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How To Make Passion Fruit Mojito

What Is A Passionfruit

Passion Fruit Mojito

Passionfruit are tropical fruits consisting of a soft outer shell with a white foamy textured lining then a filling of tangy yellow pulp and black seeds. Only the pulp and seeds are edible. While many dont like the seeds, theyre crunchy, flavourless and completely safe to eat.

Known by many different names such as lilikoi, granadillas or maracuja in different parts of the world, the pulp is almost citrusy in flavour.

Can I Make This Ahead

Since you might want to make this cocktail ahead for gatherings and the like, heres how to do it:

  • Muddle the sugar, mint, and lime juice as instructed.
  • Combine the muddled mixture with the passion fruit pulp and juice, but strain the mixture well after stirring. Straining the mixture removes most of the mint leaves, which tend to darken and impart a muddy flavor to the drink if left to sit too long.
  • Store the passion fruit juice-mint mixture in a storage container in the fridge until your ready .
  • When youre ready to make your cocktails, complete the drink recipe as instructed above.
  • How To Choose A Passion Fruit

    When looking for a ripe passion fruit, search for one that is slightly wrinkly. Wrinkles mean the fruit inside is starting to contract and ripen. The passion fruit should still feel heavy and dense.

    A lighter fruit likely means the passion fruit has past its prime and the juice inside has begun to evaporate. If you are having a hard time finding fresh passionfruit, look for canned passionfruit juice or frozen passion fruit pulp which are more common.

    However, when you do find some nice fresh fruits, snag a bunch! You will want to have them on hand to make this incredible, flavorful mocktail.

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    How Do I Select The Best Passion Fruit For This Mojito

    I add fresh passion fruit pulp to my passion fruit mojito. The black seeds add more visual appeal to the cocktail, and the flavor makes the cocktail taste even better than it already does. When shopping for your fresh fruit, buy one that are heavy for their size. A fruit with a shell that is dark and shriveled and emits a strong aroma is perfectly ripened. As you can see, I had to settle for slightly purple, mostly green shells because, again, I live in a tropical fruit desert. Green fruits are sourer, but Im a big fan of sour, so I use them as is.

    Leave the greens ones out on the counter and let them ripen at room temperature if you cant find fully ripe ones. Use them once theyre ripe, or refrigerate them for a couple of days until you can get to them.

    Cut the ripe fruits in half and use a spoon to scrape their pulp into highball glasses. Usually, I scoop half of the fruit into each glass. This is the first of three forms of passion fruit in this cocktail.

    How Do I Make Passion Fruit Ice Cubes

    Passion Fruit Mojito Recipes

    The second and most unorthodox form of passion fruit in this drink is the ice cubes that chill it. Now, we arent going to shake the cocktail with these special ice cubes were going to serve them in the cocktail itself. Passion fruit ice cubes dont water down the flavor of the mojito in the slightest.

    Making them is easy, simply pour equal parts passion fruit juice and water into a pitcher. Stir the water and juice together to combine, then pour the mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze the liquid until solid, and you have passion fruit ice with which to chill your cocktails .

    Pop them into the highball glasses on top of the pulp.

    Now that the stage is set go ahead and give the cocktail shaker a vigorous shake. After 30 seconds of intense shaking, the outside of the shaker will frost over, which is an indication that the liquid is properly chilled

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    What Is The Best White Rum

    For this recipe you will be using Añejo instead of Reposado, a dark rum which has been aged. White rum is great for tropical and fruity drinks.

    Rum is made from sugarcane, which grows in tropical climates. The best white rum will come from places like Puerto Rico and Asia. Always check the bottle when looking for rum at the liquor store.

    Tropical Bubbly Passion Fruit Mojito

    Love flavored mojitos? Ive got one for you. This easy mojito recipe is tropical and light with muddled lime and mint leaves plus a floral, sweet passion fruit syrup. This simple rum drink can be made by the glass or by the pitcher, but Id opt for a pitcher of Passion Fruit Mojitos if youve got more than 2 people. We top our passion mojitos with a spot of sparkling water or club soda because bubbles!

    Friends, Ive got a thing for passion fruit. Its one of my favorite tropical fruits and even when its not in season, I buy the passion fruit pulp in the freezer section to make the flavored simple syrup for these passion mojitos. With just a handful of ingredients, you can be sipping this easy mojito recipe too.

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    Ingredients To Make Passion Fruit Mojitos

    • Frozen passion fruit cubes: Pitaya is the brand of frozen, seeded passion fruit puree that I used. It can be ordered online or found at Target. Alternatively, you can use 1 tables passion fruit syrup, or 3 tablespoons seeded passion fruit puree.
    • Lime juice: I used fresh lime juice for this recipe, but you can also use bottled.
    • Fresh mint: I used fresh spearmint leaves, but you can also use freeze dried mint
    • Rum: Mojitos are traditionally made with white rum, but you can also use dark rum, vodka or even gin.

