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How To Make Spiced Rum

How To Spice Rum At Home

How to make Spiced Rum

Not only is it possible to spice your own rum at home, it’s also even easier than you’d think. As you may have gleaned from the previous section, there’s a decent chance you already have what you need sitting in your spice rack. There are a few different rum-spicing recipes floating around, which seem to incorporate things like allspice berries, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla beans, nutmeg, orange peels, and cardamom. Of course, most of the fun to be had when infusing your own rum comes from experimentation, and there are certainly worse things to learn to make by trial and error.

Ideally, you’ll want to use 750ml of a moderately aged rum. Adding spices won’t magically turn a light rum into a dark rum, but you don’t want anything that’s aged long enough for the oakiness to really seep in, as it means you’re not working with a blank canvas. From there, it’s all about combining the ingredients with your rum in an airtight, lidded jar, making sure to scrape the seeds away from your vanilla bean before both components are added in. Then, shake and store somewhere that won’t get too much direct sunlight.

Based on what you read earlier about how long rum is aged, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it only takes two days for your homemade infusion to properly mature. Once those 48 hours are up, pour the whole thing into a new bottle and you’re good to go.


How To Make This Cocktail

This cocktail could not be easier to make .

The only ingredient we havent talked about is the hot water.

I recommend heating the water to just before a boil to ensure the flavors of the spices and rum continue to shine through. Think of it like a properly brewed tea: boiling hot water may ruin the flavors.

With the batter made, the rum on hand, and the hot water not quite boiling, its time to assemble the drink.

For a single cocktail, place about 2 tablespoons of the hot buttered rum spice batter into a glass. Then add the rum, and the hot water. Use a small whisk or spoon to mix it all together until smooth.

Really, its that easy.

And if youre feeling extra festive and indulgent? Go ahead and top it with a whole lot of whipped cream , an extra sprinkle of cinnamon, and some star anise for cuteness .

There you have it you are now prepared to have the coziest winter ever.

Fermenting The Sugar Cane Or Molasses Wash

Now that you have your wash, youll need to start producing some alcohol. Thats where fermentation comes in, where the addition of yeast can start converting the sugars in your wash to alcohol.

It may not be the most fun part of the brewing process, but its definitely the key part in getting that iconic taste from the rums youre used to.

  • Once you have your rum wash to the appropriate 80 degrees F, you can add your Rum Turbo Yeast. This is a specialized yeast that differs from your usual bread yeast and can produce around 12% ABV in your spirit if fermented properly. You can opt for standard Distillers Yeast if you dont have this variant available.
  • Keep your drink light by aerating the mixture. You can do this by sloshing your wash between two containers for 5 minutes. Alternatively, if you have an immersion blender this can also help generate air within your wash.
  • Now you can pour your wash into your fermentation bucket. Most commercial fermentation set-ups have a cap and air-lock, as well as additional spigots for easier pouring.
  • Seal your fermentation bucker well and store it in a well-ventilated and dark place for about 2 weeks.
  • In-between these two weeks youll want to be checking the air-lock on your set-up. It should be slowly releasing the carbon dioxide from the yeasts alcohol production.

    Since our hypothetical homemade rum contains some molasses, you can expect the flavor to remain sweet despite the length of fermentation.

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    Base Ingredients & Materials

    • 1 Gallon of BlackStrap Molasses
    • 8 Pounds of Raw Cane Sugar
  • Place your brew pot on its heat source and pour in 5.5 gallons of water.
  • Heat water to 125 °F.
  • Stir in Raw Cane Sugar and Molasses and stir with long spoon until completely dissolved.
  • Once the Molasses and Sugar are fully dissolved pour in 1 gallon of cold water to bring the temperature of the wash down.
  • Check temperature and stir wash for 30 seconds every 5 minutes until the temperature cools to 80 °F. (This process can take several hours on its own, but can be sped up significantly with the use of an immersion cooler.
  • When the wash has cooled to 80 °F, add rum turbo yeast.
  • Aerate the wash by dumping it back and forth between two separate containers for 5 minutes.
  • Pour the wash into your fermentation bucket. We carry complete fermentation kits for these as well as the materials to produce your own. It is important to have the bucket, cap, and air-lock. A spigot also makes for easier pouring.
  • Seal your fermentation bucket with the air-lock and store in a dark place around 75 °F 80 °F.
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    Some Other Great Drinks For When Youre Entertaining

    • If you love a sparkling cocktail, youll love Bourbagne, a champagne and bourbon cocktail infused with vanilla.
    • Another great option for holiday parties is our Bubble Gum Sangria. With just the right amount of pop, its a really fun drink to serve.
    • Nothing says lets celebrate the fall and winter holidays quite like pumpkin spice. Youll love our recipe for a pumpkin spice negroni.
    • And if youre finding this recipe while the weather is warmer, youll love the Bellobang cocktail and sangria.

    My Homemade Spiced Rum Spices:

    • Citrus peel

    Some of the spices will sink to the bottom leaving the citrus & cloves floating on top.

    You could also include other spices such as allspice berries, ginger, etc.

