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What Kind Of Whiskey Does Ron White Drink

Why Is Ron Swanson So Awesome

Joe Rogan with Ron White on Drinking, Drugs And Gambling!

Ron Swanson was a modern Renaissance man. Sure, he spent much of his workday on Parks and Recreation trying to minimize the oppressive footprint of local government by applying his libertarian leanings from inside the belly of the American political beast, but he also had a wide range of personal passions.

What Brand Of Cigar Did Churchill Smoke

Winston Churchill’s cigar tastes were limited to a small number of favored suppliers. In particular Churchill’s favorite cigar brands included Romeo y Julieta cigars and La Aroma de Cuba. Churchill’s cigar consumption was between 6 and 10 a day and he maintained a supply of several thousand in a room near his study in Chartwell. Winston usually smoked his cigars down to a couple of inches, these would in later years were collected and given to his gardener – the tobacco to be smoked in his pipe.google_protectAndRun

What Kind Of Scotch Does Ron White Drink

Ron White has been a great stand up comedian and performer in the United States. He has been a heavy scotch drinker and he has never denied having an obsession with this kind of spirit. The luxury that comes with the single malt whiskey, as well as the unbeatable taste of this product, have made him a great fan.

However, there have been many alterations to his preferences concerning the Scotch whiskey that he was supposed to be drinking in social occasions. Sometimes, Ron White really opted for the blended whiskey that we see in TV commercials, while other times, he was reluctant to support that only single malts that are not widely known give him the satisfaction he needs to go on with stand-up comedy.

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Chewin’ The Fat With Ron ‘tater Salad’ White

Hes irreverent, hes unapologetic and hes outrageously successful. Comedian Ron White is scheduled to bring his If You Quit Listening, Ill Shut Up tour to Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on July 26.

The tour shares a name with Whites current Netlflix special, but he assured me that his Bangor audience will hear material theyve never heard before along with his favorite stories from the special.

Nearly 20 years ago, White along with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy launched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a series of concerts, specials and CDs that sent the careers of each comedian into the stratosphere .

That success has placed White in the enviable position of calling every aspect of his career. He does what he wants how he wants and when he wants to do it. Hes sold well over 10 million CDs, while all four of his DVDs have gone platinum.

A Texas native, White spends as much as time as possible in the Lone Star State but he also maintains a residence in Beverly Hills. He says he doesnt take himself seriously, but he takes his comedy very seriously. When he isnt touring, he says hell perform three sets per night at one of the local comedy clubs near his home.

In the following interview, White explains why he cant wait to return to Maine and why he never wants to return to Omaha.

The Maine Edge: Its been a few years since you last appeared in Bangor. Do you recall any of your previous trips here?

The Maine Edge: What happened in Omaha?

Funniest Quotes From Ron Swanson

Ron White

When it comes to deadpan humor, thereâs nobody more iconic in American sitcom than Ron Swanson. Played by actor-comedian, writer, and New York Times Bestselling Author Nick Offerman on NBCâs Parks and Recreation, this fictional character has worked his way into pop and contemporary culture, spawning hilarious memes based on his well-timed one-liners in the show.

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Questions With Ron White

Blue Staff

A founding member of the Blue Collar Comedy tour, Ron White wants you to know You Cant Fix Stupid. Thats the title of his new comedy album and upcoming DVD, not to mention a country catchphrase just waiting to happen. Here, the Fritch, Texas, native answers fan questions about his favorite bands and the erroneous rumor that hes dead.

1. What kind of trouble did you get into growing up in a small town?

Well, not much. When I was a kid, mostly I played in a ditch that didnt have much water in it. It was for drainage purposes. There was not a lot trouble to get into in that ditch. It was ditch activities like catching crawdads and minnows. When I was older, I got into all the trouble that you could possibly get into, because I lived in Houston at that time, so it wasnt a small town. But when I lived in Fritch, I got in no trouble at all.

2. Did you inherit your quick wit?

Was that a question somebody wrote? Did you inherit your quick wit? How do they even know I have one? Id have to say, if I have one, I did not inherit it. I dont know who in my family thinks very fast at all, including me. The things that people see me do onstage are written, so it doesnt have to be very quick if you have all day with a pen.

3. Do you write your own stuff?

4. Do you have a lot more old friends now that you are successful?

5. Who influenced you to get into the entertainment business?

8. Are you a big NASCAR fan and do you go to the races a lot?

Ron Swansons Most Memorable Quotes

Throughout the showâs almost six-year run, more than a handful of quotes from Ron Swanson have been a staple in the meme worldâfrom the simplest âI regret nothingâ to a visibly unimpressed Swanson throwing a computer monitor into a dumpster, these scenes and lines embody the essence of what it means to be a jaded bureaucrat in a modern political society.

While the ideology that Ron Swanson embraces in the show serves as satire, some of his most memorable quotes can actually serve as quite the inspiration in dealing with people and life in general.

