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How Do You Make Homemade Whiskey

Whiskey Honey Lemon Cough Syrup

How to Make WHISKEY at Home 10 YEAR OLD in ONLY 10 DAYS Homemade WHISKY without tools

Whiskey Honey Lemon Cough Syrup is an old fashion homemade cough syrup recipe and natural remedy to help calm coughs using only three pantry ingredients.

When the cold and flu season hits, it is never convenient. It is not something you plan for. As an adult, we have work and the kids to care for. No one has time to be sick or lose sleep.

There is nothing worse than coughing, hacking, cant sleep and then at 0200 find out that you are fresh out of cough syrup. Dont fret! You might have everything you need right in your pantry to get feeling better straight away.

Not only is our Whiskey Honey Lemon Cough Syrup recipe effective for reducing cough, but it is also delicious. Please dont judge! Back in the day, our parents used to give us a dose before we went to bed when we had a bad cold or cough. We slept like a rock and our coughs subsided. Heck, it tasted so good, it was almost worth getting sick just to get a dose.

Diluting And Aging The Whiskey

At this point, you have moonshine high ABV whiskey. In order to get it resembling something like you’d find at the store, you need to age the whiskey and dilute it down to 40% – 50% ABV.

  • 1Use a proof and tralle hydrometer to test the ABV of your moonshine. You want to know how strong your moonshine is, both for aging and as an indication of how well your distillation went.
  • Be sure not to confuse the proof and tralle readings on the hydrometer. Your proof will always be two times the amount of the tralle.
  • 2Age the whiskey. If you do decide to age your whiskey, you want it to go into the barrel at around 58% to 70% ABV. Aging will make the whiskey smoother and give it its distinctive taste. Whiskey will only age in barrels. When it is bottled, whiskey will stop aging.
  • Whiskey is generally aged in oak barrels. The barrels can be carefully charred or toasted first, or can be sourced from another distiller that’s kept another spirit in the barrel for added flavor.
  • If you want to add oak flavor to your moonshine but don’t want to have to spring for a barrel, you can also add toasted oak chips to your whiskey. Toast your oak chips over low heat in the oven for an hour, until they are aromatic but not yet charred. Remove and cool. Transfer to whiskey container and steep for 5 – 15 days or longer, depending on your tastes. Strain the whiskey through cheesecloth or a clean pillowcase to catch all the wood chips.
  • How To Make Bourbon Whiskey

    Bourbon, originated during 18th century, is a famous brand of American Whiskey. This amazingly strong drink is made primarily from between 51 to 79 percent of Indian corn. The interesting history behind the name of this barrel-aged beverage shows that it was given the name due to chronological association with an area in the Southern America known as Old Bourbon. It is better not to experiment with the ingredients of the original recipe of Bourbon Whiskey in order to maintain its original zest and color. You can serve this American beverage straight, diluted with water with some crushed ice. Moreover, mixing it with fine quality soda and into scrumptious cocktails is another terrific idea to obtain the real taste of Bourbon Whiskey.

    Things Required:

    Ground rye- Barometer to check the liquids gravity Pieces of cloth or plastic sheet- to cover barrels or tubs Series of medium and small stills Large barrels or tubsLarge charred white oak barrel

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    How To Serve Homemade Moonshine

    Serve as a Chilled Shot: Chill your moonshine for several hours and serve in these small shot cups. Perfect for parties!

    As a Sipping Liquor: Simply pour over ice in a lowball glass.

    Make moonshine Jello shots: When making jello shots, replace 1/2 of the water called for in the jello recipe with the moonshine. If you use more than that, the jello wont set up.

    Make a Mixed Drink: Most popular is to make refreshing Blackberry Moonshine Lemonade. Mix 1 part Blackberry Moonshine to 3 parts Lemonade.


    Q: Does Drinking Moonshine Make You Go Blind

    An inforgraphic designed to take you through all steps of ...

    ethanol, which is a grain-based alcohol and the intoxicating element in alcoholic beverages, is the primary constituent of moonshine. It does not cause blindness in any way. When methanol, often known as wood alcohol, is consumed, it might result in blindness. However, because methanol is not a distilled product, it will not be able to exit your still! Similarly, grain fermentation does not result in the production of methanol. Nonetheless, according to the FDA, a 1 percent concentration of methanol by volume or a daily dose of up to 600 mg is deemed safe.

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    Can I Make Moonshine For Personal Use

    Today, people make artisan moonshine out of a sense of nostalgia and preference for taste. These can be sold in liquor stores or brewed just for personal use. However, distilling alcohol at home, even for personal use, is illegal under federal law. These produced legal moonshine for sale and distribution.