    Measurements of each spice arent include so that you can tailor your own spiced rum to your personal preference. I went too heavy on the citrus peel as my spiced rum was used in a Swizzle but next time round I will only use orange peel and much less.

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    How To Make This Cocktail For A Crowd

    This is an excellent holiday cocktail to make for a crowd! You can make the hot rum batter ahead of time and make drinks as needed using an electric tea kettle to easily heat the water.

    You can also warm the batter and water in a crockpot, over high heat for 30-60 minutes until heated through and combined, then add the rum, turning it to warm, and letting guests serve it up as theyre ready.

    How To Make A Spiced Rum

    How To Make Homemade Spiced Rum (Like Captain Morgan Just BETTER) DJs BrewTube Beer Review

    Its important to note that alcohol is a solvent. Not all ingredients are safe or legal for infusions. Before you start to make your own spiced rum, refer to to make sure any spices and botanicals that you use are safe for consumption.

    Also, spiced rum isnt an exact science. Its more of an exploration of flavor, so embrace the creative process and trust your palate.

    The recipe below is only a template, so feel free to make it your own. Here are a few steps and tips to get started.

  • Start with a white rum with 45-50% alcohol by volume . Doorlys Three-Year-Old or Chairmans Reserve White Label are good choices, as they dont already have sugars added.
  • A good proportion of cane sugar to spirit is between 15 to 25 grams of sugar per liter of rum, or 1.5% to 2.5% of the liquid volume of the rum. For example, for one bottle of rum, you would add 15 grams of sugar, which is a little less than 4 teaspoons.
  • Start by infusing a smaller portion of rum just in case you dont like your spice mix. A good place to start is 1 cup. After 1 or 2 days, youll have a good idea whether or not you like the flavor. Another method is to make a few one-ingredient infusions, like cinnamon rum or pineapple rum, and then blend them together so you can pinpoint which flavors you like. This is more time consuming, but worth it to eliminate unwanted flavors.
  • Once you get to your desired flavor, you can fine-strain the rum into a separate bottle or leave it with its spices.
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    Ingredients For Homemade Spiced Rum

    You can really have fun with the additions. My go-tos are diced ginger root, star anise, whole peppercorns, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks and vanilla extract.

    You could also add citrus peel and other whole spices. Go crazy! Come up with your own ratio.

    Here are some ingredients to try:

    • ginger root, diced
    • orange peel
    • lemon peel

    The best part? Its homemade, so you can work on perfecting your DIY spiced rum!

    And impress all your friends, too.

    What Does It Taste Like

    It tastes like a warm, cozy hug from your favorite person just when you need it. Its spiced with cinnamon coming through most vibrantly, with sweet vanilla flavor throughout and creaminess from the butter. Which ok butter in a cocktail? Trust me, it works.

    The butter gives the cocktail a luxurious texture and adds richness to the cocktail, almost like a butter cookie in a mug. Its just what you need while youre gathered around the fire with family. Or around the board games. Or after dinner cozied in blankets watching a movie. Theres really no wrong time to enjoy the indulgence of this beverage.

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    What Is Spiced Rum

    Once traditional white rum is distilled, spices and molasses are added and then the rum is aged in oak barrels. You can buy spiced rum from brands like Captain Morgan, but even better you can make it at home! Its so easy . Other brands of rum include Sailor Jerry, Chairmans Reserve, and The Kraken.

    Homemade Spiced Rum Recipe

    The Best Homemade Spiced Rum {HOW TO VIDEO!}

    Susannah Brinkley Henry | Feast + WestJanuary 29, 2018

    Homemade Spiced Rum is the queen of all spiced rums, because you can flavor it yourself! It’s so easy, and way better than store bought. It makes the perfect addition to every drink, from a Cuba Libre to a tiki cocktail.

    Some things just taste better homemade. Simple syrup, for example. Taco sauce, for another. Oh, and Nutella!

    One more that I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with? Homemade spiced rum.

    My boyfriend and I make a lot of cocktails at home. It’s cheaper than going out, plus we get to have a lot of fun experimenting with various syrups, shrubs and infusions.

    Homemade spiced rum is something we always try to have on hand, because it’s really versatile and totally elevates a drink. You can even use it in something like these Banana Waffles with Spiced Rum Pecan Syrup.

    It sounds like it would be complicated, but it really isn’t. All we do is get a big handle of silver rum and drop in a few whole spices.

    After a couple days, the color of the rum deepens, turning a deep, golden, caramel color. And the flavor? Even a pirate would love it.

    Homemade spiced rum tastes great in all kinds of cocktails. I use it in this Pineapple Mango Tiki Punch and this Spiced Apple Cider Rum Punch, but it’s perfect for mojitos, or even a simple drink like a dark & stormy or a rum & coke.

    The best part? It’s homemade, and you can try a new combination next time!

