As Reserve Bar is a classic online retailer, it can guarantee a delivery whereas Drizly only serves locations with nearby liquor stores.

    Bombay Sapphire Gin Mixed Drinks

    Pour gin into a tall glass filled with ice. Add grenadine, and fill to the top with sweet and sour mix and 7-Up. Top with a generous dash of Chambord liqueur, garnish with a cherry, stir, and serve.9% 1 splash soda waterMuddle the lime juice, syrup and mint sprigs at the bottom of a mixing glass. Add gin and ginger beer and shake well. Pour over ice in a highball glass, top with soda and garnish with a wedge of lime.Serve in: Highball Glass
    1 twist lemonsUse a clean highball glass, fill with ice cubes, add Bombay Sapphire Gin, and top off with some Sprite. A twist of lemon or lime adds color. For the advanced bartender, a curl of orange peel gives this drink a final salon touch.Serve in: Highball Glass

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    Variations On A Theme

    BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN 70CL/47%  Sk Liquor Merchant

    Even the best gin and tonic recipe likes to mix it up every once in a while. Here are a few of our favorite variations:

    • Rhubarb has some of the same brightness as lime and some of the same vegetal quality as gin. This makes rhubarb juice or rhubarb syrup a great addition to a G& T, with or without the lime. Plus, you can’t beat that gorgeous pink color.
    • A cucumber slice makes a nice garnish, especially with Hendrick’s gin. You can also add a couple of . When using alternate garnishes, squeeze extra lime juice directly into the drink.
    • Blood orange is gorgeous in this cocktail. Slide a thin slice into the ice-filled glass before adding the gin. Add a splash of blood orange juice if you like.
    • Grapefruit and thyme. Add an ounce of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and garnish with a sprig of thyme.

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    Bombay Sapphire New Traditions: Christmas Lunch Cocktails

    For a New Classic: Cranberry Pine Twist

    Why I Love It: Who doesnt love a gin and tonic at Christmas? Its one of the nations favourite drinks for good reason. The cocktail is just so delicious and drinkable, and I love with festive twist on the classic with the additional of a pine spring and some fresh cranberries. It takes a few minutes to make, but the touch of pine really adds a fancy, festive feel to the drink to impress guests.

    The Idea: For me, no gin and tonic is complete without some delicious nibbles to enjoy alongside. Try making your own festive honey-roasted nuts to accompany the drink by baking a mixture of almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts in the oven with unsalted butter, runny honey, smoked paprika and sea salt.


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    Drinks For Good Weather Blueberry Gin And Tonic Recipe

    What is better than a twist on a gin and tonic while relaxing in this glorious weather! Ive been enjoying trying out new G& T combinations with fruit to enjoy this summer.

    My favourite so far is this blueberry, mint and lime gin and tonic. It is super quick to make and very delicious, fresh and refreshing. Any super quick delicious cocktails have my vote in time for summer.

    One, or a few, of these in the sunshine mixed long evenings with friends is a highlight of the summer for me. Fresh fruit with gin is definitely great to experiment with.

    Squash the blueberries with mint leaves and a wedge of lime. Add to the glass and top up with ice cubes. Even without the gin and tonic it already looked so gorgeous! Top up with the tonic and serve.

    I really hope you enjoy the gin and tonic. Its a super refreshing drink and a classic in my house now. It is a simple drink but absolutely delicious and now a family and friend favourite. It definitely lends itself to summer but I see no reason why you cant enjoy it all year round.

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    Speaking Of The Rat Pack It Was Frank Versus The Tanq

    Perfect Summer Cocktails with a Twist: Bombay Sapphire Gin

    The Rat Pack had a controversial relationship with alcohol, and it turns out Frank Sinatra had his own love-hate relationship with gin. In the online forum, which looks like a family-run website dedicated to keeping the legacy of Frank Sinatra safe and free, one user asks, Did Frank really drink gin? omehow that surprises me. Administrator Nancy if we believe the site, Nancy Sinatra herself replies simply and sadly: Dad loved Tanqueray gin but it didnt love him.

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    Bombay Leggero Martini Cocktail

    This new hybrid cocktail combines your choice of Bombay gin with your choice of MARTINI vermouth, your choice of flavored tonic water & your choice of citrus peel.


