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What To Mix Lemonade Vodka With

How To Make Vodka Lemonade

The Easiest Lavender Vodka Lemonade | Drink What You Want with John deBary

You could just mix vodka and lemonade, but I like adding soda water because it cuts the sweetness and adds fizz. Who doesnt love some fizz?

I think this spiked lemonade is great for sharing so this recipe makes four large vodka lemonades. Heres what you need:

  • Ice
  • 32 ounces lemonade
  • 16 ounces of soda water

Feel free to add some lemon slices and then mix it all together in a pitcher. As is the case with so many things, the amounts of each ingredient are easily adjustable and you should do so with abandon to make it just right for you.

Garnishes For The Pink Vodka Lemonade

I love garnishing my pink vodka lemonade with a variety of herbs and fresh flowers.

It is pretty and feminine and you can add as little or as few as you want.

Like my Pink Grapefruit Cocktail, muddling and garnishing with herbs is a lovely way!

I like to use fresh lemon and lime wedges but you can also go for fresh thyme and rosemary.

For an extra kick, muddle the herbs and then combine with the liquor, shake, and pour into the jug you are making the recipe in!

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Mixing Beer And Vodka Vodka Beer Cocktails Anyone

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Beer can be enjoyed a number of waysfrom a can or a bottle or even as a mixed drink. You might have tried out Micheladas and Black and Tans before, but have you ever pondered what a beer and vodka cocktail would taste like? Turns out, youve been missing out. Mixing beer and vodka is a fantastic idea, and we have some insight as to why.

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Deep Eddy Lemonade Vodka Spritzer

May 24, 2021

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Make a thirst quenching Deep Eddy lemonade vodka spritzer with this super simple recipe.

Its a perfect summertime drink that you can whip up in no time. You can easily adjust the recipe to make a pitcher for a summer barbecue with friends.

Welcome to #LemonWeek 2021 hosted by Lynn from Fresh April Flowers! What better way to welcome summer than with over 50 recipes featuring bright and sunny lemons?

Come join me and my fellow Lemon Week bloggers as we bring you recipes from appetizers to drinks to entrées and desserts!

I love a refreshing lemonade, especially in the summer. Last week I shared a Deep Eddy spiked lemonade mimosa.

Since this week is #lemonweek, I thought I would share a lemonade vodka spritzer. Im all about quick and easy recipes and this checks all the boxes.

Southern Sweet Lemonade Cocktail

Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail

Bourbon, vodka, limoncello, ginger ale, and lemonade combine to make one heck of a cocktail! This drink is seriously refreshing.

Its so light and delicious its hard not to chug it down quickly. But dont be deceived, as this drink contains four different liquors.

One recipe makes a lot, so dont just have it all to yourself. Invite your friends for a fun weekend at home!

Sounds intriguing, huh? Also, can we just take a moment to awe at how ridiculously pretty this cocktail is?

Its so stunning, you almost wont want to drink it!

But my gosh, this whipped pink lemonade cocktail is one for the books.

Its a blend of pink lemonade, raspberry vodka, and ginger liqueur, ice, and half-and-half.

Its wildly fruity and citrusy. The combination of crushed ice and cream gives it a creamy, sorbet-like consistency. This is perfection in a glass.

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Whats In Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch

For this pink lemonade with vodka recipe, all you need is some frozen pink lemonade concentrate, citrus vodka and some good old lemon-lime soda. Thats it! Oh and a few fresh berries and lemons for garnish. Its so versatile too. You can easily add more vodka or more soda depending on your pitcher size or how many thirsty folks are crowding around your patio.

More Drinks With Vodka

  • A refreshing mixture of grapefruit and cranberry juice with vodka make this Seabreeze Cocktail a hit at parties.
  • Its not summer with watermelon! Make this the refreshing Spiked Watermelon Lemonade for summer!
  • A classic Moscow Mule is made with vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime juice. A delicious summer drink.
  • Mix up lemonade, iced tea and vodka for a famous John Daly Drink!

Love this? I knew you would! Be sure and leave a five-star rating below!

