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How To Make Jello Shots With Vodka

Make Ahead And Storing

How to Make Jello Shots | MyRecipes

How long do jello shots take to set? Our recipe calls for 2 ounce shots and will take between 3-4 hours to firm up. If you make them bigger, they will take longer.How long do jello shots last? In the refrigerator, they will stay good for 3-5 days. Once removed from the fridge, they dont last long, especially in a warmer atmosphere. Plan to consume the shots within 3045 minutes.Can you freeze jello shots? You can freeze shots. They will get colder and firmer than shots chilled in the fridge, of course, and its not our preferred method, since they tend to get grainy.

How To Make Gelatin Shots

FIRST STEP: In a small pan, bring one cup of water to a boil.

SECOND STEP: Once boiling, add in jello gelatin mix and whisk until completely dissolved. Remove pan from the stove and pour the mixture into a separate pour-able container. This can be either a glass measuring cup or a small pitcher.

THIRD STEP: Begin by whisking in cold water, and then add in vodka.

FOURTH STEP: Once combined, pour finished mixture into 2 oz containers or any plastic shot glass until almost full

FIFTH STEP: Allow to set in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably 2-3 hours.

SIXTH STEP: Repeat the process for each different flavor/color of gelatin you are making.

How Long Does It Take Jello Shots To Set

Most jello shots will be pretty firmed up within the hour. But for the best results, make them several hours in advance so they are really firm and cold and ready to serve! For a little extra fancy pass your jello shots around with some whipped cream for a sweet dollop of creaminess!

Surprise your guests, make the jello shots with coordinating flavored vodka! Watermelon vodka with watermelon gelatin, citrus vodka with lime gelatin even make orange creamsicle jello shots with vanilla vodka and orange gelatin!

Dont be afraid to get creative and make your next celebration the one everyone talks about!

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Regular Vodka Or Pineapple Vodka

When it comes to making pineapple jello shots Im all about easy recipes. More importantly, I really want a better-tasting jello shot than the typical vodka and jello combination.

For this recipe, I recommend Svedka Mango Pineapple vodka, which is widely available and a very affordable vodka. This vodka tastes very tropical. Yum!

This is where yummy flavored vodkas really work well. Svedka Vodka comes in a bunch of different flavors and its easy to match them up with the corresponding jello flavors.

Svedka makes a Strawberry Lemonade flavor that goes great with strawberry jello. The citron, raspberry and strawberry lemonade are good for a fruity vodka. Heres our Blue Raspberry Jello Shot recipe if you want to make another fun variety.

And yes, you can always use regular vodka with pineapple jello, but I really like the flavored vodka best!

How To Make Vodka Jello Shots

How to Make Vodka Jello Shots  Bread Booze Bacon

1. Grease the plastic shot cups. Grease the inside of each plastic shot cup with cooking spray. This makes it easy for them to slide right out of the cup.

2. Boil the water. Heat 2 cups of water until boiling.

3. Mix in the Jell-O shot mixture. Pour the boiling water into a mixing bowl with the Jell-O powder and whisk until powder is completely dissolved. Pour in the vodka and whisk.

Fill each shot cup with the Jell-O mixture and refrigerate for 1-2 hours until firm.

4. Decorate the Jell-O shots. Just before serving, top each Jell-O shot with whipped cream and sprinkles.

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How Long Do Jello Shots Last

If you keep your jello shots in the refrigerator in a tray with a plastic or aluminum cover, they can last for over a week some enthusiasts say that they’ll stay good for up to 10 days.

It may seem like a good idea to freeze your jello shots to get a longer life out of them, but the nature of gelatin makes this a counterproductive idea. When they thaw, they’ll lose the structure and the texture that makes jello shots so appealing.

How To Make Vodka Jell

The following recipe yields approximately 16 Jell-O shots.


