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Where To Buy Grey Goose Vodka

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Grey Goose Vodkas Palate & Mouthfeel

  • Primary Taste: Sweet
  • Heart: Anise, Cereal
  • Finish: Short

Were looking at an overall umami primary flavour. The mouthfeel is quite warming. It opens with a hint of lemon zest and a vinous grape note. In the heart, youll experience anise and cereal. Finally, the finish delivers an accord of liquorice and vanilla.

Its not overly complex, but you do have a very smooth mouthfeel. The harmony is balanced and the finish doesnt seem to linger on the palate for very long, since it is quite mild in body.

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Bacardi In The United States

In 1964 Bacardi opened its new US offices in Miami, Florida. Exiled Cuban architect Enrique Gutierrez created a building that was hurricane-proof, using a system of steel cables and pulleys which allow the building to move slightly in the event of a strong shock. The steel cables are anchored into the bedrock and extend through marble-covered shafts up to the top floor, where they are led over large pulleys. Outside, on both sides of the eight-story building, more than 28,000 tiles painted and fired by Brazilian artist , depicting abstract blue flowers, were placed on the walls according to the artist’s exact specifications.

In 1973, the Company commissioned the square building in the plaza. Architect Ignacio Carrera-Justiz used cantilevered construction, a style invented by . Wright observed how well trees with taproots withstood hurricane-force winds. The building, raised 47 feet off the ground around a central core, features four massive walls, made of sections of inch-thick hammered glass mural tapestries, designed and manufactured in France. The striking design of the annex, affectionately known as the ‘Jewel Box’ building, came from a painting by German artist Johannes M. Dietz.

In 2006, Bacardi USA leased a 15-story headquarters complex in . Bacardi had employees in seven buildings across at the time.

The current American headquarters is in . The 300 employees occupy 230,000 square feet of leased office space.

Grey Goose Vodkas Nose

Grey Goose Vodka
  • Notes: Cereal, Butter
  • Nosefeel: Prickly

The nose feel is quite prickly, but not so much. It has a very mild bouquet. The notes that it delivers are reminiscent of butter and cereal. Intensity is quite mild. There is little diversity of notes. But there is a little bit of complexity between the simple buttery cereal accord.

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How To Drink Grey Goose Vodka

As we often state in our reviews, the best way to drink a beverage is the way that you enjoy it the most. Therefore, dont feel that we need to tell you how to drink Grey Goose vodka! Nevertheless, well happily provide you with a few pointers.

Firstly, as its quite mild and smooth, its easier to drink neat, especially if youre not used to vodka. Indeed, those who often struggle to sip vodka may enjoy Grey Goose. However, there are some who claim that it lacks character as a consequence.

Needless to say, Grey Goose is an excellent cocktail ingredient. As mentioned above, some may regard it too mild and easily overpowered by other ingredients. Nevertheless, its an excellent option if you want to create cocktails that are easy to drink.

Bacardi And Cuba Today

Bacardi drinks are not easily found in Cuba today. The main brand of rum in Cuba is , produced by a company that was confiscated and nationalized by the government following the revolution. Bacardi later bought the brand from the original owners, the Arechabala family. The Cuban government, in partnership with the French company , sells its Havana Club products internationally, except in the United States and its territories. Bacardi created the Real Havana Club rum based on the original recipe from the Arechabala family, manufactures it in Puerto Rico, and sells it in the United States. Bacardi continues to fight in the courts, attempting to legalize their own trademark outside the United States.

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Grey Goose Vodka Cocktail Suggestions

As mentioned above, Grey Goose is quite a mild vodka. Therefore, its best used a gentle base to delicate cocktails. Below, we have a couple of cocktail suggestions for Grey Goose vodka:

  • Vodka Martini
  • Black Russian
  • Bloody Mary
  • Since Grey Goose is quite mild, it doesnt offer the body and character that you would need in a stronger cocktail that heavily relies on vodka. However, it can make a strong cocktail quite smooth. For instance, it can bring out the vermouth in a Vodka Martini or help create a zesty Moscow Mule.

    Grey Goose Vodkas Robe

    3 Tropical Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home | Grey Goose Vodka
    • Hue: Clear
    • Clarity: Crisp
    • Viscosity: Thin

    Needless to say, Grey Goose is a crystal clear vodka with no sediment. It doesnt leave any residue if you were to rub it against your hands.

