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What Kind Of Whiskey Goes In An Old Fashioned

How To Make A Old Fashioned


The original definition of a cocktail written in 1806 was a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar. This is the Old Fashioned, the original cocktail. Try subbing other spirits like rum, brandy, or an aged tequila in place of the whisky. The Old Fashioned is the perfect drink to begin experimenting.

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7. Garnish with a cherry.


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Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour

When I lived in Wisconsin, supper clubs were a thing! Going to Friday night fish fry’s was a blast! If you’ve never been to a supper club in the midwest, Wisconsin does it right.

You order your dinner and drinks in the bar and when your meal is ready, you’re called to your table. Which seems kinda opposite, right? But it was a great opportunity to relax and visit with friends before the meal.

A Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour quickly became my cocktail of choice! Classically this drink would be served with pickled brussels sprouts, mushrooms or asparagus or green olives.

This cocktail can be served sweet – using brandy, a sugar cube and a maraschino cherry – or sour with whiskey and there’s something about that sour that made it my favorite!

Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour starts with a great whiskey!

Use Rich Simple Syrup

The sugar cube is one Old Fashioned tradition that can definitely be skipped. While many recipes call for it, it offers no advantage over using a rich simple syrup and has several disadvantages. Most obviously, you have to find and buy sugar cubes and a muddler. Not always easy depending where you live, and ordering online cant be done in a pinch. Even once you have obtained sugar cubes, you then have to attempt to dissolve the sugar in bitters and water. In our experience all the work has little payout- you just end up with sugar floating in your drink.

Why not use regular simple syrup in your Old Fashioned cocktail? You totally can however, since rich syrup has a higher ratio of sugar to water, it allows you to add the required sweetness without diluting the drink as much as regular simple syrup would.

A rich simple syrup is easy to make just combine 2 parts sugar and 1 part water in a pan. For home use, 1 cup sugar and a ½ cup water makes plenty of syrup. Set the heat to low and stir the mixture until the sugar is dissolved, being sure to not let the syrup boil. Once the sugar is dissolved, turn the heat off and let the sugar cool completely before using.

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Larceny Small Batch Bourbon

Larceny is a great intro to the wheated bourbon category, with an attractive butterscotch nose, leading to a rich, honeyed palate. This whiskey tastes great neat, on the rocks, or in any classic bourbon cocktail It has dessert-like qualities, refined yet rowdy texture and benedictine meets bourbon spiced cherries scent make you one hell of a cocktail bourbon.

Larceny Bourbon gets its name from John E. Fitzgerald who was a treasury agent who used his keys to Kentucky bourbon warehouses to steal premium barrels of bourbon and bottle them under his own brand Old Fitzgerald. Over the years the Old Fitz brand changed hands many hands and was once owned by Julian Pappy Van Winkle but now is owned by Heaven Hill, the maker of Larceny Bourbon.

What Does Larceny Small Batch Bourbon Cost?

Larceny Small Batch Bourbon costs around $25 per bottle.

Bitters Orange And Cherries

Taste Test: The Best (And Worst) Kinds Of Bourbon To Use ...

We add two to three dashes of bitters. Our standby is Angostura bitters, but one look in a well stocked store or online proves there are lots to experiment with.

Depending on who makes it, the amount of fruit added to an Old Fashioned varies. Weve seen everything from multiple slices of orange and an abundance of cherries muddled together then served in the glass to an Old Fashioned with no fruit whatsoever.

We like somewhere in between. A 2-inch piece of orange or blood orange peel and a cherry and were happy.

If were feeling feisty, well go for a flaming orange twist. To do it, take a coin-sized slice of orange peel , squeeze it between your fingers and light a match or lighter next to it .

The oils will spark and flame out. If you do all of this close to or over the glass, a toasted orange aroma will fall down over the drink. We dont add the flamed peel to the drink, but rubbing the flamed peel around the rim of the glass is a nice touch.

