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What Is Patron Tequila Made From

Patrn Might Seem Swank But Its Run By A Bunch Of Hippies

How Patrón Makes Its Tequila

Patrón might have a slight swag factor, but the company is exceptionally environmentally conscious. They use water left over from distillation and compost 100 percent of the spent agave hearts about 5,500 tons of compost a year using it to feed the haciendas garden, which in turn feeds Patrón staff. They also share compost with the local community and installed a natural gas pipeline to reduce CO2 emissions. And, we assume, probably take regular hacky sack breaks.

Production Types And Recipes

Patrón is a popular tequila brand, and its Silver Tequila is one of the hottest spirits on the market. Distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, from blue Weber agave, it’s widely distributed and found in almost every bar and liquor store.

Patrón produces a variety of tequilas, including aged reposados and añejos, several luxury tequilas, and tequila-based liqueurs. Though some tequila aficionados believe that other tequilas on the market outrank it in quality and flavor, Patrón is a good introduction to premium tequila. You can enjoy it straight or as a shot, and it’s a nice cocktail mixer for margaritas and popular tequila drinks like the tequila sunrise and paloma.

What Is Tequila Made From

Tequila is made by distilling the fermented juices of the Weber blue agave plant . A member of the lily family, it looks like a giant aloe vera with spiked barbs on the tips. After seven to 10 years of growth, the agave plant is ready to be harvested.

Underground, the plant produces a large bulb called a piña, which looks similar to a white pineapple. The agave’s leaves are removed and the piñas are quartered and slowly baked in steam or brick ovens until the starches are converted to sugars. The baked agave is crushed to extract the sweet juice, which is then fermented with yeast to convert the sugar into alcohol.

In 1978, the tequila industry initiated a set of strict Appellation of Origin standards. These regulate where and how tequila can be made, what is on the label, the style of tequila, and what can legally take the name “tequila.” NOM-006-SCFI-2012 defines these rules and it is overseen by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila .

Tequila can only be produced, bottled, and inspected within certain municipalities of five Mexican states: Jalisco, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas. Jalisco is home to the town of Tequila and is where the majority of modern tequila production takes place.

Tequila is distilled in either pot or column stills until it reaches around 110 proof. Before bottling, the distillate is cut with water to obtain the bottling strength. Tequilas are usually 38 to 40 percent alcohol by volume but may not be stronger than 50 percent ABV .

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The Truth About Where Your Favorite Tequila Is Made

GroverBlogTequila SchoolCasamigosAviónClase Azul

In the above example, all 3 tequilas mentioned share the same NOM number: 1416. This number was assigned to the producer by the Mexican government and can be used to identify the distillery where it was made*.

So, what does it mean when tequilas have the same NOM? Are tequilas made at a shared distillery better or worse than tequilas made at a distillery dedicated to a single brand? Not necessarily, but Patrón Tequila, which is the only brand made at NOM 1492, thinks it is an important enough distinction to warrant a new Know Your NOM area of their website.

Patrón now invites website visitors to type in the name or NOM numbers of their favorite tequilas to see all of the other tequilas made in the same distillery. This new NOM search functionality is powered by the Tequila Matchmaker app database We get our raw information on NOMs from the official tequila regulatory body, called the Consejo Regulador del Tequila . They maintain a list of tequilas that are in active production.

One thing is for sure, producing only 1 brand of tequila puts Patrón on a small and exclusive list. Only 6% of the active distilleries in Mexico are dedicated to a single brand.

To the best of our knowledge, there are only 8 distilleries that are dedicated to producing a single brand.

1530: Suerte

The History And Origin Of Patron Tequila

Patron Reposado Tequila

Patron tequila is a high-quality brand of tequila, which is produced by the Patron Spirits Company in Mexico. Just like all other tequilas, Patron tequilas are also made from the Maguey of the blue agave plant. The drink was first prepared by John Paul Dejoria and Martin Crowley in the year 1989 at a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It is considered the first ultra-premium tequila and is one of the top sellers in the world.

Patron brand has tasted incredible success over the years and has grown to become one of the most valuable and top-selling liquor brands in the world today. The idea to start a liquor brand started when Martin Crowley brought back a hand-blown bottle of tequila as a gift to John Paul. Martin proposed the idea and they went on to create history. They first manufactured 12000 bottles and sold them at $37 per bottle.

Patron bottles are hand-labeled and they undergo strict inspection before leaving the distillery. More than a 60 hands touch and inspect the bottle before the bottles are packed and delivered to their respective destinations. Patron brand also uses the traditional stone wheel, tahona which is used to crush the agave.

The different varieties of Patron:

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Whats The Best Patron Tequila

Patron Piedra is my favorite release and a tequila that almost sits atop of its category where some of the best tequilas in the world live.

Burdeos is also a terrific bottle with a combination of flavors I have never tasted before and presented in a way that makes it a collectible.

For the price-conscious buyer Extra Añejo is the best Patron tequila, a smooth top notch dram to be enjoyed neat at an alluring price.

Proudly Made In Mexico

Patron is known for making high-quality and smooth tequila fermented , a fruit commonly found in hot and arid regions of Mexico. Patron tequila was originally produced by Casa 7 Leguas, one of Mexicos oldest distilleries.

