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How To Make Honey Whiskey

Whiskey Cough Syrup Recipe Ingredients

How to make HOMEMADE Honeyshine Whiskey
Ingredient Medicinal Value
Honey It makes a coating layer on the throat which improves our immune system. Also, it has antibacterial properties. You can also use honey to keep the infection away and to heal burns. If you have a wound that has pus then you can use honey there as well.
Whiskey It works as an anesthetic It will help you sleep better which is very much required while you have a cough. Your body wont rejuvenate if you are not getting enough rest. Whiskey is also a better antioxidant than red wine so it is a better choice.
Lemon Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. Also, it helps in cleansing the body. The reason why lemon is so beneficial for the liver is, it can cut through mucous which is where cold is usually accompanied. It is acidic in nature which helps in developing strong immunity as well.
Peppermint It is used for flavoring and it also helps control coughing. Its natural cooling capabilities also help in sore throat.

How To Make Honey Whiskey -Cough Syrup Ingredients

Is Lemon Good For A Cough

Lemon is commonly used in a whiskey cough syrup. It adds flavor, and people swear that it can help relieve a cough. Personally, I think the whiskey and steam do more than the lemon.

However, in a study, citrus did reduce inflammation in mice. Although this doesn’t prove that lemon is effective in a whiskey honey lemon cold remedy, it does show some promise.

Best Hot Toddy Recipe

The secret to making the ultimate hot toddy is pretty simple: experiment with different amounts of lemon juice and honey until you find the ratio that suits your taste. Check out this recipe as a starting point. You might be surprised to see how much difference a teaspoon of lemon juice or honey makes.


  • Cinnamon stick


Bring the water to a boil in a teapot or saucepan and pour it into a mug. Add bourbon, two teaspoons of honey, and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Stir until well blended.

Taste the mixture and add more honey or lemon juice according to your taste. Garnish with a lemon and a cinnamon stick.

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History Of Whiskey As A Medicinal Tonic

This Whiskey Honey Lemon Cough Syrup is a recipe that has been in our family for 100s of years passed on from our great great grandparents. Back in the day, there were not fancy medicines to treat illnesses and the basic ones were not so easy to obtain. Local folks used what they had on hand to treat the symptoms. Heck, penicillin was not even invented into 1928. During the Prohibition, in the 1920s, it was difficult to buy liquor, but it was sold as a tonic in drug stores as medicinal whiskey. It was said to cure everything from toothache to the flu.

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Is Whisky Good For A Cough

Homemade Honey Whiskey Recipe

While the steam from the hot beverages works together with the decongestant properties of the alcohol, it helps ease nasal congestion by soothing mucus membranes. In addition to relieving muscle pain, whiskey soothes a sore throat as well. It soothes a sore, scratchy throat and eases a cough when combined with honey.

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Slush Recipe Using Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey

In a large bowl, mix 2 cups of strongly brewed sweet tea liquor , 1½ cups of JD Black Label whiskey, and 12 oz of lemonade, 6 oz of pineapple juice concentrate , and 6 cups of chilled water. Keep the bowl in the freezer undisturbed for 7-8 hours. Take out the bowl and stir it for a while, and then freeze it for 2 more hours. Take it out from the freezer 15 minutes before you decide to serve. Stir it and serve in ice cream bowls.

Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey Slush with Lemonade

How To Make A Hot Toddy

Youll need:

  • 1 Tbsp. honey
  • Boiling water

Pour whiskey into a mug and stir in honey and lemon juice. Top with boiling water and give it a good stir to dissolve the honey. As you wait for the drink to cool enough to sip, enjoy the steam, which can ease congestion. Once its cooled down a bit, drink up: My grandma always said half the benefit of the toddy was in the heat. You should feel warm and just a touch drowsy after drinking a toddy. Off to bed!

Note that only a touch of whiskey is called for in the recipe. You should avoid drinking too much alcohol when youre sick, especially if youre taking any cold or flu medicine. Plus, high amounts of alcohol will disrupt the sleep you need to feel better. If youd rather, you can skip the whiskey altogether.

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Hot Toddies For Coughs & Colds

Hot toddies are reported to help reduce cold symptoms, although you really dont want to overdo it on the whiskey. Your body needs to heal, and the simple combination of warm water, honey and lemon combined can work wonders.

Alcohol doesnt mix well with over-the-counter and prescription medications. So, no hot toddies for you if youre taking medicine! Nurse yourself back to health with everything but the whiskey.

Homemade Honey Whiskey Recipe

Learn How to Make a Honey Whiskey Fix Cocktail by Brooklyn Cooking

Susannah Brinkley Henry | Feast + WestJanuary 27, 2021

Make Homemade Honey Whiskey liqueur that tastes even better than store-bought. Sip it on the rocks or use it to make hot toddies and other whiskey cocktails.

The cool autumn weather is here, and I couldnt be more thrilled.

