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What Kind Of Whiskey Is Knob Creek

How To Drink Knob Creek

Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey- No Time Like the Present Review

There is no wrong way to drink Knob Creek and it’s always an enjoyable experience. Enjoy it straight, as a shot, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its bold profile can be a little tough for some palates, and a splash of water opens up the aroma and flavor wonderfully. For a 100-proof whiskey, that’s almost expected and will make drinking it straight more enjoyable. And yet, that boldness also ensures Knob Creek is an excellent cocktail mixer. The taste will not get lost in the most flavorful or complex bourbon drinks, no matter how hard you try.

Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Review

Rating: B+

Knob Creek is arguably the most well-known of Jim Beams line of signature small batch bourbons . Each label of that signature line has its own distinctive character, with Knob Creek representing what is probably the most old fashioned and traditional of the four. Knob Creek is the type of bourbon one can imagine hard-bitten Southern politicians imbibing, and I can easily picture a bottle gracing the office of Sam Rayburn and being dolled out to the likes of Harry Truman or Lyndon Johnson. In making Knob Creek, old Booker Noe cooked up a bourbon whiskey with some spark in it, and it consequently tends to attract saucy characters.

The BourbonKnob Creek comes in rectangular bottle reminiscent of a 19th century medicine bottle, only larger, with a black wax seal capping a plastic and cork stopper. The bottle complements the bourbon whiskey within perfectly, showing off its coppery color. The label fits Knob Creeks old fashioned style as well, as it smacks of 1940s newsprint. However, the pull-tab for undoing the wax lid is undeniably on the cheap side, and hard to manipulate compared to, say, a bottle of Markers Mark. Ive had more than a few opening pull-tabs on bottles of Knob Creek tear apart only a quarter of the way around the bottle, forcing me to use a pocket knife to cut away enough wax to free the tab again and finish the job.

Knob Creek Verdict Is It Good

You have to appreciate the pedigree of Knob Creek.

The brand is the creation of master distiller Booker Noe – a sixth-generation member of the Jim Beam family, who hails from the liquor maker thats been around for more than 225 years.

Those who love expensive bourbon whiskeys might turn their noses up at it because it comes from such a well-known affordable brand. But cheaper options arent necessarily a bad thing.

If youre somebody who considers themselves something of a bourbon connoisseur, youll want to try it. The bourbon offers some interesting taste sensations you dont get with whiskeys.

A unique aspect is the autumnal spices that hit your palate once you take it into your mouth.

Vanilla is the most apparent flavor. But connoisseurs among you will also detect nutmeg and clove as you bring it to your mouth.

The brownness of the bourbon is also worth mentioning. Booker Noe considered this an essential feature of the drink.

The bourbon looks rich and deep. You feel reassured that all that color will translate into flavor when you take it into your mouth.

Its also a liquor that allows you to experiment. You dont have to take it one way only.

Thats something that makes this particular Knob Creek so exciting. Youre able to play around with it and use it to add a kick to classic cocktails.

Jim Beam has a broader market in mind with this product. It has a certain mass appeal that you dont get from some of the more specialty brands.

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Knob Creek Distilling Process

Knob Creek uses the typical distilling process, but the real difference lies in their aging! Since 1992 Knob Creek blended bourbons have been aged a minimum of 9 full years in maximum charred oak , which contributes to their unique flavor. They also bottle at 100 proof.

However, in 2016 they announced they would be discontinuing the strict 9-year rule. They argued that they now had enough stored aged whisky to allow younger bottle blends to retain the same flavor.

Knob Creeks warehouses located in Clermont also have very unpredictable weather. According to them, this climate provides a dark and richer sampling. As weve seen from all the varieties of scotch, this might actually be true.

Its Bourbon Yes But Its Not Just Bourbon

Knob Creek 9 Years Old

Knob Creek comes in four varieties: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey, and Single Barrel Reserve. The first is a bold, sweet, pre-Prohibition-style bourbon. The rye is ideal for cocktails like a classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Sazerac. Smoked Maple Bourbon is a lower-proof option fortified by charred oak, while Single Barrel Reserve is a big, unblended bourbon at a whopping 120 proof.

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Are Bourbon And Whiskey The Same

After all, both bourbon and whiskey are brown liquidsthey look about the same. And to add to the possible confusion, if you just refer to bourbon as whiskey, you wouldnt be wrong. Bourbon is a type of whiskey, much the way that champagne is a type of wine. So all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.

Is Knob Creek Or Makers Mark Better

While the spirit of the question is easily understandable, given the often cross-referencing of each of these bourbons that takes place, the reality is that each bourbon serves its own unique purpose.

Coming in at a generally lower price point than many of Knob Creeks bourbon offerings, Makers Mark presents itself as a much more recreational and consumable bourbon for everyday drinking. Makers Mark is generally much less robust and stout in its flavor profile and generally has a lower proof rating, enabling the consumer to have a more diluted and less intense drinking experience.

On the other hand, Knob Creek is generally a bit more expensive than Makers Mark and has a higher proof rating, making it a more dynamic and full-bodied bourbon. The higher price point makes the bourbons carefree consumption a bit less feasible for anyone on a budget but definitely delivers a much more memorable tasting experience.

