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Where To Buy Trader Joe’s Whiskey

Inexpensive Scotch Whisky From Trader Joe’s

Which Scotch should you buy? Laphroaig 10 Year vs Trader Joe’s Finlaggan Scotch

There are a lot of things that Trader Joe’s does right, or at least, a few things. On that list: chocolate pudding, Hawaiian shirts, and good marketing. The latter may be the most impressive: despite the fact that its store-brand products regularly place near the bottom in our blind taste tests, flavor alone doesn’t seem to deter its legions of fans. Still, we’ve found the occasional winner. How would their house brand Scotch whisky stand up?

Trader Joes Barrel Entry Proof Straight Kentucky Bourbon Review

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Theres a very high likelihood if youre reading this review right now that youve only seriously been into learning and exploring bourbon for 3 years or less.

This is not an insult to you, the reader, as I fit that same description too. The uncomfortable truth to that statement is that weve all arrived at the party too late. Gone are the days of truly desirable bourbon being available on the shelf at prices that would be considered acceptable.

This is why many of us get so excited at new releases. We yearn to discover and experience something that is truly mind-blowing in the hopes that it can stay our little secret until were ready to share it with the world .

Most new releases extinguish that excitement when we see a distilled in state other than Kentucky or when a product has an age statement that is far too young. But every now and then a new label comes out that re-ignites our hope.

Trader Joes and Costco are two brands whose whiskies give us a glimmer of that hope. Costcos Kirkland 20+ year old Scotch has many believe that it could have come from Macallan.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Trader Joes yearly bourbon releases get enthusiasts all hot and bothered at the thought that it could be Buffalo Trace inside.

Who Makes Trader Joes Liquor

There are various small distillers from which Trader Joes sources its liquor. For example, their Vodkas come from a small midwestern distiller, and their Tequilas are from El Viejito, a Mexican-based distillery.

The reviews for Trader Joes Liquor are generally positive. The consensus is that they are decent alcohols at a great price.

They are often compared to Costcos line of alcohols, holding up well against them. It boils down to a matter of preference and access ultimately.

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Does Trader Joes Deliver Liquor

As of now, Trader Joes does not offer any delivery services and thus, does not deliver alcohol. Prospective buyers will have to go to the closest location that sells alcohol to purchase it.

Unfortunately, there is no option to reliably buy their liquor online, so those whose state does not provide alcohol either have to travel to another state that does provide it or simply seek other options.

Trader Joes may deliver in the future or sell their products on sites such as amazon, but as of 2022, they have no plans to do so.

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 8 Years $20

18 YO Dalmore single malt from Trader Joes, great buy at $49.99! : whiskey

A nose with tons of buttery toffee hints at an easy sipper here, accentuated by notes of cherry preserves, popcorn, and a strange suggestion of grappa. Theres also some oxidized sherry-like nuttiness as well as a vague suggestion of industry, like a long-closed wood-sided warehouse.

The palate has more salinity than expected crisp, salty, evocative of like nori. Sashimi? There are some other grapey, grappa notes in here too, leading to a short, hot finish that skews bitter. This all makes it sound a lot more unusual than it is. Its pretty innocuous. $20 seems like the right price, but not a screaming deal the way some of the other Trader Joes whiskeys are.

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Employee Benefits Of Trader Joes:

  • The employees at trader Jules have a benefited package which includes:
  • 20% discount open all the goods in the stores.
  • Vision care insurance
  • Dental health insurance the climb health insurance

Trader Joes sells a lot of products including cereals, coffee, tea, cold deserts, nuts, dressing and seasoning products, beverages, flowers and plants, dairy products, fresh foods, cheese, wine, beer, and different types of liquors. The sale of liquor at Trader Joes is a great source of revenue for Trader Joes.

Does Trader Joes Sell Liquor

Ever wondered if Trader Joes sells liquor? Well, youre not alone because there are a lot of prospective buyers wanting to know if their favorite brand sells alcohol. Keep reading to find out more.

The answer is yes! They do, in fact, sell hard liquor but only in select states. A collection of beer, wine, and hard alcohol can all be found at qualifying locations.

It should also be noted that Trader Joes liquor cannot be bought online and is only sold in select states, which will be listed later in the article.


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What Kinds Of Liquor Does Trader Joes Sell

Trader Joes sells vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum, and most other common types of liquor. In many, but not all cases, the products sold will be labeled under the Trader Joes private label, but as with their other house-brand items, will be from reputable manufacturers.

For example, going back to my personal favorite, 100% agave tequila, Trader Joes sells their Trader Joes Blanco Tequila at rock bottom prices.

This tequila is made at the Destiladora Gonzalez Gonzalez, NOM 1143 who also make the brands El Mayor and Exotico. The TJs tequila actually scored a 92 in a recent competition and received a gold medal.

So they really do have great liquor at great prices.

They, of course, also have a full complement of other types of liquor, and the rumor is that aside from their Texas vodka, Absolut makes their other vodkas. But again, thats just a rumor.