    How Do You Make Homemade Whiskey Still

    How to Make a Still at Home

  • Supplies for Making a DIY Still.
  • Step 1: Drill a 1/8-inch Hole on the Aluminum Pot.
  • Step 2: Wrap the Thermometer with Teflon Tape.
  • Step 3: Place the Thermometer in the Hole.
  • Step 4: Secure the Thermometer with Hot Glue.
  • Step 5: Drill a 3/8-inch hole in the Pot Lid.
  • Step 6: File as Needed.
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    The Big Final Piece Of Advice

    “If you are even thinking about doing this for real, I cannot stress how much I recommend you visit your local distillery first,” Katz confirmed. And while you now should have a general idea of how you can make whiskey in the comfort of your own home, it certainly doesn’t mean you should. It takes a lot of risk, trial and error, and overall effort to do it right. Be careful! Use this new knowledge to impress your friends over a glass of the good stuff, instead of trying your hand at making it at home.

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    How To Use Irish Cream

    How Scotch Whisky is Made From Grain to Glass
    • Sip it on the rocks for a sweet after-dinner cordial.
    • Drizzle over ice cream or bread puddings. For an extra touch, shave dark chocolate on top.
    • Substitute for heavy cream in a White Russianthats an instant Mudslide.
    • Try a new type of boozy brunch: The next time you make French toast, add up to 2 oz. of Irish cream to the egg-milk mixture and cut back on the milk by an equal amount. Mix well, then dip your bread into the batter and cook as normal.
    • Blend it into homemade chocolate mousse. Try about 1 to 2 oz. for every 4 oz. of chocolate in the recipe. Whip it with the heavy cream and fold into the chocolate as normal.
    • Rather than basic creamer, stir a little into your coffee.
    • Even better, make an Irish cream variation on the classic Irish coffee. Try using all Irish cream in place of Irish whiskey, or using equal parts of each. Or whip a few tablespoons of Irish cream with the heavy cream and use this to garnish your cocktail. The recipe below provides a starting point for experimentation.

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    Testing The Abv Of Your Rye Whiskey

    After the aging process, you should test the ABV of your rye whiskey and dilute if necessary. You can use a hydrometer to do this. You can dilute the whiskey with purified water prior to bottling it if the ABV is too high. Rye Whiskey must have a minimum of 40% ABV to be classified as a rye whiskey.

    Why Is A Diy Moonshine Still Worth Your Time

    When it comes to booze, moonshine is the term used to describe liquor that was created when it was unlawful to do so. Consequently, a moonshine still will not only create distilled water but also whiskey, which can come in useful during a disaster or survival emergency. It doesnt matter if youre keeping your body warm or surviving the cold. Despite the fact that we designed this still apparatus with the process of purifying water in mind, it doesnt hurt to know that it can also be used to produce high-proof liquor.

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    Homemade Moonshine: Phase 2

    After the alcohol and blackberries have sat for 3 weeks, youll make a simple syrup to add to the mixture.

    Simple Syrup Ingredients:

  • Bring water to a boil and add sugar.
  • Stir until the sugar dissolves then let cool to room temperature.
  • While the simple sugar mixture is cooling, take your alcohol and blackberry mixture and strain out the remaining blackberries.
  • Return the alcohol mixture into its jar and pour in the simple sugar mixture.
  • Seal the jar and let sit for 2 weeks or longer.
  • The resulting moonshine is strong at 95 proof with a wonderful blackberry flavor.

    How To Make Your Own Irish Cream

    Yes, you can make alcohol from Vegemite, but ...

    March 6, 2020 | Brittany Risher

    Irish cream doesnt always have the best reputation among whisky drinkers, but thats somewhat undeserved. Sure, it hardly resembles actual whisky and is a key ingredient in frivolous cocktails like the Mudslide, but Irish creaminvented in a mere 45 minutes in 1973makes a delicious after-dinner drink, and is the perfect single-ingredient addition to coffee when you need more than just caffeine to pick you up. Irish cream adds a fantastic texture and ultimate creaminess to cocktails, says Georgina McKevitt, bartender at The Irish Times Pub & Restaurant in Los Angeles.

    There are dozens of Irish cream brands out there, with Baileys being the most well-known. But many brands use a minimum of real whiskey, instead swapping in neutral grain spirit to make up most of the alcohol. So if youre looking for a guaranteed whiskey-forward Irish cream, consider making your own. The process is crazy simple, and any supermarket will carry the ingredients. All you have to do is measure and stir.

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    How Do You Make Spirit Honey

    Steps to follow below:Step1-Heat 2.5 gallons of water to 160° F and mix in 1 gallon of nectar until totally disintegrated.Step2-Add an extra 2.5 gallons of room temperature water to the nectar arrangement.Step3-Cool to 70F utilizing a drenching chiller.Step4-Aerate by pouring pound to and fro between two containers.Add yeast of decision.

    Something Different: The Solar Still

    Some people have their own still, which they use to distill their own water. If this is the reason youd like to have a still, this is an excellent choice for you to consider. However, if youd prefer to concentrate your efforts on making your home even more self-sufficient, a solar system would be a good choice. Using this guide, you will learn all you need to know about building the ultimate solar still.