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Why Every Bourbon Aficionado Should Have A Bottle Of Knob Creek On Their Bar

This article is part of a series, Stories of Bourbon, sponsored by James B. Beam Distilling Co. Discover more about bourbon here!

With literally thousands of whiskey distilleries now in America, each of them making multiple products each and every year, it becomes trickier and trickier for people to know what bottles they actually need in their home bar. Knob Creek® is an ideal choice due to its quality, complexity, and versatility. Even as the industry has undergone seismic change over the last three decades, the Kentucky brand has stood the test of time, remaining true to its roots.

Its flavor profile is as rich and deep as its history, explains Adam Harris, senior American whiskey ambassador for James B. Beam Distilling Co.

Named after the small town in Kentucky where Abraham Lincoln was born, Knob Creek was founded in 1992 with a mission to restore American whiskey to the way it was meant to be made patiently aged, full-flavored, and always of the highest quality. Back then was a dark time for the industry, as consumers had spent the 1970s and 80s turning their backs on whiskey in favor of lighter, less flavorful spirits. Then-master distiller Booker Noe Jim Beams grandson no less dreamed of returning to the full-flavored bourbons of a pre-Prohibition era. And, since no one was buying bourbon at the time, he had plenty of aged stock to work with. What did he have to lose?

What Is The Best Whiskey To Mix With

Knob Creek Bourbon & Rye Whiskey History | Drinks Network

Jack Daniels. By far the most popular whiskey to mix is Jack Daniels. Further down in the list there definitely are more surprising choices, but this is a classic and has been for many years. Jack and coke is an entire drink in itself, and at a reasonable price point of around $30 per bottle it sure is a great choice.

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But The Brand Is Actually Much Older Than You

Knob Creek of today may be 26 years old, but the brand name was in use long before the Noes revived it in 1992. According to Kathleen DiBenedetto, director, global brand education at Beam Suntory, the Knob Creek label was first in use in 1898. It was owned at the time by the Penn-Maryland Corp., a division of National Distillers. Jim Beam purchased National Distillers In 1987, and Knob Creek was resurrected.

Can Bacteria Grow In Alcohol

So in theory a high enough concentration of alcohol swallowed would kill a large number of gut and oral bacteria, but it would very likely do some damage to the stomach lining. Chronic use of alcohol can also lead to an overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel.

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Knob Creek Longhorn Steakhouse Smell

Knob Creek Longhorn Steakhouse has an old and musty nose that shows off its age. Theres dark and oaky caramel, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, Beam funk dried grass and peanut shells, hints of mint, licorice, orange, and maraschino cherry. While the Beam funk is there, its rounded out by so much other character that if you happen not to like it , theres still a lot of other rich scents to appreciate. Whatever it is, theres a light vegetal and earthy scent, like raw broccoli. I cant explain why its there, but it is. The alcohol though is tough to gauge. It was quite hot when the bottle was first opened , but it has come down quite a lot since then as its been given a few months to breathe in the bottle. As of now, this Longhorn Steakhouse Single Barrel leaves a strong first impression.

Swirling makes the alcohol and toasted oak perk up, but it eventually fades into musty oak, slightly burnt corn kernels, caramel, vanilla, ripe peach, dried orange, cinnamon, chocolate and mint. Maple syrup wafts out every now and then, a very pleasant scent. As dark and oaky as Knob Creek is, theres still just enough fruit presence that helps subdue the nutty and grassy Beam-ness that Im sure is just itching to get free. This Knob Creek 14 year single barrel bourbon is quite the mature and rich bourbon thats not overoaked as might be expected, so Im happy.

Battle Of The Knob Creeks Comparing Nas To 9 Year Old

Knob Creek Quarter Oak Bourbon, Kentucky Owl &  More New ...

Knob Creek NSA vs. Knob Creek 9 Year Old

Some three years ago, Beam Suntory quietly removed the age statement from Knob Creek. After dropping the 9 years from the label, it retained its official label as Knob Creek Small Batch, but to writers, bloggers and enthusiasts it became known as Knob Creek NAS . Many were unhappy to see it go, but few were upset, as Beam had handled the transition honestly, directly and with no fuss.

Thus most bourbon fans were pleased when Fred Noe, reigning Master Distiller at Beams plants around Clermont, Kentucky, announced at a sales meeting in North Carolina this past summer that Knob Creek would bring back its 9 year age statement in the early part of next year.

New fans have arrived on the scene and memories have dimmed over the last few years, so its fair to say at least some enthusiasts, many casual drinkers and more than a few of the cocktail cognoscenti are wondering what to expect. A few might be wondering if, like those of yesteryear who preferred New Coke , if they might want to sock away a bottle or two of Knob Creek NAS while they can.

In terms of differences, the nose of the 9 year old was softer. The NAS version had a woody current of cedar intertwined around its cinnamon and mint spiciness, but this was more muted in the 9 year old, coming over as cinnamon graham crackers.

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Rye

Whos coming up the ranks?