Yup. My Trader Joes liquor shelves


Trader Joes Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 8 Years Taste 2

Top 10 Preps to Buy at TRADER JOE’S

Average Price:$21

The Whiskey:

This Speyside whisky is sourced for Trader Joes and bottled before being shipped over to the U.S. The juice in the bottle is a standard single malt aged for eight years before blending, filtering, and proofing.

Tasting Notes:

This is a butterscotch boom on the nose with a hint of malted vanilla and bran muffins. The palate is lightly malted with a very watery opening next to orchard fruits and a light sense of wood thats just touched with winter spices. A hint of honey and maybe some apple sneak in a late with a slightly woody but mostly watery finish.

Bottom Line:

This was fine. There was nothing really offensive about it but there wasnt much there in the first place. Itd work perfectly fine with Coke and ginger ale but thats about it.

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Trader Joes Premium Blended Canadian Whisky $12

Im immediately greeted by a creamy caramel nose with notes of green apple and milk duds, vaporous yet rich. Its innocuous, and suspiciously glossy. The palate is simple and pretty satisfying: very sweet and caramel-forward, with a hint of nuttiness and a little bit of bitter metallic flavor in the finish.

Its really easy to imagine this as a mixer with ginger ale, and it would be fine to cook with. If youre looking for something to flavor your pumpkin pie or whipped cream, this is a great bet. Easy and accessible, and at $12, a great value, this is a Canadian whisky thats half the price of Pendleton and twice as good.

Eat Tj’s Recipes To Save You Money & Time

Making a satisfying meal shouldn’t be an astronomically expensive endeavornor does it need to be rocket science. So in the spirit of effortless, affordable eating, we’ve dedicated some space to five dishes that can be completed in just three small steps. Talk about a giant leap for mealtime! Watch the videos to discover easy entrées and stellar snacks, each with an ingredient list designed to cost about $10…

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How Is Trader Joes Tequila

Trader Joes Reposado tequila is made up of 100% agave and is 80-proof, meaning that it has an ABV of 40%.

Although the Reposado tequila has a nice citrus-like scent, its taste falls short of expectations.

It has a peppery flavor, which strongly overpowers the sweet side of it, leaving a strong and bitter aftertaste on your tongue afterwards.

The taste is anything but pleasant, so at best, you could incorporate it in cocktail mixes.

This should get you your moneys worth instead of keeping it as a sipper.

That being said, its not the worst tequila out there on the market. But it certainly isnt the best either.

There are a lot of things that Trader Joes does right, or at least, a few things. On that list: chocolate pudding, Hawaiian shirts, and good marketing. The latter may be the most impressive: despite the fact that its store-brand products regularly place near the bottom in our blind taste tests, flavor alone doesnt seem to deter its legions of fans. Still, weve found the occasional winner. How would their house brand Scotch whisky stand up?

Single Malt Irish Whiskey $25

Trader Joe

Woah, whats this? Piercing, juicy, natural green apple and hard toffee in the nose mingles with hops, honeysuckle, and pear Jelly Bellies. Soft and lush, this is a delicious, tantalizing aroma.

The entry has more caramel than expected, with notes of overripe sauvignon blanc and artificial peach flavor. Things get a little thin and cereal-forward in the finish, with an unexpected but mild pepper note. A little water brings out a subtle hint of phenolic smoke.

This doesnt taste like a budget product. Its unusual and interesting and quite delicious. If I had to nitpick, overall, it might be a little sweeter than it needs to be.

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What States Allow Trader Joes To Sell Liquor

Wonder if your states Trader Joes provides alcohol? Heres a list of states where Trader Joes sells alcohol:

  • California 8AM 9 PM
  • Kentucky Mon to Sat 8 AM 9 PM and Sun 1 PM 9 PM
  • Massachusetts Mon to Sat 9 AM 10 PM and Sun 10 AM 10 PM
  • Missouri 8 AM -10 PM
  • Nebraska 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Nevada 8 AM to 9 PM
  • New Jersey Mon to Sun 9 AM 10 PM and Sun 12 PM to 10 PM
  • New Mexico 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Washington 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Wisconsin 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Wyoming 8 AM to 9 PM

Finlaggan Islay Single Malt Review

Color: Yam.

On the nose: Baby smoke and honeysuckle, pencil shavings.

In the mouth: Rich mouthfeel, tongue coating, fills your head with delicate geranium, iris, and lavender. There is a waxy chocolatey-ness to it that makes me drool. I wouldnt recommend reducing this with water it seems to flatten the smoke instead of enhance it. Keep in mind, Im a smoke fiend, but its really the balance of light smoke and spring garden that makes Finlaggan so excellentand the balance is delicate.

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Trader Joes Scotch Whiskies

If you live overseas or are unfamiliar with the national grocery chain Trader Joes, all you need to know is that Trader Joes is popular for having lots of fun stuff at very cheap prices.