Have an annoying co-worker who wonât leave you in peace? Enjoying watching people fail at their job after not asking you for help? Thereâs likely a Ron Swanson quote youâll easily relate to.

Here are some of Ron Swansonâs best lines that have resonated with us and continue to make us say #hardsame:

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Breathing New Life Into The Character

With the advent of user sharing-based cultural meme sites like 9GAG and community sites like Reddit, much of these Ron Swansonisms have been immortalized and repurposed to endless hilarious effect, oftentimes mixed in with other memes and âcultural inside jokes,â so to speak.

While these memes may or may not directly relate to the show or the character, itâs enough to make the character stick even with those who havenât watched the show at all. This portrayal has even brought about memes that touch on political commentaryâsome of which may actually be beyond what the showâs writers envisioned for the character to portray.

This kind of character development beyond the actual show just proves how relatable the character is. Even off-cam, Nick Offerman still channels his inner Ron Swanson and indulges fans both old and new.

Find Your Next Great Whisky

Ron White – Alcohol, Swimming Pool Related Incident

There are more options for whisky lovers than ever, many of them truly excellent. Whisky Advocates Buying Guide features over 5,000 whisky reviewsit’s the go-to source for the latest reviews from our expert panel of veteran tasters. Using a 100-point scale, we bring you ratings and tasting impressions on thousands of whiskies from across the whisky world. Of course, the best way to learn about whiskies is to taste them for yourself and draw your own conclusions, and with the benefit of our expert tasters youll be on the right path to making smarter buying decisions and discovering the worlds most enjoyable whiskies.

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Comedian Ron White Brings His ‘behavioral Problems’ Tour To Savannah

Ron White, who has made millions laugh during his Comedy Central specials, will bring his “Behavioral Problems” tour to a more intimate setting here in Savannah, the 2,566-seat Johnny Mercer Theatre.

Ticket sales to the Saturday evening show are “going very well,” said a Savannah Civic Center spokeswoman, but it’s not sold out yet.

The cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking White has been here before. In 2004, he rolled into town with the “Drunk in Public” tour, and did two shows at the Civic Center. Two years later, he came back, this time with the “You Can’t Fix Stupid” tour.

His story-telling abilities have been honed over about 20 years of appearances, most of them before the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” brought him fame and fortune. “I’ve got this dysfunctional brain,” he said in a article earlier this year. “For some reason it processes information, and it comes out funny.”

Where ‘Tater Salad’ originated

Source: An excerpt from “I Had the Right To Remain Silent … But I Didn’t Have the Ability,” at

What he’s drinking

It’s scotch, and not just any scotch. According to several interviews, Ron White often drinks Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey on stage, a very-top-of-the-line brand. You can find this bottle at the Coastal Beverage Warehouse, 1215 U.S. 80 East, Suite 100. The bottle retails for $649.

What he’s smoking

Tater Salad Timeline

— Dec. 18, 1956: Ron White is born in Fritch, Texas.

— 1970s: At age 17 he joined the Navy.

If You Go

Tickets: $42.75

Aaron Rodgers Enjoys An Impressive Variety Of Scotches

Aaron Rodgers is already known for his discerning sense of humor, so it’s little surprise that the Packers quarterback has an equally sophisticated taste for scotch.

On this week’s Tuesdays with Aaron podcast on ESPN Wisconsin, a fan wrote in to note scotch’s purported healing properties and to ask Rodgers his preferred brand of the drink. Apparently for Rodgers, the option isn’t just a football term.

“I don’t like the smokiness , so non-smoky,”said Rodgers. “For my birthday I got a number of very good bottles, I enjoy any of the Glenlivets, I have 12 is great, 15, 18…I got a couple bottles of 21…that’s 21 years aged.

In my crystal …I have Mccallan 12 right now. A buddy of mine got me some Lismore, aged 12 years, I got some Glenmorangie from a good friend…”

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What Are They Drinking On Mad Men

The AtlanticSaveurWhisky Advocate

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What are the characters on Mad Men drinking? The short answer: everything, all the time. They also drink so much it’s a surprise the alcohol vapors don’t explode every time they light up their Lucky Strikes, because they’re also smoking all the time.

While the quantities of alcohol alone speak volumestake your pick between three-martini lunches or three fingers of something brownthe choices say even more about a period in American history when the drinkscape uniquely reflected the cultural forces that created it.

Season 6 premieres on April 7 and is set in the late 1960s, but the series begins in the 1950s. In the popular imagination, it’s often a bland decade: the men wore gray flannel suits and fedoras and the women looked like Donna Reed. After two decades of economic depression and war, Don Draper and the people around him seek normalcy and calm, and the drinks follow suit. The characters revel in America’s postwar affluence and newfound international stature as Betty Draper offers easy drinking and imported Heineken at her around-the-world dinner party.