  • 1 Jell-O packet
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 cup cold water

Step 1: Stir

Empty the gelatin packet into a large, heatproof mixing bowl . Carefully add the boiling water. Whisk together for about two minutes until the gelatin is fully dissolved. Add the vodka and cold water. Stir until all liquids are blended.

Step 2: Set

Carefully pour the mixture into 1-ounce paper cups or plastic containers aligned on a baking sheet. Refrigerate the shots for at least 3 hours until firm.

Step 3: Shoot!

Now for the fun part. Loosen up the Jell-O from the sides of the glass with a spoon or your finger and squeeze the shot into your mouth. Bottoms up!

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Can I Use Flavored Vodka

Yes! You can even try different alcohol and other types of liquors, and make fun flavor combinations of them. Here are some great suggested combinations and different flavors to try:

  • Red: cherry gelatin with watermelon vodka
  • Black: Black vodka and raspberry or grape gelatin
  • Blue gelatin: both in blueberry flavor
  • Tropical: Use pineapple vodka with orange or strawberry gelatin!
  • Hot Buttered Rum: Replace the vodka with hot buttered rum and use lemon gelatin.
  • Fireball: Dissolve orange or cherry jello in boiling water, then, add whiskey.
  • Tequila Sunrise: Dissolve cherry jello in boiling orange juice, then, add tequila once cooled.

Easy Jello Shots Recipe

How to Make Adorable Watermelon Jell-O Shots | Happiest Hour

These Jello shots are a fun “cocktail” to serve at parties with your friends and family. Since they are served in cups you can easily make these 1-2 days in advance of the party and store in the refrigerator until ready to drink.

Using lemon, strawberry, grape, orange, and blue raspberry – these colorful little cups will be a huge hit wherever you serve them.

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Choosing A Flavor Combination

Any flavor of jello mix can become a jello shot. A smooth, neutral-tasting vodka wont add anything other than alcohol content. If youre having a big party, this is great because you can serve up a simple flavor to please even the pickiest party-goers.

But, that doesnt mean you cant use flavored vodka to create something more unique. This is where you should be careful, though, as not everything goes with everything. Some trial and error may be required to find the best combination of jello and vodka flavors.

Use some of these tried and true combinations for super sweet and exciting flavors:

  • Cherry gelatin and lime vodka make Cherry Limeade.
  • Peach gelatin and vanilla vodka make Peach Cobbler.
  • Lemon gelatin and whipped vodka make Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Pineapple gelatin and coconut vodka make Tropical Punch
  • Mixed fruit gelatin and blueberry vodka/raspberry vodka make Fruit Punch
  • Strawberry gelatin and lemon vodka make Strawberry Lemonade

These are just a few. There are hundreds of combinations, some with additives like fruit chunks or flavored liqueurs. Think about some of your favorite desserts and play around with jellos and vodkas to recreate them! Half the fun of these is in the experimentation.

The Best Vodka For Jello Shots

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Colorful, sweet, and full of sugar, jello shots just scream party. Theyre easy to make and dont usually contain too much alcohol so you can play plenty of drinking games without going too far.

You dont need to use something super expensive but you should also avoid the cheapest of the cheap. You dont want too much vodka coming through, jello shots are supposed to be smooth and tasty. The best vodka for jello shots is a neutral, middle-shelf bottle of smooth vodka. The good news is that one bottle goes a long way when creating jello shots, so youll never break the bank. You could play around with flavored vodka too, just to make your shot a little different.

While not exactly a drink, jello shots are still considered a cocktail. Like any cocktail, they have a history. Like most cocktail origin stories, its a little fuzzy. One easy piece of evidence is found in a 2009 song by comedy musician Luke Ski.

The song credits the invention of jello shots to mathematician Tom Lehrer. Lehrer is said to have created the now-famous gelatin shooters as a means of sneaking booze into a Military Christmas party in 1956.

This definitely happened, but its not the first sign of them in all of history. Lehrer himself laughs at the notion, stating that while he did think of the idea independently, he knows he wasnt the first or only.