A notch or two above Aldis, its more of a Whole Foods Light. There is a vast frozen section and meals to-go galore for the lazy single person. Trader Joes was established in LA in the late sixties, and you can tell. The stores are adorned with Tiki-themed signage and bric-a-brac, which was the trendy LA style at the time.

It should be said upfront that the name Trader Joes is misleading. They dont barter, per se. Theyll trade their stuff for your money, and thats about it. I learned this the hard way imagine the look of shame on my face as I reloaded all those pelts back into my Honda.

To get Trader Joes to put their name on a product is a long and arduous process. The testing panels consist of several Trader Joes crew membersnot top-level executivesand they are highly selective. Before a product gets the greenlight, it will go through the democratic tasting panel process 6-7 times!

Finlaggan at Trader Joes is approximately $20. It BURIES other Islay bottles well into the hundred dollar price range, which makes it the best dram for your buck. I adore it. While the two closest TJs to me were out of Finlaggan, I tracked it down in Toluca Lake, where I guess no one knows anything. Finlaggan is one of the best pro tips I can give.

What Is Special About Vodka Sauce

Trader Joe’s Wheat Bourbon | The Bourbon Guild Review Show

As a result, it allows the creaminess to meld with the tomato base, giving the sauce a cohesive texture. While wine could also work to create the same effect, when making a sauce as rich as vodka sauce, its better to use a tiny percentage of alcohol to ensure as little of its own flavor comes through.

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Trader Joes Kentucky Best Bourbon Overall

Aroma is unpleasant and off, yeasty, like the oak and the spirit never fully connected and they just sat at odds with each other in an underground bunker at a constant temperature to prevent anything more than surface contact Palate follows the same spirit-forward, bottom-rick, raw grain profile that just.. doesnt feel right Finish is thankfully short, though grainy and cloyingly fruity in its short miserable existence.

I dont like this. They need to remove the 2 from the price to make it worth what it and even that might be asking too much.

Is Alcohol Cheaper At Trader Joes

Trader Joes does have lower prices on beer and wine, and liquor where available compared to most alcoholic beverage stores in the same areas. And their private label alcohol is significantly cheaper.

A bottle of that might be $20 elsewhere can typically be found at Trader Joes for $15. So, you might be wondering why they are cheap.

So how cheap? Its very cheap when you consider that a bottle of one of its most popular wines, Charles Shaw, goes for less than $3! It practically goes for a song. Its available as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay, in red and white varieties.

Its so popular, more than a billion bottles have been sold.

Its being made for TJ, under a contract, by Bronco Wine. Bronco Wine employs a variety of strategies to keep its overhead very low. This is why TJ gets to sell the wine at such rates. What of Vodka? Vodka at Costco goes for $12.99, while Gin at TJ sells for $11.99.

But I used to regularly buy my tequila, bourbon, and vodka at TJs when I lived in California.

And, for example, I used to buy Puerto Vallarta Tequila Blanco in a 750ml bottle for under 15 bucks. These days that same bottle sells elsewhere for $28.

These days, they mostly sell their private label tequila, but the prices will almost always be better on all alcohol at TJs.

Can you buy these goodies at any Trader Joes store, no matter where you live?

Just click the link to read it on my site.

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Delivery Options At Trader Joes:

Trader Joes does not provide any delivery services to their customers. So, if you want to buy goods from the Trader Joes store, then you cannot buy them from wherever you want, but, you only can access them through the store. Also, you can get Trader Joes delivery by using apps like post mate that provides door-to-door service.

Can I Send A Trader Joes Gift Card Online

Is Trader Joes Kentucky Bourbon as Awesome as Its Irish Whiskey?

As of 2022, Trader Joes doesnt offer e-gift cards. So, you cannot send a Trader Joes gift card online to yourself or friends/family.

Trader Joes gift cards are available only in the physical format currently.

Even if you purchased a Trader Joes gift card online on stores like eBay, Gift Card Granny, etc., those cannot be redeemed online or in-store.

Trader Joes honors only physical gift cards that were issued to you by itself. So, if a third party is selling Trader Joes gift cards online or in-store, those are fake/invalid.

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Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey $15

A sweet and floral nose is fruity with a slight medicinal note. This smells a bit like a shrub woody, green, a little earthy.

In the palate, theres notes of green apple and coconut, waxy yet kind of lean. Theres also a slate-like, mineral aspect that reminds me, oddly, of blotting paper. An odd twist in the finish goes a little bitter, with more peppery wood in the conclusion than the entry.

Can You Buy Alcohol In Trader Joes At Any Time

Many states have specific regulations for when you can or cannot purchase alcohol, and these rules are often even specific to certain localities or municipalities.

Blue laws, otherwise known as Sunday laws, restrict activities on specific days and there are still some areas that limit the sale of alcohol on Sundays or public holidays like Easter or Christmas.

In many states, there are also regulations that dictate that alcohol can only be sold between certain hours of the day.

These laws are very specific to individual counties or regions, so it is worth checking your local laws to see what applies to you.

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