The flavor and aroma of the drink really changes and while we dont do this all the time, its fun to experience the difference.

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Best For Perfect Manhattan: Basil Haydens

Courtesy of ReserveBar

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Pepper, Citrus, Vanilla

A perfect Manhattan uses sweet and dry vermouth in equal proportions. Myles Holdsworth, director of food & beverage at The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, recommends this easy-drinking bourbon.

âIt is best to know the preferred bourbon for the person drinking the Manhattan considering it showcases the spirit so well,â he says. âI prefer a smooth, lighter Manhattan, so Basil Haydenâs is typically my go-to.â

âI would hands down pick Basil Haydenâs in my Manhattan,â says Timmie Hoffman of SALT7 in Florida. âI think it is rich and smooth and goes perfectly with some sweet vermouth and bitters.â

Withco Ellis Old Fashioned

Made by whiskey enthusiasts, this has a perfect balance of ingredients for old-fashioned. Known for its vanilla base from Madagascar, it also contains special ingredients like cinnamon, orange oil, cane sugar, aroma bitters, water, and whole vanilla bean.

Perfect with any brown liquor and ice. Smooth on our throats and enjoyed with bourbon, tequila, and whiskey. Contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, or gluten. It comes in a glass bottle to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.

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Best Bourbon For Old Fashioned Faqs

Should I Mix bourbon for an Old Fashioned?

The Bourbon theme Old Fashioned drink is a new twist on an old drink as it used to be made strictly with rye whiskey. That said, you can switch the original recipe up a bit with bourbon in it and you will always have the same cocktail. By switching out the bourbon you use, you will get a slightly different different taste.

Is Old Fashioned similar to Manhattan?

No. These two cocktails are not the same, as the Old Fashioned is made with bourbon whiskey, bitters and sugar, whereas the Manhattan contains rye whiskey and sweet vermouth with sugar.

Is the Old Fashioned a manly drink?

Well, I wouldnt put the Old Fashioned as only a man drink, but it certainly is ordered among many men due to its strong combination of bourbon, bitters and sugar.

Regans Orange Bitters No 6

An Old-Fashioned with a Twist: The Mountainside Cocktail | Drink What You Want with John deBary

Regans bitters are no less famous than Angostura. They blend well with your spirits instead of overpowering them. Regans have the best orange bitters for old-fashioned. They go well with whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, vodka, and even with other bitters.

The orange flavor without sugar and cardamom undertone makes it loved by professionals.

The creator, Gaz Regan, has said this bitter goes well with a large range of cocktails, including Manhattans, sazeracs, and old-fashioned. It is certainly a great all-rounder.

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How Strong Is The Old

The old-fashioned is definitely a strong drink. With little dilution and no significant mixer, it’s not much lighter than a straight pour of whiskey. The alcohol content of an old-fashioned made with an 80-proof whiskey falls around 32 percent ABV . Those old-timers would be happy to know that it still has that kick they were looking for.

Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

These will bring an earthly taste to drinks along with a slight creaminess. This walnut bitter has plenty of natural nutty flavor, followed by the notes of cocoa and cola. Its subtle sweet finish taste offsets its bitterness. The Fee Brothers had their best bitter experts to craft this one to bring the robust nut flavor.

It adds a dimension and complexity to your cocktails, along with having a sour cherry aroma. Try them in your old-fashioned, like a powerful bourbon or any whiskey that is finished in sherry or rum casks.

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Old Fashioned Recipe How To Make An Old Fashioned

Known as one of the simplest cocktails to make, yet one of the hardest to perfect, weve made, tested and enjoyed countless old fashioned recipes and weve summed up our favourite ones here.

When you talk about cocktails specifically whiskey based ones its hard not to automatically think of the old fashioned, its one of the go-to cocktails for people who love whiskey but also just for generally cocktail lovers. Not only does it taste fantastic but its relatively easy to make requiring only a few ingredients meaning its accessible to many. Plus it has a long history and has been loved by people for more than 200 years.