In truth, no one knows where the idea for jello shots as we know them originated, but the mystery just adds to the fun.

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What Are Jello Shots

Simply put, it is an alcoholic party drink put in portions of jello dissolved in water and mixed with liquor. They are usually placed in small glasses to set.

This drink was invented in the 1950s in an attempt to sneak in alcohol at an army facility where restrictions were in place. But as early as 1862, there had been a recorded recipe of gelatin being mixed with the punch.

The Perfect Vodka Jell

How to Make Vodka Jello Shots  Bread Booze Bacon

I’m a junior in college studying creative writing with a minor in children’s literature.

These amazing Jello-o shots are great for any party.

As a college student gearing up for our annual Oktoberfest on campus, I’ve been preparing these shots between classes. I have an over-abundance of Smirnoff vodka, and one can only drink so much before it gets boring. Here is a cheap, fun way to make delicious Jell-O shots.

Smirnoff is a decent bang-for-your-buck vodka, especially when it comes to making Jell-O shots with it.

Jell-O Shots Are Sneaky!

Because the alcohol gets absorbed into the gelatin once ingested, it takes longer to hit you. The sugar and flavoring also help mask the taste of the alcohol, so these things can sneak up on you. Be careful enjoying these tasty treats!

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How To Take Jello Shots

I know at first glance this may seem like a ridiculous problem to have. Its a shot, right? Just take it! If youve never had a jello shot, then youve never experienced the combination of hilarity and desperation as you try to squeeze the jello out of this little cup and into your mouth. Fear not! I have the trick.

Use a finger, and run it around the edges of the jello to loosen it from the cup. Now give it a try! Comes out a lot easier, hey? And its all in one piece! You can also use your tongue to go around and loosen the edges, but thats for the jello shot experts.

How Do You Take Jello Shots

If youre using the type of cups pictured here, run your finger around the outer edge of the shot and then suck it out of the cup.

Now they have these squeezeable jello shot cups and theyre are pretty awesome! You dont have to get your fingers dirty and theyre easy to squeeze. No fighting the plastic to get your shot!

Love the idea of jello shot syringes? Me too! I even made Halloween jello shots in some. The thing here is that you need 2-ounce syringes. Theyre big. Like bigger than youd normally expect, but they are the same amount of jello as these little cups. You could always buy the smaller syringes, youll just need more of them to get a buzz.

Jazz up your jello shots! These recipes are easy to make and a party favorite!

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Peach Jello Shots Variation

Another popular recipe is to add Peach Schnapps to the recipe. To do this, use half as much vodka and replace it with Peach Schnapps. This would equate to a 1/2 cup of vodka and a 1/2 cup of peach schnapps.

Youll want to keep the ratio of alcohol to water the same in this recipe, which is 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of liquor. If you add too much liquor, the peach jello shots wont set up properly.

How Long Peach Jello Shots Last

How to Make Sliced Watermelon Jell-O Shots | Drink Recipe |

What I find so wonderful about jellos shots is you can make them ahead of time! This gives you extra time when youre preparing for a party. These jello shots can be made several days in advance. Keep them in your refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.

And of course, the opposite is true. If you have leftover peach jello shots, as long as theyve been kept cool, you can keep them for about 3 more days to drink them later.

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Strawberry Whipped Cream Vodka Jello Shots

Parties and jello shots, two things that just seem to go hand in hand naturally. Heck, Ive even been on Halloween camping weekends where fellow campers were handing candy to the kiddos and jello shots to the adults. Good times indeed!

As we are rolling into the summer months, I figured why not share a simple jello shot recipe thatll be perfect for summer gatherings. You can whip these up for Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day Weekend get-togethers, BBQs or even just a simple pool party with the gals.

If jello shots arent on your radar, fear not. Ill walk you through how to make this easy-to-make adult treat. And once you discover how easy they are to prepare, I bet youll be finding all sorts of occasions to whip up a round or two.