It brings with it all the best things: color-changing leaves, warm scarves, spiced lattes! Its just the best.

And along with all of that good stuff, autumn also brings the worst thing: colds.

Whenever Im sick, I am all about the home remedies.

Whether its a warm cup of tea or a hot toddy before bed, its always so nice to snuggle up with something warm.

I can definitely relate this back to my childhood.

Whenever I had a cold as kid, my mom used to serve me a very strict menu of saltine crackers, chicken noodle soup and some kind of Jell-O. Before bed, she would often make me a weak hot toddy.

She called it her homemade cough syrup and it consisted of equal parts lemon juice, honey and whiskey. Usually just a tablespoon of each was perfect for sipping on before falling asleep, to stave off the inevitable nighttime coughs.

To this day, Ill still make myself something similar when Im sick. Maybe its just the nostalgia giving me a placebo effect, but it always seems to help a little!

Nowadays Im into making my own homemade honey whiskey to keep on hand. It means one less thing to measure out when its time for a hot toddy, but its also great in all kinds of cocktails.

Whats a hot toddy?

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A Traditional Remedy For The Common Cold Is Also Delicious: A Cozy Hot Toddy But Why Should A Cocktail Make You Feel Better We Investigate The Science Behind The Hot Toddy And Share Our Favorite Recipe

When I was growing up, I loved hearing my grandmas health tips, and follow them to this day. Drink a glass of warm milk with cinnamon before bed to help you sleep. Apply sunscreen to the tops of your hands, not just your face. And always, when you feel a cold coming on, get the hot toddy ingredients ready. Her famous hot toddy recipe with whiskey still gets me through the worst of my winter colds and sniffles. Heres the science behind the tradition, plus a recipe.

The Best Fireball Whisky Cocktail Recipes

Love it or hate it, Fireball is a force in the beverage space. Its spicy cinnamon flavor is instantly recognizable and has captured the hearts and palates of Americans and Canadians alike. Since its uptick in popularity in the 2010s, Fireball has found its way into Disney World desserts, Thanksgiving staples, and cocktails of all sorts.

From summery beverages paired best with oceanside adventures to winter sippers to warm you from the inside out, read on for 12 of the best Fireball Whisky cocktails updated for 2021!

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Which Hot Toddy Ingredients Should I Use

Hot toddies contain fresh lemon juice, honey, boiling water, and usually whiskey, the original ingredient dating back to the 1700s. That said, you may use bourbon , brandy , or even rum .

Each ingredient plays a role in soothing a cold or flu:

  • Hot water makes the drink hot, obviously, and according to a 2008 study , hot drinks can relieve runny nose, sore throat, sneezing and even fatigue.
  • Honey has mild antibacterial properties and is known to soothe coughs and sore throats .
  • Lemon contains antibacterial properties and is rich in vitamin C, which can help fight infections.

But what about the alcoholis that good for a cold?

The Original Flavored Whiskey

How To Make Honey Whiskey &  Cinnamon Whiskey  BottleStore ...

Flavored whiskey has become its own category, and new flavors are constantly being developed and appearing on shelves. Even whiskey purists now have to admit that some of these flavors are well made with some of their favorite whiskies as the base. The drinks can be quite tasty and truly have a place in the world of whiskey.

While there will always be new flavors to try, honey will always be the original. And the originals will always be from Scotland, Ireland, and Canada though here in America we do make some pretty tasty honey flavored whiskey ourselves. Honey flavored whiskey may also be the most versatile flavor of whiskey, and maybe the most natural flavor combination. Not only is it delicious to sip on the rocks, it also goes great with ginger beer and a slice of lemon, or with tea, hot or iced. As a nightcap, mix it with some hot water and a lemon for a perfect Toddy.

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How To Use Apple Whiskey In Mixed Drinks

Aside from sipping , here are some other ideas for enjoying your apple-infused whiskey:

  • slip a shot of this apple whiskey into sparkling apple juice, apple cider, ginger beer or cranberry juice
  • add a bit to hot apple tea
  • how about an Apple Whiskey Sour?
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Punchy And Fruity: The Tropical Mixer

We can admit that tropical flavors arent the first thing that comes to mind when we think of whiskey, but remember, this is honey whiskey, and that sweetness changes the whole complexion.

Throw in the mellow spice of the spirit, and what you have is a tropical treat worth savoring. To help stop the whole thing from becoming a little too sharp, we throw in a little coconut cream which adds a delightful mouthfeel and smoothness.

To make this tropical mixer, simply combine 1 part fruit juice, wed opt for pineapple or mango, with 2 parts Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey and 1 part coconut cream. Mix ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, pour and serve with a lime wedge for a garnish.