    It is indeed a pure, nice vodka with just mineral water. It leaves somewhat surprisingly wide legs and a nice scallop against the side of the glass. They trickle down slower than you would expect. And in terms of depth, the clarity does give nice refraction of light.

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    Grey Goose Entered The Market As An Absolut Competitor

    Part of the reason Frank invented Grey Goose was that he saw the success of the Absolut brand, which was priced highly for its time. Frank realized he could do one better. How to out-luxury a luxury brand? Raise the price. Thats it. Grey Gooses then-astronomical price was $30 a bottle, compared to the $17 Absolut.

    There Is A Connection To France Within The Vodkas Production

    The wheat for Grey Goose is grown in Picardy and distilled there, before being sent to Cognac for filtration. And then theres the fact that the water its made with is filtered through limestone from the Champagne region. Even the fruit used to make Grey Gooses fruit flavors Le Melon, Cherry Noir, and La Poire, for example are grown in France. If Frank wanted a French luxury brand he could charge almost double the normal price for, at least the process is faithfully French. This excludes the LOrange flavor, however, which is made using oranges from Florida.

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    How To Drink Grey Goose

    Vodka might not be the first spirit you think of when it comes to sipping spirits neat but it would be a shame to add too many accompaniments when drinking Grey Goose. Vodka aficionados will tell you this is the only way to drink vodka anyway, so you might as well do it properly with a premium brand for best results.

    Vodka is best served chilled, so put the bottle in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving. Small tumblers are customary for clear vodkas, so make sure your glass is equally as chilled before pouring in a small measure. Alternatively, you can use a shot glass but we still recommend sipping rather than throwing it back.

    Swirl the Grey Goose in your glass and bring the glass up to your nose. Breathe in the aromas before taking a small sip and letting the vodka rest on your tongue. You should be able to taste delicate hints of pepper and more florals, but the overall effect should be smooth and relatively neutral.

    The final thing to pay attention to is the aftertaste. A premium quality vodka like Grey Goose wont burn your throat it should feel smooth and warming rather than anything too aggressive.

    For Grey Goose Image Is Everything

    Vodka Grey Goose 1L

    When Grey Goose first launched, the brand specifically shipped bottles out to bars in wooden crates as opposed to cardboard boxes like most other liquor brands. The company wanted bartenders to take notice of the brands attention to detail and quality, with the assumption that bartenders perceptions would trickle down to consumers.

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    It’s All In The Details

    One of the gentler vodkas, Grey Goose has soft, gentle notes. Savor each sip to experience a sweetness develop. The liquor has a floral aroma with notes of citrus, and a hint of almond. The vodka’s smoothness makes it ideal to be drunk straight or in mixed drinks.

    Brewing of the Grey Goose vodka is overseen by Francois Thibault, a cellar master in Cognac. Winter wheat is the base for Grey Goose vodka, which is fermented and distilled in the Picardy region of Northern France, then the batch is brought south to Gensac-La-Pallue in the Cognac region to be blended with pure spring water. While the popular alcohol travels from one region to another during production, the company and this particular spirit takes its name from the grey geese that populate the Cognac region of France. The region’s Foire aux Pirons, or Festival of the geese, has become local tradition to celebrate the birds, and their role as a delicacy.

    Bacardi Paid A Pretty Penny For The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

    Franks gamble at brand-before-booze was very successful. Hugely, in fact, since the Grey Goose label was sold to spirits giant Bacardi in 2004 just 7 years into its product life cycle. The selling price? About $2 billion. All for a liquor that is technically defined by its colorless, flavorless, odorless purity.

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    Overall Experience & Value For Money

    First of all, the distinctive smoked glass bottle is very well known. This is a newer bottle design featuring a close-up silhouette of a goose. The original bottle features a goose mid-flight. And, of course, theres a French flag clearly displayed on the bottle. Indeed, the bottle plays on a reoccurring red, white, and blue theme.

    Whats quite nice as well is that we have a synthetic cork rather than a screw cap, which is uncommon for vodka.

    Grey Goose vodka is very versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions. In fact, its ideal for more lavish and special events. It may be seen as too excessive for budget-conscious occasions. Indeed, its around $35 for a single bottle. Its similarly priced in Europe and even costs around the same as a 10-year old single malt whisky.