    A Pitcher Of Mojitos Vs Individual Cocktails

    How To Make Passion Fruit Mojito | Mojito Mocktail | Refreshing Summer Fizzy Mocktail

    You can make this passion fruit mojito in individual glasses or in a pitcher. I find it easier, especially for a party or when entertaining to make them in a pitcher. Just add a small amount of sparkling water to the pitcher and let each person top off their own glass with extra sparkling water or club soda. I put extra ice cubes, a small amount of fresh passion fruit pulp, extra mint leaves, and lime slices in each glass.

    You can also omit the rum from the pitcher and let each guest add their own. I find that some people like it extra strong and some people prefer less alcohol in their mojito. This also allows people to omit the alcohol if they prefer a mocktail version. For the mocktail version, I add extra sparkling water and/or some sparkling lemonade to replace the rum.

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    Can I Make A Mojito With Other Fresh Fruit

    Absolutely! While the classic mojito recipe has only lime in it, I consider this a blank canvas. Mojitos always taste good with tropical fruit, so try a pineapple mojitos or a mango mojito.

    Berries also make a deliciously refreshing cocktail, so you could try strawberries or raspberries too. Mojitos are one of the worlds most popular cocktails for a reason. The perfect summer drink.

    From Travels In Cuba And Lifes Biggest Celebrations To My Very Own Kitchen Its Time To Talk Mojitos

    Some of you may have noticed my Instagram profile states Im happiest when holding a mojito. Its true. When I think back over the years, many of my most elated moments have come with the classic Cuban cocktail in my hand.

    From turning 18, to celebrating my degree results, to toasting my sisters on their hen dos and exploring the world on my travels, Ive found a trusty friend in my favourite glass of mint, lime and rum.

    While the full origins of the drink are a little vague my favourite story is that when Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana in the 1500s, his crew were suffering from a nasty case of dysentery and scurvy. After looking for a remedy, they created a special tonic containing a type of sugar-based alcohol, mint, lime and sugar cane.

    One of my happiest travel moments was in Havana, Cuba when I visited the supposed birthplace of the modern day mojito La Bodeguita Del Medio. The tiny bar was absolutely packed and along with 10 or so people enjoying mojitos, there was a 4-piece band playing classic Cuban tunes.

    Havana is absolutely brimming with colour and character, and I just loved taking it all in as I sipped my mojito. The atmosphere, the drink, the music it was unforgettable.

    A post shared by Tasha ? on Mar 14, 2017 at 2:31am PDT

    So after reminiscing for a while, I decided it was time to have a go at making my very own mojito but with a twist. Ive always been partial to a flavoured mojito, and my absolute favourite is passion fruit.

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    Do I Have To Use Mint Leaves

    Remember that a traditional mojito has mint leaves in it. Were skipping out on traditional by adding the passion fruit juice. You can continue the untraditional theme by swapping the mint leaves for a different but not too crazy herb. Basil- Genovese or Thai- are two that pop into my head theyd be great in this drink. Even sage and cilantro, yes, cilantro, taste great paired with the rum and passion fruit. Instead of using the amount called for in the recipe, however, you need to reduce the sage or cilantro to 2 stems and 2 leaves . The basil you can use in the same amount as the mint leaves.

    Add the lime juice to the cocktail shaker and use a muddler to create a quick simple syrup. Usually, simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water brought to a boil and cooled. Its what gives cocktails their sweetness. Here, were doing the same thing without the use of the stove. Muddling the mint and sugar together releases the fragrant oils of the mint leaves, which will later perfume our passion fruit mojito.

    What Is Passion Fruit

    Tropical Bubbly Passion Fruit Mojito

    If youre not familiar, passion fruit is a round tropical fruit coming from the passion flower. The exterior is hard but is easy to cut into with a knife and when you pick it up, will feel very light in weight.

    Once you cut into the passion fruit, it looks hollow on the inside with deep yellow pulp and black seeds and is easy to scoop out with a spoon.

    In Hawaii, passion fruit is yellow on the outside and purple in other tropical areas.

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    How To Choose The Best Passion Fruit

  • Choose a fruit that is ripe in order to use the fruit immediately. Ripe passion fruit will have purple and wrinkled skins.
  • You can also buy an unripe version if you would like to use them later. Make sure that you store them properly and let them ripe at the home temperature.
  • Whenever you purchase, choose the one that has a good weight as the hollow version indicates dryness most of the time. Also, check that the fruit isnt eaten and is relatively fresh to look at.
  • What To Serve With This Passion Fruit Mojito

    As for what to have with it? We say have something toasted and salty and snackable like peanuts. Specifically, wed serve up these Kaffir Lime Peanuts, these Mexican Chile-Lime Peanuts, or even these Star Anise Hawaiian Style Boiled Peanuts.

    Now, go stock up on all your cooking essentials, then head into the kitchen, make this, and share it with us by tagging saltandwind and #swsociety on social!