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Pairing Whiskey And Food

Cocktails arent the only way to have a flavorful experience when it comes to drinking whiskey. Pairing whiskey with food is another option. If done well, it can be a powerful combination. Think rich, savory, smokey, or even sweet foods. Feast your eyes on this three-course meal:

  • Bird Dog Jalapeño Honey Whiskey and Charcuterie

  • Like good whiskey, cheese and cured meats are aged to perfection. The spicy jalapeño flavor in Bird Dog Jalapeño Honey brings out smokey/peppery notes in the meat, while the sweet honey flavor pairs well with soft cheeses like brie and goat cheese.

  • Bird Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey and a Bacon Burger

  • Yes, peanut butter and a burger. Its a combination that shouldnt work, but does. Because actually, the rich, salty flavor of PB compliments crispy, savory bacon and smokey, grilled ground beef.

  • Bird Dog Praline Whiskey and Pecan Pie

  • Finish your flavor journey with this sweet combo essentially a deconstructed pecan praline. To our fellow Southerners, we dont need to explain why this works, but for those who havent tried pecan pralines, give this a go. The sweet, nutty flavors of each provide a satisfying end to any meal.

  • Like we said, opportunities with Bird Dog Flavored Whiskey are endless . And as always, we love to see Bird Dog done your way tag in your photos on social media to share the love.

    If you need more cocktail/food pairing inspiration, dont hesitate to contact us.

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    How To Make Honey Whiskey Cough Syrup

    Gold Rush – How to Make the Bourbon Honey Sour Cocktail

    Whiskey and honey for cough- As surprising it may sound but honey and whiskey works like wonder for cough. The ingredients involved have medicinal values so we will be discussing them as well in this section.

    Here we are going to prepare homemade cough syrup with whiskey. Its also called whiskey cough medicine and acts as a great whiskey cough remedy for the cold.

    • Preparation time: 5 min

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    Bringing It All Back Home With Barrel Aging

    If you want to call your fresh new batch of alcohol real “whiskey,” you need to let it age in a barrel first. For a smaller volume batch of alcohol, barrel size definitely matters. “A smaller barrel means a decreased surface area. So the alcohol will be able to absorb the qualities of the wood, like the notes of oak, cedar, or other components that come directly from the wood itself,” Katz said. So, small batches require smaller barrels to be fully effective. You can leave it in as long as you want, but if you are making your own small batch, you probably want to try it sooner than later, right? This will give you the most flavor, in the shortest amount of time.

    What Is Honey Whiskey

    An overview of the product. With Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is combined with a unique honey liqueur weve created, creating a unique taste thats unmistakably Jack Daniels. There is something special about Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. There are hints of honey and a finish that is naturally smooth.

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    Honey Can Be Used To Make Liquor

    Men have traditionally drunk mead and honey wines, which are two of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Honey is fermented along with water via yeast to create this beer. Usually it is still, carbonated, sparkling, or dry with some sweetness. M meads are made from wine and only consume moderate amounts of alcohol.

    Can You Make Liquor From Honey

    Homemade Honey Whiskey Recipe

    Man has been drinking honey wine or mead for thousands of years. In the process of fermentation with yeast, honey and water are combined to produce a molasses product which is usually sweet, semi-sweet, or dry depending on the style. While mead is drunk in small quantities, beers and cider are common drinking options.

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    Does Whiskey Help A Cough

    In the 19th and early 20th century, alcohol was popularly used as medicine: Many historic cocktails were invented by apothecaries! Its likely that the alcohol content in the hot toddy derives from that traditional use.

    Today, whiskey or bourbon is added to a toddy to relax the drinker, and to encourage a drowsy state for sleep. Since most coughing fits can intensify at night, its helpful to feel relaxed and drowsy to help you drop off rather than stay up tossing and turning . Dig deeper into the science behind the hot toddy.

    How To Make Honey Whiskey

    The process is easy. It takes less than five minutes on the stove.

    Youll make runny honey, which is a simple syrup that uses honey, rather than sugar, for the sweetening agent.

    Then combine the honey mixture with your choice of whiskey.

    I store mine in a mason jar, but you can use a bottle or anything with a good seal.

    And voilà ! Youre all set with homemade honey whiskey .

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    Signature Twist On A Trendy Drink

    Due to high demand, whiskey brands are coming out with new and innovative flavors. Stand out from the crowd and reap profits by creating a unique blend exclusive to your brand. Having a custom taste tailored to your customer adds value theyll be willing to spend extra for, especially when you can guarantee your beverage is made only from goods that are high quality, local, artisan, raw, or whatever considerations your consumer may have. Below are instructions on how you can get started making your first batch of honey or cinnamon whiskey.

    How Do You Make Spirit Honey

    How to Make a Gold Rush: The Whiskey Sour with Honey!

    Steps to follow below:Step1-Heat 2.5 gallons of water to 160° F and mix in 1 gallon of nectar until totally disintegrated.Step2-Add an extra 2.5 gallons of room temperature water to the nectar arrangement.Step3-Cool to 70F utilizing a drenching chiller.Step4-Aerate by pouring pound to and fro between two containers.Add yeast of decision.

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