Sterling offers him a drink, but adds, “Not the Stoli.”

Review: Ron Whites Netflix Special Drowns In Alcohol And Crass Jokes

Rum Zacapa Centenario 23 years wood box version one of the ...

The stand-up comedian Ron Tater Salad Whites original special, If You Quit Listening, Ill Shut Up, was released on Netflix Tuesday.

The Texas natives signature routine is a cocktail of bawdy anecdotes, biting cynicism and a certain brand of brashness that can only be described as the kind of dirty, offensive humor your drunk uncle annually delivers at the Thanksgiving table.

And, of course, there are actual drinks involved in his set, too.In this Netflix special, the cigar-smoking, whiskey-swigging comic returns to the stage complete with his trademark stage props of a black stool, an ice bucket and an ashtray.

Right off the bat, White tackles intense topics such as drunk driving and infidelity like theyre mere pastimes.

Im 61 years old now, and I know two things to be true, he starts. One: anything has the potential to become a DUI checkpoint if you crash your car into it, and you cant unf the housekeeper. Thats it. Thats all I know.

He continues to hammer the nail into the coffin of masculine decency with a sharp reference to a familiar case Governor Schwarzenegger helped me with that second one, so I didnt have to do that one myself, so thats good.

While brazenly offensive humor like this appeals to some, others might perceive it as flat out distasteful, especially in the light of movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter.

One eye hole, he said, not two eye holes like those other sluts.

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What’s The Difference Between Rum Rhum And Ron

Discerning pirates need to know.

National Rum Day is a great excuse to fix yourself a mojito, surebut it’s also the perfect occasion to hone your cocktail-mixing skills by learning the difference between rum , versus rhum , versus ron . Yes, while the sugarcane-based spirit is often dismissed as a piña colada and daiquiri mixer , certain varieties have all the complexity of high-end bourbon, with notes ranging from toffee and cardamom to orange and tobacco.

That’s why we stopped by New York City’s Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican eatery with a top-notch rum bar, for a rapid-fire lesson in Rum/Rhum/Ron 101. Read on to find out how to tell them apart, how to drink them, and which one tastes amazing in a Manhattan .

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Whisky Videos Campbeltown

World Whisky Day

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What Is Ron White Looking For In His Whiskey

Ron White has been a demanding drinker ever since he started consuming such products. His friends and colleagues note that he is giving extra care to the flavor of his whiskey. He is able to pay thousands of dollars to get a special bottle that was distilled several decades ago. And he is buying that only to smell the incredible taste of the years passing by in the alcoholic beverage.

Additionally, Ron White has been really concerned with quality. He needs his single malt whiskey to leave a sweet taste on the side when he finishes his sip. That is why Ron White is always accompanying his single malt with a high-quality cigar, which matches this luxurious experience.

Not to mention that a single malt whiskey that is adequate for Ron White would have special conditions to permit dilution with pure water or ice. Ron really likes to drink his whiskey straight, but depending on the hot weather, he also likes to have the option to add water, ice, or juices to his spirits.

There is a lot to learn by observing the drinking behavior of Ron White. He has been amusing us for years, though he also gives some excellent advice about whiskey consumption and wise drinking.

What Is Whiskey Jam

Ron White’s “Alcohol, Swimming Pool Related Incident”

Whiskey Jam is a time-tested source of great live music. For 10 years, we have hosted some of music’s best writers & artists, often before they become household names.

For the artists, we provide an honest & discerning crowd. It’s a proving ground. Whether they like it or not, you’ll know.

For the audience, we provide the best original music party in Nashville. There’s a lot of places to enjoy music & a lot of places to have a drink, but there’s nowhere better to do both.

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What Is White Whiskey

Did you wake up in the middle of the night shouting What the hell is white whiskey??! Good, us too. And theres a good reason its seeped into the collective unconscious. Its out there, and its not going away.

A few years ago, spirits aficionados and whiskey geeks were very busy falling into and out of love with white whiskeyaka white dog, or simply new or unaged whiskey. And in a craft spirits kind of market, that initial infatuation was hard to resist: white whiskey was something new but it also had historical street cred, borrowed from moonshine. But even beyond its bad-boy country roots, white whiskey had an unexpected marketing edge: it could actually straddle the seemingly impassible gulf between darling aged American whiskey and the party-hard clear spirits category long dominated by vodka.

So yeah, we fell in love with the stuff. But just like after a long night and maybe one too many whiskies, we woke up next to something a bit harsher than wed remembered. And a bit younger. And we werent sure if we wanted to ask it to leave.


So why white whiskey, at any price? For many, it was just something to try. Why it stuck around is anyones guess, but it may come down our continued soft spot for all things whiskey. The modern whiskey market can accommodate a variety of interlopersflavored whiskies, cinnamon candy-flavored whiskey liqueurs, and yes, the unapologetic liquid lightning bolt that is white dog.

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