    • 25ml Bombay gin of your choice
    • 25ml MARTINI vermouth of your choice
    • 25ml tonic water of your choice
    • Citrus peel disc of your choice
    • glassware and barware

    Into an ice filled mixing glass, add the chosen tonic water, MARTINI & Bombay gin.

    Using a bar spoon, stir all ingredients well for 8-10 seconds.

    Once chilled, mixed & diluted, strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.

    Garnish by spritzing the citrus peel disc over the top of the cocktail & place on the rim of the glass by cutting a slit ½ way through the peel.

    Perfect Tanqueray & Fever Tree Tonic Pairings


    With warmer weather, longer days, and new life sprouting everywhere, springtime brings a lot to celebrate, and even more ways to do it: sunny weekend brunches, afternoon chilling and grilling on the deck, backyard bocce ball tourneys, the list goes on. Here, Florida bartender Amie Lynch unveils three zesty, sparkling pairings of Tanqueray London Dry Gin& Fever Tree Tonic to supplement your glorious afternoons of springtime downtime. She also included a tribute to the royal wedding, another cause for celebration this spring .

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    Can I Use Any Other Alcohol Why Gin In Particular

    The original recipe was for gin and golden raisins. We suspect that the juniper in regular gin might be contributing something special. That said, some people have reported benefit from sloe gin.

    Golden raisins soaked in gin were ineffective against my arthritis pain, but raisins in sloe gin were immediately and totally effective. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Regular gin is flavored with juniper berries, while sloe gin is flavored with sloe berries from the blackthorn bush, which was traditionally used for digestive disorders. This isnt the first time we have heard that sloe gin with raisins may be helpful against arthritis pain. Other people have substituted vodka for gin. Those who shun alcohol report that vinegar and golden raisins can be helpful.

    Dry Bombay Blue Sapphire Martini

    Combo Gin Bombay Sapphire + Mix Red Bull Sabores ...
    I love this and my DH makes it perfectly for me! This Bombay Blue Sapphire gin really needs nothing its wonderful. Also try garnishing with the large capers with stem attached.

    Provided by Rita1652

    3 olives or 1 large capers
    6 ice cubes


    • Chill your martini glass in freezer for 10 minutes or fill with ice cubes and cold water to chill.
    • Place ice cubes in a metal shaker top with gin and shake very very very well.
    • Empty water from glass if used.
    • Pour vermouth into chilled glass and swirl to coat glass then discard vermouth or use for the next glass.
    • Strain very well shaken gin into glass and garnish with olives.
    • Sit back and relax.

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    What Kind Of Gin Should I Use To Make A Gin And Tonic

    When making gin and tonics, choose a gin that is mid- to high-shelf. A London dry gin , Plymouth or Bombay work well. London dry gins will be more straightforward in flavor while Plymouth gin will be a bit more aromatic. Weve also used Bombay Sapphire and loved it, but we really enjoy Sapphires extra spiciness.

    Where Is Tanqueray Sevilla Gin Made

    Quinine is a product of the Cinchona trees bark, which is harvested on an eight-year cycle. It is the source for that bitter kick in tonic water, and to have a successful tonic it must be counteracted by other ingredients. When the recipe is right, a nice tonic is born and this is what we find here.

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    Whats The Gin And Coke Ratio

    Tip 1 to making the best Gin and Coke recipe: use the right ratio! Often restaurants mix up a version of this drink thats too heavy on the coke. Use the right ratio to get just the right flavor combination. The Gin and coke ratio is:

    • 2 ounces gin to 4 ounces cola =
    • 1 part gin to 2 parts cola

    Of course, you can play around to find your favorite quantities. Some people complain that cola totally overwhelms the delicate flavors of gin, but they peak out beautifully in this ratio. If you prefer more gin, you can try the ratio 2 ounces gin to 3 ounces cola.

    What Is The Best Ratio Of Gin To Tonic

    Stir Creativity: The Gin & Tonic Cocktail

    A gin and tonic should be crisp and refreshing, never boozy or heavy. After doing some research, ratios can vary. Some enjoy equal parts gin to tonic, others reduce the gin and double the tonic. For us, we liked it right in the middle, which kept the drink light and crisp, but still aromatic from the gin.

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    Its A London Dry Gin But You Could Make It In Jersey

    Bombay Sapphire is a London Dry gin, but thats not a regional designation . Its a style specifically, a dry style of gin that doesnt use any artificial ingredients. Instead, distillers balance piney juniper notes with a dealers choice of botanicals and spices. So, just as bourbon can be made outside of Kentucky, London Dry gin doesnt have to be made in London.