Did you make this? If you snap a photo, please be sure tag me on Instagram at or #julieseatsandtreats so I can see your yummy treat!

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Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail Directions

Grab your ingredients and lets make it!

Step 1: Wash and slice your strawberries and lemons. Cut a few strawberries in half and slice a few lemon wheels. This step is optional. The added fruit makes this drink look extra gorgeous and the strawberries are quite tasty after soaking in the strawberry lemonade vodka.

Step 2: Add ice, lemon wheels and strawberry slices to your cocktail glass. The ice will help hold the fruit down in the glass.

Step 3: If youre garnishing with lemons, go ahead and add a little squeeze of lemon into the glass. It adds an extra freshness to this drink.

Step 4: Add one shot of Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

Step 5: Top off with Pink Lemonade Italian Soda.

Step 6: Add a strawberry for garnish.

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Why I Love This Recipe

SUPERSONIC DRINKS: Calypso Lemonade With Skyy Vodka
  • Summery Flavors! Strawberries and lemonade definitely make the list of my favorite summer time flavors!
  • Easy To Make! Simply combine the ingredients, pour, and enjoy in just 5 minutes or less!
  • Large Batch! This Pink Whitney Drink Recipe serves about 5 drinks, but depending on the size of your pitcher you could easily double it to yield more servings! If your pitcher isnt large enough try using a fun drink dispenser, they hold more AND look cute!
  • Super Smooth! You wont find any strong alcohol flavor in this cocktail as its almost completely hidden amongst that strawberry pink lemonade taste!

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Awesome Kinky Liqueur Drink Recipes

The flavored vodka trend has been one of my favorites. Honestly, it allows me to try different flavors and brands without too much guilt. When I found the Kinky brand, well I simply had to try it based on the name alone. These Kinky Liqueur drink recipes are easy, dont take too many ingredients and are awesome and tasty!

I chose two versions of the Kinky Liqueur this time more to follow! These recipes use either the Pink or Blue or both. Enjoy.

Kinky Pink

This liqueur combines the flavors of mango, blood orange liqueur and passion fruit.


You Can Get Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Vodka So You Can Up Your Summer Cocktail Game

Hot days brings summer themed cocktails, and I dont think it gets more summery than a glass of ice-cold lemonade!

Smirnoff has a brand new flavor and its Pink Lemonade Vodka! Flavored vodkas are an easy way to dress up your cocktails like a pro!

The Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Vodka can be mixed with so many things! Im thinking it would be great added to iced tea!

To get the gorgeous pink coloring for the Pink Lemonade Vodka, Smirnoff infused raspberries and strawberries into the new flavor. So not only do you have the lemon flavor, but you also have other summery flavors in there.

Infused with bright notes of pink berries and the classic flavor and certified colors of lemonade, Smirnoff Pink Lemonade tastes as refreshing as a tropical breeze. Triple distilled, this specialty spirit offers a pleasantly tart and sweet combination of juicy lemon flavor balanced with hints of raspberry and strawberry.

Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Vodka Description

Like most great things, this is a limited-edition product, so if you love it stock up! It comes in 3 different sizes depending on your needs. You can get it in 750-milliliter bottle, 1.5-liter bottle, and a 10-pack of 50-milliliter bottles

This is a brand new item and is still rolling out in stores. So if you dont see it right away, just have a little patience!

You can also find it by using Drizly, and theyll even have it delivered to your house!

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Why Its Perfect For Vodka

The water helps mask the vodkas strength without diluting flavor, while the fizz adds just a little extra to the cocktail. Pour vodka into a glass, put ice cubes, and top it with your choice of seltzer, soda, or sparkling water. To add more kick to your Vodka Soda, add a heavy squeeze of lime. If you want to take it to the next level, watch this video.

Best Alcoholic Drinks With Lemonade

Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail

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Best alcoholic drinks with lemonade coming right up. Whether its Kentucky lemonade, raspberry lemonade, lemonade slushies, spritzers or jello shots. Weve got you covered with these spiked lemonade drinks.

What is the best alcohol to mix with lemonade?