For reasons best known to my Creator, I maintain a mental heatmap of sentiment around whiskey distilleries and brands. Theres no tallying of scores rather, in this wholly unscientific approach, I rely on my perceptions of whether I am seeing more praise or criticism for each whiskey.

Since my first run-in with a preternaturally excellent store pick of Knob Creek bourbon, I have noticed that more folks have been lavishing praise on this label from Jim Beam. The release of many single barrels in the mid-teens age range seemed to have ramped up enthusiasm for Knob Creek in the latter part of 2019. Though I didnt much care for the Quarter Oak, I thought the maligned Limited Edition 2001 was pretty good, as was the Single Barrel Reserve.

Following this string of modestly priced and very tasty bourbons, Knob Creek has become more of a consensus favorite. Ive noticed the positivity extended to the brands rye whiskey, and especially the single barrel rye whiskey picks that are increasingly available at retailers.

Ill not re-hash all my thoughts about the barrel pick format, other than to say that not all picks are created equal. Familiarity with the person or groups doing the picking is the best method of ensuring that you dont end up paying up for a remainder barrel or one that is disappointingly on-profile.

Knob Creek Rye Taste & Aftertaste

Knob Creek Rye starts off with honey, licorice, anise, earthy fennel and caraway seed, oak tannins, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, citrus, and pear, with absolutely no Jim Beam nuttiness. It has all the usual rye flavors and not much bite, just like with the nose.

Knob Creek Rye straddles the area between the Whistlepig 10 Year Single Barrel licorice bomb, the very tropical Sagamore Spirit Rye, and the lemon-forward Willett Rye.

If youre shopping on Amazon, support The Whiskey Shelf by shopping through. I may earn a commission from your Amazon purchases.

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Smell

Knob Creeks smell is a tale of two very different bourbons. Its absurdly hot and unruly out of the freshly opened barrel, but significantly tamer after a few weeks. Give it some time to mellow before you pass your own.

Strong and spicy wood, pepper, allspice, and cinnamon explode out of the glass grasping for the first whiffs of air, with lightly nutty and minty following right behind. Moderate mashed corn, citrus, honey, and buttercream also battle for my attention, with underlying deep and dark caramel clinging to every sniff. Even over time, the alcohol remains potent and forceful but now plays a little nicer with the other scents.

Swirling lets Knob Creek showcase more of the fruit. Now I get moderate notes of citrus, peach, dried cherries, and other fruits mixed with honey, brown sugar, and alcohol. Theres even a little bit of baked nuts and fuji apple sprinkled with cinnamon. Going in a 3rd time, I get more honey with vanilla cream, citrus, and mashed corn, with cinnamon, nuts, peppermint, and a slight wisp of musty wood. Once the alcohol calms-down, theres a wall of scents to explore.

Knob Creek Rye Review

Ep 156: Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review and Tasting with Glen Breton 10 Cameo

Type & Region: Rye, Kentucky, USA

Alcohol: 50%

Composition: Unknown, but at least 51% rye

Aged: NAS

From the Knob Creek website:

We select the highest-quality rye to create the Worlds Best Rye 2016 IWSC.

Type & Region: Rye, Kentucky, USA

Alcohol: 50%

Composition: Unknown, but at least 51% rye

Aged: NAS

From the Knob Creek website:

We select the highest-quality rye to create the Worlds Best Rye 2016 IWSC.

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Review: Knob Creek Smoked Maple Whiskey

Its clear that Jim Beam is making a fairly sizable bet that maple flavored whiskey is going to be hot as they introduce two new and distinct maple flavored whiskeys. The first, Jim Beam Maple, is a sweet liqueur where the maple is clearly the star and the base spirit really more of a supporting character. The second, Knob Creek Smoked Maple, is a decidedly different approach to maple flavored whiskey: instead of having the maple flavor be the star, its dialed back, combined with some smoke, and delivered as a complement to the base whiskey.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Whiskey from the first whiff of the nose, its clear that this is a maple whiskey unlike the Jim Beam Maple, you dont have to do much digging to get to the other aromas in the glass. Right there along side maple is charred oak, vanilla, light smoke, and marzipan. While Jim Beam Maple smells a lot like alcoholic maple syrup, Knob Creek Smoked Maple smells more like a whiskey that has maple in it. The maple here is also far less syrupy, and when combined with the oak and smoke reminds us of well done, thick cut maple bacon. Knob Creek Smoked Maple is offered at 90 proof which is 5% ABV stronger than standard Jim Beam White Label and a full 10% ABV stronger than Jim Beam Maple. This higher proof is apparent on the nose, which has some nice edges to it that balance out the sweeter notes.

What Is The Best Knob Creek Bourbon

With so many different offerings in the Knobs Creek Bourbon family, finding your favorite one can prove to be quite a challenge at times.

While each bourbon offering has its own inherent pros and cons, we feel that the best overall value within the Knob Creek family is the brands Small Batch 9 Year Bourbon.

The opportunity to enjoy a higher-end small batch bourbon with a very respectable age statement at a $30 price point has proven to be a hard bargain for any of its peers on the market to compete with.

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