This version couldnt be simpler, let me introduce you to Strawberry Whipped Cream Vodka Jello Shots. The basis of these treats begins with good old Strawbery Jello, its a classic.

Next, youll need Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, if you havent tried this vodka it is delish! The whipped cream vodka adds a fun addition to the strawberry flavor. Lastly, youll need some fancy garnish: it can be a simple as a can of whipped cream and some freshly cut strawberries. Told you it was simple!

How does a Blue Hawaiian Jello Shot sound? > > > < < <

How Long Are Pineapple Jello Shots Good For

Jello shots are good for up to 4 days if kept chilled.

Once you take them out of the fridge, they should be consumed within the next 30 minutes. Pineapple jello shots are extra delicious when they are good and cold!

This easy pineapple jello shots recipe is quick to make , fun to serve and a party favorite!


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Jello Shots What Are They Anyway

Tasty individual slurpable servings of a boozy gelatin concoction. They have a history dating back into the 1950s, and somewhat of a reputation for being a spring break staple. Rumor even has it that they originated as a workaround to a restriction on a military base regarding bringing alcohol onto the base. Solution: mix the alcohol into jello, problem solved.

How about a fall flavored Jello shot? Give our Pumpkin Pie Jello Shot a try too!

Arnold Palmer Jello Shots Arent Your Mamas Arnie Palmer Spiked With Citrus Vodka These Little Guys Will Make You Forego The Fairways To Party At The Clubhouse

How to Make Jello Shots with Vodka

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Arnold palmers are the go-to summer drink at my house. A cold glass of lemonade with some iced tea floating on top is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. And I couldnt think of anything Id rather turn into unique jello shots than our favorite summer drink. These shots are made for summer parties, but theyre delicious any time of year!

LOVE THIS RECIPE? PIN IT FOR LATER!Follow Bread Booze Bacon on Pinterest

Ever since I worked in restaurants, iced tea and Arnold Palmers were an art. Okay maybe not an art but there is definitely a right and a wrong way to make these drinks. It sounds silly but if you think about the last time you were served an iced tea where the ice was almost melted and the tea was just on the cold side of warm. Yeah. One of my favorite things about making Arnold Palmers was the float. I loved the natural layered effect that happened when I would pour the iced tea in over the lemonade. Of course, it all gets stirred together in the end, but for presentation points, it was worth the effort.

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Why Not Use A Higher

Even if you’d like boozier shots, resist the urge to use a higher-proof liquor such as Everclear. Your best bet is to add a little more of an 80-proof liquor and cut a bit of the cold water. You’ll want to keep the alcohol content in check, for a few reasons:

  • A clear vodka tastes better than Everclear.
  • Often, people will have a few Jell-O shots along with other alcohol, so using Everclear in the shots can easily send a person over the edge.
  • If you use a higher-proof liquor, you may have some issues getting the shots to set up, as liquor has a different freezing point than water, so you need to maintain a balance between the alcohol and the other liquids.

How Long Are Jello Shots Good For

You should eat your shots within a week. Two weeks at the absolute most!

After that, the gelatin will start to break down and they will have a weird texture and the taste isnt great.

See?! How easy is that? The hard part if waiting for them to set up. Its worth noting youll get about 10 or so vodka jello shots per box of Jell-O. SO if youre making one flavor youll want to grab a few boxes of gelatin. Or you can have fun with your colors and flavors and mix things up!

The cherry, grape, and berry blue are my favorites when Im making a big batch. That being said since vodka is a neutral spirit and doesnt have a flavor, you can really use whichever Jell-O you love best! Which kind are you mixing up?

My favorite flavor pairing ideas

  • Lime vodka + Cherry gelatin = Cherry Limeade
  • Vanilla vodka + Peach gelatin = Peach Cobbler
  • Whipped vodka + Lemon gelatin = Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Coconut vodka + Pineapple gelatin = Tropical Punch
  • Cake vodka + Strawberry gelatin = Strawberry Shortcake

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