Vodka. Bourbon, tequila and more. Since you can make lemonade with your desired sweetness and tartness the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a hard lemonade recipe, we found a few that we think you will love to try.

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Is It Bad To Mix Vodka And Soda

No, it is not bad. Mixing vodka and soda is being done and served around the world. So if you are in a restaurant, you can get vodka with a soda in it.

And even at the comfort of your home, you can mix vodka and soda. It would help if you had a recipe. A recipe is essential because if you have not tried making one before, you might mess up, and you will not like the taste of your finished product.

This is why it is essential to have a recipe. However, if you like to experiment and mix them independently, you can always do that. That would be better because you can be able to decide which flavor you want.

However, there is a saying that mixing alcohol and soda can make you even drunker. A recent study stated that a mix of liquor with a sugar mixer could make some people drunker than usual. In addition, the study said that a mixture of sugar and alcohol could increase a persons BRaC or breath alcohol concentrations.

The reason is that the time in which the alcohol will be absorbed from our stomach to our bloodstream will take longer than usual. So with this, one study concluded that you could get more easily drunk if you mix a soda in your vodka.

However, this is only just one study. It cannot be the basis of all vodka that is mixed with soda.

Making Boozy Pink Lemonade Punch Is Quick & Inexpensive

You have unexpected guests? Someone surprises you with a last minute event that you are expected to prepare for? Hosting a cookout? Keeping the budget low for a wedding or shower?

Our boozy pink punch gets the job done, and well, every time. If theres an Old Faithful of drink recipes, this is one of them.

Pink Lemonade Punch is even perfect for Valentines Day with its gorgeous pink color and classic flavor profile.

Its so easy to put together. You can multiply the recipe to serve by the pitcher like we did, or you can make it by the punch bowl or beverage dispenser.

And its so easy to make it work for those who want alcohol and those who dont. If you know youre serving people who dont drink, you can modify the recipe easily. Just leave out the alcohol and add the alcohol when its served.

Or make two beverage dispensers and mark them to indicate which one has booze and which one is a mocktail.

While Boozy Lemonade Punch is a workhorse recipe, its also just really darn good. Sometimes whats most simple is the best.

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What Soda Mixes Well With Vodka

Many people already know that soda mixes well with vodka. People mix on their own because they want their vodka to have that extra flavor and an extra kick. Over time, you will drink the same flavor because the manufacturer is not innovating.

This is why when you search the internet, you can see a lot of recipes and other articles on what to mix with your vodka so that you can make it more delicious and flavorful. So here is the list of sodas that can be mixed with vodka.

What Is The Best Blueberry Vodka

How to Make the Blue Lemonade Vodka Drink

I like to use Smirnoffs blueberry vodka because its usually easier to find in stores but other brands such as Burnetts, Triple Eight, or Cold River are just as good.

This vodka lemonade is crisp, sweet, and refreshing. I do have to warn you, just like these Key Lime Vodka Collins his Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail, Blackberry Vodka Gimlets, or these Lemonade Moscow Mules, this cocktail is one of those drinks that hides the alcohol really well.

You start with one, then suck down another, and before you know it you are down for the count. Er, maybe thats just me???

Regardless, this is the quintessential fruit vodka drink!

Prep Time: Total Time:

Blueberry vodka and lemonade come together in this simply refreshing beverage. You are going to love this vodka lemonade!

  • 1 bunch fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • Place mint leaves, sugar and blueberries in a cocktail shaker.
  • Muddle mixture with the end of a wooden spoon until blueberries are broken.
  • Add vodka and ice shake vigorously for 30 seconds
  • Divide mixture among two tall glasses. Top with each with lemonade stir.
  • Garnish with blueberries, mint and lemon slices.
  • Nutrition Information

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    What Kind Of Lemonade Is Best For Vodka Lemonade

    We prefer homemade lemonade when it comes to vodka lemonade becuase you can control how sweet and how sour the lemonade is.