    Things You Should Know About Grey Goose Vodka

    Old Fashioned: GREY GOOSE Vodka Cocktail

    Even if youre not the biggest vodka fan, youve probably heard of Grey Goose. Its fancy alliterated name and iconic frosted glass bottle are just two of the things that make it so recognizable. But the real reason Grey Goose is so popular is because of its opulent reputation one of luxury, celebrity endorsements, and countless pop culturereferences. Its been mentioned in lyrics by mega-stars such as Jay-Z,Nicki Minaj, and Kid Cudi.

    Grey Goose is a symbol of luxury, which fits its steep price and premium branding the latter of which draws criticism from drinks experts who claim premium vodka is often the same as lower-shelf versions of the spirit, since the entire point is for vodka to be flavorless and odorless.

    Nevertheless, Grey Goose remains one of the most beloved vodka brands on the market. Read on for 16 facts about the brand.


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    Grey Goose Vodka Prices

    Typically, the price of an alcohol is a reflection of its processing methods.

    Vodka has a wide range of these methods, therefore, a wide range of price brackets exist out there in the marketplace.

    The classic raw materials used being wheat, barley and rye and extend to others like potato and even grapes. It can really be made with any grain the producer chooses and unlike some other spirits, can be produced anywhere in the world.

    This makes it a vast and varied category of liquor.

    Introduction To Grey Goose Vodka

    If you have ever been to a fancy club, bar or restaurant or even have a swanky friend, it is likely you have heard of the quality Vodka brand Grey Goose – but have you ever wondered what makes it so elite?

    The label was founded in the summer of 1996 by businessman Sidney Frank with his recipe expert François Thibault, in the French commune of Cognac. The intention was to create a luxury vodka brand for the US market.

    Grey Goose, produced with water derived from the natural springs in Cognac, is filtered through limestone & made from winter wheat grown in Picardy.

    The Beverage Testing Institute named Grey Goose the best-tasting vodka in the world in 1998, and in 2004, the company sold to Bacardi for $2.2 billion US dollars. That same year, the company sold over 1.5 million cases, making it the best-selling premium vodka brand in the United States.

    So, we ask, what contributed to the brands grandiose success?

    We will touch on the unique distilling techniques shortly, however, an interesting perspective is given in the economist, Thomas J. Stanleys, well-researched book – Stop Acting Rich .

    Stanley describes Grey Goose as a preference drink to the Americans he terms as aspirationals .

    He claims that the explosive growth is partly due to it being perceived as a drink of the economic elite – even more so than Rolex or Mercedes Benz.

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    Grey Goose Wants To Bust The Mythical Correlation Between Distillation And Quality

    Grey Goose Vodka : Buy from World

    Grey Goose undergoes a single distillation process and claims that contrary to popular belief, the amount of times vodka is distilled has no effect on its purity or quality rather, its the source of the ingredients that have more of an effect on the taste. Were happy to report that thats right the amount of times vodka is distilled does not matter, despite what you might see being boasted on a premium vodka label.

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    Best Pairings With Grey Goose Vodka

    You could certainly consider enjoying Grey Goose neat with an ice cream dessert, specifically a fruit sorbet. Otherwise, consider seafood dishes such as langoustine or even caviar. I wouldnt go for crab or lobster, though, as these are stronger in flavour. Langoustine is going to be a bit more refined and would pair better with a Grey Goose Vodka.

    At Bespoke Unit were very fond of cigars. Therefore, weve considered a few as pairing suggestions. One of which is the Plasencia Reserva Original, which is made using organic tobaccos. It has some character, but a very smooth body, which would marry well with Grey Goose.

    Alternatively, go for an Avo Classic, which is going to be much milder and somewhat affordable. But if you really want to try something a little bit more premium, that would be more in keeping with Grey Goose, why not a Davidoff Signature, but specifically the No. 2 Vitola?

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    So How Is Grey Goose Different

    First off, the wheat sourced from Picardy is that of winter wheat, has 10 months to grow, unlike summer wheat with 6 months. This is a soft wheat as opposed to hard wheat, and this superior-bread making wheat is reserved for Grey Goose. This is better for distilling according to Thibault.

    The wheat is milled four times within 24 hours, special enzymes are used to break it down and fermentation is not batch-processed, like in other distilleries. Instead, continuous fermentation occurs over six cascading tanks. The remaining liquid is then distilled five times in column stills.

    The water added during bottling is full of calcium as it comes from a well 500 feet deep below the bottling plant, where the soil is full of limestone.

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