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    How To Age Whiskey

    There are two ways to age whiskey at home. The most traditional method of DIY whiskey aging is to purchase or build a charred white oak barrel. To prep a barrel to be used for aging, make sure to first fill it with warm water and leave it sit until the wood swells enough to prevent leaking between the staves. The hydration process could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s very important that you do this to prevent your spirits from leaking out of the barrel when you initially fill it. Once hydrated, drain the water then fill it with clear, un-aged store-bought whiskey and leave it sit for a couple of weeks. Remember, it’s illegal to distill your own alcohol for consumption without a distilled spirits permit. But no need to fret, there are plenty of un-aged whiskey options to be found at any liquor store.

    The easiest way to accomplish aging is to add charred American white oak sticks or shavings to a jar or bottle of spirits . The charred wood will naturally absorb and release spirits contained within the vessel, allowing the wood to impart its flavors to the spirit. However, this method will not allow the volatile compounds to escape by forcing their way through the container walls . Accordingly, one must regularly open and close the vessel in order to allow trapped alcohol vapor to escape and be replaced by air.

    Getting Started: Picking Your Whiskey Mash Ingredients

    How to Make a Whiskey Sour – Whiskey Sour Ingredients –The Frugal Chef

    Like we mentioned above, whiskey is a spirit which has many different varieties and styles. The biggest variations between different whiskeys lie in their mash ingredients. A whiskey mash can be made with corn, rye, wheat, oats, maize or barley. By mixing percentages of these ingredients you can create a range of different tastes and flavors. Bourbon, for example, must contain at least 51% corn in order to be called a bourbon whiskey, while Rye Whiskey must have 51% rye included in its mash to be classified as a Rye Whiskey.

    For this distilling guide, and keeping with an American tradition, well be using the same mash bill that George Washingtons distillery used to create his Rye Whiskey at Mount Vernon. It consists of 60% rye, 35% corn, and 5% barley. Rye gives the whiskey a range of spicy notes including pepper, nutmeg, clove, caraway, and cinnamon. These flavors are all intensified during the aging process, which gives the whiskey its bite. Corn is responsible for the sweeter tones in the whiskeys flavor. The barley is added to the mix as a way to help convert starches to sugar for the fermentation process and also provides an underlying malty and chocolate flavor.

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    Best Moonshine Still How To Make Moonshine

    When it comes to creating moonshine, deciding between a copper and a stainless steel pot is still a difficult decision to make. Is one of them superior than the other? In reality, your choice of still will be determined by a number of things. The first thing to consider is what kind of spirits you want to distill. As an example, people who are fine with only flavoring a basic sugar shine might continue to use anair still. Stovetop still kits are more suitable for those who desire to make spirits such as whiskey, rum, brandy, or rye, rather than other types of alcohol.

    Because copper is constructed of more expensive materials than stainless steel, it will continue to be more expensive than its stainless steel equivalent in the long run.

    Still made in a copper pot Copper is an excellent metal for distilling moonshine because of its resistance to corrosion.

    Additionally, it is corrosion resistant.

    Although less expensive than copper, it is not as effective as copper in conducting heat.

    Which is preferable for making moonshine?

    They dont blow stainless steel pots away, but they do produce a somewhat better moonshine product than stainless steel pots.

    Sulfides have been eliminated from the moonshine, which allows the flavor to become more pronounced.

    Using a combination of a stainless steel body and copper cooling pipes, our Copper Top nevertheless achieves its distinctive appearance.

    An inexpensive still that may create delectable spirits is obtained in this manner.

    Things To Remember Before Making Alcohol At Home

    • Safety comes first. Whether it’s wine or spirits, inexperienced and careless homebrewers are always at risk of unwittingly using harmful ingredients that can be lethal or cause blindness to those that drink them.
    • Distilling alcohol without a license is illegal. While non-commercial brewing of beer and fermenting of wine are allowed almost everywhere, distilling alcohol without a license is prohibited, as in most countries.
    • Making alcohol requires passion. If you want to make alcohol, it should be because you really want to. The best homebrewers take pride in being able to come up with their own drink and therefore are willing to put safety on top of everything.
    • Making alcohol requires a lot of sterilization. Any contaminant from any stage of the process that gets in, whether airborne or in the alcohol container you used, can cause the concoction to be malignant.
    • Invest in the right tools. Do you want to make your own alcohol to save a few bucks by having your own stash at home? If youre not willing to splurge on a good drink, chances are youre not willing to spend extra on safety tools and equipment. Its not going to be worth saving money at the expense of compromising your health and that of others.
    • Containers need to be sealed properly. Having a controlled environment and clean equipment is a must.

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    Kid Friendly Version Of Homemade Cough Syrup

    According to Evan Ashkin, MD and Anne Mounsey, MD, children under the age of 12 months, should not eat honey because Honey contains toxic bacteria that may cause infant botulism. This is a serious form of food poisoning. Older children and adults are immune to this bacterium.

    However, for children older than 12 months of age if you mix a little honey, a little lemon juice in a little warm water , this may help reduce their cough and sleep.

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