    Some people like it sweeter and others like it more sour. If you dont have time to make homemade lemonade, you can totally use any store-bought lemonade. Here are some of our favorites:

    • Simply Lemonade

    Pineapple Bourbon Lemonade Mixed Drink

    Pineapple plus lemonade equals a sweet and tart tropical treat. Throw in a splash of bourbon for an excellent start-of-the-weekend drink!

    This cocktail is as bright as the sun, so you already know its perfect for the summer.

    The taste is also like no other. Who wouldve thought that the vanilla flavors of bourbon could taste so well with pineapple and lemons?

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    Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

    Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka drinks are easy to create! Its excellent in a variety of flavored seltzers, fruit juices and champagnes. This inexpensive flavored vodka is really worth having on hand all summer.

    This is one of my favorite Svedka drink recipes but you can also have a lot of fun creating new cocktails with it!

    How Do You Make This Lemon Vodka Cocktail


    In a cocktail shaker, combine:

    • 1 1/2 oz vodka
    • 1 oz simple syrup
    • ice

    I like rimming my cocktail glass with a bit of sugar. Add a few cubes of ice to a glass, then shake everything up in the cocktail shaker for 30 seconds until the shaker feels cold, then strain out the liquid into your prepared glass.

    Top off your glass with plain sparkling water, and enjoy!

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    How To Make Vodka Cocktails:

    First youll make some simple syrup. Simple syrup is the sweetener that youll be adding to the cocktail. Combine 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water in a small saucepan. Heat and stir to dissolve the sugar, and then pull it from the heat and let it cool.

    The simple syrup is then combined with lemon juice and chopped fresh mint. This mixture is poured into an ice cube tray and put into the freezer to make the ice cubes for the vodka lemonade. If youd rather drink this cocktail on the rocks instead of drinking it as a frozen cocktail, you can skip this step and just prepare the cocktails to serve over ice.

    If youre making frozen cocktails, youll blend the ice cubes with vodka and sparkling water.

    Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade Cocktail

    Blackberries muddled with lemonade from this alone, you can already tell how refreshing this cocktail is.

    Add to the picture some lime juice, whiskey, cinnamon, and rosemary and youll have a unique-tasting cocktail sure to delight your tastebuds.

    Its an intriguing combination of flavors that works like magic.

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    Pink Lemonade Vodka Drink Recipe:

    limoncello liqueur sparks the lemonade flavors along with the fresh lemon squeeze. The flavor of the limoncello works beautifully in this recipe.

    Add the cranberry juice to make it a pretty pink. The pink lemonade color is a lovely counterpoint to the lemon wheel garnish and mint leaf.

    This fruity drink with vodka has lively flavors and a sweet fizz. Its also an easy vodka drink to make. The fresh lime squeeze brightens the flavors and brings in a bit of zestiness.

    Enjoy this cocktail lounging around with the grill going In a hammockvisiting at a dinner party. This drink fits right in.

    Recommended Slush Machine For Making Pink Lemonade Vodka Slushies

    Lemonade With Vodka ? How to Make Hard Lemonade at Home

    I remember when I was first picking out my first slushie machine to purchase and the experience was absolutely daunting!

    There were dozens of options, all slushie machines had solid reviews, but I just couldnt decide. In fact, I wish a blog like this one existed when I was first buying my slushie machine.

    As of today, my favorite slushie machine is the and the reasons are quite self-explanatory.

    First off, the capacity, 72-ounces make sure that we can hold and serve all our guests and this is one of the most important points I was considering when buying the machine.

    Second is the reliability factor, so far weve been using the machine for 6 months and NEVER EVER had any problems. The machine itself comes with an incredible 1-year warranty, which is a really nice bonus.

    And third the variety of modes and different drinks this machine can prepare its absolutely wonderful that you can have so many options in just one machine.

    If youre looking for the perfect frozen drink machine, make sure to check out the !

    Rebecca& nbsp|

    Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail combines Pink Whitney Vodka, Strawberry Malibu Rum, and Pink Lemonade for the best refreshing drink! This large batch cocktail is ready in just 5 minutes!

    Splash into summer with more fun drinks to sip on like my fruity Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail or this light, sweet Hawaiian Mimosa !

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