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What Juice Goes Good With Gin

Gin And Ginger Beer Cocktail

My 4 Favorite Gin Cocktails – These Will Turn Gin Haters Into Lovers â?¤ï¸?

Ultimately, this gin and ginger beer cocktail is a mixture of Gordons gin, lemon juice, ginger beer and caster sugar. Naturally, it is beautifully decorated with lime slices and mint leaves for garnish.

At the risk of sounding like a complete skinflint, Id like to moan and groan about cocktail prices in restaurants, bars and night clubs. Am I the only one who thinks they are hideously overpriced?!

The cheapest cocktail Ive come across was £4, which was served in a teeny-weeny glass. More typically, though, theyre liable to set you back a ludicrous £15 at an upmarket restaurant.

Didsbury Blood Orange & Ginger Gin

Didsbury Blood Orange & Ginger Gin is a gin in the arsenal of Mark and Liam, the founders of Didsbury Gin. These two friends shared a passion for gin and ultimately started to distill their own.

With Didsbury Blood Orange & Ginger, you get a gin thats both fresh and warm. When you open your bottle, though, youre greeted by a strong scent of orange. This orangy scent is then supported by a woody backbone.

As for the taste, though, its a little different. This gin is infused with 11 different botanicals, of which the blood orange is most notable. Paired with the fresh blood orange are more citruses, ensuring a fresh and crisp taste.

In the back, the ginger is present. The ginger gives this gin a warm backbone and makes it a little more powerful.

Due to the sharp and zesty taste of citruses and the warmer backbone of ginger, you can perfectly mix this gin with ginger ale. The contrast of the sweet and zesty citruses paired with the warm, spicy and sweet ginger ale makes for an incredible taste experience.

Best Top Shelf: Hendricks

Region: Scotland | ABV: 44% | Tasting Notes: Cucumber, Rose, Juniper

Hendricks really revived the gin category by thinking outside the box, said Smith. This Scottish distillery helped to modernize and innovate the gin category with a floral recipe that includes prominent notes of cucumber and rose in the mix of botanicals used. They injected a real spirit of creativity and inspiration into a category that was hanging on by a thread in terms of market sales and general popularity with the average drinker. They deserve top-shelf status for sure for their quality and their impact.

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The Alternative Gin Mixers To Have On Your Radar

A luxe option thatll look great on your bar cart, Two Keys is a gin mixer with a difference, with flavours including Green Tea, Lemon and Pink Grapefruit. In line with the animal design on the bottles, 5 per cent of all sales are donated to Tusk.

Zero calorie Dash comes in a variety of flavours , consisting of sparkling British spring water infused with wonky fruits that are deemed unfit to be sold in UK supermarkets thereby reducing waste. There are loads of stylish tinnies about at the moment that are perfect for picnics.

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Tips For Choosing A New Gin Mixer

Seven gin cocktail recipes that are as easy to make as a G& T, according ...

Whichever mixer you choose, it is always best to make sure that you serve the drink ice cold. At room temperature, many of the mixers and the flavours they possess will lack impact and could be actively off-putting, whereas the difference made by being a few degrees chillier will be tangible.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different gins work well with different mixers, as touched upon briefly above. If a gin has been carefully crafted with a bevy of exotic botanicals, choosing a less domineering mixer is ultimately the right choice. If a gin is more basic, you can stretch yourself and test the waters with more outlandish mixers without putting anything on the line.

As youll see, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Some mixers have powerful flavours that mostly hide the subtleties of the gin that youre using. Other mixers have more nuanced flavours, giving you the chance to experience more of the gin.

For that matter, using expensive gin or craft gin with a strong mixer is just a waste, as the nuances of the gin will be lost. If the gin is expensive or complex, try a mild mixer.

Dont forget that you can also utilise ingredients like honey, jam and marmalade in your cocktail recipes, adding another layer of expertise to your drinks.

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Best Drinks To Mix With Gin

While there are plenty of liquors you can pick up knowing they’re super versatile and likely to work with almost anything that’s in the fridge and yes, we’re looking at you, vodka gin generally isn’t one of those. There’s a gin and tonic, and … what else?

Admittedly, gin can be tough. It has a distinctive flavor profile that can be described as anything from “botanical” to “Christmas tree,” and everything in between those two. Gin, says MasterClass, is defined in part by the use of juniper berries in the distillation process, and it’s those berries that give this popular liquor that pine-tree, evergreen taste.

For those who might skip the gin because they’re not fans of a gin and tonic, we have good news: There are a ton of other drinks you can use as a base for some truly incredible gin cocktails. Some probably have a permanent spot in the fridge already, and if some are the sort of thing you pick up on occasion, let’s be honest: These ideas are reason enough to spring for that nice bottle of gin.

Obviously I Couldnt Just Do A Gin And Juice Post Without Mentioning Snoop Dogg

Ill be honest with ya here, I dont really listen to much classic rap or hip hop, but I couldnt write about Gin and Juice without talking about the one and only Snoop.