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    What’s In A Passion Fruit Mojito Mocktail

    Our passion fruit mojito mocktail recipe sticks to simple, very flavorful ingredients. Here is what we use to make our refreshing drink:

    • Passion Fruit– Fresh passion fruit is the key to perfecting this drink. Passion fruit has so much delicious tropical flavor that it will make mocktail incredible without the need for much else.
    • Mint– Fresh mint leaves are a requirement for a mojito. The vibrant flavor of mint is necessary. Be sure to muddle the mint well in order to get all the oils out of the leaves.
    • Brown Sugar– Brown Sugar adds a rich sweetness that we love. Use regular white sugar if needed. Low carb sweeteners, like erythritol, will work as well.
    • Lime Juice- Fresh lime juice brings our passion fruit mocktail to life!
    • White Grape Juice– White grape juice adds a subtle flavor and sweetness to the drink.
    • Ice– Our passionfruit mojito mocktail recipe is definitely best when served cold.
    • Club Soda– We like our mojito to have a little fizz. However, you can skip the club soda if you’d like a non-carbonated mocktail.

    Mix the ingredients together in a muddler just as you would for any craft cocktail. You are going to adore this tropical mojito mocktail recipe for sure!

    Making It For A Crowd

    How to Make a Pitcher of Passion Fruit Mojito : Mojito & Daiquiri Recipes

    Making cocktails for a crowd always seem more fun than just 1 or 2, doesnt it? Luckily you can easily scale up this recipe.

    • Use 4 times the ingredients, for 8 drinks. If making the passionfruit syrup using my recipe, it will make about 2 cups, so the perfect amount for 8 drinks.
    • Have ice in a ziplock bag in the freezer ready to use.
    • Muddle the mint and lime ahead of time in a mortar and pestle or in a large bowl, then portion out into the glasses.
    • Place the glasses in the fridge until ready.
    • Add the syrup and rum to a pitcher or water jug and stir them together. Store in the fridge until required.
    • When ready to serve, add ice to the glasses and the remaining or at least some of the ice to the pitcher and give it a stir. Pour the mixture evenly between the glasses, then top with soda water.
    • Add garnish and straws and serve.

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    Muddling The Mint And Lime

    Normally, in a mojito, youd use a little sugar to muddle with the mint leaves to help coax the oils out of the leaves, however, this cocktail is already sweet enough from the syrup. Instead, give them a little scrunch, drop them into the glass and mash them a bit with a small lime wedge using a muddler.

    If you dont have a muddler, put them in your mortar and pestle first to give them a little muddle then transfer to your glasses.

    Bottled Lime Juice Vs Freshly Squeezed

    This isnt a difficult question for us to answer and to put it into context when weve visited a country like India and tasted their bananas fresh from the tree, they are exceptional.

    When were back in the UK our bananas are like cardboard due to all of the preservatives theyve had to put into them.

    Its the same when you squeeze a lime, the fresh juice that is produced is wonderful whereas the bottled will never be as good due to all of the preservatives it has to have in it.

    It has to be fresh lime juice all the way.

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    How Do I Make A Passion Fruit Mojito Mocktail

    Kiddos love to have what the adults are having however, getting Junior sauced on my mojitos is a great way to catch a case.

    Instead, make the littles their own mocktail version of this drink:

  • Muddle the mint, sugar, and lime juice as instructed.
  • Stir together the muddled mixture with the passion fruit pulp and juice.
  • Plunk the passion fruit ice cubes into the glasses and pour the juice-mint mixture over.
  • Float lemon-lime soda over the juice and stir to mix.
  • I know you probably already know this, but be sure to label the alcoholic version and the virgin one. Dont want any cocktail/mocktail misunderstandings.

    How To Choose And Store Passion Fruits

    How to Make a Pitcher of Passion Fruit Mojito

    One of the things I get asked frequently is how to choose a good passion fruit. I usually pick them up and go with the ones that are heavier. Even if the sizes are similar, the heavier ones will have more fruit/pulp inside. If you are planning to eat them or use them immediately then choose ones that have started to wrinkle. Their pulp will be sweeter.

    However, if you arent planning to use them quickly then you can pick ones with less wrinkles as they will last longer. I just keep them on the counter, but if they start to get a lot of wrinkles and I want them to last longer I will put them in the refrigerator. If you have a lot of them, you can also remove the pulp and freeze the pulp in a freezer container, in small freezer bags, or even put the pulp into ice cubes trays.

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    All The Passion Fruit Flavors

    Ive long been a fan of the sweet, tart, floral flavor of fresh passionfruit. And, when I met my husband and started spending more time in Hawaii, well, I started coming across a lot more of the passion fruit flavors.

    From passionfruit margaritas at a wedding and passion fruit iced tea to passion fruit-filled malasadas and even the passion fruit custard pie our friend would make from scratch, the flavor showed up seemingly everywhere. No surprise since the vine seems to grow with abandonment across the islands.

    How To Make Passion Fruit Puree Or Juice

    When making recipes that use a good amount of passion fruit, making passion fruit juice or puree is ideal because 1 passion fruit does not yield much liquid.

    You can buy passion fruit juice frozen or in cartons at international and Latin stores. The Goya brand makes frozen passion fruit puree that Ive used a few times and does very well in baking recipes and drinks.

  • Cut passion fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and seeds.
  • Place pulp in a small food processor or blend and pulse a few times to loosen up pulp.
  • Strain the passion fruit pulp through a fine mesh sieve, separating the seeds and keeping the juice.
  • From here, you can freeze the juice in a resealable freezer bag or keep in a jar in the fridge for up to a week.
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