Our Old Fasioned Cocktail Kit contains everything you need to make a classic Old Fashioned, variations & a Sazerac! Delivered to your door with a recipe card with instructions on how to make each cocktail. Orders yours here

The recipes for an old fashioned cocktail normally consist of these ingredients:

WhiskeyMany people opt for a bourbon however most bartenders will use a rye whisky because its more traditional, less sweet and has a slightly sharper taste to it. Which one you use is down to personal taste but if opting for a rye we recommend going for something with a high proof range for better flavours such as Wild Turkey. We personally love a bourbon and have found Buffalo Trace to be our go to bourbon for this cocktail.

What Does Mcdonald’s Do To Their Coke

The Best Whiskey For An Old Fashioned

Typically, restaurants get their soda syrups in plastic bags, but Coca-Cola does something different for McDonald’s. The fast food chain gets its Coke syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks. According to the New York Times, the material keeps the soda fresher, and your tongue can taste the difference.

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Copper And Kings Old Fashioned Bitters

Although the name itself says it works great for old fashioned, these bitters also go well with Manhattan. The company had their specialist craft these old-fashioned bitters. They combine botanical herbs and concentrated oils into a Brandy base with honey and orange peel, which is then barrel-aged to mix with flavor.

This bitter competes with Regans orange bitters for the best orange bitters for old-fashioned.

The original website says these bitters blend spices, herbs, botanical extracts, and oils, and are prepared in an alembic brandy base. It is mixed with honey, vapor distilled orange peel and then aged with American Oak. It is 100% natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It contains glycerine and is a beautiful caramel color.

What Are Bitters And What Do They Do To Whiskey

Cocktail bitters are an alcohol-based flavoring preparation often containing roots, bark, herbs and various spices, explains Ektoras Binikos, the co-owner and mixologist of Sugar Monk in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Bitters add dimension to any cocktail while balancing the chemical reaction between the sweet and sour components, providing a bridge between the flavors.

Bitters work very well with lots of whiskey-based cocktails, he continues. They supply additional earthy notes, pairing well with the aromatic components of any whiskey aged in wood barrels. They add volume as they lengthen the finish on your palate the same way tannins do for wine

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Best Bottled In Bond: Old Grand

Courtesy of Drizly

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 50% | Tasting Notes: Spice, Vanilla, Cinnamon

âPersonally, Iâm more a fan of rye when drinking Manhattans,â says Jon Feuersanger, bar manager at Death & Co Denver. But if he is going to drink this cocktail with bourbon, Old Grand-Dad Bonded is an inexpensive, flavorful, and high proof choice.

The bottled in bond designation ensures itâs 100 proof and at least four years old. âThis high rye bourbon really checks the boxes on proof and time in cask that is really perfect for this classic.â

How To Make The Perfect Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Old Fashioned’s New Twists | How to Drink

An old fashioned cocktail is simple and delicious.

Shaun Lewis

2 ounces bourbon or Rye1 bar spoon sugar0.5 ounce seltzer or water3 dashes Angostura bitters1 Lemon zest

In an old fashioned glass, muddle the sugar, seltzer and bitters. Breaking up any clumps this will not only sweeten the cocktail, it will also give it a bit of rustic texture. Add Bourbon and some good cracked ice. Give it a good stir with a bar spoon and garnish with a lemon peel.

While the above ingredients comprise the classic, original old fashioned, early on, there may have been variations on the base spirits. Rye, Genever but you cannot go wrong with this version.

Its believed that during the Prohibition era, the whiskey wasnt of the same quality, therefore you saw muddled orange and cherries enter the picture.

As the decades rolled on, some of the ingredient proportions have been expanded, and not long ago I was served something more like a whiskey highball with lots of fruit in it.