And if for some reason you are wondering why I am mentioning him, head on over to YouTube and treat yourself to his music video for Gin and Juice. If youve never heard the song get out from under your rock.

With my mind on my money, and my money on my mind.

I am actually listening to it while writing this just out of respect..

But aside from it being the title of one of the most popular hip hop songs of all time, it is also the back bone of a damn good cocktail. I say backbone because it is more of a loose guideline thats fully open to interpretation.

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More Gin Cocktail Recipes

  • You cant go wrong with this Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail. Its uncomplicated, fresh, light, and timeless.
  • Learn what sloe gin is and how to use it to make one of our favorite cocktails: The Sloe Gin Fizz.
  • Have you ever heard of a Southside Cocktail? Its a simple cocktail recipe Gin-based, mint-kissed with a touch of citrus.
  • Add an herbal spin to the classic gin fizz cocktail with fresh rosemary and make Rosemary Gin Fizzes.

Recipe updated, originally posted December 2012. Since posting this in 2012, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. Adam and Joanne

Which Fruits Or Drinks Mix Best With Lemon Gin

Four Easy Gin Drinks

If you want to impress friends or simply give yourself a refreshing pick-me-up, there are different options when it comes to mixing your cocktails.

You can experiment with any one or all these different mixer drinks.

Starting with

Tonic Water

Tonic is by far the number one drink of choice as a mixer. Tonic is readily available at any supermarket or local store and can be bought in small cans or large bottles. It really depends on how much you drink.

Sparkling Water

Slightly less bitter than tonic water is sparkling water. Its a perfect mix for these types of cocktails and will give a nice balance between the sharpness of the alcohol and slight fizziness of the water. Always accompany your sparkling water with ice cubes to get the most refreshing feel.

Sugar syrup

For the sweet tooth people out there, adding sugar syrup will truly bring your cocktail to life. One of our recipes below gives you just the right amount for ensuring you can still get the flavours to balance perfectly when using sugar syrup.

Lime juice

Some of you just cant get enough of the citrus flavours when creating your own cocktails. If you want to really bring them out, theres nothing wrong with adding a slight of fresh lime juice blended with sparkling or tonic water to finish it off.

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Five Ways To Gin Without Tonic

Whether youve run out of tonic or just want to mix-up your mixers, theres plenty of ways to drink gin beyond the standard G& T. But before you go splashing some Fanta in there, Whitley Neill Gins global ambassador, Devin Tomlinson has shared his favourite combos. Why not give one a try this World Gin Day.

The 15 Best Gin Cocktails To Shake Up At Home Plus Tips For Making Your Own

Ah, ginone sip and its hard to forget its piney, herbaceous flavor . The distilled alcoholic spirit was originally used medicinally by monks throughout Europe, but nowadays its just as popular a liquor as vodka. As ubiquitous as it is, answer honestly: Have you ever done anything with it besides topping it with tonic water and a spritz of lime? If not, its time to upgrade. Read on for tips thatll help you make a killer drink at home, plus recipes for 15 of the best gin cocktails ever.

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How Strong Is The Gin Rickey

As with all highballs, you can make the gin rickey as strong or as weak as you like. If you pour the average 80-proof gin and the final volume is 7 ounces, you can expect it to have an alcohol content around 10 percent ABV . This makes it a nice, casual drink, comparable to the average glass of wine.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Mix it up: What makes a good gin and tonic?

While many modern gins veer away from juniper, The Botanist brings the attention back to gins foremost ingredient. This makes it a great choice for purists, as well as newbies looking to appreciate fine, juniper-forward gin.

The Botanist has a total of 22 botanicals all of which are hand-foraged on the Scottish island of Islay. All these botanicals come through in each step of the tasting process with a crisp, flowery, citrus flavor. This makes it one of the best gins for sipping straight, although its also great for upgraded cocktails.


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Gazpacho Bloody Mary With Pickled Shrimp

This Bloody Mary variation doesn’t use bread, or more than a little olive oil, but otherwise it’s packed with the flavors of gazpacho: summer tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, and garlic. We also add traditional Bloody Mary flavors, like horseradish, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and pickle brine. Instead of spiking it with vodka, we match the bright, vegetal flavors with gin.

What Juice Mixes Well With Gin

Easy to make, a Gin & Juice cocktail is refreshing and tasty in equal measure. Try orange, mango, pineapple and apple juices if you have a sweet tooth, or cranberry and grapefruit if you prefer a bitter twist. Try: 50ml any dry gin with 125ml fruit juice of your choice served over ice.

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Gin And Cranberry Cocktail Health Benefits

Our Cranberry Gin Cocktail recipe is full of healthy ingredients!

Many people consider cranberries to be a superfood due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. In fact, research has linked the nutrients in cranberries to a lower risk of urinary tract infection, the prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure.