Since being introduced to the world in 1989, Patron has become well-known in popular culture circles, often referenced in movies, television, and the music industry. In January of 2018, Patron was actually bought by Bacardi, the worlds largest private spirits company for approximately $5.1 million.

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How Is Patron Tequila Made

Patron tequila is made by fermenting the fruit of the blue agave plant. The plant takes a long time to mature, taking nearly eight to ten years to reach the perfect level of ripeness.

For this reason, Patron is often considered a premium spirit because of how difficult it is to produce large quantities. Once the plant has grown to produce fruit with optimal sugar levels, the fruit is then harvested.

The piña is then chopped up and placed in a brick oven to cook evenly on all sides. This allows the sugars in the fruit to break down more easily, which will make it easier for the production of alcohol levels.

The chopped piña is then crushed and ground up. The pulp is left for three days to ferment, and is then distilled in handmade barrels for a minimum of two months. The oldest tequila offered by Patron is their Añejo 7 Años, which is aged for seven years.

Bacardi Completes Acquisition Of Patrn

Our Tequila is Made by Hand | Patrón Tequila

Deal Propels Bacardi to Number One Super-Premium Spirits Company in the U.S.

Hamilton, Bermuda, and Schaffhausen, Switzerland, April 30, 2018Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, announced today the completion of a transaction that makes the family-owned company the sole owner of Patrón Spirits International AG and its PATRÓN® brand, the worlds top-selling super-premium tequila.

The transaction, which was announced in late January, closed today and follows a successful relationship the two companies have had since Bacardis initial acquisition of a 30% minority stake in Patrón Spirits in 2008.

According to the most recent International Wines & Spirits Record data, the acquisition makes Bacardi the number one spirits company in the super-premium segment in the United States and the second largest in market share by value in the U.S.Tequila remains one of the fastest-growing categories in the spirits industry, with PATRÓN® the clear market leader in the super-premium segment.

We are delighted to welcome the team from Patrón into the Bacardi family, said Mahesh Madhavan, CEO of Bacardi Limited.We continue to be inspired by their passion, culture of caring, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality. Our promise is to uphold these qualities to ensure the product integrity, innovative marketing, and commercial success of PATRÓN® tequila for years to come.


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Exploring The Patrn Range: Products And Editions

Patróns best-known bottle is Patrón Silver, a tequila Blanco, coming in at 40% ABV. Its smooth to drink, great for cocktails, crystal clear in colour, with a fruity and citrusy smell, a sweet taste, and a peppery finish.

Patrón Reposado is another approachable and drinkable tequila. Its light amber with a hint of oak, and floral and honey notes.

Patrón Anejo is an amber coloured tequila, aged for twelve months in a combination of French and Hungarian oak and American whiskey barrels. It has a slightly stronger taste with notes of oak, honey, and vanilla, as well as raisin and caramel. Patrón Extra Anejo is aged for three years in oak barrels, and has notes of dried fruits, honey, and vanilla.

Patrón XO is a line of liqueurs that include PatrónXO Cafe, a tequila-based coffee liqueur, great in Martinis or as an ingredient in desserts.

Roca Patrón is one of the brands more premium offerings. The higher price is due to the fact that the agave juice is extracted entirely by the traditional Tahona method.

In 2004, the brand launched The Gran Patrón label, designating the most exclusive bottles in Patróns range.

The brand also has the Patrón Citronge line of fruit liqueurs including Patrón Citronge Orange, Patrón Citronge Lime, and Patrón Citronge Mango.

Of course, theres also the infamously famous Patrón en Lalique series, a bottle of which will set you back at least $7,000.

Who Owns The Company

The Patrón Spirits Company was launched in 1989 by John Paul DeJoira and Martin Crowley. Tequilas were first made in the Siete Leguas distillery until 2002 when a new state-of-the-art facility was constructed in Jalisco. It became the first spirits brand in its class to sell one million cases.

In January 2018, Patrón was sold to Bacardi, the worlds largest privately held spirits company in the world.

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It All Began With A Bottle

Patrón was founded by John Paul DeJoria and his friend, Martin Crowley in 1989. Industry legend has it that Crowley bought his buddy back a bottle of tequila from Mexico. While the spirit inside was nothing special, the bottle was beautiful enough to inspire the two to venture into the world of tequila-making.

With the companys passion for quality, eye for detail, and marketing know-how, they have transformed tequila into something enjoyed and prized by the worlds drinking elite, and Patrón is now the worlds biggest premium tequila brand.

  • Smooth and sweet with a light pepper finish
  • The ideal white spirit for sipping or mixing into cocktails
  • Fruit & citrusy aroma
Age Verification Required on Delivery: This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. To confirm the recipient is over 18 years, valid photographic ID with a date of birth may be required upon delivery. The driver will input your year of birth into their device and may then require an ID check to complete the age verification process. The driver will not be able to access your information once the delivery is complete.See Details

Its A Mega Brand With Some Unexpectedly Small

Patrón Reposado

Yes, there is a sprawling, gorgeous Hacienda Patrón, home to the distillery and La Casona, a year-old private guesthouse that kind of looks like the residence of a James Bond villain. But Patrón actually prides itself on moderation. According to the company, a mere 60 hands go into the production of every bottle , and a mere eight families provide 80 to 95% of Patróns agave plants.