At Liberty National, this is the version that we find is best-suited for our members:

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Runner Up Best Budget: Spooky

Courtesy of Amazon

While the Hella is a great pick for those who like an orange wedge muddled into their drink, this one is for drinkers who like to muddle a handful of cherries into their Old Fashioned. Its easy drinking and not too spiceda great pick for casual Old Fashioned sipping or a summertime Old Fashioned filled with plenty of ice and topped with a veritable fruit salad of a garnish.

If youre stocking a bar for a party, pick up a 750-ml bottle of this cherry-forward mix. Try it with brandy for a retro Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned and dont forget to garnish with a couple of maraschino cherries.

How Much Bite Do You Like

Another critical factor is how harsh you like your bourbon.

Once you get to 100 proof and above, youre going to have some amount of noticeable bite.

So, if you really dont want to feel the heat when you drink your old fashioned, I definitely dont recommend considering Old Grandad 114, Knob Creek 9-Year, or Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style.

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How To Muddle Fruit

Muddling fruit is quite simple . All you do is squish the heck out of your fruit until you get out as much juice as possible.

You can use a wooden spoon, but spring for a muddler if you can. This is a tool thats used like a pestle to grind herbs and fruit for cocktails. Using one seems self-explanatory: push down, twist, repeat. Get your hands on our favorite muddler right here.

However, using too much force can release the oils from the peel. That makes for a rather bitter drink, which isnt the point of an Old Fashioned. Pressing too hard can also break the glass, especially if you dont have a thick-bottomed cup.

Best Budget: Old Forester 86 Proof

Taste Test: The Best (And Worst) Kinds Of Bourbon To Use ...

Courtesy of ReserveBar

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Oak, Spice, Vanilla

Graham Courter, bar manager at Main Street Meats in Chattanooga, TN, considers Old Forester a great bargain bourbon for a Manhattan that is often priced between $20 – $25 per bottle. âItâs strong enough to stand up to the Carpano Antica I typically use,â he says, âwith strong vanilla notes and just enough spice from the rye, and the vegetal notes on the finish really blend with Angostura and orange bitters I use.â

âOld Forester is always my go-to bourbon for cocktails or sipping,â agrees Reece Dodd of Helen in Birmingham, AL. âNot only does it make a phenomenal Manhattan, itâs just good juice.â

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What Is The Best Alcohol For An Old Fashioned

The 10 Best Whiskies To Use In An Old Fashioned

  • Bulleit Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey.
  • W.L. Weller Special Reserve.
  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon BEST OVERALL.
  • Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Jim Beam White Label Bourbon Whiskey BEST BUDGET OVERALL.

Best Grapefruit: The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters

  • Not for fans of white spirits

  • Very hoppy

The Bitter Truth is one of the newer bitters producers. The company has quickly made a splash on the bar scene. While The Bitter Truth offers many great flavored bitters, its grapefruit is one of the most notable.

Grapefruit and hops combine to make this heady, complex bitters. Try using it in drinks containing rye whiskey. A dash or two can add new life to the Algonquin, a classic rye and pineapple recipe. It also does wonders in the slightly fruity Millionaire Cocktail.

Essentially, if a whiskey cocktail has a hint of bright fruits, try The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Size: 200 milliliters/6.76 ounces | ABV: 44% | Ingredients: Water, alcohol, sugar, natural herbs and spices

  • Adds dimension to a Manhattan or Aperol

  • Plays well in desserts

  • Balances sweetness in coffee drinks

  • Flavors take some work to perfect

Made with organic cacao nibs, Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters can add a complex dimension to many cocktails.

A Manhattan cocktail takes on a completely different flavor profile with these bitters. You will also find that an old-fashioned cocktail is made with a nice sweet bourbon like Four Roses is heavenly. Look for cocktails containing whiskey and Green Chartreuse to feature this in as well.

Size: 5 ounces | ABV: 47.6% | Ingredients: Alcohol, distilled water, organic cacao, organic herbs, and spices

  • Complements dark spirits of all kinds

  • Works best with dark spirits

  • Bottles are tiny

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