    Classic Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

    Bombay Sapphire lengthened with Fever-Tree tonic water and a squeeze of fresh fragrant lime bright, refreshing, up-lifting & divine. The ultimate expression of that quintessentially English classic, the G& T


    Squeeze a lime wedge into a balloon glass.

    Add the Bombay Sapphire then swirl the glass to mix and infuse.

    Fully fill the glass with cubed ice and stir to chill and mix. Top with 100ml of Fever-Tree tonic water by pouring it gently down a twisted bar spoon to retain as much effervescence as possible.

    Finally, gently fold/stir with a bar spoon to combine.

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    How To Make Gin

    Have you looked at the side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs lately? Drugs like diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketoprofen, meloxicam, piroxicam and naproxen can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, atrial fibrillation , fluid retention, heart failure, indigestion, stomach ulcers, perforation of the intestines, kidney and liver damage. Its hardly any wonder that people would like less dangerous alternatives. That may be why gin-soaked raisins is a perennial favorite of readers of our syndicated newspaper column.

    A lot of people want to know how to make this arthritis remedy. You would be amazed at the number of questions people have about this seemingly simple treatment. Here are just a few of the questions we get:

    What Is Bombay Sapphire Gin Made From


    Bombay Sapphire was first released in 1987 but was inspired by a recipe from 1761. Like most gin, it is a neutral grain spirit that is triple distilled and infused with botanicals. How Bombay uses the botanicals is unique. Instead of steeping the flavoring ingredients in the alcohol, the distillery uses a vapor infusion extraction.

    The distillery originally employed two Carterhead stills from the 1830s and added two copper pot stills when production increased. Above the distillate, copper baskets hold the proprietary blend of botanicals. As the alcohol heats up and evaporates, the steam hits the botanicals, infusing it with flavor before it condenses back into a liquid that is cut to bottling strength. This approach is designed to give the gin a more delicate flavor.

    Bombay was one of the first gin brands to celebrate their botanicals with full disclosure. Though the actual recipe is a well-kept secret entrusted to their master of botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, they do reveal what the ingredient list includes. It is an international affair that includes Italian juniper berries and orris root, Spanish almonds and lemon peels, grains of paradise from West Africa, Chinese licorice, cassia bark from Indo-China, angelica from Saxony, Moroccan coriander, and cubeb berries from Java. The botanicals are nicely balanced and add a crispness to the spirit.

    In 2014, Bombay Sapphire opened a new distillery just outside of London, England. It is open to the public for tours and events.

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    Gin & Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry juice with gin doesnt need anything else added to it

    For a tart, dry mixer for your gin, try cranberry juice! If you have the time and inclination, this could be made by blending and sieving fresh cranberries, but otherwise, shop-bought juice is fine we love Frobishers Cranberry Juice. We like to mix our gin and cranberry juice with a twist and squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to give it added zing, particularly if your juice has added sweeteners.

    Gin And Cranberry Cocktail Tips

    This Gin and Cranberry Cocktail recipe is easy to make at home, ready to serve in under 5 minutes.

    We love serving our Cranberry Gin Cocktail recipe during the holiday season. The healthy gin cocktail made with cranberry and lemon juice is a crowd pleaser at Christmas parties.

    The red colour of the drink is absolutely festive, getting everyone into the holiday spirit. A skewer of fresh cranberries and sprig of evergreen rosemary makes it the perfect Christmas gin drink.

    If you dont like soda water and enjoy a sweeter sip feel free to replace with tonic water.

    Our Gin and Cranberry recipe below is listed for one person. If youre hosting a large gathering feel free to multiply the ingredients by the number of guests and muddle the drink in a punch bowl or jug rather than a cocktail shaker.

    Serve the drink in your prettiest glassware with whole ice cubes or crushed ice.

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    Tanquerays Tinkering Led To Modern Craft Gin

    When gin, and not equine toiletries, won out in Tanquerays heart, he dedicated himself wholly to improving what passed for gin at the time, taking on industry leaders Felix Booth and Alexander Gordon . While developing what would become his flagship recipe, Tanqueray stumbled upon his preferred method for distilling botanicals into a small quantity of neutral grain spirit before distilling the larger batch for the final time. It was one of the first innovations in botanical infusion, central to the whole how-is-this-delicious-gin-not-vodka? question.

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