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Prices Compared To Other Tequila Brands

Don Julio

A standard 750ml bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila can be bought for roughly $41.99-45.99, which is roughly the same amount that a bottle of Patron for the same volume goes for on the market. One of the more expensive bottles of Don Julio, Don Julio Real Tequila, retails from between $399.99 $419.99, which is slightly cheaper than Patrons Gran Patron Burdeo.


A bottle of Avion Silver retails for slightly cheaper than a standard bottle of Patron Silver Tequila, ranging between $34.99 $38.99. In contrast, Avions most expensive bottle of tequila, Avion Reserva 44, ranges between #129.99 $149.99. This shys in comparison to Patrons Gran Patron Burdeo, which is distilled for much longer, resulting in a higher-quality tequila.

Rose Tequila

Rose Tequila makes their spirits with specialty flavors. A bottle of Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream can be bought for $17.99 $21.99. All of Patrons spirit prices go for much higher, and their flavors tend not to be as adventurous.


Milagro offers their 750ml Milagro Silver tequila for $21.99 $27.99, which is slightly cheaper than a regular bottle of Patron. In general, Milagros prices arent as steep as Patrons, primarily because Patron brands itself as a premium tequila. Milagros most expensive bottle, Milagro Unico 2, tops out at a price between $269.99 $299.99.

Jose Cuervo

Gran Patron Aejo Burdeos

Burdeos means Bordeaux in Spanish. This tequila is distilled twice before ageing for at least one year in American and French oak barrels. It is then distilled again and stored in old Bordeaux barrels.

Offers sweet oak, caramel and vanilla notes which a smooth finish and great mouthfeel that just keeps giving. It would make an amazing gift as it comes in such a large luxury box to be preserved for eternity. It comes with a corkscrew and a glass decanter stopper.

Expect to find it for around $500 USD.

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From Spicy Blancos To Rich Aejos These Potent Tequilas Bring The Heat / Laura Sant

Despite all the recent attention paid to low-proof drinking, theres been an equal amount of focus on spirits that provide a boozy kick. Every categorys got them, and recent years have witnessed a slew of high-proof tequilas hit the market. Now, its time to celebrate them. These overproof tequilas include agave-forward blancos, oaky añejos, delicate cask-strength sippers and everything between.

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What Is Patrn Tequila Made From

Patrón Añejo Tequila | The Making Of

All of Patrón’s tequilas are distilled from 100% Weber blue agave in Atotonilco, which is situated in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave piñas are harvested after about eight years of growth and sent to the nearby Hacienda Patrón distillery to begin the process of making tequila.

After baking the agave, Patrón uses two methods to crush the piñas and extract their juices. To make the standard Patrón tequilas, some agave is processed with a traditional tahona wheel. It’s a manual process that few distilleries continue to employ, and there’s something about this old-fashioned way that adds depth and flavor to the spirit. Modern roller machines process another portion of the agave, and it is the job of the master distiller to combine the two to make the recipe for Patrón.

The remainder of the process is pretty standard: The extracted agave liquid is fermented, distilled, and cut with water to bottling strength. The standard is 40 percent alcohol by volume , though some of the specialty expressions are stronger. Silver tequilas may rest for a few months first, and tequila destined to be reposado or añejo are aged in wood barrels for several months or years to pick up a nice oaky flavor.

Patrón is also notable for its unique bottles. The squat glass bottles have a beehive-like shape that is hand-molded from primarily recycled glass. They also employ the use of a hand-cut cork from Portugal.

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Patrons Most Expensive Bottle

As the table of prices of Patron Tequila shows, the most expensive bottle of Patron is the Gran Patron Burdeos. This product is distilled twice before being placed in new French and used American barrels to age. The second distillation happens in vintage Bordeaux wine barrels, making the taste velvety smooth with hints of raisin and vanilla, and the color becomes a darkish version of amber.

Its price range, $419.99 to $499.99, is comparatively lower than the most expensive tequila bottle offered by the brand, Deleon Tequila, the Deleon Leona. The latter is a hard to find product, which costs around $649.99 to $699.99. Similar to Patron, Deleon also promotes the brand as premium quality. The cheapest tequila bottle they have, the Deleon Platinum , costs around $37.99 to $49.99, similar to the average price of Patron Tequila Silver .

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Why Is Patrn Xo Cafe Being Discontinued

The announcement came out of an interview between food and drink trade magazine The Grocer and Patróns president and chief operating officer Mauricio Vergara.

Vergara told the publication the Patrón brand wanted to focus on growing and protecting production and supply of our core super and ultra-premium tequilas.

These ranges include: Patrón Silver, Gran Patrón Platinum and Patrón Añejo, which he said needed to be Patróns top priority.

XO Cafes popularity and profitability was said by The Grocer to be diminishing, with sales hitting a low of just £550k in 2020.

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