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    What To Mix With Spiced Rum

    Back in the early days of rum, infusing it with spices was the easiest way to make the raw spirit palatable. Pretty much any edible plant could make its way into local mixes back then. Today, things are a little more consistent, and vanilla, cinnamon and clove are usually the main flavor components, along with things like nutmeg, orange peel, allspice and cloves. With all of those rich flavors already present in the rum, its easy to find a mixer that works. Here are the seven best things to mix with spiced rum.

    Easy Spiced Rum Cocktail Recipes

    With the holiday season around the corner, everyone’s furiously googling recipes so they can impress on the big day. Well, we’ve got you sorted on the cocktail front with these simple, delicious drinks using our Smoked Spiced Rum.

    Rum & Ginger

    “Dark N Stormy” is really just a fancy name for rum mixed with ginger beer. But since the phrase is copyrighted by Goslings Rum were happy calling it what it is.

    No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a long, ice-cold Rum & Ginger. However, the beauty of a Rum & Ginger with Smoked Spiced Rum is that you get all the simplicity of a two-ingredients drink but with the added depth and complexity of 7 botanicals and oak-smoked organic figs.

    We use Bon Accord Soft Drink Ginger Beer because it marries nicely with the lush pineapple notes from our rum, but you can use any ginger beer you have in the cupboard, even the cheaper supermarket own-brands.

    50ml Smoked Spiced RumGinger beer

    Pour Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum into a highball glass and squeeze in some fresh lime . Add ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a slice of lime.

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    What Do You Need To Start Making Rum

    Rum is aged in oak barrels or combined with oak chips to give it its distinct smokey flavor, often for more than one year.

    But since this is a homemade rum, we have no time to mess around with oak chips and other recipes that use that.

    Instead, lets focus on the essentials. Sugar and molasses make up the wash that you will be using as the foundation for your rum.

    Luckily, regular places have these readily in-stock compared to oak barrels.

    Rum production is also, surprisingly, a fairly simple process, so we will walk you down through what youll need and the step-by-step recipe.

    What Is Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

    How To Make Three Spiced Rum Recipes : Extract Flavour With Infusion!

    Before we dive into the details of the recipe, you might be wondering, what is hot buttered rum?

    Hot Buttered Rum is a warm cocktail consisting of butter thats been mixed with spices, rum, and hot water. It dates way back to colonial times, and lucky for us, its still popular to this day, especially around the winter holidays.

    Some variations of the cocktail include ice cream, but were sticking with the traditional way, without modern-day ice cream, and using the best butter we can find to add the utmost creaminess to the drink.

    Other recipes also use apple cider in place of hot water. This is a variation Im totally down with, too. If youre in the mood for a fall-vibe, go ahead and give it a try! For now, were sticking with water to let the spices shine through on their own.

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    Spiced Rum For All Seasons

    Given how easy it is to make a homemade batch of spiced rum, it honestly makes no sense to get store-bought bottles of the stuff ever again. By just popping in a few of your regular baking spices and some gold rum that you already have lying around, you can make yourself a glass of spiced rum that’s perfectly personalized to your specific tastes.

    What Is The Difference Between Rum And Spiced Rum

    There are different types of rum, but spiced rum is technically not one of them. Spiced rum is more of a blend recipe its commonly made from gold rum but cheaper varieties typically use white rum and just add caramel coloring later. Different brands use different spices and different procedures to make their formula unique.

    Its easy to understand why spiced rum was frowned upon by OG rum enthusiasts in the past. To them, the strong, spice-enhanced, and sweet flavors of spiced rum overpower the natural characteristics that we love about good ole rum. Fortunately, because of continued experimentation in bars and at home, the fondness for spiced rum has grown significantly since.

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    Homemade Rum Vs Mulled Wine

    This spiced rum recipe is similar to Mulled Wine except it packs more of a punch. Have you tried Mulled Wine yet? If not, you should! And then you should try this Homemade Spiced Rum. Youre going to be a regular alcohol making aficionado! Think of all the cooking and cocktails you can get going with this special treat. Youll be in business in no time.

    Of all the recipes Ive made over the years , this one might be Pats favorite. HA! It has to be one of the best spiced rum recipes out there!

    Process Of Wash Production

    The Best Homemade Spiced Rum {HOW TO VIDEO!}
  • You start by prepping 5.5 gallons of water in your brew pot. Bring it up to 125 degrees F, essentially maintaining boiling water.
  • Now slowly stir in the raw cane sugar and blackstrap molasses until you get a nice homogenous product. This may take a while so get some music going so you dont get bored doing this.
  • Once you have your dissolved sugar and molasses mixture, add the remaining gallon of water to bring down the temperate of the hot water-sugar mix. You can even opt to chill the remaining gallon to get some cold water so the wash temperature goes down faster.
  • Use that thermometer you have to check the temp of the mixture as it slowly cools. Keep stirring the mix, around 30 seconds every 5 minutes if you can manage, until you get to a temperature of about 80 degrees F.
  • If you have an immersion cooler you can speed things up as the water mixture cool time can take people several hours to complete.
  • Compared to other alcohol brewing methods that have whole solids in their wash, you wont need to be straining this molasses and sugar water combination.

    Simply cool down the rum wash to begin the next step of fermentation.

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