A rich source of phytochemicals and vitamin C, lemons help boost your immune system and neutralize free radicals that cause disease and skin aging. Lemons also protect against heart disease and help improve blood flow to the brain.

Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are thought to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. Rosemary is considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality.

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Gin And Cranberry Cocktail Tips

Best Gin drinks I’ve ever had | How to Drink

This Gin and Cranberry Cocktail recipe is easy to make at home, ready to serve in under 5 minutes.

We love serving our Cranberry Gin Cocktail recipe during the holiday season. The healthy gin cocktail made with cranberry and lemon juice is a crowd pleaser at Christmas parties.

The red colour of the drink is absolutely festive, getting everyone into the holiday spirit. A skewer of fresh cranberries and sprig of evergreen rosemary makes it the perfect Christmas gin drink.

If you dont like soda water and enjoy a sweeter sip feel free to replace with tonic water.

Our Gin and Cranberry recipe below is listed for one person. If youre hosting a large gathering feel free to multiply the ingredients by the number of guests and muddle the drink in a punch bowl or jug rather than a cocktail shaker.

Serve the drink in your prettiest glassware with whole ice cubes or crushed ice.

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The Best Bottles For Your Martinis Negronis And G& Ts

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Chloe Jeong / Liquor

Best for Gin and Tonics: Bombay Sapphire at Drizly

There are just enough floral notes in this gin to make it shine when combined with tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime.

Best American:Dorothy Parker at Drizly

This is a thoroughly modern gin with hints of classicism, made using a botanical blend that includes elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus, along with the requisite juniper.

Gin can be distilled from almost anything, including grain, fruit, potatoes, or grapes. But what defines this ever-popular spirit is the predominant use of juniper, which must be included in the mix of botanicals that flavor this important cocktail component.

Gin, a descendant of the Dutch spirit genever, has been around for centuries. Once known as mothers ruin, gin has been experiencing a renaissance over the past few years, with large and small distilleries alike producing various styles like London dry, barrel-aged, and New Western.

Whether you are in the mood for classic cocktails like a Martini or Gin and Tonic or looking to make something more adventurous, here are some of the best gins out there to try now.

What Kind Of Juice Is Used In Gin And Juice

Try absolutely anything that sounds good keeping in mind that if you’re going with the bare bones recipe there is no sweetness other than the juice. So unless you’re into super tart drinks you will want at least one juice that is sweet.

Think about using fruits that aren’t juiced very often like strawberry, cherry, or raspberry.

To get juice from fruits with little seeds like that you can mash them up with a fork or potato smasher, then squeeze the juice out with a fine strainer or cheese cloth.


The most classic are orange or pineapple juice sometimes combined with a sour citrus like lemon or lime.

The majority of recipes on the internet use some combination of citrus juice which is just about impossible to screw up. I like a combination of half orange and half any sour citrus if you are going the citrus route.

Clementine and tangerine are also AMAZING in drinks.

If you only want to use sour or tart juices go ahead and add some type of simple syrup to bring it back to balanced. Classic cane simple syrup would be good, but maple or honey syrup would be really nice with certain fruits too!

The only thing I would advise against here is using store bought juice. Fresh is better and it is not even that much extra work.

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What Juice Is Gin And Juice

grapefruit juiceorangegrapefruit

. Regarding this, what does Gin and Juice mean?

Answered Apr 25, 2018. In gin and juice basically both grapefruit juice and orange juice are commonly used. In some bars they serve a drink containing both. It is generally served topped with a lime garnish.

does gin and juice taste good? The combination of gin and juice is simple, yet appealing. Gin is a smooth, hard alcohol flavored with juniper berries, and the taste often blends well with the taste of fruit juice.

Also, what kind of juice does Snoop Dogg drink?

Snoop Dogg:

What can you drink with gin?

The best gin mixers

  • Bitter lemon. Alamy Stock Photos. Cloudy and pale in colour, dont be put off by the title.

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So What Is The Gin And Juice Recipe Then

10 Gin Cocktails to try this summer!

There really isnt one.

You can absolutely measure the ingredients, but its not some complicated recipe that tastes off if the ratios are different, and If you are making a lot of them you will probably just end up eye-balling measurements.

However, there are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  • Shake it: you could get away with just pouring it in the glass, but shaking it aerates the ingredients and chills it down more which makes a better drink.
  • Serve it on the rocks: you want to keep everything real cold, especially if you add any soda water. You can strain it onto fresh ice or just pour the ice from your shaker right into the glass.
  • Do what you want: want to garnish with a slice of orange? Cool. Feel like ignoring me and serving it up? Thats fine too. This is more of a general idea than a cocktail recipe so dont let me tell you how to live your life.
  • Next time you dont know what cocktail to make yourself just make a Gin and Juice. Especially if you are having company this is such an easy drink that is almost impossible to screw up. You could also batch it ahead and shake two at a time as you need.

    Let me know if you have any cool flavor combinations you like!

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